The “unusual” reason why Maura Rivera and Mark González were criticized on social networks

During this journey, footballer Mark González announced through his social networks the arrival of a new member to his family.

It is about a cat, whom they adopted as a family and who they named “Tom.” Along with a postcard where he appears with his pet, the athlete said: “I know that perhaps many already know, but for those who do not, I officially present Tom, our second adopted kitten 😍🐈”, he said.

However, Mark received various criticisms among his followers, who questioned the adoption of the pet.

“I don’t know where they take such cute animals to adopt, why don’t I see very cute puppies and kittens,” said one user. While another netizen declared: “And where do they adopt such cute kittens?”

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Anastasia Volochkova showed a string of “alcoholic” and publicly put in place Dan Borisov

Anastasia Volochkova and Dana Borisova long-standing conflict. Two blondes had a fight after the former TV presenter has accused the dancer of alcoholism and amoralke. In response to the dancer urged her opponent to answer.

Dana Borisova came face-to-face Anastasia Volochkova, which was accused of drunkenness. The ballerina denies that suffers from alcoholism. “What she’s accusing me? What I like to drink wine. What do you not drink wine? Sorry, what do you care what I do, I sleep with somebody that I realize. If the main task is to come every day to be on stage,” he said, as snapped, the actress in the new issue of the program “New Russian sensations”.

Dana just does not intend to retreat. “By the way, at this stage the legs were growing. It is explained to us in rehab. Female alcoholism, the third stageread the literature , specifically the woman begins to crawl” – not appeased with the scandalous attacks on television.

Volochkova also not born shita. “I’d love to see Dana Borisov after his cocaine, so she went out and did something physically feet, hands. Without cocaine, I think, will not. If she says this, that they used to lose weight,” he recalled ballerina revelation sworn friend.

Borisov admits that struggling with their addictions. “Yes, I’m an addict, Yes, I’m an addict, Yes, I’m an addict! But I’m honest, I speak about it openly. But I’ve dealt with a long time all these initial stages, and her daughter is not even in the beginning, it is in active use! That is her denial even saw but saw. Nastya, I have a lot in common. We share the same disease – alcoholism“- she said.

Anastasia most resent injustice. “I do not understand why people take the liberty to judge me, to appreciate and evaluate? Climb into my soul, into my glass, my plate, in my bed, in my house. I have a feeling that in my house lives the whole country. Everyone drink: one wine who – vodka is what everyone wants – it is the right of every human being. But after drinking you can’t come to the gym and doing cartwheels, pirouettes and to do what you love”, – is angry with the artist.

Volochkova believes that Borisov must answer for his slander. “When you’re talking shit, you have to answer! I can tell you my cat: chatter and … – no bags to roll”.

Dana retorted: “Away: Mat-peremat. Habalki included. You go drunk, beg, fall.”

However, the proposal Nastya took. “Anastasia, breathe!”, – demanded Dana. Volochkova complied with the request, and Borisov withdrew, driving away the smell. “Are you sober?”, – asked the presenter.

In response Volochkova assured that just worked eight hours on Pointe and offered the opponent the experiment. She sent Borisov through all the circles of hell ballet to the on your own Pointe shoes see how hard hangover “to be in the pack.”

The job – to do the splits – Dana failed miserably. And this is understandable. In this field Volochkova has no equal.

Drove Dan twine “alcoholic” in the air. Spinning, spinning. String “alcoholic”, and revolves a ball of gold” – Anastasia twirled in the dance, doing his trademark splits.

She said that for the year from it there were 40 performances of “the Dancer in the mirror of the circus.” “I do every day love. Wake up in bed with a loved one… to Blame I have nothing. Has no right! For the charges that she made, calling me, pouring dirt, she will answer in court”, – said the dancer.


Anastasia Volochkova took to the street in lingerie

Anastasia Volochkova knows how to shock the audience like no other. During self-isolation, the ballerina had a lot of free time, so she began to communicate more with fans. This time, the artist appeared in public underwear.

Anastasia Volochkova posted a video on the blog with words of gratitude to her longtime friend. For a more spectacular shot, the ballerina went into the courtyard of her estate. True, she did not dress. Fortunately, the street is warm enough, although it was raining.

In lingerie Volochkova posed at the glass tableon which stood a fruit bouquet. On top of the black lace bodysuit, the star threw a transparent handkerchief. In the hands of Anastasia held a pet – cat Lucky.

Flowers and pleasant surprises are always a joy!

“In any weather, flowers and pleasant surprises are always joy!”, The artist signed the video. And a few hours before that, she decided to have an impromptu New Year. She dressed up a Christmas tree in the yard and began to fry kebab.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia… Remaining in love and romance, “said the ballerina. And noted that she would definitely eat a piece of chicken.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia …

“Anastasia Volochkova and barbecue – this is probably very funny. But without a sense of humor these days can not do. And in general, everything in our life must be perceived with a positive. All of you good and happiness! “, Added the celebrity.

Note Anastasia at the time of self-isolation secluded in a three-story mansion with her loverwho has been hiding from everyone for more than a year. It is known about the man that he is handsome and has never been married. Nola and Rustam help manage the household. By the way, Lola is also a personal dancer stylist, about which she herself has repeatedly said.


Maria Poroshina showed her stretch

Maria Powder is a participant in the 11th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars.” People’s favorite pleases the audience with unusual images. She was already a glamorous diva of the 20s of the last century, and an oriental beauty, and even incendiary danced cha-cha-cha in bold mini and pantyhose in a net. This time, the mother of five children appeared on the floor in the image of a charming policeman.

Maria Poroshina and Evgenia Raeva enjoy wildly popular with the audience of the show “Dancing with the Stars”. The partner of the actress is a titled dancer and choreographer. Of course, without incidents on the floor is not complete. But stars cope with all difficulties for the sake of one goal – victory on the project.

Maria posted a series of photos on her blog. In the frame, she and her partner are captured during the performance of an incendiary number. Poroshina appeared as a policeman, and Raev – in the image of a biker.

Maria Poroshina fell during the show “Dancing with the Stars”

“Having fallen on the floor, I believe we did not fall before your eyes. We are preparing something interesting …”, the 46-year-old actress signed the pictures. In one of the photos she famously threw her foot at Eugene.

Stretching the star of the series “Always say” always “” made a splash. Fans were delighted with what they saw. They supported the star mom and daughters. Seraphim and Agrafena went live to express their admiration for Mom’s talent and convince the judges not to give her low scores.

“It was wonderful! I really liked how my mom suddenly threw her leg up. The stretch is good! Give her good marks … Mom is trying hard!”, One of the daughters said.

By the way, raher Poroshina admitted that very worried before agreeing to participate in the show. But she took up this challenge with her children. “I have five of them. All this is done for them and for their sake. Therefore, I went to dance. Not everything works out, but I tried,” said the actress. In a marriage with actor Ilya Drevnov, she gave birth to three daughters – Seraphim, Agrafen and Glafira. From the first husband of Gosha Kutsenko, she has a daughter, Polina. And in January 2020, the artist had the long-awaited son Andrei. She does not advertise the name of the boy’s father.

Maria Poroshina struck on the spot with her banner


Helene Fischer: Simply terrible – now it comes out that she …

Helene Fischer: Simply terrible – now it comes out that she …

She is one of the most successful German singers: Helene Fischer.
We look back on the beginnings of the Schlager star’s career.

show description

Now it also has hit star Helene Fischer met.

Because the queen of the hit is now forced to take consequences because of the rapid spread of the virus and to let her big announced comeback whiz.

But that’s not all.

In fact, it seems like I have to Helene Fischer now take a far worse measure.

Helene Fischer: worse suspicion – now it comes out that …

Because of the current situation, the crew of their jobs is not sure either. Especially her dancers and acrobats, who belong to the famous “Cirque du Soleil” and were on a big arena tour with Helene Fischer in 2018, are currently scared.

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The probably most famous acrobatic circus in the world had to fire 95 percent of the employees because of Corona, according to the business magazine Forbes. The Swiss magazine reports. And also explains that only 259 “Cirque du Soleil” artists can currently remain employed.

Helene Fischer was supposed to give her first comeback concert in Austria on April 4th. But nothing will come of it for the time being. The organizer let Helen’s fans know via Facebook: “There will almost certainly be a catch-up date for Helene Fischer’s concert in Bad Hofgastein, which was originally planned for April!”

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There is still no catch-up date for comeback

However, the organizer does not yet know how quickly the new plans will progress. “But everything is developing positively and we are very confident that we will soon be able to tell you more”, the organizer continued.

Could Helene’s “Cirque du Soleil” dancers say that too …?


This is Helene Fischer:

  • Helene Fischer was born on August 5, 1984 in Krasnoyarsk
  • With more than sixteen million records sold, Helene Fischer is one of the most successful singers in Germany
  • Her albums Best of Helene Fischer, Farbenspiel and Christmas are among the best-selling music albums in Germany
  • Helene Fischer was with Florian Silbereisen for years
  • At the end of 2018, the dream couple of the German hit separated
  • A short time later, Helene Fischer made her relationship with acrobat Thomas Seitel public
  • It is not yet clear when the next Helene Fischer album will be released


Big disappointment for fans

The whole situation about Helene’s postponed comeback should be disappointing enough for the fans. A few weeks ago, they showed themselves more than impatient on social media because their hit idol no longer said anything (here the whole story >>>) That will not change in the coming weeks …

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Ex Florian Silbereisen is taking consequences

Her ex Florian Silbereisen also seems to have to think of Helene often at the moment. No wonder if songs are continuously sung by her on the DSDS – where he recently became a juror. But now the singer has drawn consequences and made a clear announcement on the show. You can find out what that is here >>>

And not only that: Florian Silbereisen immediately made a sweet confession at his premiere show as a DSDS jury member. Read more here >>>