XXX Dragons, a Corona Virus Hunting Game Made by the Nation’s Children, Jakarta – Of gim named XXX Dragons you are challenged to pursue corona virus and even devoured it.

This game by Indonesians is similar to or Worms Zone, where the main objective is to become the dragon with the longest size.

The difference is, here the dragon used can release fire to kill its enemy, and what is eaten is the corona virus.

Do not imagine corona virus in this game is scary, because in this game the corona virus is made with funny faces complete with adorable animations.

Ari Sudradjat, CEO of developer XXX Dragons admitted to making this game to entertain Indonesians in the midst of a pandemic. He hopes that this game can help people who are affected by the corona virus to relax more.

“Maybe by looking inside gim This corona virus is funny and those of us who are chasing the virus can slightly reduce the burden on the mind, so that the hope is that the immune system will increase and accelerate healing, “said Ari through his statement, Saturday (8/8/2020).

The game is easy to play, the goal of the game is to become the biggest dragon. When the dragon eats corona virus and other viruses, the dragon will get longer.


When WHO Warns of the Danger of “Vaccine Nationalism” … Page all – World Health Organization ( WHO) has warned the world about “vaccine nationalism”.

The warning is addressed to rich countries that if they keep the care to themselves, they cannot hope to stay safe if poor countries remain exposed.

Reported The Guardian (7/8/2020), when cases of Covid-19 infection surpassed 19 million on Friday (7/8/2020), WHO Head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it would be in the interests of rich countries to help each country protect itself from the disease .

“Vaccine nationalism is not good, it will not help us,” Tedros told the Aspen Security Forum in the US, via video link from WHO headquarters in Geneva.

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“In order for the world to recover more quickly, it must recover together, because this is a globalized world where economies are intertwined with one another. Some parts of the world or some countries cannot be safe and recovering shelters,” he continued.

According to him, the damage caused by Covid-19 could be reduced if the countries that had the funds were committed to this.

Meanwhile, several countries are racing to find a vaccine for corona virus, where the disease has killed more than 700,000 people worldwide.

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Predict the future

REUTERS/TOM BRENNER White shoes are displayed during a demonstration by Registered Nurses and the National Nursing Union (NNU) to commemorate their colleagues who died due to Covid-19 at the Capitol Building, Washington DC, United States (US) on July 21, 2020.

A study in the United States said 300,000 people in America could die in December if major city leaders failed to promote further measures such as wearing masks.

Additionally, a team at the University of Washington said 70,000 lives could have been saved if more people wore masks during the pandemic.

“We see rollercoaster in the us. It seems that people wear masks and stay socially distant more often as infections increase, then after a while when infections decrease, people become complacent, “said Director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), Dr Christopher JL Murray.

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So far, more than 159,000 people have reportedly died in the US from Covid-19, but new daily cases have decreased in recent weeks.

IHME said infections fell in former epicenter such as Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, although there were increases in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Virginia.

Not only that, more than 1 million Africans have been infected with millions of viruses that continue to spread across the continent.

In South Africa, reported infections have exceeded 529,000 cases.

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Highest number of deaths

In this May 20, 2020 file photo, people affected by the coronavirus economic downturn receive a food package in Pretoria, South Africa.  The government's response to Covid-19 South Africa has been tainted by allegations of corruption surrounding the historic US $ 26 billion economic aid package, as the country with the fifth largest number of Covid-19 cases in the world.AP Photo / Themba Hadebe / File In this May 20, 2020 file photo, people affected by the coronavirus economic downturn receive a food package in Pretoria, South Africa. The government’s response to Covid-19 South Africa has been tainted by allegations of corruption surrounding the historic US $ 26 billion economic aid package, as the country with the fifth largest number of Covid-19 cases in the world.

This figure represents 53 percent of all infection cases in the African continent and the fifth highest in the world.

In addition, South Africa has the continent’s highest death toll at 9,604, followed by Egypt with 4,951 deaths, and Algeria with 1,273 deaths.

Meanwhile, deaths due to Covid-19 in Mexico have passed 50,000 cases.

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The Mexican Health Ministry reported an additional 6,590 confirmed new coronavirus infections and 818 deaths as of Thursday (6/8/2020).

From that increase, the total cases of corona virus infection in Mexico became 462,690 cases and 50,517 deaths.

In Brazil, a country that has been preparing to mark a milestone for Covid-19, there have been more than 100,000 deaths.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro urged his citizens to stay alive.

In addition, the Chinese Health Authority recorded 37 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours to midnight on Thursday (6/8/2020).

A number of countries in Europe have reported a much sharper increase in cases.

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Germany recorded more than 1,000 new infections in the 24 hours to midnight on Thursday.

Ireland has seen an increase since last Thursday and has identified a number of clusters of infection in meat factories and accommodation for asylum seekers.

Meanwhile cases in Greece have passed 5,000 in what authorities have called a “wake-up week”.

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Infographic: Level of Activity Risk during the Covid-19 Pandemic


Studies Find, OTG Corona Is As Contagious as Symptoms – A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that the patient was confirmed Covid-19 but asymptomatic or asymptomatic (used to be called OTG) is just as contagious as a symptomatic patient.

The research team also recommends that asymptomatic cases be isolated to prevent the spread of the virus.

This conclusion was obtained after a research team led by Seungjae Lee from Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine analyzed swab samples from 303 people isolated in Cheonan Antara.

They are 22-36 years old with two-thirds of them being female.

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Of the 303 people, 193 were symptomatic (symptomatic) while 110 were asymptomatic (asymptomatic) when their swab samples were taken on March 6-26, 2020.

Then out of 110 people who were initially asymptomatic, 21 people later became symptomatic, while 89 people remained asymptomatic until the end.

During isolation, the participants were sampled for swabs every eight days.

When comparing samples of patients over this duration, the experts found that patients who were completely asymptomatic were positive for Covid-19 up to 17 days or 2.5 days earlier than symptomatic patients.

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However, the amount of virus they carry in the nose, throat and lungs is as much as in symptomatic patients.

In addition, the viral load in asymptomatic patients was found to decrease longer than in symptomatic patients.

They were also found to continue releasing the virus (viral shedding) or were still contagious for up to 30 days since they were first confirmed positive for Covid-19.

These findings reinforce the notion that asymptomatic or asymptomatic Covid-19 patients can still transmit Covid-19, although it remains unclear whether the viruses they release are as infectious as the viruses released by symptomatic patients.

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The investigators write, little is known about the effectiveness of asymptomatic patients. Our findings however offer plausible biologic possibilities for transmission by asymptomatic people.

“Since spread by asymptomatic patients can be a key factor in community spread, population-based surveillance and isolation of asymptomatic patients may be required,” they added.


Used car costs Rp. 60 million, this is the choice page all

JAKARTA, – Even though it’s still in shape pandemic Covid-19, sales used car continues to increase.

One of the areas that experienced the most increase in sales, namely DKI Jakarta. The re-implementation of the odd-even rule is allegedly encouraging people to hunt for used cars at pocket-friendly prices.

The reason is that people are worried about being infected corona virus because using public transportation and then choosing to buy a used private car.

This was stated by the Senior Manager of Marketing at the Exchange Used car WTC Mangga Dua Herjanto Kosasih to a few days ago.

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Herjanto added, the price of used cars that are much sought after in this condition is still the price that is below Rp. 100 million. Starting from a tag of Rp. 60 million to Rp. 100 million. Adi The atmosphere of a used car sales center in Central Jakarta

“With the implementation of this odd-even, used cars that cost Rp. 100 million and below continue to fly (good), all of them are looking for cheap ones,” he said.

In fact, Herjanto continued, prospective consumers are even willing to pay a low down payment as long as they can buy a car according to their needs.

For now, used cars with a price of Rp. 60 million can already choose the appropriate type from different manufacturers. Start MPV, SUV, then, city car or other options.

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“If you buy a used car, of course you also have to make a number of improvements,” said Herjanto.

On a different occasion, Hadi Cahyono, owner of the XL AHM Autocars car showroom in Solo also said the same thing.

A visitor sees a row of used cars on display at the Sriwedari car market, Solo, Central Java (Central Java), Sunday (15/12/2019).Ari Purnomo A visitor sees a row of used cars on display at the Sriwedari car market, Solo, Central Java (Central Java), Sunday (15/12/2019).

According to him, currently used car enthusiasts are increasing again in line with the easing of community activities.

“There has been an increase when compared to the early days of the pandemic, many bought with cash because credit was still in accordance with the old rules, namely DP 40 percent,” he said.

Here are 10 used cars at a price of Rp. 60 million

1. The 2016 Datsun Go + Panca is priced at IDR 65 million

2. Suzuki Karimun Estilo in 2011 the price of Rp 63 million

3. Toyota Vios type G manual 2006 price IDR 62.5 million

4. Toyota Avanza G in 2006 priced at Rp. 65 million

5. Daihatsu Ayla 1.0 in 2015 priced at IDR 63 million

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6. Toyota Kijang SSX 2002 price of Rp. 65 million

7. Nissan Teana in 2006 was priced at Rp. 65 million

8. Daihatsu Xenia in 2009 priced at Rp. 64 million

9. Suzuki APV GL 2010 price of Rp. 60 million

10. Honda City in 2004 priced at Rp. 62.5 million


Hair Loss Adds to the List of COVID-19 Symptoms, Jakarta A recent survey identified potential symptoms COVID-19 previously unreported long-term, including hair loss.

This research was conducted by a doctor from the Indiana University School of Medicine and a group of COVID-19 survivors from the Survivor Corps group with a media poll on Facebook.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified 17 persistent symptoms of COVID-19. The team’s survey surveyed more than 1500 patients and found 98 possible symptoms, according to Dr. Natalie Lambert, a research professor at Indiana University’s school of medicine.

The new symptoms identified by them include severe nerve pain, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, blurred vision and hair loss, Lambert said in a written statement.

Plus the symptoms identified by the CDC include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headaches, loss of taste and smell, sore throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea which may appear between 2- 14 days after exposure to the virus.

According to the survey, more than a quarter of reported symptoms (26.5%) were painful. It includes the same symptoms identified by the CDC, plus heartburn, back pain and chest pain.

The remaining symptoms are painless, for example hair loss, which nearly a third of respondents experience. Other symptoms in the survey filled with respondents included memory problems, anxiety, dizziness and blurred vision.


Corona Virus Cases in Young People Increasing, What Should Be Done? – World Health Organization ( WHO) mention, the number of cases Covid-19 among youngsters during the last five months has increased.

According to WHO, 15 percent of the 6 million cases that occurred in the period from late February to mid-June 2020 occurred in the age group between 15-24 years.

“We have said before, and we will say again, young people are not vulnerable,” said WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as reported, Friday (7/8/2020).

He said young people could catch it, risking death, and transmitting the virus to others.

Health experts assess that the younger generation tends to choose not to wear masks and apply social distancing.

In addition, they have always been working, traveling for recreational purposes such as visiting bars or shopping.

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With this WHO warning, what should young people do?

Epidemiologist from Griffith University Dicky Budiman said that young people tend to ignore health protocols.

“Many of these young people are still ignorant. Hang out too, ”said Dicky, when contacted, Friday (7/8/2020).

He reminded that young people infected with Covid-19 could have a risk to long-term health quality even though they are without symptoms.


Health Workers to Handle COVID-19, Wiku’s Spokesperson Reminded Hospitals to Give Limits to Working Hours

Wiku emphasized that we keep each other together as conveyed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Emergency Committee COVID-9 meeting on July 31, 2020. The meeting indicates that the world has entered its 6th month since WHO first declared a public health emergency status.

“WHO continues to declare that the pandemic is a health crisis that occurs once in 100 years. Many countries think they have passed the worst conditions and have reached a fairly safe condition,” he said.

“However, now as we can see, other countries are experiencing another wave of outbreaks (the second wave of COVID-19) with an increasing number of cases and deaths. The effects of this pandemic will still be felt for decades to come.”

WHO together with countries in the world are also very active in exploring the implementation of research on the COVID-19 vaccine treatment. Even so, WHO acknowledges that vaccines are a long-term solution, especially since the process towards production is still long.

“Don’t wait for drugs and vaccines. Because we are also racing against time for prevention or prevention. The most important key in reducing the number of cases and deaths is back to health protocols,” said Wiku.

“Maybe we have changed the message, namely not to be lazy about washing our hands, changing clothes when we get home, and not taking off or removing masks when outside the house. Then discipline to keep your distance and stay away from the crowd.”


Watch: Old Mara embarks on a journey from Argentina to Brazil in search of a better refuge

“Mara”, an old female elephant born in India, set out on a trip, Saturday, from Buenos Aires to one of the animal shelters in Brazil, where she will have a better life, as announced by the Argentine capital city.

Mara, who ranges between 50 and 54 years old, spent the first part of her life as a circus animal, then arrived in 1995 to a zoo in Buenos Aires, which has since turned into an ecological park where these elephants lived.

“Mara” began its 2,000-kilometer journey, which was scheduled since January, despite the outbreak of the Coronavirus. A special protocol has been put in place to protect them and the crews accompanying them.

The “Mara” weighs 5.5 tons, is 5 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 3 meters high. She eats a ton of vegetables, fodder and sugar cane every day.

On Saturday, during an operation that lasted nearly three hours in the eco-park located in the Palermo region of Buenos Aires, “Mara” was placed in a huge wooden box specially constructed for this and inserted into a truck using a crane.

The truck set off at around 6 pm (9:00 pm GMT). Its final destination is Chapada de Guimaraes in Mato Grosso, a state in central-western Brazil, which includes an elephant reserve of 1,200 hectares, where Mara will live the last days of her life.

The trip is expected to last between four and five days, according to the statement issued by the municipality of Buenos Aires.


Criteria for Rp5 Million Paid Workers Receiving BLT Corona

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The government will provide a stimulus in the form of direct cash assistance (BLT) to workers earning less than Rp5 million to help them cope with the economic pressures of the corona. Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir reveal the criteria for workers who will receive the BLT and the amount.

For the criteria, he said BLT would be given to non-PNS and BUMN workers who were actively registered with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

Judging by these criteria, there are 13.8 million employees who will get a corona BLT.

“As many as 13.8 million non-PNS and BUMN workers who are actively registered with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan with contributions below IDR 150,000 per month or equivalent to salaries below IDR 5 million per month,” said Erick in a statement quoted on Thursday (6/8). .

For the amount, Erick said that BLT will be given in the amount of IDR 600 thousand per month. The BLT will be given for 4 months and will be directly transferred to the account of each worker to avoid abuse.

According to him, this program is being finalized so that it can be implemented by the Ministry of Manpower in September 2020. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance ensures that assistance will also be provided to workers with salaries under IDR 5 million who are not registered as participants of the BPJS Ketenagakerjaan program.

Special Staff to the Minister of Finance Yustinus Prastowo said that the scheme related to the distribution of BLT to this class of workers was still being discussed by the Task Force for Handling Corona Virus and National Economic Recovery.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

“Yes, there is still room forcapture workers who are outside the BPJS Ketenagakerjaan administration, “said Yustinus to, Thursday (6/8).

Meanwhile, Head of Fiscal Policy Agency for the Ministry of Finance, Febrio Nathan Kacaribu, said that the government is currently discussing several BLT distribution options.

First, BLT was immediately disbursed once, at an amount of Rp. 2.4 million per worker. Second, BLT is diluted once a month with an amount of Rp600 thousand per month per worker.

“More or less, as we have heard, the amount for workers, who will move around Rp. 2.4 million per person. Will they be paid once or how many times are we finalizing the payment,” he said.


Salip Indonesia, the Philippines’ most cases of corona virus are in Southeast and East Asia

ILLUSTRATION. A cyclist observes traffic piling up at checkpoints on the first day of re-imposing tighter locks to curb infection with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Aug 4, 20

Source: Reuters | Editor: SS Kurniawan

KONTAN.CO.ID – MANILA. The Philippine Health Ministry on Thursday (6/8) reported 3,561 new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total infections in the Southeast Asian country to 119,460.

Quoting Reuters, The Philippines also surpassed Indonesia for the most infections in Southeast Asia and East Asia. On Thursday, Indonesia only recorded an additional 1,882 new cases, bringing the total to 118,753.

Manila, the capital of the Philippines and nearby provinces on Tuesday returned under a two-week tight lockdown to clamp down on cases that have surged since restrictions were eased in June.

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The Philippine government announced late Sunday that it would place Metro Manila and nearby provinces, such as Laguna, Cavite, Rizal and Bulacan under what it called “Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine” until August 18.

Under the policy, public transportation was prohibited, working from home would be instituted where possible, and only one person in each household would be allowed to leave the house to purchase essential items.

The Philippine Government’s announcement comes after 80 local groups representing 80,000 doctors and 1 million nurses called for tighter controls, saying the country is losing its fight against the coronavirus.

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“I have heard you. Don’t lose hope. We know you are tired,” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said in a televised address Sunday evening. Reuters.