Coronavirus crisis | The English Court presents an ERTE for 25,900 employees

The English Courthas presented this Wednesday before the Ministry of Labor a File of Temporary Regulation of Employment (ERTE) due to force majeure for a total of25,900 employees, as reported by the company in a statement. Specific,the firm chaired by Marta ÁlvarezThe measures authorized by the Government and contained in Royal Decree 463/2020 of March […]

The Afro-Latin court revolution

In the Madrid neighborhood of Usera, the New York hairdresser serves customers seven days a week. The demand is such that it is not unusual to find queues of people waiting their turn at the doors of the establishment. At any time, at any time. No, there is no truce for the capillary vanity of […]

Fashion Week: fashion, always more hybrid

Glenn Martens, creator of Y / Project invited us Monday at the foot of the Montparnasse tower, a stone’s throw from the somewhat outdated shopping center of the capital’s most unloved monument. Martens is a manitou of deconstruction, of the mixture of materials and eras (80s and 90s). His fashion is postmodern, made of allures […]

The leaders who cut down their own forest | International

There are leaders who surround themselves with the best and others who opt for the loyal; leaders who build bridges and others who build strengths; leaders who encourage the growth of relays and others who cut everything that stands out around them. These dichotomies in the interpretation of leadership thoroughly mark European politics these days. […]

Fashion week: fashion with raised fists

Marine Serre, neither was anyone else able to predict the coronavirus and its consequences. His fashion, however, looks forecasters, with asperities protective masks integrated in some cases into a hood. The French woman’s work has been focused from the start (she launched her brand in 2017) on the ecological disaster that promises to be apocalyptic […]

The left will present a project only for judicial employees

In addition, in another of the criticisms, the project sent by the Executive “equals the age of women and men, which constitutes a lousy background for the struggle of women against the double oppression they suffer in social reality.” In this way, it is detailed that the text that will be presented includes “even the […]

Brad Pitt’s haircuts, from worst to best | ICON

At 56, Brad Pitt (USA, 1963) has been named twice, in 1995 and in the year 2000, sexiest man in the world by the magazine People. The actor began dressing up as chicken in Los Angeles, but soon he changed the feathers for the glamor from Hollywood. “I was the one inside that costume. But […]

Champions League: the other eighths of the week

It’s not just Dortmund-Paris-SG in life: a real entry into the competition for European behemoths – Paris-SG but also Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, English clubs – in the queen competition, the round of 16 the Champions League mark the gateway to matches of a stratospheric level, rich in adventures and reversals of situations. Overview of the […]