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Jusuf Kalla’s Media Team

Jusuf Kalla when meeting Pope Franciscus

Gridhot.ID – Jusuf Kalla was on a visit recently.

His visit even ended with meeting important when he was on Vatican.

Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla reportedly rolled out meeting with Pope Francis on Friday (23/10/2020) at Vatican.

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During the meeting, Kalla together with the Jury of the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity and the Pope discussed the meaning of brotherhood for others which will be used as a foothold in selecting nominees.

The plan is for the nominees for the Zayed Award for Hukan Fraternity to be announced in February 2021 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“The discussion gave a philosophical meaning rather than fraternity, human fraternity. Brotherhood. Because this is very important in today’s world where the world is experiencing a crisis. Of course we must be objective in giving consideration,” Kalla said in a written statement, Friday (23/10/2020).

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“The jury received input from the pope and the pope gave steps that were part of the humanitarian problem,” continued Kalla.

For 70 minutes, Kalla and four members of the jury, representatives of the Vatican and representatives of the UN Secretariat General had a dialogue with Pope Francis in the Pope’s private library at the Vatican.

Kalla also expressed his appreciation to the Pope for working with the Sheikh of Al Azhar University in Cairo to raise a very important global agenda, namely human brotherhood.

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Kalla also conveyed warm greetings to the Indonesian people and the President of the Republic of Indonesia to the Pope.

The Zayed Award for Human Fraternity was initiated from the agreement between Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed At-Tayyeb, who signed the historic document, the Abu Dhabi Declaration, during the Human Fraternity Meeting in the United Arab Emirates, in February 2019.

The declaration, called the Document on the Brotherhood of Humans for World Peace and Coexistence, seeks to promote stronger relations between human beings.

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Apart from that, it also promotes the coexistence of religious communities to fight extremism and its negative effects.

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The Covid-19 pandemic must not obscure the fight against mosquitoes

Since the start of 2020, more than one million cases of dengue fever and around 400 deaths have been reported in Brazil. A sad record also for the Indian Ocean, with significant dengue epidemics in Mayotte and Reunion (more than 30,000 cases since 2017), and for the French Caribbean islands (15,000 cases since the end of 2019). While the attention of health actors and populations is monopolized by the pandemic, vector-borne diseases, i.e. transmitted by vector arthropods, such as mosquitoes or ticks, continue to spread, while that vector control is slowing down. For dengue, and while the first symptoms are similar to those of Covid-19, this situation risks delaying the diagnosis and specific care of patients.

Dengue surveillance and anti-vector actions slowed down

Containment measures around the globe have resulted in underreporting of dengue cases in many regions. In the French overseas territories, declarations fell drastically from the first weeks of confinement, even though a marked increase in cases had been recorded in the previous weeks. These under-declarations negatively impacted the epidemiological monitoring of dengue fever in these territories.

In addition, it is also the fight against vector, or against mosquitoes, which has seen its activities affected by the pandemic.

« Many mosquito control actions in private homes could not take place during confinement in March-April.
, explains Thierry Baldet, medical entomologist at CIRAD and co-author of the article. As a result, there was not sufficient regulation of mosquito populations during this period.
»In this context of double epidemic (dengue and Covid-19) in the French overseas territories and the vector risk which increases in summer in temperate climates (an indigenous transmission of dengue was observed this summer in the Hérault) , ANSES mobilized a group of experts (whose work is

online), which Thierry Baldet chaired.

Scientists are calling for better awareness campaigns among the general public, especially on social networks. The aim is to strengthen social mobilization against dengue fever and improve practices, in order to prevent any risk of transmission of Covid-19 as part of vector control actions. These measures have been put into practice in the French overseas territories and should be useful to other regions of the world affected by dengue.

Dengue and Covid-19: a dangerous coexistence

In addition to the health, economic and social impacts that dengue epidemics can cause, it appears that the first symptoms of dengue are very similar to those of Covid-19. Misdiagnosis, false positives or poor management, the health consequences for countries where the two diseases are developing at the same time can be major.

If mobilization against Covid-19 is necessary, the authors of the article thus remind us that we must not forget the fight against dengue and other arbovirus diseases and transmitted by mosquitoes. Aedes
(Zika, chikungunya, yellow fever,…).

Innovative approaches in the fight against mosquitoes

CIRAD, through its work on animal and zoonotic vector diseases, has acquired solid expertise in the fight against vector arthropods, as well as in modeling. Thanks to this knowledge, Cirad teams are able to develop innovative solutions in the fight against urban mosquitoes. Aedes
(E. albopictus
and Ae. aegypti
), vectors of dengue, Zika virus, or even chikungunya. Among these approaches, let us note two of them: modeling the densities of mosquito populations and the reinforced sterile insect technique.

In Reunion Island, CIRAD scientists are offering the Regional Health Agency (ARS) software for predicting mosquito population densities Aedes
. The software, called AlboRun, creates maps of the island that display areas where mosquito densities are estimated to be high. This allows control agents to target their mosquito control actions more effectively.

The sterile insect technique consists in releasing sterile male mosquitoes in the wild, which will compete with fertile male mosquitoes for fertilization of the eggs. At CIRAD, researchers are working to improve this technique by using a specific biocide impacting only female eggs. It is estimated that this “boost” could reduce the total number of sterile male mosquitoes needed to control dengue epidemics by more than 95%. Such a step forward would mean a drastic drop in the cost of vector control.


Marie-Marie Olive, Thierry Baldet, James Devillers, Johanna Fite, Marie-Claire Paty, Christophe Paupy, Philippe Quénel, Elsa Quillery, Jocelyn Raude, Jean-Paul Stahl, Marie Thiann-Bo-Morel, David Roiz. 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic should not jeopardise dengue control. Plos NTD


Unexpected: Kubelková got together with Pavlíček!

Iva first realized in the world of modeling, she became the first vice-miss (1996), she took photos, then she also threw herself into acting and moderation. And at the age of forty, she decided to return to playing the piano. She took singing lessons and found that this was her new path. She started singing with a jazz band, she appeared in the musical Trhák. “And then I thought – I could sing my things, something more personal. It occurred to me to make a record, “she revealed.

Ivo, why did you address it? Michal Pavlíček?

IVA: “He was the first to attack me! I knew his stuff, and even though I was never a direct supporter of the Prague selection, I liked his other positions. Whether in the musical Excalibur or in the band Stromboli. He has a wide musical scope and in everything he does, he has depth and dimension, he is a master of the atmosphere. That’s exactly what I wanted. So I sat down and brazenly wrote him an e-mail. “

Iva Kubelková: I have to wear glasses, my age gets diopters

How did he react to it?

IVA: “He wrote me that he would slowly think about it, that he didn’t completely reject it. And he didn’t call for half a year! “

MICHAL: “I admit I was surprised because I had no idea Iva was singing. We didn’t know each other personally, just from the screen. I once wrote music for the series The Way Home, where she worked as a doctor. I knew her as an actress, I knew she was in Miss, that she was moderating. On the one hand, it pleased me, on the other hand, I didn’t know what I was getting into as he sang. “

You have collaborated with a number of famous singers. What was different about Iva?

MICHAL: “I have a story. When Iva first came to my recording studio, I put two flowers there to make her feel good, which I have never done before. “

IVA: “You didn’t tell me! (laughs) That’s the greatest honor for me! After all the singers he recorded with, I was the one he put flowers in the studio. “

MICHAL: “I knew Iva was used to the glare of the spotlights, so I bought more bright flowers to make her feel good, not alone, and she smelled.”

IVA: “You can see that he can do it with women!” (Laughs)

Michal Pavlíček

Guitarist, composer, producer. He writes rock ballads, but also symphonic music, he has composed music for series, theater productions and musicals. His name is mainly associated with the Prague selection, Stromboli and BSP. He has released over seventy records and DVDs, and won the Angel for his life’s work. He has about twenty guitars at home and is referred to as a guitar magician or wizard.

The rest of the article can be found in the printed version of Aha!

Iva Kubelková’s daughter admitted what she spent all her money on shows


AUTOSAN: Historic bus contract for Warsaw! | portal | Sanok Television – News – Announcements

SANOK / PODKARPACIE. Tuesday, September 8 this year is a special day in the long history of the AUTOSAN factory. The Presidents of the Management Boards of AUTOSAN Companies and the Warsaw Municipal Buses Works signed a contract for the supply to Warsaw of 90 AUTOSAN SANCITY 18LF LNG articulated buses powered by liquefied natural gas LNG.

The signed contract is unique for AUTOSAN sp. Z oo for several reasons:

• firstly, it is the first such large contract for AUTOSAN buses in many years;
• second, it is the first contract for the supply of Sanok buses for Warsaw public transport;
• third, it is the first contract for AUTOSAN articulated buses;
• fourthly, it is the first contract for LNG-powered buses from Sanok.

Additionally, as a curiosity, one can mention the fact that one of the first large deliveries in the post-war history of the factory was also carried out for the needs of Warsaw public transport. It was the delivery of 15 trams manufactured in Sanok for the opening of the WZ route in 1949.

SANCITY 18LF LNG intended for Warsaw will be manufactured on the basis of a license of SOLBUS buses, which have been used for several years in Warsaw public transport. They will be equipped with CUMMINS engines and automatic ZF transmissions. The picking of buses will be in accordance with all the requirements of the Ordering Party, the installed devices will ensure comfort and safety for passengers. In accordance with the provisions of the contract, the deliveries of all vehicles will be completed by August 19, 2022.

We would like to thank Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe in Warsaw for their trust and congratulations on making a good choice! – we read in a release published by Autosan.

source: Autosan

photo header: archiwum / Autosan