The most common cyberattacks during the coronavirus pandemic

Luis Lidón and Marcel Gascón (efe) Updated:04/08/2020 01: 55h save Related news It is viral and grows with fear. It is not the Covid-19 but it expands at the same speed and finds fertile ground in uncertainty, isolation, false information and the desperate search for remedies and answers. We talk about cybercrime. The following conversation […]

Zoombombing, FBI warns that Zoom video calls are being intercepted

Zoom Communications benefits from coronavirus 1:04 (CNN) – As the video conferencing application Zoom increases in popularity, due to its increased use amidst the pandemic of coronavirusUS federal officials are now warning of a possible new privacy and security concern called “zoombombing.” The term refers to a form of cyber bullying denounced by some users […]

Cyber ​​criminals build spamming and phishing infrastructure |

COVID-19 has left an unmistakable trace in the domain namespace in the past two months. The large certificate authorities have registered a significant increase in SSL certificates – for domain names that contain “Corona” or “Covid”. […] Domains such as or are actively linked to malware downloads and can thus be clearly assigned […]

Caution! Do not install the COVID-19 Tracker application

In times of pandemic and the consequent isolation at home of thousands of people to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, the demand for information is great, but it is necessary to be extra careful with digital content. This is what the National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS) recommends has just launched, this Tuesday, an alert […]

Police issue warning against UK coronavirus scammers | World news

The scammers hurried to cling to the coronavirus outbreak, with fake “Centers for Disease Control” emails and other scams that are already deceiving the British public of £ 800,000, according to police. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) issued an urgent scam warning on Friday after identifying 21 cases of fraud involving the coronavirus in […]

The past catches up with the payment service provider

Wirecard booth The payment service provider wants to leave controversial business partners behind. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt, Munich The allegations weigh heavily: it is about “substantial transfers of money related to allegedly fraudulent online trading websites and illegal online gambling websites”. Such transactions are said to be “unhindered and unpunished” for many years through the Dax […]

Credit card fraud: how to protect yourself

Frankfurt Credit card fraud used to be a costly business: criminals either had to steal the original cards or access the card data via manipulated ATMs and cash register terminals to create counterfeit cards. Today it is easier: criminals hack into databases and access millions of credit card data – this happened at the US […]

Hacker attack on world football association – extent unclear

Fifa The world football association claims to have been the target of a hacker attack (Photo: Reuters) Zurich The world football association FIFA claims to have been the target of a hacker attack. In a Tuesday statement quoted by AP news agency, FIFA condemned the attack and was concerned that some information had been illegally […]