In Russia, 6852 new cases of coronavirus infection and 188 deaths were detected per day

The incidence of coronavirus in Russia is gradually decreasing: for several days in a row, less than 7 thousand new cases have been detected per day. The total number of infected in the Russian Federation exceeded 627 thousand people. As for the victims of the epidemic, the country has nearly 9 thousand deaths among patients with COVID-19.

Despite the decrease in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, a new surge in incidence may soon occur in Russia. According to the Russian virologist Mikhail ShchelkanovThis will happen in two weeks. The specialist noted that now the increase in incidence is recorded in Europe, and this trend will affect Russia. In his opinion, a major outbreak will affect several large cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladivostok. In order to avoid a new jump in the incidence rate, according to Schelkanov, the borders should remain closed.

We give brief statistics on the distribution of coronavirus in Russia:

  • Over the last day in Russia revealed new cases – 6852 (6800);
  • The total number of cases of infection over the entire period is 627,646 (620,794);
  • The total number of deaths in Russia over the entire period is 8969 (8781);
  • Died in the last day – 188 (176);
  • The incidence in Moscow: 219 354 (218 604) – for the whole time, 750 (813) – for the last day;
  • The total number of patients with coronavirus recovered in Russia is 393 352 (384 152).
  • Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova took the initiative to establish long-term follow-up for patients who had been ill with coronavirus. She noted that the consequences of the disease have not yet been studied, and it is important to pay attention to the associated risks. Among them, she called the exacerbation of coronary heart disease, hypertension, lung disease, acute diseases of the cardiovascular system of an autoimmune nature, myocarditis and other diseases.

    The Federal Tourism Agency has published a list of restrictive measures that are currently in force for tourists entering foreign countries. Some of them have a two-week quarantine for travelers. There are also countries where a medical certificate is required to cross the border stating that the bearer passed a negative coronavirus test.

    In order for collective immunity to coronavirus to take shape in Russia, about 70 million doses of the vaccine are needed. At the moment, the drugs are in the testing phase.

    World situation

    According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world has reached 9,801,958 – this is data for all countries since the outbreak. The United States (2.468 million), Brazil (1.275 million), Russia (627.7 thousand), India (508.9 thousand) and the United Kingdom (310.8 thousand) are in the top five in the number of cases of infection.

    Johns Hopkins University has 494,180 deaths. The United States (125.0 thousand), Brazil (55.9 thousand), Great Britain (43.5 thousand), Italy (34.7 thousand) and France (29.8 thousand) are the leaders in the number of deaths from coronavirus.

    Currently, a record daily increase in the incidence of coronavirus is recorded in the United States. Over the past day, more than 40 thousand new cases have been revealed there, and this trend is observed in states where some of the restrictive measures were previously removed.

    According to the President of the United States Donald Trump, the country has low mortality when compared with other states. At the same time, according to Johns Hopkins University, the States are in third place in the number of deaths per 100 thousand people and are second only to Spain and the UK.

    The European Medicines Agency has recommended authorizing the sale of Veklury for the treatment of pneumonia with COVID-19. The drug was used to treat Ebola. In Russia, he is currently undergoing clinical trials.


    Coronavirus, in the decline in infections and deaths: the Lazio exceeds the Lombardy region for the index Rt

    Are five Regions to increase zero: Marche, Campania, Valle D’aosta, Calabria and Basilicata. The outbreaks are around 238.011a number down compared to Thursday, when they were 238.159 – for a recalculation of the Region of Sicily which has taken in 397 cases.

    Rose to 181.907 the healed and the discharged, with an increase compared to 1.363 in a day. On Thursday, the increase had amounted to 1.089. Amounts to € 21.543 the sick, 1.558 in less than Thursday, when the decline of the currently positive was 824. After the increase of Thursday, come down admissions in the icu: are 161 patients hospitalized in the departments of resuscitationseven in less than 24 hours ago.

    The region of Lazio: “Rt above 1 caused by cluster closed” – The value of Rt over 1 “is linked to the outbreaks have already closed, the situation is under control”. The precise the councillor of Health of the Region Lazio, Alessio D’amato, noting that “the recognition of the ministry indicates how the Lazio has the best tracking system at the national level with 100% of the cases with regular epidemiological investigation and research of close contacts”.

    In Lombardy the percentage between the pads effectual and new positive is 1.5%. The deaths reached a total of 16.534 from the beginning of the pandemic. On Thursday, there were 216 new cases (1.9% report tampons-positive) and 36 deaths. Stationary hospitalization in the icu (60), while decrease of patients not in the icu (-136, 1.537 in total).

    Critical low, but in some areas there is a slight increase – The joint monitoring of the Iss and the ministry of Health finds that the criticality is low, with a slight increase of the virus circulation in some areas of the Country. The report analyses data for the period 8-14 June, following the third phase of the reopening on the 3rd of June. According to experts, many of the cases notified this week are likely to have the contract l`infection two to three weeks before, that is, in the context of the second phase of opening (between 18 may and 1 June). Some of the cases identified by screening, however, could relate to previous periods.

    The who: “The virus is still lethal, record cases per day” – The pandemic coronavirus is accelerating: Thursday, were reported 150,000 new cases, the highest number in one day so far.” And’ so says the Who, stressing that “the world is in a new and dangerous phase. Many people are understandably tired of staying in the house. Countries are understandably eager to re-open their societies and their economies. But the virus is still spreading, is still deadly, and most of the people are likely”.

    Outbreak Covid in Rsa alexandrina, 13 positive A new outbreak of the coronavirus scare the Piedmont. Are thirteen of the outbreaks registered in the Rsa of the Madonna del Pozzo in San Salvatore Monferrato, approximately 4,300 inhabitants in the province of Alessandria. It is eleven guests and two health care professionals of the private structure that refers to the Opera Diocesan Assistance (Oda). To bring the virus inside of the house of rest, a structure dipped in the green next to the sanctuary on the outskirts of the village, may be was a guest back in mid-may to the hospital, where he had been hospitalized for a bowel obstruction. The swab was negative, but after a few days the appearance of the fever he had convinced the doctor to a new patient is in the hospital. It takes the request of the new pads, from which emerge the positivity.

    More than a million cases in Brazil Brazil has over one million people infected by Covid-19, according to data provided by the secretariats of health of the state. The number of infected has reached the threshold of 1.009.699.


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    Von der Leyen focuses on the program Next Generation: “unique Chance to l’Italia”. Sassoli: “Now serving reforms”. Meanwhile, new cases of coronavirus in China, districts of Beijing in lockdown

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      The count opens the States-General: “Invest in beauty”



    Russia bypassed Germany and France in the number of coronavirus infected

    Over the last day in Russia revealed 11,231 coronavirus infections in 84 regions, reports the federal operational headquarters on the website stopkoronavirus.rf. This is a record number of cases of COVID-19 cases detected per day in Russia.

    The total number of patients with coronavirus infection in Russia has grown to 177,160 people. At the time of publication, Russia ranks 5th in the world in the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection, overtaking Germany (168 162 cases) and France (174 224) in this indicator, according to data from the American Johns Hopkins University. Moreover, according to official statistics, coronavirus victims in Russia are much fewer: in France, according to recent data, 25,812 patients with coronavirus have died, in Germany – 7275 infected, 1625 infected died in Russia (88 of them in the last day).

    23 803 people have recovered from COVID-19 in Russia, reports the scale. 2476 people recovered per day – this is a record figure. Thus, in Russia now there are 151 732 active cases of COVID-19. According to the number of patients, Russia currently ranks third in the world after the United States (975,306) and the UK (170,681), follows from official data collected by Worldometers.

    In Moscow, for the sixth day in a row, more than 5,000 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected – the number of patients with COVID-19 in the capital per day increased by 6,703 to 92,676 people. This is a record daily increase in infected for the capital. 39 patients with coronavirus died in the last day, from the beginning of the epidemic – 905 became infected. Already 9,227 residents of the capital have been cured of coronavirus infection, a record increase in 769 patients has been recorded over the past 24 hours.

    After Moscow, the most new cases of coronavirus infection per day were detected in Moscow region (842), Nizhny Novgorod region (312) Saint Petersburg (306), Dagestan and Tatarstan (105 cases of infection). AT Krasnodar Territory coronavirus infection was found in 99 residents, in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – at 93, at North Ossetia – at 89, at Ryazan region – at 96, at Tula region – in 85 people. AT Kabardino-Balkaria and Bashkortostan revealed 83 cases of coronavirus infection per day.

    The top five regions in terms of the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection remain unchanged – Moscow (92,676 infected), Moscow region (17 432), St. Petersburg (6190) Nizhny Novgorod Region (3610) and Dagestan (2372). Top 10 regions also include Murmansk region (2272 cases), Krasnodar region (1633), Tula (1530) Rostov (1514) and Kaluga (1486) area.

    COVID-19 has been reported in 187 countries. In total, more than 3.75 million people have already become infected with coronavirus in the world, more than 1.2 million of them recovered, and more than 263,000 infected died.


    Coronavirus, deaths and sick people fall in Italy Zaia: “In Veneto 50 thousand jobs lost, we can reopen everything”

    “Veneto can open everything”Zaia peremptorily says. “Obviously on a solid basis of a certification provided by the Technical-scientific Committee. But we could, in principle, face any kind of openness”. According to the President of the Veneto Region, “the theme is to understand if we all enter the order of ideas that is not over and that we are living with the virus. The mask is one of the conditions sine qua non to do this battle. I think that the direction, hearing the various colleagues, will go towards the differentiated reopening between the Regions “.

    Swabs record In the last 24 hours there has also been a record of swabs for research of Covid-19: for the first time there were over 70 thousand and overall they reach 2,053,425. The ratio between swabs carried out and positive found is 2.6%, a positive figure which confirms the downward trend. However, by removing the repeated swabs (about a third), the percentage of new positives found rises to 4.5%.

    Conte: “Reopening in advance” Meanwhile, Phase 2 will begin on Monday, with the return to work of 4.5 million people. Then a new step is expected on May 18th, but in some low contagion areas the openings, Giuseppe Conte assures without indicating dates, will arrive “earlier than expected”. However, it is not enough to arrest the solitary sorties of some regional presidents. The prime minister tries to speak to a country where work is “put to the test” and “anger and anguish” are felt also for the “job prospects at risk”. The Prime Minister also asked for an “apology” for delays in payments of funds and funds allocated for the emergency. And it promised new “heavier, faster and more direct” aid.

    In Lombardy deaths and hospitalizations fall In Lombardy there were 737 new cases of Covid-19, compared to 598 registered on Thursday. A slight increase, however offset by a drop in deaths: 88 against 93 the previous day. In total, the positives are 76,469, the victims 13,860. Intensive care admissions are still on the decline, falling to 42 (563 in total) while the day before had fallen by 29 units. Down even inpatients not in intensive care: 6,628, 206 less than Thursday.


    Why does California have low COVID-19 numbers in the US drama? – Telemundo 52

    LOS ANGELES – Early confinement and other prevention measures promoted by the state government have allowed California, with more than 40 million inhabitants and some 300 deaths from COVID-19, to become an example of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in United States.

    So far, the nation’s largest metropolis, Los Angeles, with more than 10 million citizens, has recorded fewer than 6,000 cases and 132 deaths, far from New York City, which has 8 and a half million inhabitants. and it has confirmed some 130,000 infections and more than 4,000 deaths.

    “California has been doing quite well in the COVID-19 pandemic, with a relatively low number of infected per 100,000 people and a low death rate,” said Professor Karin Michels, head of the Department of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).


    California Governor Gavin Newsom was one of the first in the country to enact relatively strict confinement, allowing only “essential” activities such as going to the grocery store and pharmacy, and exercising respect for safety distances between people.

    In contrast, eight states – Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming – have not mandated their residents to stay home.

    “The governor issued ‘home security’ and ‘shelter’ orders relatively quickly. Universities like UCLA and other large employers closed even earlier and sent people to work, teach and study from home,” said Michels, who has extensive experience in disease prevention, public health and statistical methods.

    Due to the COVID-19 crisis, California schools may continue to be closed until the end of August.

    Newsom also took the initiative to decree the closure of schools, which will remain closed until next year, as a preventive measure; in asking President Donald Trump to send a hospital ship to Los Angeles to support local hospitals before it reached a hypothetical peak in the number of cases, which has not yet occurred; and in closing the state’s beaches and parks.

    Another point that seems to have helped so far in the exceptional case of California against COVID-19, according to experts, is the low population density of the state, which reduces the possibility of contagion and allows better compliance with the rules of social distancing.

     Despite having a large population, Californians do not live in
    as dense as New Yorkers. Cities spread with
    Few skyscrapers: Relative to other states, many more people in
     California lives in houses, not in apartment buildings or buildings
    high, “summarizes Michels, who is based on data from a study of his


    California has had a much lower per capita death rate than most of the nation’s largest states, with the exception of Texas.

    “The state has a low average age and a high
    density of healthcare facilities, which may have contributed to
     the low mortality rate, “explained Michels.

    According to a recent study published in The Lancet, the mortality rate among those infected with 20 years of age is 0.03%, while for those 70 years of age it is 8.6%.

    Cautious tone

     Californian authorities have projected alarming numbers in the
    recent weeks, although so far those estimates have not been

    Newsom himself foresaw two weeks ago that more than half the state’s population, or about 25 million people, would become infected, so he begged its residents to follow the guidelines to the letter.

    For his part, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, did not hesitate to forecast that the city “would follow in the footsteps of New York” in number of cases, a catastrophic scenario that is still far away.

    COVID-19 affects children differently than adults. This is what the doctors say in the following video.

    The United States on Monday exceeded 10,000 deaths from coronavirus, with 10,335 and almost 350,000 infected, making it the third country with the most deaths after Italy and Spain, according to the count of the Center for Systems, Science and Engineering (CSSE) from Johns Hopkins University (Maryland).

    The new data is known after this Sunday
    President Donald Trump, during his usual daily press conference,
    make sure “this will probably be the hardest week, between this
    week and next, and there will be a lot of death. ”

    The state of New York, the great epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, accumulates with these latest figures a total of 4,758 deaths and 130,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19, compared to just over 122,000 that it had a day earlier.


    The coronavirus could have caused three times as many deaths in Italy as reported

    Italians have an appointment on the screens of their devices every day at 18:00, when Civil Protection offers the official bulletin with the latest coronavirus pandemic facts: hospitalized, admitted to the ICU, cured, new infected … Among the figures offered by this institution is, of course, the number of deceased. They would be almost 26,000 until today. The actual number of deaths, on the other hand, could be very different, even three times higher. This is what two researchers fear who have crossed the data offered by the Civil Protection with the deaths recorded in the municipal archives.

    “It seemed to us that there were inconsistencies in the numbers. In many nursing homes, the deceased has not been tested for the coronavirus. And neither to those who have died in their homes. Those data are not recorded in the official gazette, but they are deaths recorded by the municipalities, although without offering the cause, “Paolo Meridiani, a researcher at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), told this newspaper. Together with Daniele Del Re, professor of physics at the Sapienza University of Rome, he has carried out a study that estimates up to 75,000 deaths in Italy due to the impact of the coronavirus. Other investigations also point out that in the countries affected by Covid-19 the death toll would have increased much more than official pandemic statistics say.

    Meridiani and Del Re have used the data offered by the Istat (the official Italian statistical institute), which collects the records from March 1 to April 4 in almost 1,700 municipalities where there has been a minimum rebound of 20% in the deaths compared to the average for the same period from 2015 to 2019. The Istat considers its data to be a “representative sample of the entire Italian population”. There is great diversity in the growth in the number of deaths in some cities compared to others. In Bergamo, one of the epicenters of the pandemic, they have tripled, while in Rome the increase is very low.

    Direct | This is how the fight against the coronavirus progresses

    “In our study we have taken into account various variables, such as the side effects of the coronavirus. There have been people who have not dared to go to hospitals due to other ailments for fear of getting it and patients who have been delayed for operations or other medical visits, “says Meridiani. The investigation not only contemplates collateral deaths due to the health crisis caused by the pandemic, but also the reduction that would have occurred in those killed by traffic or work accidents as a consequence of confinement and the reduction in productive activities.

    “Taking into account both factors so far, more deaths are added than those subtracted,” says the researcher, stressing that the incidence of collateral deaths is particularly visible in the south of the country. The southern regions are those with the least infected with Covid-19, but fear of infection would have led many people affected by other health problems to reduce their visits to health centers, which would have ended up causing a rise in mortality.

    A recent investigation by the Italian Society of Cardiology revealed that throughout the national territory there has been a 50% decrease in the number of people hospitalized for heart attacks since the coronavirus health crisis broke out in late February. “The psychosis of contagion, especially in the initial phases of the pandemic, has played a decisive role in keeping patients with heart attack symptoms away from hospitals or delaying their arrival in the Emergency Department,” confirmed Sergio Severino, director of the unit. of cardiology of the Cotugno hospital in Naples, in the newspaper ‘Il Mattino’.

    Meridiani and Del Re are convinced that the disparity between the death toll from the official coronavirus bulletins and that offered by the municipal civil registries will gradually decrease. “Coronavirus tests are increasingly being done, which is why almost all deaths from this pathogen are already identified, not as it happened in the initial stage of the pandemic,” says Meridiani. In the first half of March in Italy, less than 20,000 tests were performed daily, while in recent weeks they did not drop below 40,000.

    Italy will use serological tests, which serve to detect whether a person has already developed antibodies against Covid-19, starting on May 4, when the country will reopen after almost two months of confinement. The extraordinary commissioner appointed for the emergency, Domenico Arcuri, said today that these tests will be carried out on a sample of 150,000 people throughout the national territory.


    France brushes the 20,000 dead by adding 395 deaths in one day

    France has confirmed a total of 19,718 deaths from coronavirus after confirming 395 deathsduring the last 24 hours and a total of 30,610 hospitalized, with 890 new admissions since the last balance, as reported by the Director General of Health of the French Government, Jérome Salomon. The total number of confirmed cases is112,606 after registering an increase of 785 infectionsin the last hours.

    A total of 227 of the new deaths have occurred in hospitals, and the remaining 168 in homes in the country. Of the total deaths, 12,069 have died in a hospital and 7,649 in residences. In addition, a total of 5,744 patients are in intensive care.

    With these figuresThe number of daily deaths in France drops again for the fifth consecutive day, which this Saturday registered 642 deaths in that section.

    These figures reflect thecontinuation of a “very slow epidemic recession, but the number of people hospitalized is still very high, “said Salomon, before recalling that” containment, thanks to the collective effort, is being effective and is managing to stop the epidemic. “

    French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has acknowledged that ehe country is experiencing “a very intense health crisis; an epidemic … on a scale that we have not experienced in modern history. “

    All in all, the Prime Minister has applauded thatconfinement has managed to prevent the dreaded overload of hospitals. “At the height of the crisis, there were 7,100 beds occupied out of the 10,500 available, in fact. And it is important to continue efforts so that resuscitation services are not overloaded,” he concluded.

    Older center

    For his part, the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, has announced that starting Mondaythe right to visit elderly centers will be restored, as well as the assistance of caregivers and nursing staff at home.

    However, Veran has explained thatthere will be restrictionsin the case of those who go to the elderly centers to visit one of the people who reside there, such as making physical contact and more than two people.

    The Gallic Government has decided to lift this ban, in force since mid-March, afterthe situation has slightly improvedcompared to recent weeks, when it was recorded that a positive case for Covid-19 had been confirmed in at least 45 percent of these centers.

    Although France is considering the possibility ofrelax the measures of seclusion and restriction of movements, the vast majority of social and economic activities will not begin to undergo certain changes until next May 11. From that date on, primary schools and kindergartens should gradually open their doors, but not universities, which will be closed until late summer. For their part, hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, clubs, or coffee shops, will remain closed until further notice.


    France adds 642 dead, up to a total of 19,323 deaths by choir

    France has registered in the last 24 hours a total of 642 more deceased by coronavirus and the total death toll reaches 19,323 fatalities since the start of the pandemic. Deaths continue to rise, but the number of seriously ill patients admitted to intensive care has dropped on Saturday, with a record of 5,833 admitted patients, compared to 6,027 the day before. According to the French health authorities, there are 111,821 confirmed cases, of which 30,639 are hospitalized, which is 551 less than in the last balance.

    In the last 24 hours, 206 people entered intensive care, but taking into account those who have left these units, the balance remained negative: in the last 10 days, the number of seriously ill patients has decreased in 194. “The drop in Material and human resource needs in the ucis are confirmed, but they are still at an exceptional level, well above the usual maximum in France, “said the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

    Since March 1, France has registered 11,842 deaths in hospitals, 364 in the last 24 hours, to which must be added another 7,481 deaths in nursing homes, 278 since the last balance. The French health authorities have indicated that since the beginning of the epidemic, 35,983 people have been discharged from hospitals, 1,563 in the last 24 hours, “without counting the tens of thousands of people cured in their homes, without going through the hospital”.


    De Blasio presents “war” budget and demands urgent rescue from the Government – Telemundo New York (47)

    NEW YORK – Ensuring health, safety, food and a roof for all are the priorities of the budget presented this Thursday by the city of New York, some accounts of “war” in the face of the coronavirus crisis, which come accompanied by an appeal to the American president Donald Trump to allow a “rescue” of the Big Apple.

    With tax revenues slumping as a result of the slowdown in economic activity, the mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced “painful” cuts of more than $ 2 billion to try to balance the budget in the year that begins in June.

    According to his calculations, New York is going to lose some 7,400 million dollars in income, a “horrible” number, according to admitted De Blasio, that requires a determined intervention of the federal Government.

    The mayor urged Washington to cover this deficit in full and warned that without that money, the basic needs of New Yorkers cannot be guaranteed.

    “If they can find 58,000 million to rescue the airlines, surely they can find 7,500 million for the largest city in the country,” stressed the mayor.

    Democrat De Blasio appealed directly to Trump, whom he asked for a clear signal of support for his hometown for Senate Republicans to give the green light to necessary aid.

    As he insisted, the city is already doing everything possible on its part, with a budget of $ 89.3 billion, $ 6 billion less than the proposal that the City Council had initially made in January, $ 3.4 billion less than last year’s accounts and using the reserves he had accumulated to have “balanced” accounts.

    Among other things, the budget foresees that all public activities be drastically limited and, for example, this summer the swimming pools will not be opened.

    De Blasio also warned New Yorkers not to hold out too much hope about beach opening, given the risk of contagion from the coronavirus posed by the huge crowds seen in places like Coney Island.

    Public resources, he insisted, will be devoted to basic issues: health, safety, food and housing.

    “These are four things that people are mostly thinking about and the government has to focus on those four things. Things that would have been a priority two or three months ago cannot be now. Things we would like to focus on in times of peace cannot be the priority in times of war and these are times of war, “said de Blasio.

    The Democrat also warned Trump and Republicans that their desire to restart the economy as soon as possible will be ruined if the basic needs of the population are not met or if they precipitate and cause a resurgence of COVID-19. .

    Trump, De Blasio insisted, has only one chance to do this well and, if he is wrong, he will regret it for a long time.

    In addition, New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea offered a video conference on Thursday to detail how the coronavirus has affected the city’s police forces to date.

    Specifically, the New York police have registered 7,155 positive cases for COVID-19 among its members, about 20% of its staff and 27 officers have died from the virus.

    Shea also detailed that it is estimated that between 1,400 and 1,500 of the sick police officers have returned to work.

    “You start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel and it seems that the worst is over,” said Shea, who regretted the losses and asked for a moment of silence.