Silke Kreiling, Alexander Werle: Complicity as a new collaboration

Complicity Complicity works on a different level than traditional forms of cooperation. It manages distrust instead of building trust, accepts friction instead of forcing consensus, produces results without presupposing a consensus of goals or values. (Photo: Austin Distel on Unsplash) Luisa Neubauer on the innovation advisory board of Daimler? Why not? In order to solve […]

Sweden is part of the ECB system for lightning-fast money transfers

Swedish Riksbank From next month, Sweden will be participating in the ECB technology “TIPS”. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Sweden will participate in the European Central Bank’s (ECB) new settlement system for lightning-fast payments. From May, electronic transfers in Swedish krona could also be processed in real time via the system, the ECB and the Swedish Riksbank […]

Some criminals who faced deportation to Illinois communities: Sheriffs – NBC Chicago

The Illinois Sheriffs Association said Tuesday that some violent criminals who had to deport are instead released into local communities after their prison terms end following a policy change by the government administration J. Pritzker. Sheriff Mike Downey of Kankakee County and Tony Childress of Livingston County, representing the state police group, told Capitol reporters […]