Maduro offers Colombia Chinese equipment to combat the coronavirus

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, offered to Colombia the donation of two Chinese-made equipment for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus, which affects more than 900 people and claimed the lives of 16 others in that South American country. “We are going to do one thing: with the machines that are going to arrive from […]

Should you wear a mask if you are not sick with COVID-19?

Washington – If you are not sick from the new coronavirus, Should you wear a mask in public? The World Health Organization says no. However, the United States authorities weigh whether, eventually, that indication could change. The debate is taking place amid such a severe shortage that the Joint Commission, which accredits American hospitals, said […]

Emilia Clarke invites to dinner in exchange for a donation to combat COVID-19

Emilia Clarke He published in a video on his social networks where he asks people to join a donation, along with her, to seeks to reach the sum of 250 thousand pounds sterling, which will be donated for the acquisition of medical supplies, hospital beds and for the help of patients with coronavirus and in […]

Pentagon Refuses To Evacuate Aircraft Carrier With 100 Corona Infections | NOW

In a letter, the commander of the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt sounded the alarm about the situation on the ship. More than a hundred of the nearly five thousand crew members have tested positive for the corona virus. US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said on Tuesday that he did not yet consider […]

High risk of contagion warned in Nicaraguan schools

Nicaraguan state schools and a part of private schools, as well as universities, are “at high risk of contagion & rdquor; from COVID-19 if the government does not suspend classes, the expert group of the Multidisciplinary Scientific Committee warned. “By March 25, 165 countries had closed schools to prevent the expansion of COVID-19, in Nicaragua […]

We will rescue the people, not those from above: López Obrador

Due to the economic crisis expected in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic and the fall in the price of oil, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that his government will rescue the people, but above all, “the weak, the dispossessed, the poor, the little ones. “ The President reiterated that due to the […]

When the Penal Code criminalized “spreading contagious diseases”

Updated Wednesday,     1     April     2020     –01:29 The Supreme Court notified this Tuesday, in the context of the coronavirus crisis, a ruling that stresses that thePenal Codecurrently discards the classification of criminal conduct that threatens “collective health”. In other words, those “crimes of potential danger due to the risk of spread of an infection or disease” […]