Banks have limited the ability to go negative by debit cards :: Finance :: RBC

Banks announced a reduction in interest rates on deposits and loans after the Central Bank

“Equifax” in statistics takes into account only debit cards to which the overdraft option is connected. Banks of “not the first echelon” usually offer such a product, explained Oleg Lagutkin, General Director of Equity Bank.

The combined credit bureau (the only BKI that has data from Sberbank) includes in its statistics on overdrafts debts not only on debit cards, but also on installment cards, if banks define debt as an overdraft, explained his representative. According to the OKB, in May the average overdraft limit amounted to 42 thousand rubles, and compared with March, the indicator decreased by only 7.3%. He, like issuing overdraft cards, recovered after a sharp decline in April.

The National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH), which is also included in the top 3 Russian credit indexes, does not keep such statistics, a representative of the bureau said.

Why banks have changed overdrafts

A decrease in the number and volume of open overdrafts on cards is a direct consequence of bank policies in a pandemic, Lagutkin said. “By changing their lending policies after the start of the self-isolation regime, lenders extended most of the measures not only to popular consumer loans,” adds the General Director of Equifax Investment Company.

Banks reduced overdraft limits due to a general decrease in real incomes of the population, says Mikhail Doronkin, head of the bank ratings department of the NKR agency. According to him, this may be due to the peculiarities of the methodology for calculating such limits.

“If, when opening a credit card, banks can request information on income from customers to assess their reliability and set a limit, then in the case of a debit card, overdraft limits are often set automatically and do not take account transactions into account,” the analyst explains. In the pre-crisis period, providing customers with an overdraft allowed banks to earn money on those who “went into the red” or did not suspect an overdraft. “Under current conditions, the presence of such an option, on the contrary, could increase the risk of non-return,” he adds.

“Issuance of overdraft cards, including installment cards, declined significantly during quarantine, as did issuance in other lending segments. Moreover, the reduction was not so strong compared to that which we observe in the segment of credit cards, ”noted Artur Design Bureau General Director. This could be due to a lower available limit on these cards than on credit cards, which means less risk for banks, he added.

In a crisis, banks could cut low-demand products in order to reduce credit risk, agrees Sergey Grishunin, head of the rating service of the National Rating Agency (NRA). He draws attention to the fact that banks, as a rule, require customers to repay the overdraft in a short time, and the interest rate on such loans is higher than on classic credit cards. “Based on all this, it is simply unprofitable for banks to keep a product that most likely a“ good ”borrower will not use (they have a credit card, often with bonuses). A “bad” bank is not profitable, ”the expert concludes.

Bank customers began to complain about a reduction in credit card limits

Фото: Simon Dawson / Bloomberg

Which banks give customers an overdraft

According to Frank RG, there are now special cards with overdraft in the lines of five organizations: Absolut Bank, Asia Pacific Bank, Uralsib, Center-Invest Bank and Transcapitalbank. The representative of Uralsib told RBC that the bank does not offer such a product, the remaining banks did not respond to inquiries.

Which banks offer overdraft on their debit cards as an option, Frank RG does not track. Most of the large organizations surveyed said they did not provide such a service. Among them are Sberbank, Gazprombank, Otkrytie, Alfa Bank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank, UniCredit Bank, Home Credit, Zenit, Ak Bars, Renaissance Credit and MTS Bank. However, on the profile forum, there are many reviews of customers of large banks about connecting an overdraft without notice, technical overdraft and other problems associated with this product.

The only bank that has confirmed the availability of the overdraft option for debit cards is VTB. Such a service is offered to salary clients, a bank representative said. “In March-May, the bank did not change the terms of connection and the average size of limits for this product. “We do not notice any changes in client preferences for disabling or activating overdraft services,” he added.

Will banks become more loyal to using overdraft

“There is a version that it’s precisely by such actions that banks are preparing for the end of exemptions regarding the accrual of reserves. We believe that overdrafts in the event of a crisis may even disappear or remain only with premium customers of banks, ”says Grishunin. On Friday, June 26, the Bank of Russia announced a partial curtailment of support measures for banks introduced at the onset of the crisis. But softened reserve requirements will continue until September 30.

The Central Bank will prohibit paying with expired cards

Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

Banks must form reserves not only for loans actually issued, but also for unused limits, taking into account demand ratios. Overdraft is included in this category, said the director of bank ratings of Expert RA, Ivan Uklein. According to him, banks are so far “reinsured”, and after lifting sanitary restrictions and stabilizing the situation on the labor market, the policy of creditors regarding opening overdrafts will become softer.

In June, the retail lending market experienced a recovery, says Lagutkin from Equifax. According to him, this may in the future have an impact, including on the overdraft segment.


Managers and employees differed in assessing the effectiveness of the work out of the office :: Business :: RBC

While 15% of workers said that their productivity while working from home has increased.

Those who are on remote lose efficiency, noted several reasons: 55% of them were difficult to deal with work issues remotely, and 24% prevented focus relatives, 22% in operation time distracted by household chores, and 18% admitted that they are unable to organize themselves. Another 16% complained about the poor Internet connection, 8% stated that the supervisor loses control of remote employees, and 6% complained about low level of computer literacy. (The overall result can be greater than 100% because respondents could select multiple reasons.)

Among the reasons that contributed to improving the efficiency of survey participants noted the lack of time spent on the road (80%), the ability to shape the schedule (63%), more comfortable work environment at home (43%). An important factor in the productivity of steel the lack of conversations with colleagues and meetings (32%), a more powerful Internet connection at home than at the office (9%). 5% of all remote workers all successful was due to the fact that the leadership effectively built business processes. (The overall result can be greater than 100% because respondents could select multiple reasons.)

An online survey was conducted in may-June 2020 among employed residents of Moscow and Moscow region. Interviewed 620 people.

Experts have estimated the number improve their attitude to online searches and Russians

An earlier survey research companies “Joy of change” and TIBURON Research showed that 50% of Russians attitude to work remotely during the isolation had improved, was disappointed in her only 16% of survey participants. More than a third of the respondents opinion about remote work during the period of isolation has not changed.

At the same time, less than half of the respondents (40%) would like to continue to work remotely even after the lifting of restrictions and return to office life. The majority of respondents (51%) is still inclined to return to the normal operating mode.


Rosneft and Yandex will launch contactless payment of gasoline at gas stations :: Business :: RBC

Rosneft launches a project to remotely pay for fuel through the Yandex.Gas refueling mobile service. Yandex will be able to almost double the number of connected gas stations, and Rosneft will accelerate service and increase traffic at gas stations

Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS

The largest Russian oil company Rosneft and Yandex are launching a joint project on remote contactless payment of fuel through the Yandex.Gas refueling mobile service. This was reported to RBC by representatives of both companies.

The Yandex.Fuel service allows you to select the nearest gas station, type of fuel and pay for gasoline without leaving your car. The service is available in Yandex.Navigator, which drives 21 million Russian drivers, in Yandex.Maps and its own application.

Currently, 4150 gas stations operate with Yandex.Gas refueling, including networks such as Tatneft, Shell, Neftmagistral and ESA, and with the connection of Rosneft, which manages about 3 thousand gas stations (under five brands “Rosneft, Bashneft, TNK, BP and the St. Petersburg Fuel Company (PTK), the number of such gas stations will almost double, Roman Prudnikov, the head of Yandex.Gas station, told RBC through a representative. As a result, the application will cover more than a third of 20 thousand. gas stations in Russia.

But the connection will be phased, the representative of Rosneft clarifies: by the end of May, 327 filling stations under the Rosneft and BP brands in Moscow and the Moscow Region, 126 PTK filling stations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, as well as 66 filling stations, will be the first to join the project. Bashneft ”in Ufa. By the fall, more than 1100 gas stations from other major cities of Russia will be connected to the mobile application, gradually the service will be able to work with the entire network of gas stations of the company, the source told RBC.

Connection to Yandex.Gas refueling will positively affect the business of partners, because the refueling process is accelerated – the average time at the column is one to two minutes, which significantly increases the throughput of gas stations, the representative of Yandex notes. In addition, the connected gas stations will receive additional traffic, for example, at the expense of taxi drivers or Yandex.Navigator users.


Seven tips to save the internet during quarantine




Due to the declaration of the state of alert, millions of Spaniards take more than two weeks without leaving their homes. The introduction of teleworking for those who can afford it, and the excess of leisure time for those who cannot, has caused the network to run the risk of becoming saturated. Reason why companies like Youtube, Netflix, Disney + Y PlayStation They have chosen to reduce the image quality on the screen of their content.

However, measures implemented by third parties do not imply that users cannot do their bit to lower the risk of a network crash. Precisely, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has shared seven keys so that we all help avoid it.

Download movies and series at night

From OCU they recommend to lovers of content in “streaming” (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +), that before using any of these platforms are clear about the movies or series they want to see the next day in order to download them the night before. This will cause that the quality of the videos does not suffer and, in addition, the network will occupy itself in hours of less demand. When you have finished viewing everything, simply delete it to recover the space used in the memory of your device.

Lower resolution

Most platforms allow you to adjust the image quality to save data. If you can make an effort and give up 4K to go back to HD During these days, you will be consuming less and it will help that the network is not so saturated.

Fewer automatic downloads

OCU recommends checking the settings of social networks and messaging platforms, such as Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram, so that the videos that appear on the platform are only played if you click on them. In turn, he advises forward videos to other users, and download them, only if absolutely necessary.

Deactivate the option to see ourselves during the video call

Many users are pulling “apps” for video conferencing, such as Houseparty or Zoom, to be able keep in touch with your loved ones. However, that does not imply that we cannot limit the data that is consumed while being used. A good way to save is by disable the option to see ourselves when we use them. Something that most applications of this type allow.

Use your mobile data

From OCU it is remembered that also it is possible to call using your mobile data, it is not necessary to make all calls through the home wifi.

Use the cloud

Most users are already aware of the benefits of file sharing across cloud platforms. To save internet data, it is recommended use services like Google Drive, OneDrive, WeTransfer, iCloud or Dropbox and send by email or chat the access link.

Compress files

It is also recommended to compress the documents before sending them. For example, lPDF files usually weigh less than Word with many images or Powerpoints.


Rob Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna’s accountant ordered to deliver financial information – NBC Los Angeles

A judge on Tuesday ordered the accountant of three companies owned by the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter, who could prove if he lost money after canceling the ex-couple’s reality show, “Rob & Chyna”.

Los Angeles Supreme Court judge Randolph Hammock has granted a motion by lawyers for the Kardashian / Jenner families to force J. Walter Michael & Associates to comply with a defense summons to produce information regarding three companies owned by the actor Blac Chyna. In addition to the objection of Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, the judge said that the documents must also include tax returns.

The judge said he would delay the start of the trial scheduled for May 26 if necessary, if the defense is not satisfied they have all the documents they need from Chyna’s companies.

“I know your client is desperate just to have her day in court,” Hammock told Ciani. “He wants to get his justice against the Kardashian clan. ”

Chyna’s real name is Angela White and filed her lawsuit in November 2017. Her claims against Rob Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner include defamation and interference with potential economic benefits. Chyna claims that the four women falsely claimed to have physically abused Rob Kardashian while they were a couple.

In her lawsuit, Chyna claims to have suffered significant damage and that the scandal resulted in the cancellation of her reality show with her ex boyfriend by E! She claims that the network allegedly granted a second season of the show, but for false statements made against her, including the alleged comments from the four women accused of E! representatives in late 2016 and early 2017 that Chyna physically abused Rob Kardashian.

In their court documents supporting their motion, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorneys said that the accountants’ documents could show whether Chyna is sincere when she claims to have lost money in appearances and endorsements after the show’s cancellation. They asked for company records for Blac Chyna Inc., 88 Fin Inc. and Lashed LLC for the years 2014-19.

Ciani told the judge that she was trying to obtain the documents required by the defense from the accountant, who is based in Michigan, and that she had difficulty in doing so. He repeated his previous court statement that Chyna no longer claims damages in connection with that company.

However, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorney Todd Eagan has said he still wants to examine Lashed’s documents to see if the company has lost or made any money since the show ended. In his court documents, Eagan stated that the summons to the auditing firm was duly given to Walter Mosley, who performs unrelated legal activities for Chyna and is identified on the entity’s website as head of the Los Angeles office. Angeles.

Chyna, 31, and Rob Kardashian, 32, started dating in January 2016 and had a daughter, Dream, in November. They broke up in the summer of 2017 and
he sued Kardashian, his mother and three of his sisters in October of that year.

In July 2017, he used social media to publish images of Chyna’s naked breast, back and genitals. He also accused her of sleeping with another man in the “same bed where Chyna and I made our baby.” He later removed some of the photos.


At the Berlinale, pearls of plenty

Now that the prize list has fallen, the time has come for a final review of this successful 70e Berlinale, to evoke a few films that have been able to float in the memory of the festival critic exhausted by an overflow of images, German coffee and stuffy pretzels.

Mental space

Siberia by Abel Ferrara

ITA, DEU, MEX 2020, Competition
2020 Vivo film. Maze pictures. Piano

Siberia of Abel Ferrara. Vivo film. Maze pictures. Piano

Let’s start with an aberration, which we cannot say whether we like it or not, one of the most awaited films of the competition which created an almost general perplexity: Siberia by Abel Ferrara. It is a series of enigmatic visions and encounters experienced by an American, Clint (Willem Dafoe), running a bar in the middle of Siberia. Memories, dreams, nightmarish or mystical apparitions are linked together in this trip where we guess the clear influence of Andrei Tarkovski. Many critics found the film grotesque, and most of the spectators in the very large room of the Friedrichstadt-Palast, where we saw it, had apparently chosen to consider that they were facing a comedy. We do not hide the fact that certain situations or ideas made us smile and that it is quite difficult to genuinely adhere to this mystical-psychoanalytic peregrination in which Ferrara immerses us in the obscure depths of his imagination. But, in addition to the fact that the film arouses in us the sympathy of unclassifiable and netless objects, it is undeniable that the one who produced it is a real filmmaker, who knows how to create singular images, invent a complex mental space or seize us by a simple connection between two planes. And in a festival where there are so many films in one day, sometimes of great platitude or shapeless blistering, this Siberia so mocked at least had the audacity to explore in its own way nothing less than the twists and turns of cinematic time and space, through those of dream and memory.

Malmkrog by Cristi Puiu

ROU, SRB, CHE, SWE, BIH, MKD 2020, Encounters

Malmkrog by Cristi Puiu. Mandragora

It is in a completely different way that we recognize a strong sense of duration and framework in the long, complex and sometimes sumptuous shots that constitute Malmkrog (presented in the Encounters section), the new film by Romanian filmmaker Cristi Puiu (discovered in 2005 with the extraordinary the Death of Dante Lazarescu). Shots that are not just the result of a skill in framing and photographing, but that are constantly tended by life and the words that unfold therein. Adapting texts from the Russian philosopher and poet Vladimir Soloviev, this 3:20 am film takes place in a unique place: a mansion in Transylvania where Nikolai, a large landowner, welcomes Christmas friends of aristocrat friends, of different nationalities. Between meals and board games, their main activity consists in sharing their visions of the world, essentially in French, around subjects as big as death, progress, religion, morals. We think of Manoel de Oliveira, with less humor although the film is not devoid of fantasy and strangeness. You can get lost in conversations but it is the very word that matters, the need to keep talking, to think out loud even if it turns out to be increasingly complex and perilous.

Rizi | Days by Tsai Ming-Liang

TWN 2019, Competition
Homegreen Films

Days from Tsai Ming-liang. Homegreen Films

Days by Tsai Ming-liang (in competition) marks the return to fiction after seven years of absence (since stray dogs, in 2013) from another great filmmaker of the plan, of their slow deployment over time. He is equal to himself in his new film where, far from Puiu’s talks, almost no words are spoken. Again, he becomes attached to solitudes that will eventually intersect. In the countryside, a man (Lee Kang-sheng, the filmmaker’s favorite actor since his first film) with tired and slow gestures, seems to be bored and suffering physically, requiring baths, massages and acupuncture sessions; in the city, a younger man, on the contrary, is distinguished by the dexterity of his gestures, especially when he is washing food and cooking it. In the montage that shows them evolving in parallel, elements visible in almost every plane already unite them: water, fire, plants, present in many forms. The film is tied to the meeting of the two men where, for the time of a sensual and then sexual massage, the skillful hands of the first relieve the tired body of the second, until enjoyment. It is very clear and very beautiful, no offense to the impatient.


Domangchin yeoja | The Woman Who Ran | Die Frau, die rannte by Hong Sangsoo

The Woman Who Ran from Hong Sang-soo. Jeonwonsa Film Co. Production

In Hong Sang-soo, the precision and rigor of the plans is not as obvious as in Puiu or Tsai. The Korean filmmaker, who claims Rohmer’s influence, again appears in The Woman Who Ran (presented in competition) a lightness and a simplicity that the frames, panoramas or zooms scrutinize with acuity but without will to artificially embellish their obviousness. A young woman (the magnificent filmmaker’s muse Kim Minhee) takes advantage of her husband’s business trip to visit three former friends. Through their conversations mixing very concrete and material subjects – the price of things, neighborhood problems, food, vegetarianism -, Hong deals in his own way with very contemporary questions, with a humor that gradually turns to melancholy . Ultimately, this film in which the few men who appear are troublesome and essentially filmed from behind, evokes a certain female solitude, chosen or suffered. To cold surveillance camera shots, Hong sets his gaze on the lookout, available to prodigious chances, such as this camera movement which reveals a perfectly placed and attentive cat at the end of a long shot where the stake of the conversation was precisely the presence of cats in the vicinity. A plan so miraculous that it sparked applause in an entire room of criticism in Berlin.

In the recesses of the parallel selections, a few films with modest means made, like Hong Sang-soo, of their economic poverty an engine of freshness and vitality. In Boarding (Panorama section), the new film by Guillaume Brac, declared admirer of the Korean filmmaker, we follow the summer getaway of two friends going to find in the Drôme the conquest of an evening of one of them. As in July tales (2018), Brac turns again with young actors from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art, rediscovering something of the adventurous spirit of Jacques Rozier’s films but by matching it to the languages, cultures and customs of a very contemporary youth . As always with Brac, under his apparent humility the film is precise and dense, in addition to being funny and extremely endearing.

Magnifying glass

In Isabella (presented to Encounters), the Argentinian Matías Piñeiro films another friendly adventure, but coupled with an ambiguous rivalry. Two young theater actresses apply for the same role, that of Isabella in Measure for measure of William Shakespeare, while the brother of one is the lover of the other. It is a film about envy, in the double sense of the word – desire and jealousy – where the Rivetian play with the theater is made more complex (something new in Piñeiro) by a play with chronology and a formalism which sometimes leads to on an abstraction of colors and shapes. A captivating and confusing film that will perhaps be enjoyed above all by those who already know Piñeiro’s cinema, all the elements of which (theater, friendship, acting, speech) are here reorganized in a more free and mysterious way.

Finally, one of the great discoveries of the festival was A metamorfose dos pássaros, the first feature by Portuguese catarina Vasconcelos (presented at Encounters), shot for less than 100,000 euros. It is a biography of the filmmaker’s own family, of his grandparents and parents, reconstituted in beautiful fine-line shots essentially framing gestures, objects, photographs, and playing on materials, colors, simple visual effects (the recurrent use of a magnifying glass, for example) while voiceovers follow one another to evoke moments in the life of each. Imagine a Cavalier film filmed by Manoel de Oliveira (still him) to get an idea of ​​the beauty and originality of this minimalist and poetic family novel. The kind of unexpected little pearls that we always hope to find in this clutter of films that is a film festival as bloated as the Berlinale.

Marcos Uzal


Second US case of person who received a virus from the community – NBC Bay Area


Health officials have confirmed the second case of new coronavirus in the United States that is believed to have been passed on to a person who has not traveled internationally or has come into close contact with whoever had it.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that officials are “aware of a second possible example of the spread of the COVID-19 community in California.” The CDC stated in a statement that the patient has given positive results to the virus and is considered an alleged positive case.

San Jose health officials said the patient was an older adult woman with chronic health conditions who had no travel history or known contact with a traveler or an infected person. It comes a day after state officials stated that a woman hospitalized at the UC Davis Health Center in Sacramento had contracted the disease after no known contact.

“This new case indicates that there is evidence of community transmission, but the extent is not yet clear,” said Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County Health Officer and director of the County Health Department. Santa Clara.

Public health officer from Solano County, Dr Bela Matyas, said public health officials identified dozens of people, but fewer than 100, who had close contact with the woman. They are quarantined in their homes. and some who have shown symptoms are isolated, Matyas said.


On Friday, health officials confirmed another case of the new coronavirus in Northern California, raising the count the day after health officials revealed that the first case in the United States was believed to have been passed on to a person who was not traveling on the level. international or whoever had it wasn’t in close contact.

Santa Clara County Public Health Department spokesman Maury Kendall said the person was isolated at home and further details would be given on Friday.

The day before, public health officials had hooked the number of people in California with the virus to 33 years after investigators announced that a woman hospitalized in Sacramento had contracted him.

Residents of the community where the woman first went to the hospital in Vacaville are at the epicenter of what officials are calling a breakthrough in the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus,

As infectious disease experts opened up in Vacaville, some residents of the city of 100,000 stocked up amid fears, things could get worse despite official reassurances, while others took it slow.

Vacaville is located between San Francisco and Sacramento in Solano County, in the central agricultural valley and close to the famous California wine region.

It is located approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Travis Air Force Base, which was used as a virus quarantine location. Public health officials said they could not find any links between the infected woman and the passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship who were evacuated to the base when the ship was docked in Japan.

The case of the infected woman marks an escalation of the global epidemic in the United States because it means that the virus could spread beyond the scope of preventive measures such as quarantine, even if state health officials have stated that it was inevitable and that the risk of a diffuse transmission remains low.

California public health officials reported on Friday that 8,700 people are self-monitoring after arriving on commercial flights from China through Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is from 8,400 that Governor Gavin Newsom quoted Thursday, although officials said that the number increases every day as more flights arrive.

Public health officer from Solano County, Dr Bela Matyas, said public health officials identified dozens of people – but fewer than 100 – who had close contact with the woman. They are quarantined in their homes and some who have shown symptoms are isolated, Matyas said.

Officials are not too concerned, for now, about occasional contact, because federal officials think coronavirus only spreads through “close contact, being less than a meter away from someone for what they call an extended period of time”, said Dr. James Watt, interim state epidemiologist at the California Department of Public Health.

The virus can cause fever, cough, wheezing and pneumonia. Health officials think it mainly spreads from the droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to the spread of the flu.

“I will definitely wear my mask and gloves at work because I am a server,” said bowling worker Denise Arriaga of Vacaville, who said she doesn’t care if she is criticized for additional precautions.

“At the end of the day, it’s my life,” he said.

The woman first sought treatment at Vacaville North VacayValley Hospital in Vacaville before her condition worsened and was transferred to the medical center.

The confusion about how quickly she was tested for coronavirus was about McKinsey Paz, who works for a private security company in Vacaville. The company has already accumulated 450 face masks and is attempting additional “since they are difficult to find”. The company owner purchased enough cleaning and disinfectant products to clean up the office and ship them home with employees.

But they seemed to be at an extreme for preparations.

Eugenia Kendall wore a face mask, but she feared anything, including the common cold. His immune system is compromised because he is undergoing chemotherapy and has been taking such precautions for some time.

“We are not paranoid. We are just trying to be practical,” said 31-year-old husband Ivan Kendall. “We clean the shopping carts if they have them, and when I get back in the car I clean my hands – and I only hope for the best.”

In their investigation into the hospitalized woman’s movements, officials were trying to figure out how she had taken it and who else it might have inadvertently infected.

They are interviewing immediate family members and expanding their network to include more distant family members who may have been in contact, social gatherings such as the church the patient may have attended and any possible time spent at work or events such as a concert.

In addition to the woman, all the other 59 cases in the United States were for people who traveled abroad or had close contact with others who traveled.

Previous cases in the United States included 14 people who had returned from epidemic areas in China or their spouses; three people who were evacuated from the city of Wuhan in central China; and 42 American passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

The global tally of those affected by the virus hovered around 83,000 on Friday and caused over 2,800 deaths, most of them in China.


Beam reported from Sacramento, California.


The Associated Press Health and Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science Department. The AP is solely responsible for all content.