Wisconsin defies pandemic, queues to vote in Democratic primaries

In the American almanac of the pandemicTuesday was another funeral day. The body of dead in NY surpassed that of 9/11 terrorist attacks, while the country registered a new record of deceased in a single day, more than 1,800. The “Pearl Harbor moment” is approaching; invoked by health authorities, but some leaders in the country […]

Biden takes hold as the favorite to win Trump

Joe Biden seems unstoppable. To the point that a poll this Friday, prepared by Morning Consult, favored him against the current president, Donald Trump. In fact, the newspaper “New York Post” reported that 51% of respondents believe that they have a much better chance of beating Trump in an election than Bernie Sanders. What seemed […]

What is the Super Tuesday?

What is the Super Tuesday? They are primary national democrats that are celebrated in more than a dozen US states. Voters will elect the future candidate for the presidency of the United States, that is, the rival of Donald Trump. Why a Tuesday? Traditionally, in the United States, the votes are usually on Tuesdays and […]

The 5 keys to the crucial day of Democratic primary

In the 1980s, Democrats in the southern United States promoted the organization of “super Tuesday& rdquor; in the primary. They sought to influence the selection of a candidate that best reflected their moderate values, but the play did not come out as they expected. Three decades later, in a country changed in demographic, social and […]

The socialism of Sanders against the “establishment” of Biden

Joe Biden has resuscitated his candidacy in the Democratic primary, stealing a good part of the prominence that Bernie Sanders had monopolized since the start of the competition in Iowa. After New Hampshire and Nevada, South Carolina has become the graphic scene of what which represents the current division of the Democratic Party, between the […]

Buttigieg, Klobuchar supports Biden after dropping the campaigns

There has been a dramatic turnaround in the run for democratic presidential nomination, with two high-profile candidates abandoning and lending their support behind former vice president Joe Biden. Former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar will join Mr. Biden in a rally in Texas today, where both are expected to publicly support […]

Bloomberg buys a three-minute TV ad to talk about the coronavirus

NY – The former mayor of New York and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg bought a three-minute ad in the strip of the largest audience in the national broadcasters of the country CBS and NBC to transmit a message about the spread of the coronavirus and the effect it is having on the bag. Bloomberg, […]

The backbone of the Democratic Party | U.S

The pollsters are left unanswered by most of the doors they call, no one is home. Some porches are ramshackle, with asymmetric floors with respect to the horizon line. Others wear a clumsy layer of fresh paint that tries to hide years of neglect. Whether in Phillips or Strawberry Street, the women of the house […]

Sanders resists the avalanche of attacks in a chaotic Democratic debate

The rivals of Bernie Sanders they are going to need more than a relentless rain of verbal artillery to stop being the Favourite to Democratic nomination. On Tuesday they tried it from all sides for two hours, questioning their eligibility, the cost of your plans, your adherence to social democracy or their positions regarding Cuba, […]