This is the bottle that will revolutionize men’s cosmetics | ICON

When a fragrance likes, inertia calls to want to feel it on the skin more often. Spray it more times: after eating, when leaving the gym, for afterwork, before that special appointment, on that weekend of improvised getaway … The humans of the 21st century do not stand still and the fragrances must adapt to […]

The rise of men’s intimate cosmetics | ICON

Leaving behind taboos, historical conventions and sexist apprehensions, intimate cosmetics has decided to make its way into the men’s bag. It does so with a growing supply and demand curve in recent years, with dozens of laboratories willing to meet the needs of an audience that finally feels free to take care of their genitals. […]

A classy slalom

Latest generation skis and poles. Down jackets and colored helmets. Wool scarves and cosmetics that protect the skin. A selection of items to immerse yourself in winter plans in style. .