Not only dollars do you live in Vaca Muerta

The news restrictions to the availability of Dollars for the payment of debts are just one more link in the contradictory signals in the energy sector in the last two months. Publicly, there are almost no distinctions in the main references of the national government when choosing the place from which the dollars could begin to be found. However, in fact, the differences seem to be endless and rather go in the opposite direction.

Big companies with both feet on Dead cow they see in the new scenario a very bad sign, rather than a concrete effect on their operations. Why? The billions of dollars that they contributed until mid-2019, a moment that could be taken as the beginning of the current cycle of decline in the oil sector, usually comes from the flow of money from their parent companies. Given the inquiries made by + e about the Argentine economic scenario since this week, a group of the largest explained off the record that in fact they have not had problems to send remittances abroad.

They consider that the worst thing is how a bad climate is generated to attract investment. This, in the case of the “large” companies, those whose capital comes from the cash flow of their businesses around the world, who had taken the option of investing in Vaca Muerta at a rate of between 3,000 and 5,000 million dollars annually in the last triennium.

But the new restrictions on access to dollars for those who have debts to refinance add an additional share of uncertainty. The situation picture can become very different for dozens of SMEs that have assumed debts in dollars, whose payments must now refinance and adapt to the restrictions imposed by the BCRA to prevent the great drain on dollars.


In YPF they affirm that the company has already refinanced a good part of its debt in dollars. However, it has commitments to assume in which it might need to readjust these returns to the new provisions, or make payments with its own cash, something that it would prefer to use to incentivize the production that the country will need in the coming months.

According to what the BCRA defined, it will only be able to take something like 40% of the dollars it needs in the local market and the rest to try to refinance it, if it opts for that definition.

However, there is another concern that transcends economics in the oil industry and is the incongruous series of uncertainties, more related to politics than to the current cycle of economic crisis.

The Gas 4 Plan, that project closely linked to the level of reserves in dollars for the country, now in the process of readjustment; the declaration of Metrogas, the country’s main distributor, that it will not pay a whopping 7.5 billion pesos to large producers; the brake on millionaire payments that arise from the non-validation of decree 1053/2019, which established payments for the devaluation of the currency and its impact on the gas rate during the macrismo, are a difficult cocktail to overcome when generating stable conditions for the national government to find in Vaca Muerta the answers that it says it will seek.


The Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, has been talking with the main operators in the country, but his lack of appointment to the position, 15 days after the public news, also give a bad signal in the oil sector in a context without certainty and with one of the quickest sands in memory. In this context, the lack of clearer political leadership in the energy sector and the decisions that make the diagnosis of incentivizing “exports” to bring in the dollars that the country will need are a stumbling block just as or more severe than the additional complication of restricting access to foreign exchange for the payment of debts.

This, in the middle of the agreement that the industry seeks to weave with the unions.


The other debate: wealth tax

The president of the Budget Commission in the Chamber of Deputies, Carlos Heller, estimated on Thursday that next week the project of solidarity contribution will be advanced. He hopes that on Monday the opinion of the initiative promoted by the ruling party will be signed to take it to the premises in the next session.

The project establishes that 25 percent of the collected will be destined to the production and exploration in gas fields throughout the country through IEASA (Integración Energética Argentina SA) the former Enarsa, which would channel the funds so that YPF can allocate to their producing areas.


The figure would round up about 75 billion pesos. It would be something like a patch, although channeled through a single company, for the other front that the Kirchnerist bloc established with Decree 1053 of the government of Mauricio Macri.

It would be an additional alternative to guarantee the possible obtaining of resources for that scenario that the national government seeks to avoid: that of transferring more dollars in gas purchases abroad, something that at the same time seeks with the Gas 4 Plan, the subsidy under revaluation in Economy.


Massive infection in marriage in the United States: 7 dead and 177 infected – Health

It was to be remembered as a fond celebration in midsummer in the quaint little town of Millinocket, Maine. But the wedding party ended with seven deaths and at least 177 people infected by coronavirus.

One of the reasons for this party that ended in tragedy is that the wedding guests on August 7 they were 65, more than the maximum allowed of 50 people. They first attended a ceremony at a Baptist church, and then a reception at the Big Moose Inn, both near Millinocket, a town of 4,000 people.

Ten days later, 24 people linked to the marriage tested positive for COVID-19, and the Maine Center for Disease Control opened an investigation. The director of the Center, Nirav Shah, informed on Thursday in a press conference that as a result of the marriage there were at least 177 infected people. Seven died, although “none of the victims was physically present at the party.”

Epidemiological investigators trying to find everyone who came into contact with infected people linked the marriage to several outbreaks of the virus across the state of Maine, on the border with Canada.

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A total of 39 cases and six deaths occurred in a nursing home 100 miles from Millinocket, more than 80 cases were identified in a prison 370 km from the place of the wedding – one of the guards attended the marriage – and there are 10 probable cases in a Baptist church in the same region.

For Maine, which initially had very strict rules of confinement and social distancing but later relaxed them due to its very low infection rate, what happened was a reminder that you cannot lower your guard against the virus.

When we found out what happened, everyone went into quarantine again (…) Everything closed in town“Cody McEwen, president of the city council, told AFP.

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Some residents of the town are furious with the organizers of the marriage, starting with the shelter where it took place, and whose accommodation was temporarily suspended.

“They shouldn’t have organized that wedding. They should have been limited to 50 people, ”deplored Nina Obrikis, a member of the local Baptist church. “Now we can’t go anywhere, we can’t do anything.”

The church where the marriage ceremony took place.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills issued a warning Thursday to the 1.3 million residents of this highly rural small state, whose contagion rate stands at 0.6%.

This increase in cases “threatens to ruin the progress made” in the face of the pandemic, he said. “We are not on the other side of the tunnel of covid-19, the virus is in our gardens”, he specified.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a series of events are linked to the origin of an exponential number of cases. The first in the United States were a biotechnology conference in Boston in February, where about 175 people participated, and a burial in Georgia where more than 100 people were infected with the virus.

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In recent weeks there have been several outbreaks, especially on university campuses as a result of parties. Some colleges have had to close their doors and send students home. At Oneonta University in upstate New York, more than 670 cases were detected in one month.

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Cali: Clandestine Rumba ended in tragedy with the Police | Colombia today – Cali – Colombia

The incidents occurred around midnight on Sunday, when calls for a party and the presence of an armed person were answered in a sector of the Aguablanca District, in the east of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

Family of the man who died says that he was delivering food on request and did not confront the police.

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A patrol from the Police Quadrant reached 108th Street with Carrera 26K in the Manuela Beltrán neighborhood.

The official report says that “the community informs them about a man with a
fire, they go to the sector and observe a person with the same characteristics, they approach him to perform the search. He then objects and enters a residence. Subsequently, he exits it and wields the firearm against the integrity of the patrolman, who in reaction activates his firearm to neutralize him. ”

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Some of those present entered the house and others stayed in a discussion with the police. Then, in the midst of confusion, there was a shooting.

The police report says that some residents in the sector attacked the patrol, fired shots and threw blunt objects at them.

The uniformed men requested support from the other quadrants. The patrol vehicle was reported as total damage due to the community attack.

In the facts, a man died who, according to the Police, was carrying an industrially manufactured firearm and activated it. He was taken to the Carlos Holmes Trujillo hospital, but in the emergency room he was pronounced dead.

The man’s family assures that he was delivering a custom meal and was killed by the police. It was then, when several people attacked the patrol cars, that they called for reinforcements.

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In this case, two civilians and two policemen were injured, who were taken to the emergency room of different health centers.



Red Dead Online allows us to become a deer with its new update

Last September 8th Rockstar introduced an update to Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, which brought with it a very peculiar new feature: the possibility of becoming a deer. Yes, you read that correctly, the game that has always sought to show us the most realistic possible version of the Wild West now allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of an animal.

For it we will need to raise our naturalist class to Rank 5 and complete a mission that will take us to look for five special plants. When we have them, It is enough for us to find the trail of a deer and interact with its tracks, which will end up triggering the transformation into this animal.. Mind you, this is temporary and we will only last five minutes in this form. Of course, this does not prevent us from murdering anyone, although we have to be careful, since, as expected, this does not make us immortal and they can hunt us down.

The multiplayer mode of one of the most acclaimed games of the generation

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world action game developed by Rockstar that serves as a prequel to its acclaimed first installment, originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC and is one of the highest-rated titles by the media of the entire generation.

If you want to know more about it, we recommend that you take a look at the analysis what do we dedicate, where we rate it a 10 and we conclude that “it is simply Rockstar trying the hardest yet, surpassing itself again, offering us the most ambitious game of all time. One that deserves to be lived by any lover of this art and entertainment, which shows us, once again , that its only limit is the sky, that this work has allowed us to caress on several occasions.


Michele Murgia dies at 35

There was nothing to do: Michele Murgia died at 35 in Villacidro (South Sardinia). The dramatic accident took place in the industrial area of ​​the country on Wednesday evening. He was inside the cockpit of the truck in maneuver, when a heavy reinforced concrete beam suddenly fell on the vehicle. A devastating impact on the shed of a company that deals with the wholesale of food products.

In a few minutes the Sanluri firefighters and the 118 rescuers rushed to the scene and worked for hours with a crane to free Michele Murgia from the cockpit. The 35-year-old initially responded to rescuers, however his injuries were too serious and he died. The carabinieri of the Villacidro Company were also on site.

Villacidro, Michele Murgia died crushed

An investigation will have to ascertain why that beam fell and broke the life of Murgia. According to a first reconstruction, the container loaded on the vehicle would have hit the upper wall of the concrete crossbar that overlooks the entrance to the shed. At that point, the impact would have caused the wall to collapse and hit the cabin.

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The despair is all in the words of the owner, Carlo Pittau, who a Castle Online he says: “A disgrace, I’m very sorry. He had been my employee for seven years, Michele was a very good and hard-working boy. We were about to leave,” he says, his voice broken by tears.

The morning of work ends in tragedy


A PDI official killed a criminal who tried to assault her by means of a “trap”

This Monday night a PDI official killed a criminal who tried to steal her vehicle by the method of “Lock up.”

The event was recorded in Américo Vespucio in the commune of Florida. The uniformed woman was in her vehicle, when suddenly Another car appeared with four individuals inside.

Some of them descended and began to threaten the woman with firearms. When being cornered, he made use of his service weapon by firing it on one occasion.

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Said shot hit one of the antisocials, causing him death. The other three subjects who tried to carry out the robbery fled the scene quickly.

As detailed by the head of the Eastern Metropolitan Prefecture of the PDI, Marisela Gárate, “two of them pointed firearms and the subject who was next to her, hit the glass, forcing her down (…) the subject immediately pounces on her, so he uses his service weapon”.

The procedure was in charge of the Carabineros, who carry out the first inquiries to determine how the events occurred.


This man’s plan to broadcast his own death was foiled on Facebook

DIJON, – A man France, who was suffering from an incurable disease, planned to broadcast Dead itself on Facebook. However, Facebook said it would block the impressions.

Alain Cocq, 57, plans to broadcast his last days after he started refusing to eat, drink and take drugs on Saturday (5/9/2020).

President Emmanuel Macron has previously rejected his request to serve euthanasia.

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Cocq wants laws in France to be changed to allow seriously ill people to die as they wish.

Several groups, including the Catholic Church, oppose euthanasia on moral grounds.

“The road to liberation begins and believe me, I am happy,” said Cocq in an upload on his Facebook account on Saturday (05/09) morning.

He was seen in bed at his home in Dijon, after announcing that he had “finished his last meal”.

“I know the days ahead will be difficult but I have made my decision and I am calm,” he added.

Cocq suffers from a degenerative disease, which causes the artery walls to stick together.

However, Facebook blocked plans to broadcast his death live on the grounds that it did not allow viewing of a suicide.

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Deadly stabbing The Hague: who stabbed the man with the white dog to death?

The man became Saturday afternoon around 4.10 pm Found seriously injured in a porch on Schoutendreef in The Hague South-West. Emergency services came out en masse and the trauma helicopter was also called in to provide assistance to doctors. Yet the victim died on the porch.

According to the spokesperson, a Team Large-scale Investigation has been formed to investigate the stabbing. That is a team of detectives who are especially focused on this case. No one has been arrested yet.

‘Oh yes the dog’

A woman who lives in the apartment next door estimates the victim to be around thirty: ‘an ordinary man’, she doesn’t know more about him.

Another resident estimates the victim to be a bit older: between 30 and 40, she suspects. ‘He had little contact with people’, she does know that he had a small white dog. That is included. Several local residents know who it is when the dog is mentioned.

Suddenly all police

The woman was unloading groceries when the emergency services arrived. ‘Suddenly an ambulance came and all the police.’ A trauma helicopter landed on the sports field in the adjacent street. But the help was no longer of use. Meanwhile, football is played again on the field.

“They tried to help him,” says a woman from the balcony that has a view of the apartment where the victim would live on three floors. “I was shocked by this,” she says. The woman says that the apartment has been investigated all night. “There was a white tent in front of the door.” The detectives are also still investigating on Sunday afternoon.

‘Victim unknown’

Police forensic specialists scour the stairwell for traces.

An officer guards the entrance to the porch. Detectives go door to door to gather information, says a local resident. “They’ve been to everyone’s flat,” says a man who lives in the flat next door. “They don’t know who it is yet.” According to him, the victim is a Polish boy. “He had only lived here for a few months, he was very much on his own.”

A man walking his dog has a different opinion: ‘I am from Poland myself and have heard him speak, but I did not understand him. I don’t think he was a Pole, but rather Bulgarian or something. ‘


Invaders, the missing successor to Left 4 Dead? – What could have been

From the stumble of EvolveTurtle Rock Studios has been idle for quite some time, only working on smaller projects for virtual reality. With Back 4 Blood, the American study seems to return to the saga that gave it so much success, Left 4 Dead, but everything indicates that there is enough left for us to play it. What has Turtle Rock been up to since 2015? Only VR games? The answer is Invaders.

With the slogan You can’t do it alone, Invaders will confront us with a dangerous alien invasion.

Back to the origins?

During 2015 and 2016, part of the study was dedicated to working on the new content that Evolve I would receive during the year and a half that it lasted as a game as a service, while the rest worked on different ideas to present to different publishers. One of these projects was Invaders, a blockbuster that never saw the light of day, and that, at the latest, was already underway in October 2015 with, we imagine, the current consoles and PC in mind.

This floating creature was the
This floating creature was the invader that gave the game its name.

In May of this year, job offers appeared to develop an unannounced revolutionary game, although not many more clues were given about it, other than that it would have combat and video sequences. These job offers were, quite possibly, for Invaders (also called Invader, singular), and everything points to the fact that with him wanted to bring back a more classic design, with multiple players fighting together against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence.

A desolate London serve
A desolate London will serve as the stage for our battles.

This time they weren’t zombies, but alien creatures that were wreaking havoc on the UK in the near future. Our heroes, normal people of all kinds ranging from architects to homeless people, will take to the streets to defend their people, and they will have to combine their skills to achieve it.. In this near future, humanity had exotechnology, which would allow anyone to be a weapons expert.

Some examples of different characters, people of all kinds caught in the battle against the aliens
Some examples of different characters, people of all kinds caught up in the battle against the aliens.

Judging from the descriptions of the characters, we can see that there will be several classes (heavy, medical, trapper …), each with strong and weak points. We can also see that Invaders It would have puzzles in the environment, manufacture of weapons with the objects that we found in the scenarios and both melee and ranged battles.

More character examples, including the futuristic weapons they will use.

The enemies will not be less. Among the basic enemies we had the typical brutes who will throw themselves at us with a punch and a clean charge; the most agile and annoying who would pursue us, or creatures that could shoot at us from far away. As if this were not enough, our dear aliens were ovparous, and certain critters, the fertilizers, could obviously fertilize eggs scattered around the stage and create more rivals if we do not stop them in time.

It's simple
This cute little bug was the fertilizer, capable of generating more enemies from the nests scattered around the stage.

There would be no shortage of bosses, absolutely gigantic, and they would require the greatest coordination between players to be able to access their weak points. Special mention for a species of jellyfish that levitated among the clouds in central London, which could hardly be distinguished. She was a kind of mother who spits eggs around the city, and that little by little she was growing, showing tentacles and, at the end of the game, her gigantic true form. It was designed to be a mysterious entity, until at the last moment of history, we discovered that it was a very intelligent being, capable of learning from everything we had done up to then. This was the invader, hence the title was singular.

Different designs
Different designs for the invader.

Ideas on the table

We do not know how far the development progressed, but we do know that had to see reasonable enough progress to reduce some of the ideas presented in these illustrations for technical reasons. Similarly, not all the creatures we see here were implemented in the game. All this leads us to think that, at least, it had to have playable versions.

This image, which looks like a study of the destruction system
This image, which looks like a study of the dynamic / modular destruction system that TRS worked on, also helps you get an idea of ​​the size of the bosses.

We also know that different ideas for the creatures were studied, including some … somewhat strange. At our top there is a kind of velociraptor with a baby Cthulhu riding on its back, or a whole series of monsters made of garbage.. Besides, it seems that the obvious possibility of causing the aliens to come from space was studied, and that some kind of comet loaded with eggs began the invasion.

If you contemplate
The idea of ​​making enemies out of … garbage was contemplated.

Normally, we say that Invaders disappeared without a trace, but in this case it was not even announced. This isn’t the only major project Turtle Rock Studios has worked on since then that has remained under wraps, but that’s a story for another day..

Although we cannot close without our favorite: the baby
Although we cannot close without our favorite: the baby Cthulhu on the back of a xenoraptor.


Dead by Daylight: Descend Beyond, Chapter 17, revealed in video

Behaviour Interactive still continues to offer additional content for its horror game at gameplay asymmetric Dead by Daylight, and he just unveiled Descend Beyond, the Chapter 17 of its title which should arrive very soon on computers and consoles. Make way for a video presentation of the new features:

Descend Beyond this time is not inspired by a license known as the Chapter at Silent Hill, more this extension will obviously include once again a Killer and one Survivor unreleased. New Killer, this is The scourge, a chemist known as Talbot Grimes who wanted to improve the human condition, but who found himself transformed following his own experiences. His power Corruption of the Scourge allows him to inject himself with a serum to increase his supernatural abilities tenfold, while his special ability Rush makes him jump forward. The scourge then cannot attack, but it creates Impacts on surfaces. His special attack Deadly rush allows it to run very quickly and attack Survivors after a Rush Impact. The scourge comes with three new skills, Capture of the Dragon, Spell: Immortal and Spell: Blood Favor.

New Survivor will be Felix Richter, an architect helping his teammates with his power Visionary by creating a halo around the generators, Desperate measures increases character aid speed for each teammate injured, dying, or hanging from a hook, while Designed to last reloads an object emptied during the game.

Descend Beyond therefore should not include a new card. The expansion does not yet have a release date, it is expected soon in Dead by Daylight, the title is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the game is sold for € 29.99 on in Nightmare Edition (with the DLC Stranger Things includes). The title of Behaviour Interactive will also arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with graphical improvements for everyone.

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