The government wants to send you money, but how long will it arrive?

WASHINGTON – Getting lump-sum payments into the hands of every American could take weeks and months to complete as the government tries to turn its tax collection system into a cash-dispensing machine. Congress is building on the idea of ​​sending money to individuals to alleviate the economic disruption from the coronavirus epidemic and the Treasury […]

How to get a perfect credit score

Jim Droske, 55, still uses the first credit card he has ever opened: a Chase Sapphire card which he requested in 1984 on the campus of the University of Illinois in Chicago in exchange for a free pack of Fannie Mae chocolates. Today he has six credit cards and a perfect 850 credit score. Droske, […]

How to use credit cards during the coronavirus pandemic

On Monday, the FDIC encouraged financial institutions to prepare for more American consumers experiencing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. In response, some of the major credit card issuers, including Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One, Citi and US Bank, have posted statements and information on their websites to respond to customer concerns and promote […]

The market began to suffer huge losses as fears of the coronavirus take hold

Australian equities have been hammered once again as the misery and volatility attributed to the deadly coronavirus weighs on global markets. Following heavy falls on Wall Street and Europe overnight, the local market closed 2.8 percent down to 6216.2 points, plummeting to a 10-month low. During today’s negotiations, banks have been particularly hard hit, with […]

Does your credit card travel insurance cover coronavirus cancellations?

If you hesitate on upcoming travel plans, you are not alone. Many Americans are on a second-holiday vacation because of the growing concerns of the coronavirus. There are 117 confirmed coronavirus cases (COVID-19) in the United States and more than 92,800 worldwide, according to data from March 3, 2020 from the interactive map of Johns […]

What are the three credit bureaus?

When applying for credit, the lender typically reviews the credit history from one of the credit bureaus. This process might seem mysterious if you are not sure what the credit bureaus are and what the purpose is, but the concept is simple enough. A credit bureau is simply an agency that collects credit usage and […]

What is the minimum age to be an authorized user on a credit card?

If you are looking to restart your child’s credit history or track their expenses, consider adding your child as an authorized user on your credit card. Becoming an authorized user has lower age requirements than when your child opened their card, since the minimum age to open a credit card as a primary account holder […]