The Coronavirus, a geopolitical turning point?

The crisis sharpens competition between models and fuels attempts at political recovery. The United States and China, major strategic adversaries, play their position of world leader. .

Coronavirus, a global business

For the first time in history, the world is facing the same crisis at the same time. It is a leaden screed which is falling on the planet. All governments are going to have to fight. Some will fight more than others. .

around chloroquine, a medical and ethical debate

Should chloroquine be given to people already infected with Covid-19? The issue is beginning to spark wide scientific and ethical debate among doctors. Some infectiologists brake by denouncing a runaway. Others, in the minority, have taken the step of prescription. → LIVE. LIVE – Coronavirus: April religious holidays must be “without a gathering” A recognized […]

Coronavirus Reignites Universal Health Coverage Debate In California

While measures had been taken previously at the local level, notably in Silicon Valley, the governor of California took the plunge, Thursday, March 19, by announcing the confinement of the population until further notice to limit the spread of the coronavirus. If the state currently has only 675 confirmed cases and about 20 deaths, a […]

Stock market crash: “Stop the infernal machine”

The editorial of Figaro, by Jacques-Olivier Martin. Through JACQUES OLIVIER MARTIN Le Figaro Black Monday on the world markets. The much-feared stock market crash therefore occurred: the Paris Stock Exchange collapsed by more than 8%, that of Milan 11% and that of New York opened at -7% before being suspended for a few minutes. In […]

Senate committees approve the recreational use of marijuana

MEXICO CITY With 26 votes in favor of Morena, PT, PRD and the Citizen Movement; 7 votes against the PAN and 8 abstentions PRI and PAN, the commissions Justice, Health and Legislative Studies Senate, generally approved the opinion that allows the recreational use of marijuana for over 18 years. Thus the allowed amount rises from […]

“The ghost of the 2008 crisis and its lessons”

CHRONICLE – The crisis of 2008, by the contamination of all the bank balance sheets of the planet, resembled a financial pandemic. The comparison with what is happening today ends with this similarity of the vocabulary used. “The lessons from 2008 have been learned. They can be summed up in two words: coordination and liquidity […]

“The Bologna debate discussed more titles than learning, which was the core”

He has just published a book focusing on debates in the Congress of Deputies on the reforms of the university system implied by the Bologna Declaration, a text of just over two pages that opens the door to a profound change in higher education. the mobility of students, teachers and researchers. Montserrat Palma, a professor […]