SPACE: Probe successfully collects samples from asteroid

Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 3:20 PM – NASA has released images of a probe collecting soil samples from an asteroid.

The latter, named Bennu, was located more than 320 million kilometers from Earth.

As you can see, it all seems to have happened very quickly.

In fact, this leg of the probe, about thirty centimeters wide, touched the surface of the object for about six seconds.

Here is an animation which more slowly illustrates the process in question.

According to NASA, the asteroid may contain traces of the oldest history of our Solar System.

We are also talking about the possibility of finding the molecular precursors of the origin of life and of our oceans.

Source: NASA

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Hereditary curse of the Pigeons! It killed my mother, sad Eva

The popular Czech actress crossed the threshold of sixty and said to herself that she had to work on her weight. In addition to losing weight, he generally wants to focus on improving fitness and immunity. “I have to start running and lose weight. I look like a box, sour and it’s uncoverable. I can build like Ivana Trumpová, but I will not cover the kilo, “admitted the actress, who currently excels in the series Slunečná. Many would think that they are just trying to stay fit at their age. However, this is not the only reason why the actress decided to make such changes.

Eva Holubová sympathizes with the abused dogs: But when she had to talk about exercise, she turned white

“My problem is health. I like to walk a lot and the extra pounds are supposed to burden a lot more knees, joints, heart and what I know, what else. I don’t mind a proper fart at all, the fat around the waist is really more dangerous. I have hypertension after my mother, which killed my mother. That’s why I go so crazy with dieting, “the actress confided.

The motivation for the actress and the people around her. Thanks to them, he realizes that exercise is important for health promotion, so it is not just a matter of looking better physically, but mainly of feeling that way and maintaining this state. “I have a girlfriend, he’s younger and he can wiggle his chubby body nicely. He sports. I’m weak and hard. Like a box of kytu. I have to move with that. I want to be here for a long time, “the actress added.

Eva Holubová during the coronation crisis: We do not want charity. Zeman sent us to retirees, let us work for the audience


Pandemic Atmosphere, Pregnant Women Are Asked to Keep Checking on Gynecology & Comply with Health Protocols – Pregnant women are one of the groups who must always maintain their health to avoid exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Apart from being obliged to always implement health protocols, pregnant women are asked to routinely check their health and control their condition and the fetus.

“We can control to the doctor by face to face or telemedicine. For face to face we can do it in the first trimester at 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. Because the ultrasound needs at 11 (to) 13 weeks of gestation first for determining the gestational age, then for determine the location of her pregnancy, “said Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist dr. Andri Welly, in a virtual discussion broadcast live via IGTV lawancovid10_id, Sunday (18/10).

Not only maintaining their own health, it is also important for pregnant women to ensure the condition of the people around them. A healthy environment will have a positive impact on the health of these pregnant women.

“Now that’s 3M, keeping a distance from the surrounding environment, then using a mask, washing hands. Then for the nutrition of pregnant women themselves eat nutritious food, can do sports during pregnancy because exercise during pregnancy is allowed,” he explained.

Andri also said that the period of pregnancy does bring changes to the condition of the body for the mother. Therefore, if a pregnant woman is infected with Covid-19, her condition will be heavier than when she was not pregnant.

“Basically, the condition of pregnancy is that there is a change in the respiratory / respiratory system, the heart system in pregnant women who are experiencing pregnancy. So for pregnant women, they can better maintain their health. Maintain the conditions for a good pregnancy in the future. “If a pregnant woman is infected with Covid-19, her condition will be even more severe,” he explained.

Reporter magang: Maria Brigitta Jennifer [lia]


Shooting stars: the Orionids will soon reach their peak

Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 3:12 PM – The Orionids, the second meteor shower of October, will soon reach their peak.

Astronomy enthusiasts, you will be well served over the next few days. The Orionids light up the sky between October 2 and November 7.

This year, your best chance of spotting shooting stars will be during the night of October 21-22, when the Orionids reach their peak.

The best time to see meteors will be shortly after midnight, and the spectacle will likely be worth the effort. The sky should indeed be dark enough for easy viewing.

It will be possible to see nearly 20 meteorites per hour in optimal conditions.

The Orionids are debris from the famous Halley’s comet, known since Antiquity. They will radiate from the constellation Orion, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

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The authorities of the Kaliningrad region have clarified the number of deaths in an accident with a bus :: Society :: RBC

In the Kaliningrad region, an accident involving a regular passenger bus and a truck killed six people, not seven, as previously reported. This was stated by the press service of the regional government, reports TASS.

“There are six dead so far,” the press service said, the information was confirmed by the regional MIA Administration.

Seven people died in a bus accident in the Kaliningrad region

Eight victims are in hospital, seven of them are in serious condition, one person on average. The bus driver survived and was hospitalized, his condition is assessed as serious. The patient needs to undergo several operations, one of which has already been performed.

Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Kaliningrad Region Alexey Zhukov said TASSthat a total of 14 people were injured in the road accident. Among the dead there is one child born in 2011.


Unusual: Northern Lights on a comet!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 8:22 PM – The Aurora Borealis is spectacular, but it doesn’t just happen on Earth. Astronomers have observed the phenomenon on a comet. Explanations.

The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular phenomenon observed mainly in northern latitudes. These are solar winds charged with electrons that strike the Earth’s upper atmosphere. It is not only on Earth that this spectacle occurs. In fact, astronomers took advantage of the instruments of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe to collect data that would bring to light an extraordinary spectacle: the northern lights on a comet!

The Northern Lights have been observed elsewhere in the solar system. Most planets and moons that have an atmosphere can give rise to this spectacle, including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars. However, this is the first event reported on a comet.

Data collected by scientists indicate that this is indeed an auroral phenomenon. The electron-charged particles interact with the gas emitted by the comet. The resulting atoms give off ultraviolet light. However, this radiation is invisible to the naked eye.

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The big player who could upset the Quebec fall, here he is

Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6:00 AM – La Niña, the temperature anomaly in the mid-west Pacific Ocean, is low in intensity but is expected to gain strength within a few weeks. If this scenario materializes, the repercussions will be felt as far as the Atlantic, and the Quebec fall could indirectly suffer the consequences.

Hyper-tropical season

Hurricane season is in full swing, to say the least, knowing that we recorded more than fifteen named storms during the first half of the season, whereas in normal times we has twelve for a full season that ends November 30 in the Northern Hemisphere.

The 2020 season could dethrone the year 2005 when it comes to the number of named tropical storms. This tropical hyperactivity could upset the tendency for mildness expected in our Fall preview.

Hurricanes - favorable factors

One of the causes of this tropical hyperactivity is the negative anomaly of water temperatures in the Pacific, commonly known as La Niña. One of the characteristics of La Niña is a weak windshear in the Atlantic. Associated with the warmer temperatures in this ocean, this lack of shear offers tropical waves the perfect conditions to emerge, first, and gain in intensity, second.


According to the US Agency for Ocean and Atmospheric Observation (NOAA), La Niña is well established, which means tropical hyperactivity in the Atlantic will continue until late fall. This could upset weather trends in Quebec.

The aftermath in Quebec

When a hurricane moves, warm surface water is mixed with deep water. The more tropical storms there are, the cooler the surface water is. Yet it is thanks to these warm Atlantic waters that an atmospheric ridge should allow the province to enjoy milder weather this fall.

Hurricanes - Cold water influence

“With cooler surface water, the ridge may be less well defined and the heat from the United States may not rise enough towards the province for the northernmost sectors to benefit,” explains Anne-Sophie Colombani , videographer-meteorologist at MétéoMédia.

Ouagan - cretage reduction

In addition, if tropical storms approach the coast, it is possible that they are caught by the jet stream and directed towards Quebec or the Maritimes. “Significant amounts of precipitation could be spilled over parts of the province,” said Colombani, adding that “the number of days with precipitation would not be higher than seasonal norms, but the amounts of rain could be” .

Hurricanes - precipitation

To find our Fall Snapshot, go here.

To know more…

The girl

In the west-central Pacific Ocean, climatologists and meteorologists around the world are monitoring the Southern Oscillation, or water temperature anomalies. If this anomaly is greater than +0.5 ° C, we speak of El Niño; when it is less than -0.5 ° C, it is La Niña; and between these two values, the anomaly is considered to be neutral.

To be qualified as El Niño or La Niña, an anomaly must remain stable for three months in a row. NOAA has just announced that after August having recorded an anomaly of less than -0.5 ° C, “La Niña conditions are now present”.



750 million genetically modified mosquitoes released in the United States

Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 6:07 PM – A veritable hordes of genetically modified mosquitoes will be released in the United States, with the aim of reducing the transmission of certain diseases dangerous to humans.

The states of Texas and Florida are targeted. The insects will therefore be introduced gradually over a period of about two years.

Male mosquitoes that are released will release a lethal gene in females already in circulation. When mating, this same discomfort will make them sterile.

The goal is to wipe out a whole species of insects carrying viruses potentially fatal to humans, such as Zika or dengue.

This impressive operation would have no significant impact on humans or the environment, according to current analyzes. That was the initial objective: to find an ecological way to eliminate the species of mosquitoes carrying diseases.

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5 great mysteries above our heads.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 at 10:01 AM – As a child, I loved lying on the floor just to look at the stars. I felt like I was losing myself in the infinitely large. It’s something that I still enjoy doing today. And you ? Have you taken the time to observe the sky? There are some things you absolutely must see. Here they are.

Rain of Perseids - Credit michal-mancewicz-Q6ypnqRk2U0-unsplash


The Perseids are a classic of our summer skies. We look forward to this time of the year when we can go outside, our wish box under our arm, and let ourselves be lulled by the beauty of this meteor swarm.

Around mid-August, the Earth returns very close to the orbit of comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle, whose wake is strewn with billions of dust particles. But to be at the forefront of this shooting star festival, you will need to avoid any light pollution that could harm the show. Also the NASA recommends lying on the ground with your feet pointed northeast, and letting the magic work.

Aurore Boréale - Credit


During an aurora borealis, the sky looks like the canvas of a great artist. As if, with each brushstroke, the painting comes to life, as if by magic. Is it a fairy tale story? No ! Rather, it’s a very scientific story.

According to canadian space agencyThe aurora borealis, also known as the polar aurora, is formed in the northern hemisphere when charged particles of electrons and protons collide with gases in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. These collisions generate tiny bursts of light that fill the sky with colorful light. Thus, billions of small bursts of light appear in sequence, giving the impression that the dawn is “dancing” in the sky.

THE MOON - Credit amit-talwar-zoz1tcV5KNc-unsplash


It would be at least 4.51 billion years old. It is part of our nocturnal decor. Without it, the sky would not be the same. Who am I ? The Moon of course!

However, some phases of the Moon are more fascinating than others. Especially when it comes to the super moon! Even though this name evokes that of a superhero, the term has been a real craze since 2010. We talk about a super moon on a new moon or a full moon, and when it is closest to the Earth, or at its perigee. It will then appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual NASA. One thing is for sure, when this happens, take the time to admire her and tell her your secrets.

A STEVE light captured at Childs Lake, Manitoba.  Credit NASA's Goddard Space Flight CenterKrista Trinder


Have you ever seen a Steve? I am not talking about your neighbor, but about a phenomenon similar to the aurora borealis. Steve is a purple and green celestial ribbon that stretches for several hundred kilometers, and follows an east-west alignment. Its name, recognized since 2018 by the NASA, is the acronym for “Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement”, or “sharp increase in the rate of thermal emission”.

The particular aspect of Steve fascinates the scientific community which has difficulty in finding an explanation. But according to researchers from the the University of Calgary in Canada, it could be a phenomenon which forms in the ionosphere, the layer of the atmosphere between 60 km to 1000 km of altitude. Steve’s ions would move faster and be hotter (around 3,000 ° C) than other particles in the same area.

The Milky Way - Credit m-wrona-opaAhLe0ZTI-unsplash


In English, the Milky Way is called Milky Way. A name that I find delicious and which perfectly represents this species of whitish band that can easily be observed at night.

According to NASA, our galaxy, the Milky Way in which our Solar System is located, is made up of gas, dust and stars. As you gaze at the Milky Way, you gaze at nearly 1.7 billion stars. Know that it would take you more than 50 years to count them all, at the rate of one per second. Our Milky Way is about 100,000 light years across and about 20,000 light years thick. Like most galaxies, the Milky Way spins slowly, just like us. A complete rotation lasts about 240 million years. Since our sun was born about 4.6 billion years ago, we have completed more than 19 rotations around the center of our galaxy.


You can continue your exploration of the cosmos by visiting the following sites:


Montreal Planetarium

The ASTROLab of Mont-Mégantic

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Day of the overtaking: the Earth now lives “on credit”

Saturday, August 22, 2020 at 11:12 am – This Saturday, August 22, humanity will have exhausted the natural resources that the Earth can produce in one year.

This famous Overshoot Day occurs three weeks later than in 2019. It was indeed July 29, last year, that we reached this threshold.

It is also the first time since 2005 that this fateful day takes place towards the end of August. This is therefore a historical decline, which has never been observed since the beginnings of this calculation.

The crisis linked to the pandemic is also not unrelated to it. Greenhouse gas emissions created by fossil fuels, which are indeed the number one factor influencing humanity’s carbon footprint, have declined dramatically since the start of the year. The latter would have actually fallen by 14.5%, according to calculations by the Global Footprint Network. Logging (which also fell by around 8.4%) and the carbon footprint of agriculture (which remained unchanged) were also considered.

The Global Overshoot Day is calculated by comparing the resources used by humanity and the planet’s capacity to regenerate those same resources (called biocapacity).

However, everything indicates that 2020 will be the exception that proves the rule. No large-scale measures have actually been put in place to ensure that the positive impacts on the environment are felt in the long term.

Since the early 1970s, the deficit has continued to widen, appearing earlier and earlier each year.

Some solutions

  • Limit as much as possible the presence of plastic products at home, and opt instead for bulk
  • Favor local products
  • Reduce or even stop eating meat
  • Plan meals more efficiently to avoid food waste
  • Cook more
  • Opt for active transportation (on foot, by bike) or take public transit

Source : Global Footprint Network

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