Only six banks of 25 financial entities in the country increased their profits to July of this year

The profits of the 25 national and foreign banks operating in the country reached an accumulated $ 3.53 trillion at the end of July this year, that is, 42.5% below the levels registered during the same period of 2019 , when the profits of these entities were located at $ 6.14 trillion, according to data from the Financial Superintendence.

In the midst of this fall in profits, six of the 25 banks operating in the country ended July with growth in their profits: Banco Credifinanciera (740.4%), Banco Santander de Negocios Colombia (128.4%), Citibank (83 , 8%), Banco Pichincha (36.4%), Coopcentral (18.4%) and Banco Serfinanza (2%).

Credifinanciera Bank It is the one with the highest increase in profits, not only within the segment of national banks, but in general. At the end of the first semester, this company was also the one that registered the most an increase in its profits, which occurred after the Superfinanciera approved its creation, which occurred after the union with ProCredit.

While the banks that marked the reduction in profits for the seventh month of the year compared to the same month of last year were Itaú Corpbanca Colombia, with -681.8%; Banco Compartir, with -382.1%; Scotiabank Colpatria, with -150.5%; Banco Multibank, with -100.0%; and Banco Caja Social, with -76.4%.

Next are Davivienda (-58.3%), Bancamía (-48.2%), Banco Finandina (-43.9%), Bancoomeva (-42.0%), Banco de Occidente (-35.4% ), among others.

The previous data led to the fact that between January and June of this year, not only foreign banks registered a drop of 89.9% in terms of profits, but national entities also recorded a decrease in this of 32.4%, from According to the recent report of the Superfinanciera.

Pedro Preciado, leading partner of Financial Services at Kpmg in Colombia, highlighted that the profits of the credit establishments continue to suffer because the income is caused, but their collection is uncertain and the growth of new loans is not close to those budgeted by these establishments previously.

Another reason that is negatively impacting the companies’ earnings has to do with “the payment behavior of the debtors and the grace periods granted by financial entities, which end up affecting the deterioration of the portfolio by increasing the level of provisions. “Added Preciado.

Despite the fact that circumstances such as the previous ones have been hitting the profits of the banking entities in these months, these companies registered a recovery of $ 689,413 million in terms of profits when comparing the consolidated figures of June with those of July of this year, since they went from $ 2.6 trillion to $ 3.58 trillion.

David Nieto Martínez, teacher and coordinator of the financial area of ​​the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of El Bosque University, highlighted that this improvement in profits as of July is due to the measures adopted by the entities and the different support that the National Government, this has allowed maintaining a stable relationship in terms of compliance with a large part of the obligations acquired by third parties.

In line with this, Alfredo Barragán, an expert in banking at the Universidad de los Andes, assured that the increase in profits could be due to the fact that the entities are taking measures that allow them to recover income from collection of other concepts. However, they have not had significant disbursements that guarantee a relevant increase.

Based on this context, Barragán assured that “it is most likely that this year the banks will not be able to recover. If they were to record notable profits, it would be because a good part of last year’s profits would save this one. They are expected to recover by the end of 2021 ”.

The profits of the financial system
The Financial Superintendency revealed that the general profits of the financial system reached $ 8.5 trillion at the end of July of this year, that is, $ 50.2 trillion less than what was recorded during July of the previous year, when profits were $ 50.6 trillion. .

The sectors that marked this collapse were pensions and severance pay, which recorded a loss of $ 2.8 billion; that of securities intermediaries, with a fall of $ 1.7 trillion, and the Sedpe with a collapse of $ 19,653 million.

While credit establishments reached $ 4.6 trillion at the end of the seventh month of this year. Of this total, 66.2% correspond to the net interest margin, financial services, term operations and investments participated with 4.9%, 8.7% and 18.8%, in their order.

This is how the behavior of collection progresses in the financial system
According to the Superfinancial, “as the grace periods have been gradually ending, the financial entities have reactivated the payments suspended during the economic emergency (…). Thus, as of August 2020, the percentage of the portfolio collected with respect to the gross balance reached 5.33%, a figure higher than that registered at the end of June when it represented 3.76%, although lower than the ratio reached at levels prior to the covid-19 pandemic “.


A 57-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman died from coronavirus in the region

On the evening of Friday, September 25, the operational headquarters of the Penza region announced the next victims of the coronavirus. They were a man born in 1963 and a woman born in 1988.

In both cases, bilateral confluent pneumonia became a complication. A woman’s comorbidities include Down’s syndrome, oligophrenia, arterial hypertension.

Over the entire time of the pandemic, 128 people have died from COVID-19: 58 men and 70 women. A total of 10 433 infected were registered.

On the 25th, 30 healthy patients were discharged from hospitals. The total number of recovered is now 8,718.


The joke with which Mike Bahía would reveal Greeicy Rendón’s pregnancy

Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía have one of the most stable relationships in the national show business, they have been a stable couple for several years, they support each other in their personal projects and have been very wise during the time of the pandemic.

Their fans often wonder if they plan to get married or even have children soon, taking into account all the time they have been together and that they are of an age to form a family, however, they have stated that they do want to, only that they are focused on their successful careers.

But a recent Instagram Story left the followers of the famous couple with several doubts, Mike Bahía recently recorded himself speaking with Greeicy Rendón, “Today they told me cachetona, right?”, She tells her boyfriend.

“Could it be that you are pregnant?” and she says “No”, but makes a gesture of concern and of not being sure to say “no”.

Although everything seems like a joke, the situation caused several reactions on social networks, for example, on Instagram you see some comments: “Can you imagine? They would be precious as dads ”, among others who show surprise at a possible pregnancy of the interpreters of ‘Esta Noche’.


The excesses of Epa Colombia at the El Dorado Airport

It is worth noting that recently the Bogota woman was the center of various comments on social networks, this is because she decided to use the question tool on Instagram Stories, her followers took the opportunity to challenge her in various circumstances, some very funny, others quite unpleasant.

In the video compendium, there is a part in which an Internet user asks her to eat her dog’s food with milk, she takes the food and begins to serve it in a bowl with milk, “Oh! They look like fruit loops! ”, She begins to eat with a spoon, but the disgust she feels when she sees his face is remarkable, after a short time she begins to return it amid retching.

Another follower challenged her: “Put your head in the toilet for ten seconds”, then Epa Colombia appears in her bathroom ready to show that she has no scruples of any kind, she stands on the toilet and succeeds.

“Eat an egg”, they also asked her in the middle of the round, she breaks a raw egg and serves it in a glass cup, however, this time she was not able, she tried to swallow it, but ended up returning it to the point of vomiting .

Likewise, an Internet user asked her: “Friend, run around the neighborhood that you are finally leaving”, then she appears walking through the streets of her neighborhood shouting: “Neighbors, I am going to tell you!”


As an announcement, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik unveil the first photos of their daughter

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced the arrival of their baby on Thursday, September 24 by unveiling the first pictures on social networks. An expected arrival, after several rumors about the date of the model’s delivery.

Some photos of intertwined hands on social networks as an announcement for the star couple. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced Thursday, September 24 the birth of their daughter. “Our baby is here, healthy and beautiful,” the 27-year-old singer said in the caption of the photo, in which the infant’s tiny hand grips the young dad’s tattooed fingers. “Trying to put words into what I’m feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this little human being is beyond my comprehension. I’m grateful to know her, proud to be able to call her mine and full of gratitude for the life you are going to have together. ”


Some young people get very sick from corona. Why them? –

Most young people do not suffer much from a corona infection. But some become critically ill without having any weak spots or illnesses before.

It seems that those youngsters have genetic unlucky, say two studies in the Lancet.

“It is no coincidence that someone who is healthy and who has only just run a marathon, so to speak, can end up in intensive care with Covid-19”, says Fil Deal Haerynck, professor of immunology (UZ Gent / UGent). The newspapaer. “For 14 percent of the patients who were previously perfectly healthy, we were able to demonstrate that there is a problem with their immune system. They have a shortage of a certain substance that is crucial in the defense against the sars-CoV-2 virus. ”

In addition to the specific autoantibodies, the researchers found another explanation for a critical course of a Covid-19 infection in healthy patients: their genes. Genetic analyzes were performed for almost 2,000 patients. Again, patients were examined who were admitted to hospital with life-threatening Covid-19 (and who may or may not die), but who had no known medical problems before. Their genes were compared with patients who, although infected with sars-CoV-2, had little or no problems with it. In that critically ill group, 3.5 percent turned out to have a genetic defect, particularly in one of the thirteen genes that are known to play a role in the production of the type I interferons.

It is also quite remarkable that most of them are men. “We suspect that the production of these faulty antibodies is linked to the X chromosome,” says Haerynck. “But more research is needed for that.”

Bron (nen): The morning


What course for Morocco in the face of a torn America?

Democratic candidate in the 59th presidential election, Joe Biden, is ahead of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, the Western mainstream media has repeatedly told the Western mainstream media, in the barely concealed hope that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The figures for the past week do put Biden in the lead, with some 50% of the voting intentions. But Trump is not far off, at 42%, and the first of three debates to oppose the two men is for September 29. Old Joe and the terrible Harris.

In the Democratic camp, we are already trembling at the idea of ​​a face-to-face between a Joe Biden physically diminished by age, 78, who is also said to be a little bit senile, and the beast of the stage who is Trump, despite his 74 years.

In the Republican camp, we made hot throats of a slip (revealing?) Of Joe Biden’s running mate, the Afro-Indo-American Kamala Harris, when, during a meeting, she spoke of a “Harris Administration”, before subsequently making up for it by referring to a “Biden-Harris Administration”.

Although the Democrats’ “Black Lives Matter” maneuver in choosing Harris as the vice-presidential candidate may seem most appropriate given the current “racial” crisis in the United States, the former attorney general of California, known for its “Republican” severity, has sent so many African-Americans to prison that it is surely not in this state that it will massively attract the votes of the black community.

The mail bomb envelope

All this would only be a political spectacle, in the pure American tradition, if it were not for the SARS-Cov2 virus which invited itself to the party to wreak even more havoc in a country already plagued by race riots, since the African-American offender Georges Floyd dies under pressure on his neck from the knee of a Minneapolis police officer (a technique learned from the Israelis).

In addition to the explosion of unemployment and poverty, which now politically benefits sovereignist conservatives more than globalist liberals, the Covid-19 pandemic will lead some 40% of voters, according to estimates, to vote by post, opening the gate of hell.

This formula, defended by the Democrats and rejected by the Republicans, poses as much the question of the credibility of the vote as of the time necessary for the counting of the votes thus expressed. It would take weeks, or even months, to open all the envelopes.

While the Trumpists, who do not seem to fear the Covid-19 as we can see during the electoral meetings, will not fail to go en masse to the polls on polling day to vote for “law and order” . Given their political culture, it will be difficult to explain to them that their favorite candidate could not proclaim his victory on election night, because there are still all the postal ballots to consider.

Preparation for contesting the results

The weapons are also sharpened in the democratic camp, where one prepares to deny to the outgoing president the right to proclaim himself winner before the final count of the postal votes. To do this, around 100 former senior federal officials, academics and journalists created the “Transition Integrity Project”. They are worried about Trump’s possible refusal to transfer power, on the assumption (which remains to be verified) that he will lose the election. Hillary Clinton was even very clear on this subject: “Joe Biden must not concede”! It feels like a republic in Eastern Europe.

Obviously, the riots and destruction suffered by cities across the United States during this hot summer of 2020 are just a taste of what awaits Americans. Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists are specialists in the strategy of chaos. The supporters of Trump are rather adept at guns and direct confrontation …

The best thing is that after the suspicions of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, there is a hint of Chinese interference. One of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza, heads a group, “Black Futures Lab”, which would receive funding from a Chinese company linked to the Communist Party in Beijing … The Chinese would therefore have succeeded in exporting to the United States even their cultural revolution. Mao Tse-tung must be laughing in his grave.

That Rome burns because Nero set it on fire is the Romans’ problem, but when the American Empire begins to falter because of its flawed foundations, the earthquakes thus caused will not spare any place on the planet. let alone the allied countries.

Anticipate the unpredictable

Since that famous December 20, 1777, the date on which Sultan Mohammed Ben Abdellah recognized the independence of the United States, Morocco has always maintained special relations with this country. It was first of all the kingdom which ensured the protection of the American fleet in the eastern waters of the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean, before it was the Americans who brought their support to Morocco in the defense of its territorial integrity. And during the last decades, the main concern of Rabat was to see in Washington a president who will not procrastinate on his support for the first cause of the Moroccans. By emphasizing that the United States has not formally recognized the Moroccan character of the Sahara.

What does contested American executive power and the loss of power that such a situation would inevitably result in on the international scene mean for Morocco? Morocco is located in the geopolitical zone of influence of Europe, which itself depends on the American superpower. However, the European elites, stunned by Brexit, seem totally helpless in the face of the prospect of disunited States of America. No one expected the Soviet Union to implode either, even if all the ingredients were there.

What is certain is that as long as the United States has other fish to fry, no special representative of the United Nations Secretary General for the Sahara is ready to be appointed. A respite that Morocco must make the best use of to promote and advance its project of advanced autonomy.


A day with horses for the members of France Réunion Alzheimer

After two months of confinement, the objective of this day was to offer families that the association accompanies a moment of leisure and escape in a three hectare park with views of the ocean and the mountain.

The morning began with a visit to the stables, to take the opportunity to get to know our friends the horses and ponies. In small groups of 4 to 5 people, aboard a cart with Antoine, the members of France Alzheimer Réunion found Christian who with passion shared his knowledge of medicinal plants and endemic to Réunion, followed by a juice of fresh cinnamon appreciated by all the guests.

The visit continued in an educational farm aboard the carriage led by Victoire and Atlantique the two mares led by a driver worthy of the name in the person of Mr. Pasqual.

At midday, the guests were able to eat at the Dodo Vert, before going in the afternoon to the equitherapy workshops with sick people and their relatives, to conclude with a tasting of a geranium herbal tea. .


“Little Parisian actress of m ** de”: Karin Viard recounts the most trying shoot of her career

In promotion for his latest film Appearances, released Wednesday September 23, the actress of 54 years confided in the site Konbini on the psychological violence she suffered from director Patrick Grandperret in 1996.

Languages ​​have not finished loosen up on movie sets. Thus, after more than thirty years of career, including two Caesar, Karin Viard no longer wants to silence the names of the abusive men she suffered when she was younger. During an interview with the media Konbini, Wednesday September 23, on the sidelines of the promotion of his latest film Appearances, the one who defines herself as someone “very cash in the life” tells the shooting of Victims (released in theaters in 1996). And the way he turned to psychological harassment from the director Patrick Grandperret, died last year.

In video, “The Appearances”, the trailer

“Frankly it was very hard”

“There is a film that was very, very trying because I was treated very badly; so suddenly it was very trying, reports the actress of 54 years. It was The victims by Patrick Grandperret. I was a young actress, I was lost in Ouarzazate in the Moroccan desert and the director hated me and tortured me psychologically on a daily basis. ” One of his attacks marked her deeply: “‘So what is she going to do to us with this little Parisian actress of m ** de?” “, She remembers. Before adding, pursing his lips: “It was hard, frankly it was very hard.”


Opposition demands public clarification from those involved and an urgent investigation

The chief of staff of the President of the Republic, as reported by the Portuguese television station, received millions of dollars of unknown origin, but with allegedly illicit connections to the company EMFC.

“If it is true, it is a very worrying situation. We hope that the competent authorities urgently make an inquiry to ascertain the veracity of the facts,” UNITA deputy Alcides Sakala told Novo Novo, stressing that the diversion of the purse, corruption and nepotism affects the rulers of the ruling party in a way that must be stopped urgently.

“For greater credibility in the fight against corruption, nepotism and the diversion of the public purse, the Government must accept submitting to inspection actions, submitting to audits and the parliament allowing the creation of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions to gauge the seriousness of this fight “, declared Sakala.

According to the deputy, for this fight to be effective, “there has to be a real separation of powers so that the judiciary does not suffer political pressure from the Executive to avoid subordinating to the interests of the Government and the President of the Republic in particular. “.

“One is left with the impression that there is indeed some promiscuity between the judicial and the Executive, with regard to issues related to the fight against corruption”, he added.

The member of the presidential college of CASA-CE, Manuel Fernandes, explained that in view of these complaints, those involved must make a public clarification for the good of their images.

“The investigation of Portuguese television, TVI 24, revealed Edeltrudes Costa’s business in important public contracts that allegedly earned him millions in euros. It is now up to those involved to make some public statement,” said Manuel Fernandes.

Manuel Fernandes said that corruption and nepotism must be combated in order to “prevent the state from becoming a monarchy”.

“The fight against corruption and nepotism requires judicial intervention and from all social classes, as it is a crime in the Constitution’s suits. It is very complicated to always hear these complaints that involve prominent figures in the country,” he added.

For the political analyst, Gilberto Guilhermino Jamba, “this complaint that the Angolan Government would be favoring the Edeltrudes Costa Office, head of the Office of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services , comes to show that addictions continue “.

“In the former and the current Executive, these vices continue. It is time for the Attorney General’s Office to start taking action now, because Angolans cannot continue to observe these successive scandals in silence”, he pleaded, lamenting that corruption in Angola affects fundamental rights.

For the analyst “the abuse of public office for personal gain ends people’s confidence in the Government and institutions, reduces the effectiveness of justice in public policies and diverts taxpayers’ money”.

Isabel dos Santos, businesswoman and daughter of ex-President José Eduardo dos Santos, also came to the public to comment on Twitter on this subject, writing: “Edeltrudes Costa will have sent money to Panama, using a branch of the then Banco Espírito Santo (BES) in the Madeira free zone. Since João Lourenço took power, Edeltrudes Costa has been his right hand “.

Novo Jornal tried unsuccessfully to hear the MPLA on this matter.

Revelations of TVI 24

A TVI 24 report reported that the Angolan government was favoring Chief of Staff Edeltrudes Costa through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services.

According to TVI 24, among other situations denounced, this is a contract that was signed in early 2019 to modernize Angolan airports. In the documentation presented by the report, President João Lourenço would authorize the hiring of the Portuguese company Roland Berger and the immediate subcontracting of EMFC.

The resource acquired by the contract signed in February 2019 ended up in Portugal and would have been used to purchase luxury properties in several Portuguese locations, such as Sintra and Cascais.

Positions do not match fortune

Edeltrudes Costa was secretary general of José Eduardo dos Santos with the function of minister of state and head of the Civil House. TVI24 reports that it had access to bank statements that show that it would have, in Portuguese banks, the equivalent of 20 million euros, despite never having officially held positions that earned it great fortunes.

The fortune would have been used to buy the house in Cascais worth 2.5 million euros – which is in the name of Costa’s ex-wife and chairman of the Board of Directors of EMFC.

João Lourenço’s chief of staff also bought a 130,000-euro tour boat in Portugal and a luxury apartment on a property owned by US President Donald Trump in Panama.

According to the report, the funds used for this latest acquisition would have passed through Banco Espírito Santo, in the Madeira free zone, which is the element that Isabel dos Santos chose to highlight in her tweet.

The Portuguese central bank would have investigated the transfers involving Costa’s company, based on “serious failures in the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism”, according to TVI 24.

TVI 24 also refers to a provision of services to the National Electoral Commission in the last election held in Angola. The deal earned Costa a million euros to provide material for the ballot won by João Lourenço.