What do we know about the violent clashes that took place in Dijon ?

Question asked by Dzamil the 15/06/2020


Your question is about the events that took place this weekend on 13 and 14 June in Dijon and around, in the Burgundy region. On social networks, flocking of multiple videos showing violent clashes.

Several pictures show some of the bands who wander in the city centre and take it to a shisha bar, the Black Pearl, located in the boulevard de la Trémouille, not far from the Republic square.

On some videos, posted online Sunday, including several dozen men are visible. They compete, sometimes with bare hands, sometimes by means of iron bars.

Other, filmed by witnesses from different angles, show a car seeming to rush right on a mob before the aircraft struck an earth-full and from in barrels, at very high speed.

On videos more graphics (that CheckNews has chosen not to relay), we can see the car stopped, just after the accident. The driver, dead, is, in part, défenestré. His hands are in blood.

On Twitter, in the comments, reference is made repeatedly to clashes “between the Chechens and dealers“.

All these scenes fit effectively in a global context of clashes that went on for several days. The prefecture of Côte-d’or, contacted by CheckNewsconfirms that these events are likely related to settlements of accounts : “The weekend that has just ended has been marked by violence committed in the agglomeration of dijon, france, it seems, in the context of a settlement of accounts between members of the chechen community in France and the residents of the district of Grésilles and other districts of the metropolis-dijon”, she says.


The prefect “condemns these behaviors […] with the greatest firmness” and indicates that a judicial investigation is now open.

Eric Mathais, the chief prosecutor of Dijon, has not responded to the demands of CheckNews. But as of this weekend, in the local press, the vice-prosecutor was state ten wounded, “some seriously”, during the descent to the shisha bar on the Friday night. The prosecution also confirms that injured by bullets, Saturday night, always in Dijon.

This Monday, he responded to our confreres from France Blue. About the driver involved in an accident, it confirms that the latter is currently in hospital in a serious condition. The scene took place in the district of Grésilles, in the north-east of Dijon on Sunday night. The prosecutor explains : “We were live at the command center of the police, we saw on the cameras these 140 people from the chechen community gathered on the market square to Grésilles. And there was a vehicle that came close, which, indeed, at a given moment sketched a movement to rush in the crowd, then there was this accident.”

In this interview, the attorney also confirms the opening of an investigation entrusted to the directorate for interregional judicial police and urban security, Dijon, france. But, he said, no arrest has yet taken place at the present time. The priority, according to him, is to secure the situation in order to avoid the worst.

About facts, it evokes a “drift community on racism. These are apparently members of the chechen community who have called on social networks from Friday to avenge the violence committed on a young by people from the community in the maghreb. Three nights in a row, it was therefore up to 140 people who come to Dijon in this context”.

Violence in Nice

According to France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur, this violence is are now exported up to Nice, where shots were recorded in the district of Chestnuts, in the night of Sunday to Monday. Again, a video shows the shot. Nice Morning indicates that three men of chechen origin had been injured and that six people are currently in police custody.

For the time being, to Dijon, the authorities are trying to avoid escalation. The prefecture said that on Monday evening still, “a squadron of gendarmes mobiles will be deployed on the ground.” The day before, a half-section of SRC and reinforcements of the TRAY were on the ground.

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A Brussels of 19 years, accusing the forces of the order of the have “typed” and “insulting” on the sidelines of an event in tribute to George Floyd in the belgian capital on June 7, 2020. While the video, where the young man appears to be the wounded face goes viral, journalists Anais Condomines and Vincent Coquaz are trying to trace the source of the story.

Anais Condomines


Paul Priluchny said, who comforted him after his divorce from muceniece

Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny got an official divorce. In an interview Youtube-project “together” the 32-year-old actor told how he has built his life after breaking up with his wife. In April, Agatha gathered her things, took the kids and moved to owned by spouses of the Moscow apartment. Paul was left alone in their suburban home. On weekends, the children visit with him, but then again they go to the mom and Priluchny there is one. According to the artist, he does not tolerate loneliness, so I tried to solve this problem. To cope with the feeling of emptiness to help him Pets.

I can’t be alone. Even when I work. I need someone walking around, talking. I have two dogs, cats, fish. I solved this problem, – said the actor.

Paul said that in his childhood scarred by tragedy – the death of his father (he died when the future actor was 13 years old). Therefore he is most afraid of loneliness. This is what prompted him to create a large family: Priluchnogo muceniece and there are two children, 7-year-old Timothy and 4-year-old MIA.

By the way, on the eve of the divorce, Agatha suddenly confessed she still loves her ex-husband and doesn’t want to hurt him. Youtube-an interview with Ksenia Sobchak 31-year-old actress, broke up with her husband because of domestic violence, said not to say bad things about him.

– I love this man, and in any case do not want to show it in a bad light. What else can you do? To kill a human being? People get lost, she said.

#detergente #degreeby

Divorce Priluchnogo and muceniece was relatively peaceful. The actor left his wife and children apartment Moscow. Custody they are divided equally: although the children live with the mother, they can see dad when he wants to.

Previously, Agata explained why their marriage has cracked. According to the actress, she and her husband no longer understand each other.

Our Alliance came to the conclusion that we need to leave. We ceased to understand each other. It does not bring as much happiness as before. For me this is – said muceniece. – He doesn’t understand me. I don’t understand it. We can’t find a common language. We decided that it would be right to go, to be normal parents for their children.

However, fans suspect that the culprit is not just mutual misunderstanding, but also the passion of Paul by alcohol. Just a few weeks after muceniece announced the divorce, she has published in Instagram shocking video. In it, the actress said that during isolation in a country house husband picked up on it hand and was brought to tears children. The quarrel between the spouses began after Priluchny, according to Agatha, drink ten days in a row.

– He brought the children to tears, he raised a hand to me, he is not adequate, – says the actress in the video with tears in his eyes. – He during a pandemic throws us out of the house. So tomorrow we’ll go to the apartment. But I can’t upload because I have no other weapons, except as publicity. Just know that here is a man Paul, you know?


France: Arrests after alleged terrorist attack

NA third man has been arrested after a suspected terrorist attack in southeastern France. The anti-terrorist prosecutor said on Sunday that a young Sudanese who was in the same house as the prime suspect was detained the night before. On Saturday, 33-year-old Abdallah Ahmed-Osman, who identified himself as a Sudanese refugee, killed two people and injured five others in the small town of Romans-sur-Isère south of Lyon.

The attacker attacked people in the center of the city of 35,000 in several shops and on the street. According to witnesses, he shouted “Allahu akbar!” (God is great). The anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into “murder related to a terrorist attack” against the arrested prime suspect, who did not resist the arrest. A second Sudanese in custody was a “friend” of the main suspect.

Ahmed-Osman, born in 1987, has been living in France as a refugee since 2017 and was not known to the police before the fact. The counterterrorism prosecutor said on Saturday that initial findings indicated that the attacker wanted to significantly disrupt public order “through intimidation or terror”. During a search in his apartment, handwritten documents were found in which the man complained about “living in a country of unbelievers”.

According to a source entrusted with the investigation, Ahmed-Osman claims that he “does not remember what happened”. A psychiatric examination of the suspect was scheduled for Sunday.

In France, there have been a number of Islamist attacks with hundreds of deaths in recent years. French President Emmanuel Macron said that the background to the attack would be clarified. “The whole truth about this terrible act will be exposed,” he wrote on Twitter. He pointed out that the country had to pass a difficult test due to the coronavirus pandemic with thousands of deaths.


Rob Kardashian replies after ex Blac Chyna claims to be “suicidal” and “not …

March 6, 2020, 11:40 am

Chyna says Rob's mental health is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.

Chyna says Rob’s mental health is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.


The ex-couple is involved in a fierce battle for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are still fighting for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream, and things are getting hot.

In his latest filing in court, Chyna, 31, says that Rob, 32, is struggling with depression and has “problems leaving the house” and has sometimes talked about hurting himself.

Chyna, the real name is Angela Renée White, said Rob “tells me all the time he’s depressed, and on some occasions he said he wanted to commit suicide” in a statement to the Los Angeles family court in mid-February.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are currently fighting for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream. (Pictured here in 2016.)

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are currently fighting for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream. (Pictured here in 2016.).


“Of all the places where he says Dream goes during his custody period, Dream is going there with a nanny or family member because the respondent is too afraid to leave the house,” said Chyna.

He also claims that the ex-couple is still facing communication problems and they only saw each other “four times in person since the paternity trial” was instituted in October 2017.

Rob denied Chyna’s allegations in a statement filed in late February, due to his reluctance to come out in public because of the control he faced over his image.

Chyna says Rob's struggle with depression is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.

Chyna says Rob’s struggle with depression is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.

Rob Kardashian / Twitter

“I deny having a problem with depression or leaving the house,” said Rob. “My family and I are public figures. There was a time when my paparazzi photo immediately led to incessant negative comments about my appearance.

He continued, “So yes, for a certain period of time, I didn’t want to undergo this; I’m not sure why anyone would.”

Rob previously filed court documents seeking Dream’s primary custody that Chyna snorted cocaine with strangers and had a $ 600 a day alcohol habit and taught Dream to imitate sexual positions.

She claims that Chyna is creating “an unsafe environment because of her unpredictable behavior” and claims that she makes “violent threats to the people in her home”. Chyna has denied the claims.


The victim’s mother – NBC4 Washington

A 24-year-old man was killed and killed on Tuesday evening in West Springfield, Virginia, and a 52-year-old man is accused of his murder.

Javon Prather died after he was found shot in Block 7700 of Bedstraw Court. Michael Hetle, also from Springfield, was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder.

The victim’s mother claims that the suspect was his son’s neighbor and that they had fought bitterly for years. The police declined to comment on what led to the shooting and said they are investigating.

Previously Prather had served in the Maryland National Guard, who had tweeted about his death, as had Governor Larry Hogan.

“We are deeply saddened by the disappearance of specialist Javon Prather, a member of the 175th Maryland National Guard infantry regiment,” the governor said in a tweet.

Prather was shot at around 16:50. A neighbor said he had heard at least seven shots.

Prather was declared dead on the scene. He worked as a manager at Giant Foods and served in the Maryland National Guard for six years, said his mother Shabon Prather. He planned to get back on the list and was a “good man,” said his mother.

Prather and Hetle had been fighting for years, said Shavon Prather. He mentioned discussions about dog poop left out.

“He has been giving problems to my son and his wife for a long time,” he said.

Neighbors said the men had discussed loud music and people coming and going.

The shots rang out in a West Springfield neighborhood, leaving a man dead. Investigators believe the victim has been targeted. News4 Shomari Stone reports.

Hetle is a former officer in the Bellevue Police Department in Washington state. He shot and killed one man on duty in 2000 and another in 2001. He was licensed in both shootings, the department said Wednesday.

He worked with the department from 1994 to 2001 and resigned in 2003 after being called back by the United States Navy as an officer in charge.

A neighbor said that Prather caused problems with his neighbor. Court records showed that he had recently accused of assault and drinking in public.

Hetle was taken to the county jail on Tuesday and detained without restraint.

Anyone with information is invited to contact the police.

“Nobody deserved to die like that. I don’t care what kind of disagreement you’re having,” said Prather’s mother. “Nobody should be hit in cold blood and die like that.”

Stay with News4 for more details on this developing story.


Some criminals who faced deportation to Illinois communities: Sheriffs – NBC Chicago

The Illinois Sheriffs Association said Tuesday that some violent criminals who had to deport are instead released into local communities after their prison terms end following a policy change by the government administration J. Pritzker.

Sheriff Mike Downey of Kankakee County and Tony Childress of Livingston County, representing the state police group, told Capitol reporters that the Illinois Corrections Department has stopped coordinating the transfer to American immigration and the United States. application of the customs of released detainees who are in the country illegally. Downey said it is similar to giving ex-convicts an “advantage to circumvent federal law.”

“It is alarming to think that due to a change in politics that suddenly these types of people might walk the streets and we might not even be aware of it,” said Senator Jason Barickman of Bloomington, one of several GOP lawmakers to sign a letter seeking legislative hearings. “We are here first of all to ask the administration to reverse this reckless policy and guarantee its safety to the public.”

But an immigration expert said the practice violates the state Trust Act, the 2017 law that restricts local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officials.

The sheriffs’ concerns came a few days after the Trump administration announced the unusual step of sending customs and border patrol agents to internal premises such as Chicago and other “sanctuary cities” that hampered customs enforcement.

Pritzker spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh called the policy change a “pause” in Corrections’ interactions with ICE, while Pritzker staff examine it and other procedures.

“The governor made it abundantly clear that Illinois will be a firewall against the president’s attacks on immigrant communities,” said Abudayyeh.

Downey said corrections officials announced late last month that they were canceling a trial whereby criminals who lived illegally in the country, with their expiration date, were being transferred to the Pontiac Correction Center. It is there that, since October 2016, Kankakee County Sheriff’s deputies collected and detained them under contract with ICE.

Of the 223 immigrants transferred from Pontiac to ICE detention in 2019, Downey said 11 were convicted of murder or attempted murder, more than four dozen predatory criminal assault or sexual abuse, including crimes involving children, and 33 were convicted of a crime involving a weapon.

Robert Guadian, director of the Chicago field office for ICE enforcement and removal operations, said in a statement that Illinois “puts politics ahead of public safety” when it breaks the communication between Corrections and ICE. It has increased the average total of affected prisoners.

“Now, around 400 convicted criminals per year – including criminals who have served time for crimes such as child sexual abuse and murder, will be released in your community and mine,” said Guadian. “I can’t think of any other state that protects convicted criminals …. ICE will now have to make these arrests in the community when they should have been made within the safe borders of a prison.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined the protesters who gathered outside a press conference involving the “imposition and removal” operations of the new Chicago local office of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Fred Tsao, senior political consultant for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, said that the Trust Act, signed in August 2017 by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, prohibits the collaboration of IDOC and Kankakee County with ICE, although the ICE holds a warrant or so-called federal immigration holder on the person.

“The IDOC would not be able to detain anyone beyond that person’s end of the criminal sentence even if that person were subject to an ICE detainee or warrant,” Tsao said. “In no event would Trust allow any sheriff or local police department to take custody of someone based solely on an ICE holder or mandate.”

The Trust Act allows local police to communicate with immigration agents and to detain someone for federal authorities if a valid criminal warrant exists.

In this case convictions should count, said Quincy Republican Senator Jil Tracy.

“These are convicted criminals,” said Tracy. “They served their sentences. However, will they register with a probation officer? “

Regarding the perpetrators of sexual offenses, Childress added: “People who do not have a legal status in this country do not register in the Illinois Sex Offender Registry. And if they flee Illinois, they don’t register anywhere else. “