Guest contribution: EU in the corona crisis: What are Merkel and Macron waiting for?

A coordinated joint action by Germany and France is hardly noticeable in the crisis. It is high time that the Chancellor and the President act together. .

Italy: Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte continues to insist on euro bonds

Giuseppe Conte Italy’s prime minister continues to call for corona bonds. (Photo: dpa) Rome For weeks Giuseppe Conte has been fighting for common European debts to combat the economic consequences …

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Merkel warns of patience in the corona crisis – and expresses cautious hope

Angela Merkel in Berlin Despite cautious hope, the Chancellor warns of taking too much of the easing. (Photo: AFP) Berlin According to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), the corona virus will …

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IMF expects worst economic crisis since 1929

Berlin The corona pandemic plunged 170 of the 189 member states of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) into recession. 160 months ago, 160 of them had good prospects for economic …

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Lagarde calls on European governments to show more solidarity

Scholz is confident about EU funding Frankfurt Before others Talks by the Euro finance ministers about joint aid in the corona crisis, ECB chief Christine Lagarde calls on the states …

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