The German middle class is the victim of promotionalism

The corona virus spreads as quickly in companies as it does in the general population. It is not surprising. Many companies are deprived of the business basis through the necessary measures to protect the health of the population and employees. Their existence is endangered. While there were still voices last week that healthy companies could […]

A month of confinement would put a 2.6 percentage point burden on GDP, the OFCE estimates

A few days after INSEE, another institute examines the effects of confinement on activity. For the OFCE, a month’s confinement should cut French gross domestic product (GDP) by 2.6 points over one year. “It’s a completely incredible situation“And”incommensurate with the shocks that we have knownIn 2008 or 1929, estimated Xavier Ragot, president of the French […]

Arnaud Montebourg: “Globalization is over”

FRANCE AFTER – Everyday, Le Figaro questions a personality on the way he envisages the post coronavirus. For the former Minister of Productive Recovery, France will have to regain its economic independence. Arnaud Montebourg, October 3, 2016, in Paris. JOEL SAGET / AFP Arnaud Montebourg, 57, is now an entrepreneur and founder of “Bleu Blanc […]

“Social distancing can be paradoxically synonymous with human rapprochement”

Olivia Grégoire, 42, has been LREM MP for the 12th district of Paris since June 2017. Ex-entrepreneur specializing in communication, she sits on the Finance Committee of the Assembly, of which she became one of the four vices in 2019 -presidents. In 2018, she notably chaired the special commission responsible for examining Bruno Le Maire’s […]

“Name and shame” against Adidas and H&M, accused of taking advantage of the crisis

Multinationals have announced in recent days that they will suspend their monthly rental payments for hundreds of their stores, taking advantage of a government aid plan. Adidas (here a store in Berlin) Despite being one of the country’s flagships, the pill has not gone to Berlin. MICHELE TANTUSSI / REUTERS Across the Rhine, beware of […]

those frontline workers who keep the economy going

TESTIMONIALS – In factories, warehouses, transport and shops, they constitute the “second line” in the fight against the pandemic. A baker in Vertou. STEPHANE MAHE / REUTERS To fight against the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic and, at the same time, do everything to ensure that the country’s economic activity does not stop. The speeches […]

These are the considerations of the Dax companies

Dusseldorf Germany’s companies wanted to transfer a dividend of over 45 billion euros to their shareholders after this year’s Annual General Meetings. Actually. The total is calculated from the corresponding proposals of the groups in their business deals for the past year and the annual press conferences. But after Dax– Newbie MTU has announced that, […]

“Companies always have to expect this”

Marc Löbbe The lawyer works in the area of ​​corporate law / M & A. (Photo: SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz) The doctor of law is an expert for general meetings at the Frankfurt commercial law firm SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz. Mr. Löbbe, legally dividends will be distributed for the 2019 financial year. Is […]

Meat producer worries about its Eastern European workers

Dusseldorf, Rheda In addition to flour and toilet paper, sausages in a jar are high on the shopping list for many hamster buyers. “Böklunder” sausages are in demand as never before. The plant in Böklund is now looking for 100 temporary helpers from the catering trade to be able to cope with the rush for […]