Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, a most secret couple in Hollywood

“She despises me”, first thinks Joaquin Phoenix when he met Rooney Mara, on the set of Her (2013). He will discover over time that she was just “shy”. Usually very discreet about his life as a couple, the interpreter of the Joker – who won the trophy for best actor in a dramatic film – and the heroine of Carol (2015) nevertheless offered themselves a rare public appearance on the red carpet of the Oscars, in Hollywood, on Sunday, February 9. Joaquin Phoenix won the best actor trophy there. A month earlier, the duo had already appeared together at the Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills.

In October 2018, Joaquin Phoenix had split a rare interview on the beginnings of their romance in the columns of Vanity Fair. “She is the only woman I have ever contacted on the Internet,” he said, almost candid. We were only friends, the kind who exchange emails. I had never done that. Never contacted a woman on the Internet. ”

A rebellious couple

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix formalize their relationship at the 2017 Cannes Festival. (May 28, 2017.)

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Their meeting in 2013 is, first of all, a missed meeting. At the time, Rooney Mara was in a relationship with director Charlie McDowell (The Discovery) since 2010. Joaquin Phoenix has caused a scandal on the arm of DJ Allie Teilz, 19 years old. The story lasts three months, then radio silence. In 2016, the actor was proclaimed single by the tabloids. Rooney Mara, on the other hand, has not been photographed on the arm of his companion since August. The paths of the two actors (re) cross that year, in Italy, on the set of Marie Madeleine. She plays the main role, incarnates Jesus to her.

It was at this point that the duo fell “madly in love”. If the two actors manage to be discreet, an instant stolen from the balcony of a hotel room in Matera, in November 2016, betrays them somewhat. We see the couple smoking a cigarette and remaking the world. “They worked together on the films Her, Marie Madeleine, and their next project (Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot (2018), by Gus Van Sant, Editor’s note), however, defend the spokespersons of the actors. They have been good friends for a long time. ”

The couple, a bit rebellious, do not facilitate their task. In January 2017, he dried the Golden Globes for the benefit of a stay together “in the desert”, reports Page Six. Only downside, the film Lion, in which Rooney Mara officiates, is in the running … in four categories. The unexpected happens on the evening of the closing of the Cannes Film Festival, May 28, 2017. She shines in her white dress Dior logo, adorned with a Peter Pan collar; charms the Croisette in a black suit and bow tie. In the Lumière Room, when he just received the prize for male interpretation for A Beautiful Day, Joaquin Phoenix fleetingly seizes the hand of his partner, then hugs him tenderly when he leaves the stage.

“In their bubble”

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara arrive at the Joker premiere, by Todd Phillips. (Los Angeles, September 28, 2019.)

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In September 2017, Joaquin Phoenix confides in the columns of the New york times that Rooney Mara has taken up residence at his home in his Hollywood Hills villa. Luckily, both share the same lifestyle. “They don’t like going out,” says an anonymous source. Daily Mail. They mainly like to be both. They are in their own bubble. ” Together, Joaquin and Rooney eat vegan, watch “ten hours of the documentary series The StaircaseAnd take karate lessons.

Without counting the (numerous) nocturnal exchanges: “Rooney said to me the other night,” Do you realize how many great opportunities you had? All these films? “, Says the actor of 44 years in columns of Vanity Fair. I said, “That’s right, I was so lucky,” there were so many movies I thought to myself, “I don’t know if I can have a better experience.” In short, they cultivate their secret garden, and only offer themselves rare public appearances – like August 2, at a dinner in Los Angeles, where they each sported a black and white set.

In video, Tom Hanks very moved on the stage of the Golden Globes

“A disgusting little dragon”

In May 2019, the diamond ring sported by Rooney Mara raises new questions. Would the couple be engaged? During the following summer, certain sources close to the duo confirm the event in the columns ofUs Weekly. Again, the two actors are not making waves. And continue to exchange in coded messages.

September 9, 2019 People’s Choice Award winner at the Toronto Festival, for his role as the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix pins his beauty in public: “One last thing, somewhere here, I don’t know where, is a disgusting little dragon , and I want to rip off its wings and make it a cover and sleep in it forever, he says. I love you. Thank you.”

A strange tribute to the 34-year-old actress and her role as Lisbeth Salander, who has a dragon tattooed on the body. On September 28, 2019, the couple, all dressed in black, pointed at the preview of the Joker by Todd Phillips, in Los Angeles. Arrived hand in hand, Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara exchanged knowing looks and smiles. A rare spotlight on this mysterious romance lived in the shade of the Hill.

* This article originally published on October 7, 2019 has been updated.

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Smokes is trout

Animated picture Emmanuel Pierrot

Jim Harrison must go back to his grave: this year, he could not have teased trout in the rivers of the Morvan, near his friend Gérard Oberlé, writer ogre of knowledge and good things to drink and eat . All of this is the fault of this damn coronavirus that prohibits dipping the wire in water. However, we know a lot of chicks who recognize themselves through the words of Jim Harrison in A good day to die (ed. 10/18, 2003): “I was struck again by the way the fishery helped me to wipe out everything else, at least as long as I was in the river. For a few hours, all the problems – money, sex, alcohol, madness – disappeared in my concentration on the river, the places where the big trout were probably, the clear currents or in the swirls near the grassy shore , or behind the big rocks and pebbles that protruded from the surface of the water, forming pockets of water that always seemed to contain one or two fish. ”

Ass comb

Our old friend Bébert is one of those guys for whom life revolves around three pillars: the factory, the garden, fishing. Turner that he was Bébert. “OHQ” as we said for a highly skilled worker. At the workshop, he was entrusted with the machining of prototypes on his Ernault Somua lathe. You shouldn’t have risked touching his bike, which he burnt like a new penny. He was so proud of it that he didn’t understand anything when the takeover’s combs passed before him without a look or a word. It’s true what, almost forty banks to machine scrap for the same taulier, it deserved at least a bit of chat. He didn’t see anything coming either when the HRD told him that it was not going very much question backlog. It must be said that Bébert is not the kind of guy who gossips at the bistro after work. Him, it is the garden, the fishing which ventilates the mood. So when the big egg spoke “Production outsourcing” in Hungary and China, he simply put his tools in their large rag, emptied his closet in the locker room and then he went home to butter his potatoes. When his wife tumbled into the garden to unpack his chickweed, he simply shrugged, grumbling: “I was told I have enough quarters for retirement.”

Giant of Flanders

Sometimes he misses his turn, the smell of hot metal, the precision of a successful adjustment. But he doesn’t say anything because he always has something to take care of. The garden first: prepare the soil for the end of winter before the spring sowing: transplant, pick, pick, water, and then there is always a blade of grass to pull. You also have to take care of the hens, the rabbits (he is particularly proud of his giant of Flanders, a male), give a helping hand to his wife to hull the beans of the canned goods. Winter, Bébert “Do his wood” as he says in his communal affouage. He cuts, he splits oak, beech, foyard. Logs and quarters of 50 cm (it is precise as in the factory) for the Godin stove which heats a large part of their house. Bébert does everything himself. He never put the words “autarky”, “autonomy” in Scrabble. But the other day, he laughed softly when he heard on TV talking about “transition”, “living and consuming differently”. “I’ve always lived like this, that he thought, and my world will last long enough before I pass the gun to the left. “


And then there is fishing. This year, as usual, Bébert checked his gear in February. You have to see him polishing his rods, disassembling and checking his reels, mounting his lines, classifying his hooks and lures in his drawer box as tidy as that of his wife’s sewing. At dawn on March 14, he was happy as a kid, posted in one of his favorite fishing spots. To tell the truth, he doesn’t care a bit about the fish, especially since the farmed trout that has just been released is a bit like “duck fishing” at funfairs. Bébert especially likes “to take some fresh air” as he says, snack alone with his dog corniaud by scanning the river bed where he hopes to see a real trout, “A savage”. This year, Bébert came back from fishing with a nice … dandelion salad they ate with bacon and a poached egg. When containment landed like smallpox on the low clergy, Bébert sighed that he was “Too old for this kind of bullshit”. But the doctor phoned: with his emphysema (the fault in the scrap metal dust at the factory), he has to stay well sealed so as not to catch the coronavirus. As usual, he shrugged. he “Fuck the coronamachin” and then “Those joggers idiots”, they have the right to run in the countryside. So why shouldn’t he walk his dog along the river?

Big fario

So the other afternoon, after sowing an 18-day radish plank in the garden, he goes to the water’s edge while the boss goes shopping at Super-U. The dog knows the way alone, over there where the river bends under a large willow. This is where it hides “The memory”, thinks Bébert. A big fario that he spotted a handful of times when she came out of his hideout, a huge strain. Bébert admires him. She fucked all the fishermen in the area. He is afraid it will end up in a landing net. He never had the trophy virus. He would just like to feel it undulate between his fingers underwater like when he was fishing by hand, kid. Today, the wave is clear under a hot spring sun. Bébert leans against the stump under which he distinguishes a tapered shadow. It’s for sure, it’s her. So he plunges his arms into the water to try to catch Memère. But it is already far away when Bébert falls with all his weight into the river.

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“You are going to catch death”, she says Bébert’s wife as he dries himself with a rough towel. Once the anger of his mishap is over, he smiles and thinks he’s twelve years old this afternoon. Then he leaves in a huge laugh when he sees in the middle of his wife’s shopping a bag of smoked trout which she is carefully disinfecting with hydroalcoholic gel.

Noirmoutier beanie

Like all fish when smoked, trout love potatoes, especially when they are early, like those grown on the island of Noirmoutier. The star is the bonnotte but there is also the earlier sirtema, the iodea, the lady christ’l. Here is a recipe for “Bonnet apples in goat whipped cream and dill, strips of smoked trout and Siltimur pepper” that you can make with the potatoes available in these confined times.

You need 20 medium-sized underwear for six people; 2 slices of smoked trout cut into strips; 20 cl of very cold liquid cream; ½ fresh goat cheese log; 12 small sprigs of dill; 1 lime cut into quarters; Siltimur pepper or another if you can’t find it (black pepper, Espelette pepper …)

Wash and brush the potatoes then immerse them in a large pot of boiling salted water. Allow 10 minutes for cooking as soon as it boils again. Drain and keep warm. Whip the liquid cream with a mixer. In another bowl, whisk the goat cheese with the rinsed and finely chopped dill and stir in the cream. Whisk again and keep cool.

Arrange the bonnottes on each plate (about three per guest), cutting the top to make the flesh of the potato visible. Using a fluted piping bag or a spoon, arrange your cream.

Add one or two strips of trout, a sprig of dill and a wedge of lime. Give two mill turns with Siltimur pepper and it’s ready.

You can zest your lime in the whipped cream.

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Confined families: “I can no longer play dinner” – Liberation

Confined families: “I can no longer play dinner” Liberation.

Let’s eat life against the Covid-19: speculoos, a Belgian story

It’s a ritual whose lack eats away at us like a sickness: biting into the speculoos that accompanies the little morning coffee on the terrace. Whether it is selling, raining, snowing or the sun is shining, for nothing in the world we would miss this little happiness attached to our favorite harbor. Here we are a bunch of apaches on Jaurès or the Place des Vosges to sniff the morning mood of Paname while sipping a tight espresso, a double, a long with the inevitable cigarette that we roll while listening to the chatterboxes, the grumpy, joyful but also the silence of the silent. The speculoos is the rattle of this furs with each his habits. There are those who fiddle with it before dipping it in arabica; those who chew on it after having swallowed their little black at a stroke and the generous who pass it on to their neighbor as a relational aid.

Biscuiterie Dandoy

We do not know why or how this sweet belgium landed en masse on the saucers of bistro cups dethroning the calva which ignited the barracks juice in the morning. But she has delighted us since one day, there is a lease, we discovered her temple in Brussels. Namely the Dandoy biscuit factory, located near the Grand Place where you get drunk on the sweet and spicy scent of speculoos. In his very precious and very learned “Dictionary of Belgian gastronomy and cuisine” (1), Jean-Baptiste Baronian teaches us that the etymology of the name of this cookie divides amateurs and even pastry chefs and bakers. Some derive it from the Latin word “speculum”, that is to say mirror in reference to the wooden mold whose mirror image is printed on the cookie. The others of the German form “spekulatius” coming from the Latin expression “episcopus speculator” which means “the bishop who spies” or “the bishop who knows everything”, reason for which the speculoos is also sometimes called “speculation” . For the author of this dictionary, “However, it seems more logical to admit that the word comes from the Latin” species “”, spices, especially since this cookie is, in fact, a mixture of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves). We make it by pressing the dough into a hollow wooden mold ”.

To cook up speculoos at home and make it a gourmet activity with kids, we borrowed the recipe from Janine and Jacques Andrieu Delille in their amazing and faithful book “Belgian cuisine, 200 local recipes”. You need 250 g of flour; 175 g brown sugar; a pinch of salt ; a small teaspoon of cinnamon; a small teaspoon of baking soda; 100 g of butter.

Place the flour on a work surface. Make a well in the middle and add the brown sugar, salt, butter, baking soda. Start by working the butter and brown sugar and gradually add the flour. Sprinkle some cool water on it. As soon as a homogeneous paste is obtained, form a ball and leave to rest in the fridge overnight.

Roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Cut out characters according to your imagination or use, if you have wooden shapes. Place them on a buttered or oiled baking sheet, put in a soft oven. Watch the cooking. Take out the speculoos before they are too dark. Let them cool on a wire rack.

(1) “Dictionary of Belgian gastronomy and cuisine” by Jean-Baptiste Baronian (ed. Rouergue, 2019, 28 euros)

(2) “Belgian cuisine, 200 local recipes” by Janine and Jacques Andrieu Delille (ed. de l’Octogone, 2005)

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Cécile Coulon, hussar on the roof

Cécile Coulon is a blonde who pierces the eye as much as the screen. A blonde who shoots the strange. So white that it sometimes turns blue spectrum depending on the light and mood of the girl. If she hadn’t grown up a bit, we would see the kid in the credits of Village of the damned. This angel’s head is haunted, also landed on Earth to put its grain of salt. That explains the precocity that we know about him. Cécile Coulon wrote and published her first novel at the age of 16. Twelve years later, she signs a seventh novel, A beast in paradise, which reaches 70,000 copies in six months. Cécile Coulon has something to disturb. “Yes, I have more ghosts in me than experiences. But if I’m haunted, it’s in the positive sense. I am by the voices, the stories, the landscapes of those who preceded us. I’m leading a herd of ghosts, but they’re not leading me. ” It reassures. “The maturity that I am credited with is due to the fact that I can listen to these voices before and can be silent to write them.” She says that with a small smile, always in the corner. “I smile a lot when I speak, that’s why.” She has two dimples that add to it and carve out a playful face for her, which lights up while she shares her latest find to amuse the gallery of her 16,000 Facebook friends.

The “author” – as she presents herself – has an easy and friendly post as a confinement anti-journal. From his back and forth between his windows and his computer, we can read: “Stop walking your dog, I just saw one more muscular than me!” Or to relay: “I have no chest but right now there are people on the balcony.” She doesn’t have it either. She lives in an apartment on the top floor of a building in Clermont-Ferrand. Without balcony or adjoining garden, but with the possibility of climbing onto the roof. “It is a tiled roof, not at all made for that, but since I have a window that overlooks it, I take advantage of it and it is without risk.” It reassures. “Up there, I find something to breathe, to see somewhere else, I read, it’s nice.” The great outdoors, volcanoes, lakes, biking and running are what he misses most. “But it’s just a big whim when it comes to what cashiers, garbage collectors or hospital staff are going through. I’m so lucky to be here, alone, childless, I mean, without having to take care of anyone other than myself. ” Like her body. Its firm battle silhouette with cravings for “Good wines, good beers and good cheeses”. We learn that “The saint-nectaire freezes very well” in his cooking and containment tips. “I imagine these days people are going back to cooking.” All the more reason to strengthen your daily exercises. It nuances. “I am more worried about the duration of confinement than for my figure. If I do a lot of sport, it’s more to stay in shape and not get out of it completely exhausted and hysterical. ” She practices muscular strengthening exercises without apparatus or dumbbells. One carpet is enough “To prevent the muscles from melting”. She keeps running “Once a week, preferably at night and within a very limited area”.

All around, she knows by heart. This is his land. A full nature “who does not [l’]never scared. “ She never left it. “I never thought about it, even as a teenager!” His baccalaureate in cinema and the khâgne are made in Clermont. “I live in town to be near the train station, for work, but in half an hour I can be at the top of a volcano.” She reassures herself. She assumes this attachment “not fashionable”. She travels little and in France. She doesn’t have a car, favors the train, never the plane “except when [elle est] obligated for work ”. “I have no dreams of distant countries, I am like an animal, like the badger that stays close to its burrow.” Cécile Coulon is not involved anywhere, does not campaign. “Perhaps my commitment is to stay where I am. To feed on it for my fictions, to defend my region, to say how lucky we are to have farms around us, producers who work to sell what we need to take care of ourselves and at lower cost . I campaign by doing my part here to say that the enclave is not an injustice. “

She grew up in Saint-Saturnin, a village at the foot of volcanoes, 25 kilometers from Clermont-Ferrand. She remembers a childhood “heavenly” spent working “Figolu” under the nose of his two big brothers. Her mother, director of the Saint-Nectaire appellation, and her father, an agricultural researcher at INRA, still live in the village. His “job”, as she calls it, to tell stories. She has always read. Fed early on the voices of John Fante, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Bukowski. She discovers Yourcenar and her Flanders, Marie-Hélène Lafon and her Cantal. “Suddenly, I felt less alone. They allowed me to write with my land. “ Cécile Coulon also dares to write and publish poetry. “Not fashionable either, but it is changing. Poetry is particularly deployed on social networks, where it is read and in great demand. ” She has been living from her job since 2013. Since The king is not sleepy, a success “Dizzying” for which she received her first fine copyright check. She is then 23 years old. She buys movies, sneakers, books and a small apartment in Clermont-Ferrand. She goes “eat outside” and reassures: “Since I’m not from Auvergne for nothing, I put the rest aside.”

Cécile Coulon works. The smirk applied, she apologizes for using simple words to say it and gets restless: “Besides the books, nothing happens in my life.” Since it started in a small local publishing house “To the good franquette”, since his revelation with The king is not sleepy at Viviane Hamy’s, she works, infuses, does nothing else. Even on vacation. She takes her manuscript and friends whom she willingly brings to bear. “I spent a studious week with Cécile in her family home in Drôme”, reports Myriam Lépron, a friend who is a university professor. “A week of reading, proofreading, rewriting, walks and swimming.” The author never rejoices for long. “One book is fleeting, and the next one ever played.” His entire body bears the marks. “I often get images of each of my works tattooed to keep track of them.” Whether hoisted or not on her roof, Cécile Coulon contemplates these words which she adores Bernard de Chartres and which she would stick to our skin: “We are dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants.”

June 13, 1990 Birth.

2012 The king is not sleepy.

2017 Three Storm Seasons.

2018 Brambles.

2019 A beast in paradise.

Because of the confinement, the interviews and photos of the last page portrait can be carried out remotely.

Céline Walter Photo Pascal Aimar (Fuzzy trend)


Gobble Up Life Against Covid-19: Guy Savoy’s Lentil Curry

In these times of generalized confinement, we have an old family legend about lentils, peddled from generation to generation. That of a grandfather lost somewhere between the Meuse and the Somme during the First World War. Imagine, survival in the mud and shit of the trenches. Another form of containment. We pulled the bayonet out of the barrel, under the machine gun, to expose ourselves to another kind of deadly virus. In the family story, our furry young grandfather had been stranded for days under a bus storm when a ladle of lentils was thrown into his bowl and he lapped up without paying attention to this ragougnasse. Up to the spoon too much, when a nasty piece of junk was stuck in one of his ratiches, causing him terrible pain that he had to endure for three days and three nights. “We were in the middle of a pipe breaker, he said. Me, it was nothing, my tooth, next to the comrades who had their holes drilled. But if you knew what I tasted … “


One day, he told us that he may have survived this steel storm because he had “The rage that you treat your tooth”. He had kept from this painful episode a holy scare of lentils, which made him say when he was served: “You trilled them well, didn’t you?” Are there more stones or scrap? ”

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Not only is the lentil today, most of the time, well sorted but it is above all a precious vegetable protein and a universal legume in all cuisines of the world. In France alone, there is a slew of varieties to delight all the simmerings: we think of green lentils from Puy, Berry but also the blonde from Saint-Flour and lentil from Champagne.

Multi-star chef

We borrowed its lentil curry from multi-star chef Guy Savoy in his amazing book Gourmet vegetables (1). You need 100 g of carrots; 100 g onions; 200 g lentils; a teaspoon of curry powder; 15 cl of fresh cream; a tomato; a knob of butter; salt and pepper.

Wash the lentils several times in plenty of water and soak them for 45 minutes, then drain them.

Peel onions and carrots and cut them into small dice four millimeters per side. Put these in a frying pan over a low heat with a knob of butter, just long enough to let them return their vegetable water. Then add the lentils and twice their volume of water. Put a lid and cook over low heat 45 minutes. In the meantime, check from time to time that there is enough liquid in the pan so that it does not stick and, if necessary, add a little water.

After 45 minutes of cooking, add 15 cl of fresh cream and a teaspoon of curry powder. The cream will first liquefy, then when the boiling begins, it will start to reduce.

Meanwhile, world a tomato. Start by cutting a cone around the tail with a small pointed knife in order to remove the slightly hard part of the flesh at the same time. To peel the tomato, cut a small cross at the base of the fruit then immerse it for twelve seconds in a saucepan of boiling water, and then fifteen seconds in cold water. The skin then withdraws on its own.

Cut the tomato crosswise and, using the knife, remove the seeds and the pulp to keep only the flesh. Then cut the tomato into small dice.

Pour the lentils into a baking dish. Add the diced tomatoes and place in the oven for three minutes, enough time to heat the tomato.

(1) Gourmet vegetables by Guy Savoy with Guy Langlois (ed. Plon, 1985)

Jacky durand


Let’s eat life against the Covid-19: the calendos party

Do you have time? That’s good, we suggest you make a small monument for the taste buds and eyes. Because cooking is also a game of construction, cabinetmaking, sculpture, in short a whole manual art that arouses curiosity, taste. It is true that the visual has taken a preponderant place for a long time in the gastronomy today instagram to excess. To the point that, sometimes, the dishes that we are about to taste in the restaurant are prettier than good. But the fact remains that at the start of a culinary creation, there is often a sketch scribbled by a chef to explain to his brigade the arrangement of the ingredients.

At home, we are not necessarily the Botticelli of the strawberry charlotte or the Fragonard of the mille-feuille. But let’s face it, we’re happy when our apple pie or our pie shimmers the eyes of the guests. It’s because we’ve done everything to match the apple rings and make the pâté stuffing a mosaic of colors, tastes and textures.

Camembert apple mille-feuille

Today, you are offered to “play” with two major ingredients, a camembert and apples which should not be very difficult to find even in these times of confinement. This recipe comes from a clever and enticing book, My 100 cheese recipes by Jean-Charles Karmann (1), who explains: “The great enthusiasts who believe that cheeses cannot be tasted other than life on bread may be surprised; let them be reassured: never in the recipes that I offer you the unique taste of this traditional product is altered. On the contrary, the combinations of flavors offered always highlight it. ”

For its “apple camembert mille-feuille”, you need: a very firm camembert; 2 golden apples; 40 g walnut kernels; 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs; 2 tablespoons calvados; 50 g of semi-salted butter; 1 tablespoon caster sugar.

The apple camembert mille-feuille will be even better if you let it ripen for about ten hours. Remove the Camembert from its box and reserve it. Without removing its crust, cut the camembert into three equal discs in the thickness direction. Reserve them on a plate. Peel an apple, seed it and cut it into slices about ½ cm thick. Book.

Melt 40 g of butter in a pan over low heat. Sprinkle with sugar, then add the apple slices. When they are nicely browned, flambé them with calvados until they are extinct, and let cool. Reconstitute the camembert by placing the apple slices between each disc of camembert.

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Put the camembert in its original box and let it ripen all day (around ten hours) at room temperature, turning it from time to time so that the cooking juices from the apple flow well into the dough of the camembert .

Mix the walnuts very finely with the breadcrumbs. Using a paintbrush, brush the camembert crust with the rest of the melted butter and coat each side with the nut crumbs.

Make apple crisps. Preheat your oven to 70 degrees. Finely chop the remaining apple without peeling or removing the seeds. Line the baking sheet with lightly buttered aluminum foil. Put the apple slices on it and let them cook for about two hours. You can also spend eight minutes in the microwave at low power. Serve the mille-feuille on a platter with the cooled apple chips.

You can accompany this mille-feuille with a thin slice of green cabbage and green apple or a curly bacon.

(1) My 100 cheese recipes, by Jean-Charles Karmann (ed. Minerva, 2005, 32 euros)

Jacky durand


Let’s eat life against the Covid-19: Nordine Labiadh’s strawberries make spring

Happy who like the cook always makes us travel. On the moleskin bench of a chic brasserie as on the wobbly chair of a boui-boui, bectance ignores borders. Obviously in these times of confinement, you will tell me macache, nada, impossible to go bang the bell in our favorite canteen. All the more reason to connect to the Planet + channel on Sunday March 29 at 9:55 p.m. where we will find cook Nordine Labiadh as part of the documentary series. Planet Chefs (1). From Paris to Zarzis in Tunisia, the director Stéphane Carrel set out for a month in the footsteps of the chef of the restaurant A mi-chemin, in Paris, to recount his journey as singular as it is moving.

Taste passer

Who better than Nordine Labiadh can take us to the end of our dreams of adventurous taste buds with his “cuttlefish chorba”, his “simmered milk-fed veal dumplings, fine dill semolina”, his “rice with coconut milk cardamom, served lukewarm “? We will never stop repeating it, Nordine Labiadh is a ferryman of tastes and flavors between his native Tunisia and France where he landed one winter evening in 1999. He first learned the canons of French gastronomy, the dishes of these regions which made him dream of France when he was a child, he followed the Tour de France from Zarzis, a port city in the south-east of Tunisia.

Beef bourguignon

In the kitchen, it took this humble and generous man time to free himself from what he thought was a one-way trip to France and its tricolor cuisine. It also took all the love of his wife Virginie, a Breton expert in natural wines, to convince him that he was going to overcome the tension between bourguignon and couscous and revisit all these dishes by putting his own creativity and sensitivity of the child who contemplated his mother washing the spices in a palm sieve. He could have contented himself with hanging up the wagons between France and Tunisia by jiggling a bit of both in the ambient air of the fusion kitchen. But he did much more than this shortcut, he invented his own score according to the seasons, his meetings. Take his mayonnaise eggs. There is no more French bistro than this entry. Nordine Labiadh revisits them by flavoring mayonnaise with ras-el-hanout, a blend of sunny spices from across the Mediterranean. And he grates a little poutargue over it, these dried mullet eggs prepared by a Corsican fishing friend, an island of which Nordine and Virginie have become true ambassadors. We come to their restaurant, without guide or compass, motionless traveler but nourished by all the dreams of an extraordinary magician cook. In Stéphane Carrel’s documentary, he finds an old fisherman in the port of Zarzis whom he knows well and who says to him: “The fish always leave and come back.”


For Release, he concocted a dessert around the strawberry, simple and tasty: you need two trays of gariguette strawberries; 500g of cottage cheese; a grapefruit ; a tablespoon of brown sugar. Wash and dry the strawberries and grapefruit thoroughly. Hull the strawberries and marinate them for five minutes in the squeezed grapefruit juice. Place the fromage blanc in the center of a large plate. Sprinkle with a little grated grapefruit skin. Surround it with strawberries and their juice on which you will have sprinkled the brown sugar.

(1) Planet Master on Planète +, a documentary series by Stéphane Carrel. Sunday March 29, 8:55 p.m .: first part, chef Beatriz Gonzalez; 9:55 p.m., second part Nordine Labiadh.

Replay on April 3 at 11:05 a.m., on 4 at 11:25 a.m. and on 9 at 10:35 a.m.

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This is how you should cook vegetables to enhance their antioxidants and minimize the loss of vitamins



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Eating more vegetables saves lives. The WHO recommends consuming more than 400 grams of fruits and vegetables a day (and no, potatoes and other starchy tubers do not count) to improve overall health and reduce the risk of certain diseases non-communicable such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes or obesity. An estimated 3.9 million deaths in 2017 were due to improper consumption of these foods.

Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamines and minerals, fiber food and beneficial non-nutrient substances such as phytosterols, flavonoids and other antioxidants. To comply with the WHO recommendations, it would be enough to include in our daily diet five servings: three fruit and two vegetables.

The best fruits «whole, fresh, seasonal and seasonal», Recommends Ana Márquez Guerrero, dietitian-nutritionist at Nutrisana Education. In the case of vegetables, they are recommended to be eaten raw “in those cases where their sensory qualities allow it,” says María Concepción Cid Canda, professor of Nutrition and Food Science and professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Navarra (UNAV). And is that some nutrients from vegetables can disappear with cooking. «Vitamins C, E, B1, B6 and folic acid are easily destroyed by high temperatures», Explains Dr. Ana Zugasti, member of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (Seen). But heat is not always bad. In addition to making some vegetables more palatable, it can be an opportunity to enhance the bioavailability of other nutrients, such as some antioxidant compounds.

Tomato sauce

A clear example is one of our most typical sauces: tomato sauce. A group of researchers from the Center for Biomedical Research in Red-Pathophysiology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBEROBN) and the University of Barcelona demonstrated how the different ingredients (tomato, olive oil, garlic and onion) of this traditional recipe interact and its effects on the production of lycopene, a vegetable pigment (carotene) responsible for the red color of tomatoes, with antioxidant capacity and which is enhanced when cooked.

The study, published in the magazine «Food Research International», concluded that preparing the sauce in a restful way, with a cooking time close to one hour, and adding onion, is related to a higher production of 5-Z-lycopene, 9- Z-lycopene and 13-Z-lycopene, beneficial for their antioxidant capacity and to which a protective effect is attributed against cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Also in relation to the polyphenolic compounds (antioxidant substances) of vegetables «it has been verified that the treatments of cooking in water or microwave they can promote their bioavailability and / or bioavailability, and consequently facilitate their potential absorption and subsequent bioactivity, “explains Professor Concepción Cid Canda. An example is asparagus, whose phenolic compounds increase with cooking; or carotenes in the case of carrots and pumpkins, says Ana Márquez Guerrero.

In general, when we cook vegetables, we must discard treatments such as frying, roasting or grilling because “they are the ones that cause the greatest loss of nutrients due to the high temperatures reached”, warns the Professor of Nutrition and Food Science at UNAV, who recommends cooking in water, using microwaves or cooking under vacuum (sous vide) to preserve its nutritional value. It is also advisable to “peel and cut the food shortly before preparing it, use short soaking times, wait for the water to boil to submerge the food, add a splash of vinegar or lemon to the cooking water, cook al dente and cool as soon as possible possible and take advantage of cooking water for other dishes, “says Dr. Zugasti.

Ana Márquez highlights the steamed or sauteed al dente as a culinary preparation to preserve nutrients. In the specific case of onion, garlic and broccoli, it is recommended to consume it raw whenever possible. «The sulfides of the first two decrease when cooked, although they do not disappear completely. Regarding broccoli, its high crude sulfur content is known, a phytonutrient studied for its protective effect against cancer ».


Gobble Up Life Against Covid-19: Bistrot d’Abel’s Pickled Chicken

Unemployed technically. A week ago, the sounds of pots and pans in the kitchens gave way, for an indefinite period, to silence. Many restaurants were using social media to sell their perishable supplies to neighbors in the neighborhood on Monday. Since then, chefs, caterers, pastry chefs … have continued to share their passion for good food in a different way: some people post recipes that can be made at home online, others have wine delivered to them, taste it and talk about it in their stories on Instagram, others are still filming in the process of simmering and giving live advice, in a master class way from their personal kitchen. In short, if the doors of establishments are closed for now (at least those who do not deliver at home), the craftsmen who delight us are still there. And, paradoxically, almost closer than normal to those they feed.

Thursday, Bastien Depietri, the head of Bistrot d’Abel (1), a cork located on the Lyon peninsula, proposed on Instagram his chicken vinegar recipe. It is done in two stages and is therefore well suited for weekends. On Saturday, cut a raw farm chicken and marinate it in 15 cl of red vinegar, 15 cl of white wine, 3 tablespoons of tomato puree and 3 tablespoons of Dijon mustard. Sunday, drain the chicken and brown the pieces in a spoon of oil (with salt and pepper) to give it a nice color. Degrease and add the aromatic garnish (two chopped onions, 4 cloves of garlic, two sprigs of thyme, and add the marinade). Moisten with chicken broth and cook over low heat 45 minutes. Check the cooking, remove the pieces. Reduce the juice, adjust the seasoning. Serve with rice and if desired, chopped tarragon. The recipe is given for four people.

(1) 47-49 rue de la Bourse, Lyon. Instagram: @bistrotdabel

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