US Presidential Election: Consistently Outperforming Trump, Biden Approaches Magic Number 50 Percent Page all

MIAMI, – Recapitulation of a number of surveys during the past week showing the presidential candidates United States of America ( AS) from the Party Democrats, Joe Biden, maintains its superiority over the incumbent Party republic President Donald Trump.

Biden consistently leading nationally and in a number of crucial states or swing states, who will determine who the inhabitants of the White House are on January 20, 2021.

In the state of Wisconsin, two surveys show former Vice President Barack Obama a convincing 6 and 10 points ahead Trump.

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Biden was up 52 percent versus 46 percent according to an ABC News / The Washington Post poll.

The 77-year-old veteran politician also earned 52 percent in Wisconsin according to a CNN / SSRS survey. However, in this survey, Trump was only chosen by 42 percent of respondents.

Biden also got good news from two states that have a significant demographic of Hispanic voters, Arizona and Florida.

Arizona, which has traditionally been the basis of the Republican vote is likely to change political choices in the 2020 presidential election.

The Monmouth University survey gave Biden a narrow 2-point lead, at 48 percent to 46 percent.

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However, Biden has a big lead when referring to a Siena College / The New York Times Upshot survey that shows him leaving Trump by 9 points away, which is 49 percent versus 40 percent.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Biden led 50 percent against 45 percent according to a poll by Monmouth University.

Two different surveys also show Biden’s superiority in the state of North Carolina.

CNN / SSRS shows Biden leading Trump with a gain of 49 percent against 46 percent.

Tighter competition can be seen from the results of a survey by Siena College / The New York Times Upshot, where the two presidential candidates are only 1 point apart, namely Biden 45 percent and Trump 44 percent.

A national survey by NBC News / The Wall Street Journal gave Biden a convincing 8-point lead, namely 51 percent against Trump’s 43 percent.

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Magic number 50 percent

Magic number or it can also be called a psychological number defined as a number that is often used as a reference for winning in general elections.

A very clear pattern from the released survey results is that the Biden figure is stable in the range of 48-50 percent.

This gives a signal that Biden is in a comfort zone to secure victory in the November 3 elections. Almost the majority of the people of “Uncle Sam’s Country” chose to choose Jill Biden’s husband.

The pattern can also be seen from the range of Trump’s votes which remained fixed in the range of 45-46 percent, aka not moving from popular vote which he won in the 2016 presidential election.

The 74-year-old president is having a hard time expanding his voter bloc which is too concentrated on white voters without a university education.

The populist rhetoric of the right that continues to echo and the chaos in handling the spread of the corona virus, has made the voter bloc that was previously the basis of Republican voters to leave the party bearing the elephant symbol.

These voter blocks are mainly voters living in the constituency suburban, university-educated women voters, and most surprisingly older voters.

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Half of US voters reside in the county suburban and they will determine who is the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump won the electoral bloc suburban in the 2016 presidential election by a difference of 4 points.

Four years later, the average survey results show Biden beat Trump with a double-digit advantage in the region suburban.

Shift support on suburban is a major factor in keeping Biden in his near 50 percent comfort zone.

Trump is trying to use law enforcement rhetoric to scare off voters suburban, that Biden would ravage their cities like Kenosha and Minneapolis because of the racial crisis.

So far the survey results show voters suburban The growing diversity of ethnic minorities is not affected by Trump’s rhetoric.

Voters suburban was the main key to the Democratic victory in the 2018 DPR elections.

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Paty Navidad believes that Trump is the best to stop the destruction of the world

On this occasion, Christmas showed his support for US President Trump. Photo: instagram patricianavidad


Once again, Paty Christmas has raised controversy on social networks. Now it was because of some comments he made in favor of Donald Trump.

The 47-year-old actress it has been highly criticized for his comments on the vaccines against covid-19 and the 5G network, which he assures that they are for a ‘new world order’ and that big businessmen such as Bill Gates and presidents of different nations have greater control over the population.

This time, Christmas showed his support for US President Trump – who will seek reelection this year – and assured that it is the best option to avoid the destruction of the world and humanity.

Like it or not, whether we agree or not, Trump is the best option to stop the destruction of the world and humanity, rebuild Latin America and make America Great. Pro-life and family Republicans. Democrats pro death and pedophilia. PS Do not be angry, better investigate, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Likewise, it was launched against China, the UN and the WHO.

Only those who are in favor of socialism, of Marxist communistoid ideologies and technocratic-digital dictatorships, like the Chinese model, can defend the globalist-democratic 2030 agenda of the UN and WHO, they gave a world coup with their PLANdemia and you applaud “, he claimed.

What do you think?


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Donald Trump again denies climate change: “It’s getting cooler again”

Devastating forest fires are raging in California. That is why the US President is traveling to the critical area. His statements about the climate cause opponent Biden to a devastating verdict.

US President Donald Trump has the again on a visit to the forest fire areas in California Climate change denied. The world climate will soon cool down again, said Trump on Monday in Sacramento. “It’s going to be cooler again. You’ll see,” he said to California’s director of natural resources, Wade Crowfoot. Crowfoot replied, “I wish science would agree with you.”

You can find the sensational excerpt in our video or above here.

Inadequate care is said to have caused fires

For the huge ones Forest fires In the western United States, Trump once again blamed inadequate care of the forests at the meeting with emergency services and officials. “There has to be strong forest management,” demanded Trump. Fallen trees would become very dry after a short time. “They really do become like a match. They just explode,” Trump said.

California Governor Gavon Newsom admitted there is a need to improve forest management, but linked the fires with climate change: “The heat waves are getting hotter and the droughts are getting drier,” said the politician of the opposition Democrats. Climate change is “real” and exacerbates the crisis.

Trump had traveled to the disaster region to receive personal briefing about the huge fires. Even before his visit, a heated political dispute had broken out over the cause of the fire.

Biden: Trump is “climate arsonist”

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Trump a “climate arsonist” just before his arrival in California. Because Trump denies climate change, he also shares responsibility for the forest fires, Biden said on Monday in his home state of Delaware: “If a climate arsonist will be in for four more years White house no one will be surprised if more of America is on fire. “

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The presidential candidate of the opposition Democrats accused Trump of not taking responsibility for the forest fires. “We need a president who respects science, who understands that the destruction caused by climate change is already here,” said the former vice president.

The devastating fires that have raged for days in western states such as California, Oregon and Washington have already killed at least 35 people, 27 of them in the past week alone. Dozens more people are missing. More than 30,000 firefighters are fighting the flames, which have already devastated around two million hectares of land and destroyed thousands of homes.


Donald Trump versus Joe Biden – who is right now?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting for the US presidency. According to polls, Biden is ahead, but Trump can catch up in key swing states. The race is close. The current forecasts.

US President Donald Trump and its challenger, the former vice president Joe Biden, compete at the US election on November 3rd about the presidency. The race is close – a lot will depend on which candidate can win in the major swing states. It currently stands Florida Particularly in focus, Biden’s lead in the US state has shrunk to 1.2 percentage points. Biden has also lost its lead in New Hampshire.

The election campaign takes place in a time of crisis that Corona-Pandemie has hit the United States hard and since the spring there has been after the death of the African American George Floyd Mass protests against racism and police violence in the country.

By the summer, Trump’s crisis management meant that he was well behind the Democrat Biden in national polls and was only able to catch up slowly by the fall. Nationwide, Biden’s average lead in the surveys is over 7.6 percent. (As of September 14, 1 p.m.)

Who is really ahead?

The problem: National surveys are in the USA little information about who will be allowed to move into the White House in the end. In the US election in 2016, the Democrat was Hillary Clinton in the end with 48.2 percent of the vote before republican Trump with 46.1 percent. The end is known, Trump became US President anyway.

This is primarily due to the US electoral system. The president is not elected directly by the people, but by 538 electoral men and women. Each state has a certain number of them according to population size. The candidate with the most votes in the state basically registers all of the state’s electorate for himself. Exception: In Maine and Nebraska, the votes of the electorate are divided according to majorities in the constituencies. The overall winner of the state receives two more votes.

That is why it is comparatively difficult to predict the US election. But with a look at opinion polls in the various US states, one can estimate how close the race really is.

Current forecasts: According to the average calculations of “270toWin”, a non-partisan political side, Biden is clearly in the lead after electors. The race has not yet been decided.

What is the situation like in the swing states?

Biden’s lead over Trump is not as big as it might seem. US presidential elections are often decided in a few “swing states” – these are US states in which in the past there was often a changing Democratic or Republican majority. In some of them the race is close and there are many electors.

The US presidential elections were often decided in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. In these US states the race is tight, including the race Biden against Trump. Most recently, Biden lost his lead in the polls almost entirely in Florida and North Carolina, with a total of 44 electoral men and women in the two US states alone.

Current forecast: In the 2020 US election it is particularly surprising that the polls in Texas predict a relatively close result. If Trump loses in the home country of the Republicans (38 electoral men and women), he will probably also lose the election. For Biden, a victory in Florida (29 electoral men and women) would be a big step towards the presidency. Here, Trump was able to prevail just under (1.6 percent) against Clinton in 2016.

Democrats or Republicans – who will win the majority in Senate and Congress?

In November, not only the US President will be elected, but also the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In the House of Representatives, according to current calculations by “270toWin”, it looks like the Democrats could defend or even expand their majority. The 435 members of the House of Representatives each represent one constituency and are directly elected every two years. The survey shown reflects the trends in the electoral districts. Even if the Democrats lost all races that are currently considered “close”, they should still retain a majority.

The battle for a majority in the Senate looks tighter, and it is still completely unclear which party will be able to achieve a majority here after the November election. About a third of the Senate is re-elected every two years. This third is highlighted in the graphic.

The Senate consists of 100 senators. Each state has two seats. In the states that have to award a mandate, it is decided by majority vote. The survey values ​​shown reflect the trends in the states.

Current forecast: The polls currently see the Democrats at an advantage. If this is confirmed, the party could win majorities in Congress and Senate in addition to the US presidency. That would give them plenty of room for maneuver over the next two years and would be a heavy defeat for Trump and the Republicans.


Made in the USA, Biden’s plan for more jobs

The Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden, promised American workers to recover their jobs by imposing new taxes on companies that produce goods and services abroad, as well as applying the plan called Buy American Products (Buy America and make it in America).

As part of his strategy to create jobs, Biden announced a scheme in which he considers a 28 percent tax for US companies that want to enter the domestic market for products and goods manufactured abroad. In addition, it will add a 10 percent penalty if that company works under the tax havens scheme.

Biden accused Donald Trump of having harmed workers: “Trump’s tax refund plan, approved in 2017, allowed the largest tax cut for multinationals without even requiring them to invest in the US or hire domestic workers.”

The document, signed by the formula that integrates the former vice president with Kamala Harris, seeks to reverse the trade deficits of the United States with Mexico – which now has a historical maximum – and with China, which had a peak in July and August.

“Joe Biden will fight for American workers and push through a series of tax reforms to stop outsourcing and promote the return of the manufacturing industry to the US,” the proposal says.

To do this, it will offer a 10 percent tax credit for companies that invest and create jobs for Americans; This credit will be granted, for example, to companies that finance the reopening of some economic activity that is currently closed as a result of the pandemic or for manufacturing innovation projects, such as electric cars and, in general, any plan to increase employment. in the US.

The Democrat also promises that in the first week in the White House he will enforce the Law to Buy American Products, which was signed almost 90 years ago by Congress, “but we have never made it totally reality,” the document says.

It accuses President Trump that, despite the speech in support of US products, his administration has worsened the conditions of articles made in the US; points out, for example, the case of some camping backpacks that were flaunted as “made in the USA” when in fact they were brought from China: “But the Trump administration did not impose any penalty”.

Instead, the candidate promises a presidential decree to carry out actions, such as ensuring that American steel and aluminum are used in construction projects across the country, as well as creating the Made in America Office, which will guarantee creating better paying jobs for American workers.

Trump, the document indicates, has talked a lot about ending offshoring, strengthening the rules of buy american and supporting American jobs, but like so many of its promises, “it has not delivered on the workers; he chooses multinational corporate interests over Americans.

“Under the failed leadership of President Trump, high-paying American jobs have continued to go abroad. The manufacturing sector went into recession under Trump’s supervision, even before COVID-19 and his promises to buy american they are still empty words ”.

He also notes that in fact, under Trump, some of the largest corporations have received trillions of dollars in federal contracts, and the tax rebates have been the most aggressive for outlaw jobs and production.

Yesterday, Trump and Biden separately commemorated the 19th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001.


Tactics? Donald Trump extends oil drilling ban off Florida

Shortly before the US election, the president extends a drilling ban off the east coast. The measure is in contrast to his other energy policy. His challenger Joe Biden suspects an election maneuver.

US President Donald Trump has extended a moratorium on oil drilling off the coast of Florida for ten years until 2032. Trump signed an ordinance on Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida. According to him, the ban on oil drilling was also applied to the coastal waters of the other southeastern states Georgia and South Carolina expanded.

The measure stands in sharp contrast to Trump’s other energy policies. The president is a firm supporter of the oil and gas industry and is promoting the expansion of production areas. It was only in mid-August that his government had highly controversial oil drilling in a nature reserve in Alaska approved.

Presidential rival Biden suspects electoral maneuver

Trump’s presidential rival Joe Biden from the opposition Democrats expressed the suspicion that Trump’s current decision to extend the oil drilling ban off the southeast coast had to do with the November 3rd election. A few months ago the president had planned to end the moratorium, but now he has “conveniently” changed his mind, wrote Biden on the short message service Twitter. He called the President’s actions “incredible”.

Florida is considered one of the key states for the outcome of the presidential election, in which Trump is fighting for a second term. According to the polls, a head-to-head race between Trump and Biden is looming in Florida. Senator Rick Scott welcomed the extension of the oil drilling moratorium. Scott, like Trump, tweeted that he had many discussions with the president about the importance of keeping the Florida coast “untouched” republican is.


Donald Tump questions Joe Biden opting for a vice president

U.S /

The president of United States, Donald Trump, affirmed today that the decision of his opponent before the White House, Joe Biden, electing a vice president as a candidate in the elections could generate that some men feel “insulted” before that promise of the Democratic candidate.

The current president and candidate for re-election for the Republican Party said in an interview with the Fox Sports radio network that “he (Biden) surrounded himself with a certain kind of people“.

“Some people they would say that men feel insulted by it and other people consider that it is well “, launched Donald Trump.

The Democratic candidate is still awaiting an official nomination at the convention to be held next week. In March he said that wants a government that reflects the diversity of the country, promising that he will name a woman to run for the vice presidency of the United States.

At the moment it is unknown who will be chosen by Joe Biden, a fact that has generated expectations and where even African Americans hope that this woman is from their community.

Only two women have been candidates for the vice presidency of the United States, the first was the Democrat Geraldine Ferraro, in 1984, and the Republican Sarah Palin, in 2008. However, in the history of that country no woman has held that position and neither does the presidency.

During the interview, Donald Trump praised his second in command, Mike Pence, but sentenced the debate by stating that “people don’t vote for a vice president.”

“You can choose George Washington to be vice president. Also put Abraham Lincoln, bring him back from the dead. You don’t vote for a vice president“said Donald Trump, using as an example these emblematic presidents of the history of the United States.



Homelessness in California is getting out of control

San Francisco, Los Angeles It is one of those many sleepless nights again – not because of a long, celebrated party with friends or one of the many festivals for which San Francisco is so famous. It is the everyday noise of despair that does not let you sleep.

My apartment building in the heart of San Francisco is almost 100 years old, the windows are leaking. It doesn’t really matter whether they are closed or open. Every night on the street in front of the window the losers of the digital society scream their anger and frustration from rough throats of the soul. Often for hours. There are drunks, homeless people, drug addicts, uprooted people who never find rest, barefoot and who are wrapped in holey felt blankets.

Her screams are only drowned out occasionally by the sirens of the police vehicles racing across Union Street to O’Farrell Street. Because of the roaring, no patrol has been going on for a long time. Someone has probably been beaten up. Perhaps worse has happened, that’s where the police hunt.

In the morning my San Francisco shows itself from behind the kitchen window with the chipped white paint from the forgiving side. The sky is bright blue, opposite I see historical buildings with richly decorated facades. Next to it is a sparkling white apartment tower from the 1940s, on the top of which an American flag is waving in the summer wind.

I am privileged. My little apartment is on the top floor, and the view from the window shows a bit of heaven and the picturesque side of the west coast metropolis with morning coffee. To see the street below, I would have to lean out of the window. But I don’t do that.

Many homeless people are drawn to California

“California is a shame for the United States,” US President Donald Trump called cheering fans at a campaign event in Ohio. San Francisco and Los Angeles in particular, with their “tent cities and terrible conditions”, are a disaster. Half of all homeless people in the United States lived in California, the president claimed. Officials do not deny that many homeless people move to the south of the states. If you don’t have a roof over your head, of course you go to California, not Alaska.

Jennifer Friedenbach of the citizens’ initiative “Coalition on Homelessness” criticizes a president who only speaks and does nothing against homelessness. “The crisis was triggered in the 80s by another Republican who cut the funds for social housing by 80 percent,” says Friedenbach. It is reminiscent of President Ronald Reagan at the time.

In addition, many people on the street have to deal with psychological problems. And the psychiatric hospitals were closed at the time. The patients just wandered around the street. Many health insurance companies were unable to get treatment for mental illnesses at all before Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama’s health care reform. It just wasn’t paid.

Trump is now blaming the California ruling liberal democrats for the chaos and degrading conditions. They would only be wasting money, the president claims.

California has arrived at the center of the presidential election campaign 2020.

Tents from the homeless

The giant trucks of Hollywood film productions are right next to the tents.

(Photo: Reuters)

California Governor Gavin Newsom is inviting “the whole world”, including illegal immigrants, to live at California’s expense. Was it the week before in Baltimore in democratic Maryland that Trump accused of inhumane conditions (“rat-infested, nobody wants to live there”) or Chicago, the Clinton’s hometown, is San Francisco – again.

Gates prevent homeless people from sleeping in the entrance area

Trump wants to bad-mouth America’s flagship state. At the 2016 election, 66 percent of voters in California voted for democratic competitor Hillary Clinton, compared to more than 90 percent in Silicon Valley.

On the one hand, California is home to the Silicon Valley, home to the film metropolis Hollywood and large parts of the armaments and electronics industry. On the other hand, there is the greatest child poverty in the USA. Homelessness is rising steadily due to rapidly rising rents and property prices.

The street catches up with me when I leave the house through the cast iron front grille that was installed at some point in front of the front door. It prevents homeless people from rolling out their sleeping bags in the entrance area at night, relieving themselves or entering the house through the video-monitored lobby.

Every house here has such grids installed. Here, that’s the limit to the tenderloin. This district was the cultural heart of San Francisco in the 20s and 30s. In a rectangle of seven by seven blocks between Market and Geary Street, and Mason and Van Ness Street, the city council estimates the number of homeless at just under 4,000.

My way to the Moscone event center also takes me past the imposing Glide Church at the intersection of Ellis and Taylor streets. The Glide Memorial United Methodist Church opened in 1931 and is now one of the most liberal churches in the United States and an anchor point for the lost from Tenderloin. When the food distribution is due, the snake is often several hundred meters long, extends around the whole block and sometimes even beyond.

Every evening the tent cities are set up on the sidewalks here and in the surrounding streets. Tattered night dwellings marked by daily assembly and dismantling crowd on house facades and offer their residents a last remnant of deceptive protection, which they sometimes know from a previous life.

At least something can close behind it – even if it’s just a broken zipper.


The majority of the homeless have lost their homes because of the ever increasing rents.

(Photo: Reuters)

In the largest department store in the city center, near Target, the camping tents have been enclosed in large mesh boxes since 2017. If you want to buy one, you have to contact a seller. The theft rate was too high without this security measure, it is said. Toothpaste, hygiene products for women and shaving supplies are also excluded.

Completely disturbed tourist families make their way through the partially half or not clothed people who are lying apathetically on the sidewalks with or without a sleeping bag. Shocked children cling to the hands of mothers and fathers who are still pulling their suitcases behind them on the way to the hotel. It smells pungent of urine.

The hotels of these tourists are centrally located and bargain prices typically range from $ 200 to $ 500 a night. But it quickly becomes clear that there is a reason for the cheap tariff in the tenderloin.


Deutsche Bank refuses to provide US senators with information about Trump deals

Deutsche Bank

The bank refuses to provide information to the US senators.

(Photo: Reuters)

Frankfurt The Deutsche Bank With reference to banking secrecy, has denied four Democratic U.S. senators an answer to questions about their business dealings with U.S. President Donald Trump. “We hope you understand that Deutsche Bank must respect the legal and contractual limits that exist with respect to such confidential information,” wrote the bank’s law firm, Akin Gump, in a letter to Reuters on Saturday.

In the past, Germany’s largest money house, one of Trump’s largest lenders, had responded to requests from Democrats by referring to banking secrecy. Deutsche Bank declined to comment on the letter.

Trump’s family business, the Trump Organization, the White House and the Akin Group were initially unavailable for comment on Saturday. In the most recent case, there are questions from four democratic US senators about the prominent banking critic Elizabeth Warren.

It makes a difference whether individual senators or a Congress committee requests information, the bank’s lawyers explained. For years, congressional committees and prosecutors have been requesting information on Trump’s finances and regularly dealing with the courts.

The issue is now pending at the US Supreme Court. The hearing, originally scheduled for late March, has been postponed due to the spread of the corona virus. It should now take place on May 12th. Senator Warren was initially unavailable for comment on Saturday.

Deferred payment for Trump?

The four democratic senators had sent bank manager Christian Sewing a letter at the beginning of April with a deadline of April 21 to answer the questions. She was startled by a New York Times report.

According to this, representatives of Trump’s family business, the Trump Organization, approached Deutsche Bank to talk about postponing payments, at least for some of the loans. This process led to “new, serious concerns” when asked how much financial influence Deutsche Bank had on the President and his family, the senators wrote.

That Trump’s family business is asking the money house for a favor in the midst of a severe economic crisis “raises the question of whether Deutsche Bank treats the Trump Organization better than other companies in a similar situation.”

The senators fear that the government may either accommodate the bank’s regulatory issues if it responds positively to the Trump Organization’s request, or punish the bank if it does no financial favor to the family business.

The Trump Organization owns several hotels and golf clubs that are closed due to the corona crisis. The family business is run by Trump’s sons Eric and Donald junior.

More: The digital boss of Deutsche Bank’s private customer business has significantly shaped the online strategy. The austerity course curtailed its scope of action.


Why right-wing Americans see the virus as an attack on their freedom

Richmond The noise of dozens of horns fills the spring air. The car parade encircles the seat of government of the governor of Virginia at walking pace. Flags flutter in the sun from the side windows of the SUVs and from the loading areas of the pickup trucks. “Trump 2020” is on some. In between, you can always see a black rattlesnake on a yellow background: the symbol of the Tea Party – the libertarian protest movement that a few years ago ideologically shifted the Republican Party far to the right.

David Britt has set up a black folding armchair on the sidewalk and looks at the bustle. He is happy, “more than happy”, as he says himself. He would never have expected so many to respond to his call to protest the lockdown in Virginia’s capital, Richmond, against the corona-related restrictions on US public life.

Virginia, Wyoming, Ohio: People in around two dozen US states have been going against the corona restrictions for about two weeks. Most of the time, the protest against regional governments led by democratic governors is less against Republicans.

On the surface, there is a question that many citizens in Germany are asking themselves: How can you prevent the economic consequences of the pandemic from ultimately being worse than that of the epidemic itself? But underneath that, the old cultural struggle breaks out, which has divided the USA for around a quarter of a century: Right-wing despisers sense an attack on their freedom behind the lockdown.

With his goatee and melancholy eyes behind round glasses, Britt doesn’t look like the spokesman in an ideological argument. Only his shirt reveals that something is burning inside him. On the right side it is blue with white stars, on the left red-white-striped – Britt has the US flag on his body.

A bizarre parallel world is revealed

“Our only concern is that the people of Virginia can work again,” says the spokesman for the protest movement “Reopen Virginia”. He has no doubt that the corona virus is contagious. That’s why he called for a car demo so that no one gets too close during the protest.

In Richmond, an estimated 1,000 people followed Brit’s call on Wednesday. The atmosphere is peaceful, even happy, when the many drivers and the few demonstrators cheer each other on the sidewalk. A dozen police officers on mountain bikes are enough to keep things tidy.

Auto demonstration

In Richmond, Virginia, about 1,000 people took part in a protest while sitting in their cars.

(Photo: Reuters)

But under the carefree surface, a bizarre parallel world is revealed. Dominique Kostelac, who came to the demo with his three teenage children, speaks of the “corona dizziness”. “Covid 19 is a biological weapon that originated in Fort Detrick,” the architect and contractor is convinced.

The U.S. Army once researched biological weapons at the military base in the State of Maryland. The government is now using the fear of the virus to restrict citizens’ freedoms.

Even the elegant lady in black BMW X3, the latest model, is certain that the virus “escaped from a laboratory somewhere”. The convinced Republican would rather not read her name in the newspaper, she fears disadvantages for her husband, who gets “a nice pension” from the US Army.

Billy Healy, blue blazer over the Carhartt dungarees, argues with the case numbers: “A large proportion of the corona deaths occurred in New York and New Jesey. You can’t treat 48 states like these two now. ”He is a forest entrepreneur, Healy says. In his trade, he noticed the lockdown by the fact that the demand for timber fell.

Why is he wearing a button on his lapel that says “Save lives” during a demonstration against lockdown? “Oh,” Healy says, “I almost always wear it if I happen to meet a member of parliament.”

Against the lockdown, against restrictions on weapons law

Resentment about the lockdown is increasingly intermingling with everything that right-wing Americans have always hated, such as the gun restrictions that the Democratic governor of Virginia is currently trying to enforce.

For a few weeks, it seemed that Corona could help bridge ideological gaps in the United States. One would like to think that deaths and infection rates cannot be discussed on the basis of the usual left-right criteria.

In the Senate and House of Representatives, where Democrats and Republicans usually sit next to each other in celebrated hostility, the parliamentarians have now reached a record pace on four Corona aid packages. Suddenly the US has continued sick pay and generous unemployment benefits – both limited to the corona crisis, but at least.

Sure, Trump was still offensive against unpopular politicians, shameless boast and adventurous about-turns. But at the same time the president seemed to want to prove himself as a corona crisis manager. On the advice of his team of medical experts, Trump extended the White House’s corona recommendations until April 30.

The exit plan that Trump presented on April 16 also sounds unideological and reasonable: The White House provides clear medical criteria for when and what restrictions can be lifted. The decision and implementation then lies with the governors. On top of that, Trump is smart because he can shift any responsibility onto the states if the epidemic flares up again somewhere in the United States.

Trump resumes cultural struggle

But as soon as Trump had announced this exit plan, the president opened the new round of American cultural struggle on April 18 and attacked three democratic governors who, in his opinion, were not pushing ahead with the opening quickly enough. “LIBERATE MICHIGAN,” Trump tweeted in loud capital letters, “LIBERATE MINNESOTA”, and “LIBERATE VIRGINIA”.

To add in the case of Virginia: “… and protect your 2nd amendment. It is under threat. ”The second constitutional amendment guarantees US citizens the right to own firearms. A right that the man in camouflage clothing, who is demonstrating in Richmond with an assault rifle over his shoulder, apparently does not want to be taken for granted. “The punishment for betrayal is death,” says his poster.

The culture struggle is fueled by the fact that the devastation of the virus has so far been particularly evident where the majority of Democrats are at home: in the metropolitan areas along the east and west coast and in major cities such as Chicago, Detroit or New Orleans.

The republican-dominated rural regions of the south and mid-west have so far not noticed the epidemic. Of course, there are also good reasons for the corona restrictions there. The virus spreads more slowly in sparsely populated regions, but if it spreads, even the few hospitals are overwhelmed more quickly.

But in many parts of the United States, such horror scenarios look far away. When citizens in Wyoming’s capital Cheyenne demonstrated against the restrictions on Monday last week, one of the posters read: “Quarantine means restricting the free movement of sick people, tyranny means restricting the free movement of healthy people.”

African Americans particularly at risk

The split between city and country comes between ethnic groups. A handful of African-Americans, all wearing respiratory masks, are sitting at a stop in Richmond on Wednesday and are waiting in vain for the bus. It doesn’t get through because of the car parade. The protesters in the cars, on the other hand, are almost exclusively white and none of them wear a mask.

Covid-19 kills African Americans particularly frequently in the United States. In Chicago, for example, their share of the population is just under a third, and their share in the number of corona deaths in the city was a good two thirds at the beginning of April.

African Americans often work in high-risk jobs, such as supermarket salespeople, and are often dependent on buses and trains. For these people, the breathing mask is life insurance.

For the white demonstrators, it is the symbol of a policy that aims to make people compliant with the fear of the virus. In Richmond, 17-year-old Summer Kostelac reduces this attitude to the shortest possible denominator. “Covid-1984” is on the poster that the architect’s daughter holds up.

This conflict even runs through the middle of a city 800 kilometers southeast of Richmond. In Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp (white, Republican) pushes aside all medical concerns.

According to the politician, restaurants, as well as theaters, hairdressers, gyms and massage practices, will be allowed to reopen in Georgia on Monday – although the state by far does not meet the White House criteria for relaxing the restrictions.

The Mayor of the capital, Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms (black, democrat) considers this opening to be much too early. She received unexpected support from the White House on Wednesday evening. Even Donald Trump advised his republican party friend to take it a little slower when opening it: “It’s too early.”

A sentence that the demonstrators at Richmond do not like to hear.

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