Huawei expects a difficult year and threatens the US government

Huawei Last year the group felt the effects of export restrictions. (Photo: AFP) Shenzhen For the world’s largest network supplier, Huawei, the current year could be the most difficult in its history due to the US sanctions. Eric Xu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, warned on Tuesday that further export restrictions could destroy global […]

The home office works with these four open source tools

Teamwork Programmers develop open source solutions for digital teamwork, such as here at the annual Chaos Computer Club congress. Dusseldorf Many companies are currently in the stress test. The short-term move to the home office due to the corona crisis surprised many companies. In many cases, the digital systems were not designed for permanent work […]

Home office opens new gateways for hackers

Dusseldorf It is the horror notion for every company: hackers gain access to the company network, steal confidential information or paralyze the entire company with blackmail intentions. To prevent this, companies protect their internal networks from unauthorized access with encrypted connections, anti-virus programs and firewalls. But now that more and more companies are rapidly sending […]

The perfect bait: Cyber ​​criminals use the corona panic

Dusseldorf How bad is the situation really? A website promises to display infections with the corona virus in real time, also in Germany. If you click on it, you not only open a map, but also download a sniffing program in the background. An analysis by Reason Cybersecurity shows that this secretly reads information from […]

Huawei regains top position in patent statistics

Munich, Dusseldorf Initially, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei appeared uncertain when he appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. The 75-year-old sat motionless on his chair with his hands folded. But when he spoke about the allegations of the US government that his technology company was helping the Chinese government with cyber espionage, […]

Further vulnerabilities discovered in processors

Further vulnerabilities in Intel processors Further security gaps have been discovered in Intel processors, through which attackers can read sensitive data. (Photo: dpa) Santa Clara, lions In processors from Intel Security vulnerabilities have been discovered that allow attackers to read sensitive data such as passwords. It is about a similar weak point in the chip […]

USA extend exemption for trading in Huawei

Huawei The United States extends an exception rule for doing business with the Chinese network supplier. (Photo: AP) Washington The US government has again extended an exception for trading with the Chinese network supplier Huawei by 45 days. The deadline now runs until May 15, the Ministry of Economy announced. The US government blacklisted Huawei […]

Extortion of cities and municipalities – that’s what the BSI and BKA advise

Düsseldorf, Berlin The day of the emergency began for Maic Schillack with an early phone call. It was Friday, September 6th, when a colleague from the IT department reported to the First City Council of Neustadt am Rübenberge at 6.45 a.m. There had been some weird activity on the city’s servers overnight, the man said. […]

Huawei builds first factory outside of China in France

Huawei logo The company builds its first European factory. (Photo: AFP) Paris The Chinese Huawei group, which is threatened with restrictions on the equipment of future mobile radio networks in Europe, wants to set up production in France. The plant is to produce technology for super-fast 5G radio data transmission, as well as today’s common […]

Credit card fraud: how to protect yourself

Frankfurt Credit card fraud used to be a costly business: criminals either had to steal the original cards or access the card data via manipulated ATMs and cash register terminals to create counterfeit cards. Today it is easier: criminals hack into databases and access millions of credit card data – this happened at the US […]