Deutsch-Wagram – Maestro Rieu in the city cinema

Friends of waltz music can look forward to a spectacular event on August 8th and 9th: André Rieu will be seen with an orchestra in the city cinema “CityCine”. Not live, but in high quality. Cinema operator René Pregler has succeeded in organizing recordings of the maestro’s legendary Maastricht concerts.

Every summer, Rieu literally plays the violin several times in his hometown Maastricht (Netherlands). Over 150,000 fans travel from all over the world to attend these performances. The concerts are an annual highlight of the musical summer calendar.

This year, however, everything will be different: All major concerts have been canceled due to the contact restrictions. Rieu will bring Maastricht to its fans – with a unique, spectacular cinema event. With the concert “Magical Maastricht: Music that connects us”, Rieu wants to put his fans off and give them the opportunity to experience the orchestra with the highlights of 15 years of Maastricht concerts on the big screen in the comfort of their own cinema.

The well-known presenter Andrea Ballschuh will ask André Rieu in an exclusive interview about his fondest memories of the Maastricht concerts. The conversation will be recorded in Maastricht’s famous medieval town square, the “Vrijthof”, where the concerts usually take place. The musician will also talk about his personal experiences during the time of isolation and what it means for him as a father and grandfather.

“Even if we can’t get together live this year – we should still celebrate. So I am very happy and proud to be able to share the most beautiful Maastricht moments with you in cinemas all over the world, ”said Rieu in an interview. The main concern in the time of Covid-19 applies above all to his family, his fans, his teams and his musicians.

With 40 million records sold and more than 700,000 concert tickets sold annually, violinist Rieu is one of the most successful musicians worldwide.


salute from the cable-stayed bridge, hovering above the water Assol and space suits

The brightest evening of the country’s graduates ended, which the guys were looking forward to this year. So, as always, the Scarlet Sails Festival 2020 became a beautiful chord of the All-Russian holiday. This year it was both traditional and completely unusual at the same time. We tell you what the Scarlet Sails 2020 surprised.

The main innovation of this year is the change of locationPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Well, firstly, the main innovation is the change of location. For several years in a row, a snow-white brig passes through the water area Not you along the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and right under the Palace Bridge. This year, another, no less picturesque place was chosen, with very recognizable sights. Petersburg – stadium “Gazprom-Arena “, Lakhta-center and cable-stayed bridge ZSD.

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country. Photo: Artem KILKIN

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country.Photo: Artem KILKIN

The second innovation: live Petersburgers and visitors could not see all this beauty. And all because this year there are special requirements: because of the pandemic, access to the park is closed, it was also impossible to see from the water, since part of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland were blocked. GIMS boats and various services went around the water area and made sure that no one violated the ban. Law enforcement officers were also on duty on land: if they met people in a territory where there should not be anyone, they politely asked to leave the place and go home.

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast Photo: Artyom KILKIN

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast.Photo: Artem KILKIN

And at home, by the way, everyone would have considered it in the best possible way: there was a live broadcast of a concert and a pyrotechnic show on the Internet and on TV. By the way, on the screen you can see what on the shore would definitely not be accessible to the eye. And all because along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland there were several scenes at once and on each of them there was an action.

The main stage was next to the Gazprom Arena stadium, it was also very unusual – as if soaring in the air, and with it the stars acting on it. Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Александрова.

The hosts of the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Alexandrova Photo: Oleg GOLD

Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria AlexandrovaPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Timur Rodriguez, Vera performed their hits Brezhnev, RASA group, Dima Bilan and Surganova. And there were surprises in the form of a show of pirates and drummers, yes, it is worth noting separately what costumes the artists had – just space ones. Be sure to watch Bilan’s performance if you missed. And also a salute, well, the passage itself of a sailboat!

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworks. Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworksPhoto: Oleg GOLD

By the way, the pyrotechnic show lasted almost half an hour, hundreds of volleys were launched into the sky, the first cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was used. It was both a platform for light, and for launching a salute.

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of Finland Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of FinlandPhoto: Oleg GOLD

And at the end of the extravaganza, the romantic Assol soared above the water to meet her dream. By the way, this year the holiday was dedicated to the author of the fairy tale about Scarlet Sails Alexander Green – marks 140 years since his birthday.

If you missed the broadcast live, there is an opportunity to watch the best moments of the show.

Graduation Scarlet Sails in St. Petersburg ended with a grandiose salute.Alena CHICHIGINA


62-year-old Viktor Saltykov spoke about the desire to become a father again

The 62-year-old Soviet and Russian singer, an ex-member of the Forum and Electroclub groups, the performer of such songs as Ostrovok, White Night, Horses in Apples, Viktor Saltykov became the hero of the program When Everyone is at Home. He said that he would dream of becoming a father again.

It is worth noting that Viktor Saltykov was married twice. His first wife was the famous singer Irina Saltykova. In a marriage with her daughter Alice was born, who is now 33 years old.

With his second wife, Irina Metlina, the singer lived for 26 years. They have two children – the 25-year-old daughter Anna, performing on stage under the pseudonym Anna Moon and the 12-year-old son Svyatoslav.

“I was 51 years old when Svyatoslav was born. For me, these years were more energetic, stimulating,” Saltykov said, adding that he sometimes offers his wife Irina to give birth to a third child.

“The brain tells us that it’s scary to leave the child without a father. But we’ll see,” the musician argues during the program.

The artist also said that he spends a lot of time with children, supports them in everything, participates in life and his daughter from his first marriage.

The musician also said that he wants to give children something that he didn’t receive himself. It turned out that Victor’s father died when he was 13 years old and was raised by his mother and aunt.

The singer also told how he met his wife Irina. She just came up to him to get an autograph after the concert and he immediately fell in love and for 26 years now he can’t think of anyone except her.


“Scarlet Sails” without spectators were horrified by the similarities with the last day of Pompeii

Everything sparkles and rumbles, but this pyrotechnic waste is happening, as if in an abandoned city

Under quarantine, the main oddity of concerts of epic proportions is the minimal number of public, and sometimes its complete absence. All this sometimes resembles a spiritualistic session, during which the stars try their best to evoke the spirit of the viewer, but he is not there. If the reaction of a small audience nevertheless hits the screen, then it is completely disproportionate to what is happening on the stage – as if a large symphony orchestra accompanied by a circus and ballet appears before a handful of surprised passers-by.

The culmination of the show “Scarlet Sails” was completely associated with the last day of Pompeii. Everything sparkles and rumbles, but this pyrotechnic and staged fading is happening, as if in an abandoned city. The holiday, in a sense, does not look very festive, which only reinforces doubts about the advisability of holding it in spite of all coronaviruses.

However, such doubts must be resolutely rejected. A big concert is a big budget, which means earnings for those who assemble a dubious tele-big top-by-box. And, by the way, some directors work out their money. So the show on Mamaev Kurgan was sustained in a rather strict and solemn tone, which is rare for anniversary celebrations, which, as a rule, look like a familiar pop fair, stylized as a celebrated date.

In parallel to the concert in Volgograd on the air of another federal channel, a show on Red Square in honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory was shown five years ago. It is noteworthy that even five years later, one of the numbers of this concert does not cease to amaze with its staging. Dozens of extras with blue flags that mimic the surface of the sea. A terrifying view of the layout of the warship and Grigory Leps, as a formidable captain of this ship. Loud rock and rock cover for Vysotsky’s song “Save Our Souls”.

It was reminiscent of the appearance of a villain in the Pinkfloyd’s “Wall”. It is dashing and delicious, but in the format of a sovereign concert, it looks like a scandalous performance among the blessed classics. Evil does its terrible deeds and is bowed down by no one punished. And if you already find some infernal wrong side in the stage, then you need to show it on Red Square and on federal air. So that we do not stop wondering.


Bankrupt Rotaru cannot get from Kiev to Russia to earn some money

Concert Director Sergey Lavrov said that 72-year-old people’s artist of USSR Sofia Rotaru has been hit hard financially because of the pandemic. Due to the lack of concerts every month she lost about 14 million rubles, and now the total losses amounted to more than 42 million rubles. It’s more than other artists. Rotaru waits will again be able to leave Kiev in Russia on tour, but until the borders are closed and public events is prohibited.

Lavrov said in an interview with Sobesednik that Russia moneybags now organize closed parties with the stars and recently Sophia Mihailovna was invited to Novosibirsk.

“The customer was willing to pay the fee, and all expenses of the singer and her band. But had to refuse. Sofia Mikhailovna is located in Kiev. And it is not physically possible to fly to Moscow due to the closure of the borders,” explained the Director.

He added that to think about when you go on tour, so now Rotaru denies everything, although missed the stage.

“She’d love to go on tour. We have staff to feed,” explained Lavrov.

He also said that before the pandemic Rotaru took 100 thousand euros for one performance at the party. In a month she usually went on stage 3 times, with a modest balance – 2 times.


Guitar of the leader of Nirvana was auctioned for a record $6 million :: Society :: RBC

Acoustic guitar of the late frontman of the American rock group Nirvana Kurt Cobain was sold under the hammer for $6 million reported by the auction house Julien’s Auctions on Twitter.

“Sold for $6 010 000. A new world record for guitars!”, — stated in the message.

As stated on the website of the auction house, the guitar 1959 edition Martin D-18E was used by Cobain on an acoustic concert for MTV Unplugged on November 18 1993 in new York a few months before his death. The tool was only used by the Nirvana leader during the whole concert.

The concert was voted one of the best in the band’s history and rock music in General. The album Unplugged in New York was subsequently awarded the prize “Grammy”. “Execution Cobain on MTV Unplugged became his self-revelation, and the guitar Martin D-18E was both a tool and a revelation,” reads the description to the lot. Earlier it was reported that it is offered for sale at a starting price of $1 million.


In Rospotrebnadzor said about the fear of falling incidence in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Sharp drop in the number of new infections coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Moscow, inspires some fear, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow Elena Andreeva.

“At the moment after almost a full three months of fruitful work we saw in Moscow, finally, that after the plateau, which we waited so long we started to decline. This reduction is a little bit frightens us, to be honest, because sharply reduced,” — said Andreev on a conference call with the artistic Directors of theatres and concert organizations (quoted by “Interfax”).

She called this process predictable, which helps the onset of summer. But without complying with the sanitary requirements of the outbreaks can return. “We are really very afraid that we fall back, and then we’re going to shut down, not yet started. Anyone that is not necessary, and everything is in isolation suffered, and had a lot of emotional moments. Everything should be done in a balanced way,” added Elena Andreeva.


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Source: JHU,
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overstay anti-virus

Source: JHU, Federal, and regional overstay anti-virus

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Tatyana Bulanova reported a deterioration in health

Singer Tatyana Bulanova told StarHit about poor health after she was discharged from the hospital.

“I got a cold, so I had to postpone the concert until May 24,” the artist said. As specified by Bulanova, she is treated at home and believes in a speedy recovery. The singer added that she had not yet passed the test for coronavirus, however, if necessary, she would.

Earlier it was reported that Bulanova was discharged from the National Medical Research Center. Almazova in St. Petersburg, where she fell in pre-stroke condition. After discharge, the artist remained at home.


how Nadezhda Babkina restores health after pneumonia

Nadezhda Babkina on May 9 will certainly perform Victory songs. This time thousands of spectators will not applaud her – we celebrate the main holiday in self-isolation mode. And Nadezhda Georgievna herself is recovering after a serious illness, therefore she saves herself – there will be concerts, but later. But “Victory Day” will certainly sound in the house of the national artist. We tell how Babkina regains her health after being discharged from the hospital.

Recall that Nadezhda Georgievna was hospitalized with pneumonia, for almost a month we were worried about her health. The treatment required the introduction of an artist into a coma, Babkina coped, doctors saved the life of Nadezhda Georgievna – and now she is already at home. The situation was very serious. Nadezhda Babkina told about the course of the disease in Let They Talk, immediately after hospitalization and computed tomography of her lungs, she was transferred to intensive care:

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts working …” Later, the artist found out that at some point the situation became very serious: “The question was acute at the time the kidneys stopped working. Why? Details did not tell me. Probably it was scary, there were a lot of problems with me … “

Before discharge, CT showed that lung damage, according to the singer, decreased to 40%. Now Nadezhda Georgievna is not in a Moscow apartment, but in her country house in the suburbs. Therefore, she goes to special Lapino hospital for special physiotherapeutic procedures to restore lung function and rehabilitation. At discharge, the artist was prescribed home recovery (for 20 days): pills, injections – the artist tells her colleagues what she can do herself. Doctors ordered Babkin to do breathing exercises.

Nadezhda Georgievna says that the exercises are not easy, they are dizzy after them, but the artist is not lazy: she does it every day, because it’s important for the profession to restore the lungs as soon as possible. “Since we are singing, I have light accordions (squeezed – unclenched),” Babkina communicates with her colleagues and friends over the telephone — her voice is normal.

Nadezhda Babkina walks a lot – she lives in a country house (the singer was taken to the hospital from her Moscow apartment), and she came to rehab for fresh air outside Moscow. The actress is accompanied by a nurse Allochka – now the first assistant to Nadezhda Georgievna. “A beautiful little girl, Allochka, looked after me in the hospital, as though she was young, and hands like sledgehammers — I think all four will fall down. And she dragged me. From the bed to the toilet (I couldn’t walk). And – night is not night, she just lived with me, ”Babkina got used to her nurse. And Allochka went to her house – to help recover.

She goes to physiotherapy with her son, and Assistant Allochka is always nearby at home. Civilian husband Yevgeny Gor also raises spirits – he and his Hope have been 17 years old.

“He protects me, worships!” – the artist praises her Zhenya. There is something to praise – Gore kept the defense of journalists for a month: not a single interview or comment on Babkina’s health until she wrote out. Immediately after Nadezhda’s discharge, Eugene breathed a sigh of relief, and even cut himself off for joy! The precautions for self-isolation in this family are followed very strictly. Now Babkina even before washing her hands washes: he touches his face only with clean hands.

Nadezhda Babkina with common-law husband Eugene GorePhoto: Personal page of the hero of publication in social networks

The house has a special lamp that disinfects the air. The device for air disinfection in the rooms of Babkina was presented for an anniversary – even before the illness. Now come in handy! In March, Nadezhda Georgievna celebrated her 70th birthday; she is going to celebrate lavishly in the fall, when they are allowed to hold events. For the anniversary, the singer lost 23 kg in three and a half months: food was delivered to her ready diet. And in the hospital she dropped it again: I didn’t want to eat. Now she eats fully: as she began to recover she suddenly wanted sauerkraut.

Nadezhda Georgievna is not bored at home: the collective of her theater “Russian Song”, like all artists on self-isolation, but Babkina is engaged in current affairs, in touch with her employees. In the hospital, I didn’t communicate with anyone from friends: only with relatives, and when I got better, I watched TV. But now it receives calls and congratulations, we can say that with a second birth. Babkina says that she gave herself the command not to be afraid, to completely trust the doctors as soon as I entered the hospital: “When I looked in my eyes Shapovalenko Tatyana Vladimirov (the chief physician of the Medsi Design Bureau in Otradnoye – approx. Aut.) said that I believe you – my life is in your hands. ”

Recovery will not be quick – this artist understands, does not deny: no one knows yet – what consequences can be after an illness. But now there is more good news: according to the results of the analyzes, the doctors said that the immune system is restored.


Two million for treatment: Nadezhda Babkina will have a month of rehabilitation

The singer was in a private clinic (details)

“Almost 80% of the lungs were affected, there was an operation”: the first interview with Nadezhda Babkina after the illness

The actress told how Moscow doctors saved her (details)


The opera and the concert in his living room

Before announcing, on Sunday, March 15, its (magnificent) 2020/2021 season via a video broadcast live on its site, the Munich Opera has made available to music lovers free of charge the capture of one of its old productions, served by two stars of the lyric world: Le Trouvère by Verdi with Jonas Kaufmann and Anja Harteros. As a start to a program which is enriched each week with new archives. They bear witness to the high standard of a theater which, alas, must give up its traditional and flamboyant opera festival this summer. Also of note are some very moving “Monday Concerts”, available one week: opposite the empty hall, singers and musicians perform in front of a few cameras for about an hour, without intermission. Intimate and touching moments, melancholy and comforting not to be missed.

An initiative that the great German scene is not the only to implement, following the Berlin Philharmonic which, the first, gave free access, for a month, to its formidable Digital Concert Hall, a real trunk of symphonic treasures.

→ ANALYSIS. Financial disaster announced for the cultural world facing Coronavirus

Have followed many other prestigious musical houses whose coronavirus has brutally closed the doors, such as the Vienna Opera (which has a remarkable catalog of film productions) or that of Stockholm which has chosen to immerse the spectator in a “real” representation, by offering live video Walkyria by Wagner.

In New York, the Metropolitan Opera, which also has copious film archives and was a pioneer in the broadcasting of its shows in cinemas around the world, rebroadcasts some of its productions for free on its site. “ We would like to offer lyrical consolation to all opera lovers in these extraordinarily difficult times “, Assures its managing director Peter Gelb.

Artists’ initiatives

Around the world, live streaming flourishes, broadcasting old concerts on apps and platforms, but also individual initiatives by artists who are now brutally deprived of audiences. Here is the pianist Igor Levit who gives a recital in his living room, accessible on social networks.

But also these broad extracts from Werther, by Massenet, which the mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato interpreted with the Polish tenor Beczala, live on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. The singer-citizen took the opportunity to call those who can afford it to make donations to theaters and orchestras …

In France also

France is not to be outdone where the violinist Renaud Capuçon – who called on the Minister of Culture to help a sector in dire straits – posted a video: we see him and hear him play, supported by the NomadPlay application which allows an instrumentalist to be accompanied virtually by an entire orchestra. A way to encourage musicians, professionals or amateurs, to practice their art, to brighten up their confined daily life and that of their loved ones.

If you don’t come to music, music will come to you “, Launches, for its part, the Philharmonie de Paris which highlights its old concerts available on the application PhilharmonieLive, while developing, on its very ergonomic site, thematic playlists or the virtual visit of its Museum.

The Paris Opera has set up a lyric and choreographic program in free streaming, probably in collaboration with the France Télévisions platform. As of Tuesday, the new production of Manon de Massenet will benefit from such dissemination.