Khusnullin promised to pass the route Europe – Western China for 4 years :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov / Global Look Press

The construction of the international route Europe – Western China is planned to be completed ahead of schedule by four years, the acceleration of work will not lead to the cost of the project. This is stated in the message of the apparatus of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, received by RBC.

“Recently, we circled the entire route of this road. The greatest difficulties, contrary to expectations, will be associated with the relocation of engineering networks. So far, the project provides for about 870 intersections with network lines, ”said Khusnullin.

Khusnullin announced plans to accelerate the construction of the Moscow-Kazan highway

Marat Khusnullin

Initially, the route from the Russian side was supposed to pass through the territories of the republics of Tatarstan, Bashkiria and the Orenburg region. In July 2016, the government commission changed plans and laid the route through the Samara-Togliatti agglomeration.

In the fall of 2019, the government singled out individual stages of the construction of the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan highway. The final deadline for the entire section of the route was called 2027.


The prosecutor’s office will check the “sausage king” of Tönnis due to the outbreak of COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

About 1.5 thousand people were infected with coronavirus in a meat processing plant owned by Tonnis. After that, the plant was closed. Bloomberg calls it Germany’s largest local COVID-19 outbreak

Klemens Tennis

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German politicians and the prosecutor’s office began testing against Clemens Tönnis after 1.5 thousand people became infected with coronavirus at his meat processing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (federal state North Westafalia in Germany), reports Bloomberg. The publication WirtschaftsWoche back in 2015 due to the type of activity of Tönnis gave him the nickname “sausage king”.

The agency notes that the majority of cases of COVID-19 are workers from Eastern Europe. After information was received about infected people, the authorities decided to close the plant. Bloomberg calls the situation at the Tonnis facility the largest local outbreak of coronavirus infection in Germany.

The publication also reported that after the outbreak of infection at the plant in German political circles, they discussed the possibility of accelerating legislative changes that improve working conditions and the level of hygiene in enterprises. Some politicians are also considering asking Tennis to take on some of the costs that the country incurs due to the pandemic.

WHO warned of a new wave of coronavirus incidence in Europe

Photo: Yara Nardi / Reuters

Der Spiegel talked to one of the factory workers named George. According to him, in the past few weeks, a device for measuring temperature has been installed at the entrance to the enterprise. However, measures to identify cases were taken too late, the man said. In addition, George said that there was no person at the entrance who would service the device, so the workers “just ran past.”


Merkel said the desire to cooperate with Russia :: Policy :: RBC

Germany needs to establish a constructive dialogue with Russia, including because of the influence which Moscow has in Syria and Libya. About that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview with several European Newspapers, reports The Guardian.

“There are good reasons to continue a constructive dialogue with Russia. In countries such as Syria and Libya, the States that are in the vicinity of Europe, the strategic influence of Russia is huge. So I will continue to seek cooperation,” said Merkel.

Merkel said about the need to think about a world without US leadership

So the Chancellor has answered the question of how Germany treats coming from Russian threats in Eastern Europe. Merkel also said that “hybrid warfare and methods of destabilization are the model of Russia’s behavior.”

Earlier, the heads of member States of the EU agreed to extend economic sanctions against Russia by six months. According to the head of the European Council of Charles Michel, the restrictions will be in effect until the end of January 2021. He stated after the online summit, where the leaders of France and Germany informed the other heads of the EU, in relation to the Minsk agreements was not sufficient progress is being made.


Putin said about Russia’s openness to the General system of world security :: Policy :: RBC

Only together can Nations protect the world from dangerous threats, Putin said. In the beginning of the year he proposed to convene a summit of the “nuclear five” and also noted that Russia is ready to negotiate with the US on arms control

Vladimir Putin

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Russia is open to dialogue on the establishment of a common security system in the world, said President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the Victory parade. The broadcast led to RBC.

“We know the face of the challenges facing the planet today, has a special feel which is the greatest value — people. His dreams, joy, hope, peace, calm, productive life. Understand the importance of strengthening friendship and trust between peoples, and open to dialogue and cooperation on the most topical issues of the international agenda. Among them, the establishment of a common reliable system of security which is needed by a complex, rapidly changing modern world. Only together can we protect him from dangerous new threats,” Putin said.

According to Putin, the world stability is threatened, in particular due to the crumbling of the system of arms control. He spoke about it back in February, noting that security in the world largely depends on the state of relations between Russia and the United States.

Putin said about the approach of the world to a “dangerous line”

Vladimir Putin


Putin spoke by telephone with President of Serbia Survived :: Policy :: RBC

Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic


Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by telephone with President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, said on the Kremlin website. The conversation took place at the initiative of the Serbian side.

The presidents discussed perspectives of strengthening of interstate cooperation, including a phased lifting of restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus.

The heads of state also gave a “positive assessment” to the high level of Russian-Serbian strategic partnership. During the meeting, Vucic confirmed his participation in the Victory parade in Moscow, which will be held June 24.

In addition, Vucic and Putin discussed the problem of the Kosovo settlement. Putin spoke in favor of the acceptable to Belgrade a compromise which must be approved by the UN security Council, said on the Kremlin website.

Putin and Vucic has discussed the fight against coronavirus

Aleksandar Vucic


The United States announced Russia’s surveillance of Trump under the Open Skies Treaty :: Politics :: RBC

As part of the Open Skies Treaty, which allows participating countries to observe flights in each other’s territories, Russia has followed U.S. President Donald Trump, said his adviser Robert O’Brien

Robert O’Brien

(Photo: Ron Sachs / CNP / AdMedia / Global Look Press)

Russia during flights over the United States, carried out under the Open Skies Treaty, monitored the whereabouts of US President Donald Trump, said his national security adviser Robert O’Brien on Fox News.

“They flew over the White House, they flew over civilian infrastructure, they tracked where the president might be: [резиденция] Camp David or Bedminster (the city where Trump Golf Club is located. – RBC) So they used the contract inappropriately, ”O’Brien said.

On the eve of May 21, Trump announced that the United States is withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty. According to him, Russia violated the agreement, under which its participants had the right to conduct observation flights over each other’s territories. “Therefore, until they stick, we will leave. But there is a very good chance that we can reach a new agreement or do something together to get back to that, ”Trump said.

According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Russia has turned the treaty “into an instrument of intimidation and threats,” while it itself has “grossly and constantly violated it for years.” He recalled that Russia did not give permission to conduct observation flights along the border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and also limited them over Kaliningrad.

Trump announces US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty

Donald Trump


a platform for cooperation between companies


Grenoble CCI

The CCI of Grenoble, like other CCIs, offers a mutual aid exchange, which puts companies in touch to cooperate and preserve their economic activity.

Specially designed for the crisis period linked to the COVID-19 coronavirus, this mutual aid exchange identifies the needs and offers of local businesses.

As part of its mutual aid grant, the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry presents the requests and offers of companies from South Isre likely to make a contribution from other companies on all subjects: raw material, under -treatment, supplier, logistics, transport, maintenance, IT, service, product, staff
A descriptive sheet allows companies to send the necessary information to the Mutual Aid Exchange platform. These are the sole responsibility of the company.
The requests and offers put online must concern the district of the CCI of Grenoble, namely the South of Isre.
The mutual aid exchange opened by the CCI of Grenoble has for only ambition to allow companies to make known their needs and to find contacts likely to bring them a help in the realization of this request. It does not intervene in any way in the conclusion of relations between companies, and disclaims all responsibility for the outcome or not of the present request.
Companies can submit their request or offer directly online.

More info on:–54190.kjsp?RH=CCIG



Todorenko made a film about domestic violence after a scandalous statement :: Society :: RBC

TV presenter Regina Todorenko made a film devoted to the problem of domestic violence in Russia after her scandalous statement about women who faced this problem. A film entitled “What have I done to help?” published on the YouTube host channel.

In her Instagram, Todorenko said that on the eve of filming a film on domestic violence, she discussed this topic with experts, psychologists, lawyers, and organizers of charitable foundations. The presenter said that the film will help get rid of prejudice on this topic. It also talks about what to do if you have to face domestic violence in your life.

“Perhaps one day it was worth losing the titles, contracts, the trust of the audience in order to hear hundreds of thousands of votes in need of help. If you watch this film, then everything was not in vain, ”Todorenko said.

In an interview with PeopleTalk, Todorenko made a statement in April that women themselves are responsible for becoming victims of domestic violence. She noted that women should think about the cause of violence by her husband. The phrase uttered by Todorenko “What did you do so that he would not beat you?” caused a negative reaction in society, for which the TV presenter was criticized.

Glamor Magazine stripped the TV presenter of her Woman of the Year title. In addition, PepsiCo decided to stop the media company with the participation of a TV presenter, where she advertised J7 juice for the company. Subsequently, the advertisement was removed from the air, and on social networks they changed the design. Pampers brand owned by Procter & Gamble also refused to cooperate with Todorenko. Pampers noted that P&G and all brands of the company oppose any manifestations of violence.

Subsequently, Todorenko apologized for the “incorrect language” and said that she was opposed to domestic violence.


Peskov called the condition of peace in the Donbass :: Politics :: RBC

The agreements include 13 points, including a ceasefire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the introduction of the special status of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and constitutional reform in Ukraine.

Earlier in April, RBC wrote that on April 30, the Norman Four Foreign Ministers plan to hold talks to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. They should be held in a video conference format. Sources said Germany took the initiative.

According to them, Moscow plans to focus on discussing the implementation of the Paris communiqué adopted in December 2019. It includes provisions on the priority of the Minsk agreements as the main format of work, the exchange of prisoners, the separation of forces and the introduction of the “Steinmeier formula” in the legislation of Ukraine. The formula determines the mechanism of self-government in certain regions of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, as well as about elections.

On April 29, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed its participation in the negotiations in video format.


Cartabia: ‘We need cooperation to face the emergency’ – Politics

“The full implementation of the Constitution requires a choral commitment, with the active, loyal collaboration of all the Institutions, including Parliament, Government, Regions, Judges. This cooperation is also the key to tackling the emergency. It is one of the steps of the report of the president Marta Cartabia on the activity of the Constitutional Court in 2019, where you can read the main trends of constitutional jurisprudence.

“The Constitution, in fact, explains Cartabia- does not contemplate a special right for exceptional times, and this for a conscious choice, but also offers the compass for” sailing on the open sea “in times of crisis, starting with the fair collaboration between institutions, which is the institutional projection of solidarity among citizens “.

The report – explains a note from the Court – starts from the health emergency, which forced the Court to postpone the traditional extraordinary meeting, with the subsequent press conference, to illustrate the activity of the previous year.

“To pursue the convict’s rehabilitative purposes, without neglecting, at the same time, the needs of the security of the community, but calibrating each decision on the path of each prisoner, in light of all the concrete circumstances”. It is the path that the president indicates to the surveillance judiciary. Particularly significant words now that these judges are at the center of controversy over the release of mafia bosses.

Pending the recovery of the usual meeting with journalists by the month of July, or even earlier, the Constitutional Court intends to use all its multimedia channels to make known, in a transparent, complete and accessible way to interested citizens, the statistics and reports that document the activity carried out in 2019.