Corona fake news controlled by the Kremlin

Lord of the Propaganda: President Putin speaking at Corona last week Picture: AFP Russian media have been trying to create moods against Western governments with fake news and trivializations during the corona pandemic – they have long since been in the focus of the constitutional protectors. Wsometimes he just has to ask the right questions. […]

Coronavirus USA: Around 125,000 infections and almost 2,200 deaths

The enemy is everywhere. It is invisible. And he has life and death in new York completely changed within a few days. The metropolis with a population of 8.5 million has become one of the Hotspots of the global corona crisis become. By Sunday morning, New York had more than 53,000 people infected, more than […]

Zoom: Data protection officers warn of video chat software

Düsseldorf, Berlin From one day to the next, entire companies have shifted their business to their home office: the corona pandemic forces radical rethinking. Many companies use video conferencing to communicate between the M. Dozens of providers vie for the favor of the companies. The video conference provider Zoom is particularly popular. The US company […]

US President Donald Trump extends lockdown until the end of April

Donald Trump The US president actually wanted to open all shops again after Easter. (Photo: AP) Washington It was a farewell to the rapid exit: On Sunday evening, United States President Donald Trump extended the anti-corona recommendations of the White House until April 30. Trump is now saying goodbye to his hope expressed a few […]

Mayor of Munich re-elected – CSU wins Nuremberg

Dieter Reiter The SPD politician has won the run-off vote with a clear majority. (Photo: AP) Munich The runoff elections in the Bavarian municipalities, unprecedented due to the corona crisis, have brought about changes in power in at least two major cities. The SPD lost the post of mayor to the CSU on Sunday in […]

Corona crisis – The helplessness of the US is disturbing – politics

President Trump cannot understand the seriousness of the situation intellectually – but he is not the only failure in the corona crisis. The consequences for the Americans are dramatic. When the first corona sufferer was reported in the United States at the end of January, Donald Trump weighed in. Just one case, that’s not a […]

Now the animals are coming into town

DIn the beginning there was a hawk. Four days ago he was sitting a bit higher in a leafless, easily visible tree in the Victoria Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg and cranking a wood pigeon. Cranking means nothing more than eating. At first there was nothing strange about the process, except for the calm with which the […]

How the ECB regulators help in the fight against Corona

Es are dramatic days for Europe and its citizens. The outbreak of the corona virus has hit many Member States hard. No one knows how much this crisis will worsen and how long it will last. Doctors and nurses heroically fight the outbreak at the forefront. At the same time, we who are involved in […]