The authorities of the Kaliningrad region have clarified the number of deaths in an accident with a bus :: Society :: RBC

In the Kaliningrad region, an accident involving a regular passenger bus and a truck killed six people, not seven, as previously reported. This was stated by the press service of the regional government, reports TASS.

“There are six dead so far,” the press service said, the information was confirmed by the regional MIA Administration.

Seven people died in a bus accident in the Kaliningrad region

Eight victims are in hospital, seven of them are in serious condition, one person on average. The bus driver survived and was hospitalized, his condition is assessed as serious. The patient needs to undergo several operations, one of which has already been performed.

Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Kaliningrad Region Alexey Zhukov said TASSthat a total of 14 people were injured in the road accident. Among the dead there is one child born in 2011.


Disney receives lawsuit for one of its Toy Story 4 characters

The company of Walt disney perhaps he never thought that what is happening at the moment would happen, because after more than a year of the premiere of “Toy Story 4“They have received a lawsuit for one of the characters in the film.

There is no doubt that for Pixar and DisneyToy Story 4 was an incredible success for the franchise that began in the year of 1995.

And although it is something difficult to believe, it seems that the character of Duke Caboom that came out in the last movie from Toy Story is has a great similar with Evel Knievel.

This is how now Toy Story 4 and its characters are the center of attention since Disney, Pixar and other subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company have received a demand by a company called K&K Promotions, headed by the son of the late Evel Knievel, which alleges that the Duke Caboom character is very similar to the popular motorcyclist of stunts and that the Trademark Law was violated

In this Disney movie, Bonnie’s toys, which were previously Andy’s, are back in action. Woody has always been sure about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his child, but everything changes when little Bonnie has a new toy, made by her and called Forky, the cowboy will realize how big. that can be the world for a toy.

This is where Duke Caboom comes in, being one of the best incorporations in this film, who was given a voice by the beloved Keanu Reeves.

Caboom is a Canadian stunt biker toy from the 70s, who lives hidden in the thrift store, a very charismatic toy and apparently gets along quite well with Bo Beep.

But apparently not everything is so good for the franchise since K&K Promotions, which owns the copyrights and trademarks of acrobat Evel Knievel, has filed a lawsuit against Disney requesting to pay for the damages caused, claiming that the character of Caboom is very similar to Knievel, according to a TMZ report.

In this lawsuit, the company headed by the son of the late acrobat notes that the character and the film are full of tributes and nods to Knievel’s wardrobe. Also, they point out that the Duke Caboom toy appears to have been straight out of a similar 1970s Knievel toy.

As if that weren’t enough, they also mention that those involved in the movie went out of their way to never mention Knievel in interviews while promoting the movie.

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So far it is not yet clear what the chances are that K&K Promotions beat Disney. However, there is the possibility that the courts will side with the plaintiff company, since the Trademark Law is different from the Copyright Law and is not subject to “Fair Use”, although it is not clear nor if Disney violated Evel Knievel’s trademark.

The most curious thing about this is that Duke Caboom did not have as much weight in the film at first, but when the directors spoke with Reeves they realized that they could delve into the character and the end result was a lot of fun.

Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel was a popular American stunt rider of the 1960s and 1970s, and one of his most famous feats was attempting to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in 1974.

His spectacular falls when landing from his jumps were also relevant, which, however, did not prevent him from continuing with his show career.

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Coronavirus: patients with social work also demand attention in the public sector

Hospitals have been working on one hundred percent of their response capacity for two weeks and last night critical beds in the public sector were at 94 percent. In private companies, there are no excess resources either: intensive care areas are above 85 percent, and more than half of those places are for patients with coronavirus. For this reason, in the last seven days, the difficulties in finding a bed where to admit patients with severe symptoms and respiratory deficiencies became more acute and more than once, they ended up in the public sector despite having medical coverage. Referrals to the private sector are delayed because they depend on the social work and the contracts that each one of them has with the sanatoriums. If someone has symptoms and needs a swab, and cannot find an answer through their medical coverage, they look for it in public effectors.

Gabriela Quintanilla is in charge of Carrasco, an effector that from day one was referred for the care of patients with symptoms compatible with coronavirus. “It is getting more and more difficult,” says the doctor about the demand that absorbs the effector, from consultations in the ward to clinical evaluations that, if necessary, include studies such as plates and laboratories, swabs and hospitalizations.

Every day the hospital receives between 200 and 300 consultations per day. “We took a day as a sample to make a proportion, and we registered that 60 percent of the patients had social work. From the largest and with the largest quotas to the smallest ”, he pointed out.

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The landmark of the southern part of the city, Roque Sáenz Peña, has a setting with the same characteristics, explained its director, Matías Vidal, and pointed out that “at least half of those who come to the guard for a swab have coverage medical ”. An effector that is currently performing about 180 tests daily, with peaks of 250 some days.

The arguments

The reasons given by the directors coincide in many cases. “One element is that the hospital carries out a complete evaluation, including studies, which in social work is a long road that begins with the video call and has a more cumbersome process,” explains Quintanilla, and does not stop putting into play the cost of the swabs that is around 5,000 pesos and more.

In addition, the doctor pointed out that “in word of mouth” it circulates that the results of tests done in public effectors are processed more quickly than in private laboratories, and many “give that argument when they come to ask for it here,” he adds.

“He is also the one who needs a swab because his employer asks him to go to work, the social work does not cover it and he has no way to pay 5,000 pesos. Or the one who has an infected partner and the employer does not have him tested and needs it to isolate himself or to work, ”said Vidal.

The director of Sáenz Peña admitted “the complexity of the situation” and made it clear that “the effectors are for the neighbor and no one is denied assistance”, but he also clarified that “in this scenario where the volume of demand is so high, the one who has the ability to pay a social work and can resolve the situation in another way, it is necessary to try to solve it there and provide oxygen for those who they have an alternative ”.

The hospitalizations

Hospitalizations are not exempt from this situation, however, for Quintanilla, “the presence of ambulances with patients waiting for beds is repeated more and more, and sometimes even though they are members of social works, it is preferable to admit them than to spend five hours at the door ”.

The doctor pointed out that “there are fewer beds for isolated Covid in sanatoriums and it is true that there, each social work has different contracts and the possibility of having or not having a place depends on that.”

Something similar happens with Pami’s patients, a situation that the provincial Ministry of Health had also marked, especially in the cases of affiliates who are not treated in polyclinics.

At the Eva Perón Hospital, its director, Jorge Kilstein, pointed out the same scenario: patients who are admitted and referrals to sanatoriums that are delayed. “We respond and we leave them without attention, but we try to make the referrals materialize,” he said.

The Secretary General of the Rosario Medical Association, Dardo Dorato, considered that “the fact that there is a telephone exchange set up by the State to serve the entire population can make patients with social work approach the public provider”, but even He pointed out that “there are small social works that, faced with the demand, cannot cope and directly refer the public.”

However, he pointed out that “this changes from day to day depending on the epidemiological context, demand and needs.”


The expert assessed the new rules for checking meters :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

The new rules for the verification of household meters are aimed at increasing the transparency of this procedure. Svetlana Razorotneva, executive director of national public control in the housing sector, a member of the public chamber of Russia, said this in a conversation with RBC.

The expert also assured that the new measures will not lead to an increase in the cost of utility services for consumers.

“This is a government service. Consumers, on the other hand, do not incur additional costs for the operation of the state services website. As for the checks themselves, people can choose any service provider based on price-quality criteria. The list of organizations that have the necessary accreditation is on the website of the Federal Accreditation Agency, ”Razorotneva concluded.

From September 24 in Russia entered due to the new rules for the verification of meters. The head of Rosstandart Alexey Abramov in an interview with TASS explained that now the fact of verification will be confirmed only in electronic form. According to him, paper certificates will be issued at will and be of an informational nature.

According to the new rules, the specialist will have to enter the meter calibration data in the register of the Federal State Information System “Arshin” within 24 hours. Thus, the meter owner will be able to access this information in the corresponding section by the meter number. These measures will reduce the number of fraudulent calls about checking the meters, said Razorotneva.


After 8 years, Nintendo finally retires Peach’s XXX game

In addition to being a successful company for its extraordinary and memorable video games, Nintendo He is the lord and master when it comes to winning lawsuits. He has had a winning litigation record since the 1980s and it is all thanks to his outstanding team of attorneys who are rarely decimated by third-party legal apparatus.

With this in mind, whenever a Super Mario running in Unreal Engine or a fan makes a remaster, the traditional ‘cease and desist’ appears by Nintendo and his lawyers. Now, in an unprecedented case, many years after its existence, the Japanese company finally manages to remove from the Internet a parody game of Peach ‘nopor’ that was available for eight years.

According to a recent report, Nintendo finally managed to withdraw the game Peach’s Untold Tales, a poor platform game that put the princess of the games of Mario in a really mediocre and poorly made title, but, with the added bonus that between levels there are parody images with high adult content of the characters of the Mushroom kingdom.

Now this game infringed a fair amount of copyright, but, we are concerned that it took so long to fall into the clutches of the lawyers of the Great N. It would be extremely rare if it took so long to find this parody of Peach.

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Case Nintendo’s lawyers have won in the past

As we mentioned, Nintendo is the master of litigation, just remember how they won a copyright lawsuit for the creation of Donkey Kong that allegories the character of King Kong, but, for issues of public use, the character of the Great N managed to get ahead.

Another recent lawsuit that won Nintendo had to do with the design of the Switch. This had to do with a patent that a company called Gamevice that never prospered.

There was even a demand for Lego against them, long before they made video games which won Nintendo because the famous blocks were never patented and the Japanese could make theirs.



Santander and Orcel will go to trial on March 10 and Botín and Weber will testify | Companies

The lawyers of Banco Santander and Andrea Orcel have confirmed that there is no out-of-court agreement between the two parties, following the lawsuit filed by the Italian banker against the bank after his signing as CEO was not formalized. Today the judicial process has started with the preview, scheduled for April 13 but delayed due to the coronavirus.

Without agreement in said preview, the magistracy has set March 10 as the date for the start of the oral trial, to which it will go to declare the President of Banco Santander, Ana Botín. It has also been cited Axel Alfred Weber. President of UBS, a bank in which Orcel was CEO, since he left to join Santander,

They will also declare Jaime Pérez Renovales, secretary of the board of directors of Banco Santander, and Roberto di Bernardini, former head of human resources and current director of Talent. In addition, it is included Mark Shelton, head of human resources at the Swiss bank.

Before this decision, the hearing has focused on preliminary questions, such as the evidence or witnesses that will be accepted during the trial, and the magistrates can set a date for the process itself. It will be one of the few times that the clauses of a top-tier banker’s deal are subject to judicial scrutiny.

The differences between the Italian banker and the Spanish bank began in early 2019, when the Spanish financial group finally decided not to sign the former CEO of UBS. It was then that Orcel chose to sue Santander, initially claiming his incorporation to the position for which his signing was requested, CEO, or compensation of 112 million euros, an amount that he continues to request.

Orcel defends that he was hired to be number two in Santander, a position that was publicly announced in September 2018, a few months before what was expected to be his incorporation. And for this reason he left his senior management position at UBS.

Despite the fact that the entity has always assured that it tried to reach an agreement with him after giving up his signing as Botín’s number two in the entity, the situation between the two became distant, which has led to a judicial journey. Orcel maintains that the bank not only failed to honor the contract, but has ended its distinguished financial career.

Despite the time that has elapsed, neither party has managed to convince the other to reach an out-of-court settlement in all this time.

In fact, and according to some sources familiar with this case, the positions between the two bankers have become even more fierce as a result of the recordings made by Orcel of private telephone conversations with Ana Botín, which have been made public.

There is the circumstance that Ana Botín also has to go as a witness to another trial, in this case the one that is being followed in the National Court due to the fall of Banco Popular in June 2017. She will testify on October 8.


The detail of José Miguel Viñuela’s response to the lawsuit against him

This Wednesday the response of José Miguel Viñuela’s lawyer was released, ante la demand presented against him by the cameraman José Miranda, who had his hair cut in the middle of the broadcast of “Mucho Gusto”.

The program “Hola Chile” on La Red revealed part of the text of the legal document presented by Viñuela’s defense

“Like all human work, the trajectory of Viñuela Infante It is not exempt from errors and troubles. But no one can responsibly affirm that we are facing a human rights violator, or of being an abusive, discriminatory, arrogant and disrespectful person towards others, as erroneously stated in the lawsuit, ”the text states.

“The extensive and fruitful career of our client, as well as the affection and respect that he has earned among the audiences and his co-workers, show that he is a deeply human, upright professional, empathetic with the pain of others and respectful of others”, indicates the document.

Likewise, it is stated that “it was limited to requesting the payment of the sum of $ 100 million, without linking it in any way, neither in the statement nor in the petition of its claim, to any type of damage.”

Response from José Miranda’s lawyer

Regarding the text presented by José Miguel’s defense, the cameraman’s lawyer spoke with the same program on La Red, where he described the event as “aggressive, arrogant and not consensual.”

Added to this, he explained that it is not a lawsuit for violation of human rights because “the author is not an agent of the State.”, but because of damage to the honor of Miranda.

The professional also revealed the cameraman’s state of health, noting that the official has not yet returned to his duties, adding that “from a medical point of view, he is worse than he thought.”


Pediatrician says he will go to the end with lawsuit against his attackers

The pediatrician Dalila Peñaranda, brutally attacked last Friday by a group of people who held a party in one of the apartments of the La Ría building in the midst of a pandemic due to Covid-19He assured that he will go to the end with the criminal complaint filed against his attackers.

The health professional stated in Blue Radio than after what happened he fears for his safety and that there was also a situation that worried her even more. Apparently, she said. one of the videos shows the alleged sale and consumption of drugs inside the building.

“My criminal complaint goes ahead against everyone (…) In the building we are all worried. In one of the videos it is seen that they were apparently selling what are illegal substances and that worried me even more, ”she said.

The pediatrician made a recount of the facts and He reiterated that it is false that the confrontation began because of her aggression against the daughter of the tenants of the apartment.

“The Police quadrant goes up and is attended, apparently, by Mr. Martín. He assures the authority that he is going to collaborate but once the dial goes down, the presence of mariachis is heard and the volume of the music louder. It is there where I reiterate to the Police to come up again with me ”, story.

After that moment, the doctor maintained that In the first instance, she is attended by the tenant Martín Caro Parra and he tells her that “he does not arrange with women” and he calls his wife Fanny Franco Pérez to take charge of the situation.

“In the middle of the discussion she started with profanity and I replied. She physically attacks me, hits me in the face and after that it is observed that she gets the quadrant. All the people at the party start to come out to hit me, ”she said.

Due to these facts, they have been – until now – sanctioned by the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, the administrator of the La Ría building, the tenants of the apartment on the 10th floor where the attack began and five of her guests.

As reported by the Commander of the Mebar Police, General Ricardo Alarcón Campos, the first sanctioned were Martín Samir Caro Parra and Fanny Franco Pérez, tenants of the apartment in which he developed the party with liquor, live music and around 20 guests -without masks-, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To these was added the fine imposed on Gleny Barranco Vargas, who works as administrator of the La Ría building, in which the party contrary to the biosecurity protocols established by the District was registered.

Heber Blanco Bendek, Gustavo Pavajeau Maestre, Alfredo Bendek Suárez, Ivan Cepeda Morales and Nerge Manzur Paliz, who, according to the Police, attended the party have also been sanctioned.


Oil suffered the biggest daily decline in 10 weeks

In New York, the WTI futures contracts for delivery in October resigned US $ 1.60 in relation to the previous session and thus concluded their first week with losses after four accumulating gains, reported the EFE news agency.

According to experts, fears about a weak demand continue despite the fact that today it was known that employment increased in August above that expected by analysts, as the unemployment rate fell 2.4 percentage points to 8.4%, in instead of 9.8%.

However, this movement has contributed to strengthening the dollar, putting pressure on oil prices in this currency.

For other analysts, oil has been dragged down by the large losses registered on Wall Street and concerns derived from the depletion of federal funds for financial aid to those affected by the coronavirus crisis.

The persistent concern about the fall in gasoline demand in the United States – to 8.78 million barrels per day, compared to 9.16 million the previous week – once again weighed down the price of a barrel of Brent during the session.


Disappeared in Crema: Summit at the Prosecutor’s Office – Last Hour

(ANSA) – CREMA, AUG 26 – The Ris di Parma would have found other traces of blood today at the home of Alessandro Pasini, the 45-year-old who ended up in prison accused of killing Sabrina Beccalli, who has been missing from home in Crema since mid-August, and of having destroyed the corpse. Today the Ris made new checks at the woman’s house and then in Pasini’s, where they would have found blood on a pair of the man’s shoes. Meanwhile, the search for the woman continues, while a summit is scheduled for tomorrow morning at the Prosecutor’s Office. (HANDLE)