The centre-right, if invited by the Count, we’ll all go together – Policy

“When will come the invitation for the comparison of Palazzo Chigi, Forza Italia will reply in the affirmative. We are going to present our proposals for a united states, together with the League and Brothers of Italy, as we have always done so far.” Sources of Forza Italy, with regard to the invitation to make a comparison announced by the Count.

“For charity,when I was called in I have always been; but will not decide the Count as we go and we go together, we are a coalition and let’s go together”. He said the leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni on Channel 5 about the request of the premier, Count to meet the parties of the centre-right separately. “Even Mattarella is to review the composition of the delegations. If the Count wants us to receive to receive us all together,” he added.

“The count announces the intention to invite the head separately? The centre-right is united, and we must not lose time. The government enlists the help of the coalition. If the intentions of the Count will be finally series, the centre-right will come along as has happened in the past.” Explain the sources of the Alloy.