Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian women

The Chinese spoke about the reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian women, despite their illustrious beauty

Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian womenPhoto: Andrey KOPALOV

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Chinese journalist Portal Sohu listed several reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian girls, despite their beauty.

According to the author of the article, many stereotypes have developed around the Russians, among them the tradition of making domestic bears or a love of vodka. However, he called the most mysterious phenomenon of Russian women, attracting foreign visitors with their appearance.

“Many of them dream of marrying a Russian beauty, and there are many Chinese men among them,” the journalist says, but immediately notes that such marriages are not frequent.

The Chinese gives three reasons that can explain such statistics. The author declares that the “cheeky character” of Russian women, as well as their love for booze and sloppiness in trifles, are not suitable for Chinese grooms. In addition, he reports the unwillingness of Russians to “put their soul into truly important matters.”

“They like to drink, believing that in this way they release their“ I ”and show a true character. In addition, they do everything through their sleeves, are not too accurate in the details, and do not put their soul into truly important matters, ”the journalist believes.

In concluding his article, he notes that the desire to marry should not be based on appearance, but rather on the basis of her character and understanding.

Recall that earlier, a Chinese blogger confessed his love for Russian cuisine and called Russian dishes, the taste of which is “impossible to forget.” So, he called goulash “a reflection of the soul of the Russian people”



Effective way of struggle against diabetes

Scientists have identified a reliable remedy for chronic diseases of metabolism

Effective way of struggle against diabetesPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV

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Prolonged physical exercises and playing sports is an effective way to avoid and even to some extent to overcome some chronic diseases associated with metabolism, e.g., diabetes or metabolic syndrome. To such conclusion scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the University of San Diego in the United States as a result of their research, reported in the journal Cell Reports.

The experiment involved eighteen people engaged in Jogging, Cycling and other endurance exercises at least 15 years and seven men, who regularly perform strength exercises.

The researchers found that frequent physical activity changes the activity (expression) 1 711 metabolic genes in women and 1,097 genes in men. That is, the endurance training significantly improves processes associated with the tricarboxylic acid cycle (Krebs cycle), which plays a key role in metabolism.

Those who performed strength training had only 26 genes, which changed their activity. However, this does not mean, however, training does not have any effect. They can directly affect the activity of proteins and not on gene expression.

Experts also compared the obtained results with the data about the change of gene activity in people with metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

By the way, the subjects periodically performed exercises for about 6-12 months, after which the situation with the expression of the genes was similar to that observed in the new study, people performing endurance exercise for many years.



Convicted in the US of a programmer Lisova deported to Russia :: Society :: RBC

After being extradited from Spain to the USA Russian citizen faced up to 35 years in prison for his involvement in the development of the program, stealing customer data banks. Admitting guilt of one of the charges, foxes received four years

Stanislav Lisov

(Photo: AP)

Russian Stanislav Lisov, who last year was convicted in the United States on charges of conspiracy to commit hacking attacks, will be deported. About it reports TASS.

According to the Agency, the programmer was taken to the airport of a name of John Kennedy in new York, where he flight of “Aeroflot” will depart to Moscow. The departure is scheduled for 02:20 GMT 17 Jun.

Lisova was taken to the airport from the Pennsylvania center for temporary detention of persons subject to deportation. He was accompanied by two officers of the US immigration service. The process of deportation was witnessed by the representatives of the Russian Consulate General in new York, the Agency said.

“I have a Russian passport, everything else is waiting at home. Return home with joy and trepidation in my heart, so it is waiting for the plane to take off. Then it’ll definitely be free,” — said Lisov.

Extradited to the USA the Russian programmer pleaded guilty

Stanislav Lisov


In the UAE called the dream of the rise in oil prices above $40 :: Business :: RBC



$To 38.95


The UAE energy Minister of Those al-mazroui called the dream of the rise in oil prices above $40 a barrel after the transaction OPEC+. He said this during the webinar, the Atlantic Council (analytical center under NATO). His words, the correspondent of RBC.

According to the Minister, until a new agreement OPEC+ in the UAE expect the price of oil this year will range from $20 to $30 per barrel, and the price of $30 a barrel was considered as the maximum.

“But the price of oil rose to $43 per barrel, which was a dream, which, according to our forecasts, it was possible only next year,” said al mazrouei.

The cost of a barrel of Brent on the stock exchange in London exceeded $43 on Monday 8 June, the highest since March 6. Later, the price fell again, on 12 June it amounted to below $37 for the first time since the end of may. As of 16 June, the cost of a barrel of Brent amounted to $39,86.

The head of “Gazprom oil” Alexander Dyukov said that the price of oil could rise to $40 per barrel by the end of the year and current fall should not be a reason to change the deal, OPEC+. According to him, the recent fall in oil prices below $40 per barrel, “objective normalization” after “a certain euphoria”.


Convicted of treason, ex-GRU officer revealed details of his arrest :: Society :: RBC

According to him, he chose Sweden, because he assumed that it was “not the enemy”: “I thought she was not a member of NATO. Looked what they were doing, saw the Orion ship, same destination approximately, and our spacecraft “Tselina-2”, and wrote to the developers of this ship that have experience of software development. [Я предполагал, что] the developer can be civil. Not a single word that I was going to sell them some secrets, was not there. They told me the denial that “we are only citizens of Sweden”. And I calmed down on this”, — said the interlocutor of RBC.

He continued to work as a programmer in commercial companies, and in 2013 again tried to apply their experience in the field of technical intelligence. He knew that in his Department Academy. Mozhaisk there was a target set by the Belarusian cadets, and “I think that Belarus needs such a service”, “I just wrote a letter to Minsk by the Deputy Minister of defence for armaments. Sent by regular mail, but this letter never arrived, and the FSB to pay attention to me”.

Conflict with colleagues

In the summer of 2013 Kravtsov called to talk to the FSB and took away his computer for verification. “I was calm, because I’m not a spy, not sell secrets, any assignments not received”. During the following years he lived a normal life, continuing to work as a programmer, he says. From time to time he was invited to the FSB, and he gave an explanation about the data his computer.

In may 2014, the engineer chose to go on vacation to Greece. “I called his supervisor, who spoke to the FSB, and said that we want to visit the resort some. He says, “of Course. You have a passport with you?” I said, “In me.” “Well, and what then, go.” I said, “will You tell my boss?”. “Yes, thank you, alert. Thank you for calling, good night”. And three days before departure, the tickets had already been bought, may 27, I placed in the pavement near my house, when I went to the store. It was an act of intimidation: could I just ask, and say, “Gennady Nikolayevich, are you still go,” and there is already handcuffed. [Вместо этого] several people were attacked, choked, beaten, [погрузили] in the van, the house was searched, and this day I already was closed in Lefortovo”, — said the engineer.

The Commission, which at the request of the investigators conducted an examination on the subject of disclosure of state secrets Kravtsov, joined his former colleagues from the GRU, said the interlocutor of RBC. “[С ними] conflict working in nature. Each analyst has his own area of responsibility. When I conducted some of his experiments, revealed the sources [излучения] the areas of responsibility of other officers. Alone I was grateful. And some just said, “What are you doing on my property? Don’t tell me what to do.” And those who do not want too much bother in his career, I was very disliked. Two of these were”.

Ask questions to these experts, he was unable, although his defense tried to achieve: “I just saw their signature.” To interrogate them at the trial, the judge was not satisfied written opinion, said the engineer, “I know that many [мои сослуживцы] would just [в эту комиссию] go. Apparently [сотрудники ФСБ] examined the question, with whom I have relationships.”

“The conclusion of the investigation that sent summary was kept a state secret, made on the basis of the conflicting conclusions of experts, moreover, as in other similar cases, has been affiliated with the FSB. Attempts by the defence to call these experts for their interrogation were ignored as the investigator, and court”, — told RBC lawyer, head of “Team 29” Ivan Pavlov.

RBC sent a request to the public relations Center of the FSB.


Phase 2: Pa staff limited returns if urgent – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 04 – An “additional” effort for
“to guarantee the rapid conclusion of the functional procedures”
to ‘phase 2’, with the administrations that “will be able to evaluate
rethink the organizational methods put in place, based
basically about agile work. So they can predict
limited returns of staff quotas to conclude
urgent and non-urgent practices
treatable remotely “. This is the content of the directive
just signed by the owner of the P.a, Fabiana Dadone, second
what Palazzo Vidoni reports. “The state – writes the ministry –
has never stopped and now must support the revival of
key sectors that reopen their doors “. (ANSA).