Leaks reveal an “annoying” feature in the upcoming iPhone

Phones للجهاز.

Site listed "Forbes" The expert specializes in uncovering news "Iphone", He said that the edges of the device will be sharper and more precise, but the feature of user recognition by face will remain unchanged, keeping the same space.

Accordingly, what is known as"Extrusion" Or the (notch) any edge on the top of the phone, it will remain as it was first introduced in Design Phone "IPhone X".

Earlier, there was a bet that a company would be established "Camel" By shrinking the lump in phones "IPhone 12"And many said this change would make the design aesthetically pleasing.

And since Apple is offering more than one device, and will announce three phones of varying price, it is possible that this notch will be limited to the most expensive device in the announced lineup of phones.

Experts suggest that this lump recedes in the two more expensive phones than the iPhone, namely "IPhone 12 Go" Beside "IPhone 12 Pro Max".

Meanwhile, other leaks have revealed that "Camel" Tends to increase the price of phones "Iphone", As well as reducing the battery capacity.

All phones are expected "IPhone 12" Equipped with a fifth generation network, as well as wider screens and faster charging, the camera will carry technical changes described according to experts with"The root".

And last July, the company revealed "Camel" On achieving strong results during the recent period despite the Corona crisis, and the reason is that many people are forced to buy devices for work or distance learning.


A technical expert indicated through his account “Mr White”, to a number of changes that the “iPhone 12” phone will witness, amid widespread anticipation in the market. Phones للجهاز.

“Forbes” reported that the expert specialized in uncovering news.Iphone“The edges of the device will be sharper and more precise, he said, but the face recognition feature will remain unchanged, keeping the same space.

Accordingly, what is known as a “notch” or (notch), meaning the edge on the top of the phone, will remain as it was first introduced in Design IPhone X.

Earlier, there was a bet that the “Apple” company would reduce the notch in the “iPhone 12” phones, and many said that this change would increase the beauty of the design.

And since Apple is offering more than one device, and will announce three phones of varying price, it is possible that this notch will be limited to the most expensive device in the announced lineup of phones.

Experts suggest that this bump will recede in the two most expensive phones from the iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In the meantime, other leaks revealed that the company “Apple” is moving to increase the prices of “iPhone” phones, as well as reduce the capacity of the battery.

It is expected that all “iPhone 12” phones will be equipped with the fifth generation network, as well as wider screens and faster charging. The camera will carry technical changes described, according to experts, as “radical”.

Last July, the company “Apple” revealed strong results during the recent period despite the Corona crisis, and the reason is that many people are forced to buy devices for work or distance learning.


Avtodor called the construction of the Moscow-Kazan highway over 4 years as a super task :: Society :: RBC

The head of the department said that this is a real task, although so far in peacetime no one in the country has carried out such projects at such times

Photo: Igor Ageenko / RIA News

The idea of ​​building a Moscow-Kazan toll road not by 2027, but by 2024, the head of Avtodor Vyacheslav Petushenko, in a commentary to journalists, called it a “super task”. According to him, there were no similar precedents either in the history of Russia or in the history of the USSR (with the exception of the Great Patriotic War), the TASS agency reported.

“That is, we have to start designing in a month and by the end of the (current) year we should start preparing the territory. But, by and large, if this task is posed, it’s real, ”Petushenko added.

To reduce the construction time of the Moscow-Kazan highway, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin previously proposed. He called the project a priority, since in the future the road will become part of the Europe-Western China highway.

Khusnullin announced plans to accelerate the construction of the Moscow-Kazan highway

Marat Khusnullin

The cost of building the Moscow-Kazan highway, according to RBC, is 610.2 billion rubles, the length is 729 km, of which 142 km will pass through the territory of Tatarstan. The estimated speed on the highway Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan will be 120 km / h. The new highway should become an understudy for the Volga M7 highway, which for the most part passes through settlements.

Avtodor also spoke about another planned construction of a toll road. According to the head of the company, construction work on the construction of the northern bypass of Tver, which will eventually become part of the paid M-11 Neva, may begin next year. For this, it is necessary not only to complete the design, but also to receive 60 billion rubles from the state.


Alfa Romeo has made 110 years. Here are five of the bike with the mark of the Serpent – News

On the 24th of may 1910 from the ashes of the Società Italiana Automobili Darracq, founded in Naples four years before, was born the ALPHA. It was founded in Milan by a group of lombard entrepreneurs, and the acronym ALFA stands for “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili”. The entry of Italy into the war he sent her into crisis, and so it was that was taken over by Nicola Romeo in 1918 changed the name of the company Alfa Romeo.

In these 110 years, Alfa romeo has created several masterpieces, has won in major competitions and has gone through a crisis. His is a brand much appreciated all over the world, and the sporty character of its engines has inspired some hand-crafted motorcycle, motorized, precisely, and Alfa Romeo.

Here are two real oddities, and the three proposed designers.


Let’s start with the “Alfetto”. The engine is the four cylinder boxer engine also known on the “33” and the realization – which dates back to a few years ago – it has been made known by a passionate belgian in 2007.
The frame is hand crafted, and have been used components of a Yamaha 750 and the tank of an old Laverda.
The final drive is shaft, and it is apparently derived from a BMW.


It’s called “Alfabeast” the creation of american Chris Barber. Halfway between a cruiser and a chopper fitted with a V6 Alfa Romeo 2.5-liter engine and aluminum cylinder heads. The four speed gearbox, and separated, was taken from a Harley-Davidson, while in the power provide of the weber carburettors. Note that the starter is to crank.
The rigid frame is constructed from Kraftek, with the front end taken from a Kawasaki ZXR750.


The Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem, however, the Alfa Romeo “Spirit”. This concept of vehicle, and style watch the streamliner record-trying to combine the motorcycle world with elements of Alpha from the competition.

the Guy

Lasha Japaridze is a young designer from Georgian. His bike Alfa Romeo, generated digitally, it’s called “the Guy”. Chose a dress from the anthropomorphic forms that envelops the entire vehicle (difficult to find, however, a bond with the brand from milan), that has wheels from automotive design and a single sided swingarm of – shall we say – bold construction. The motor should be a two-cylinder engine.


Rather bizarre, the proposal of the Dutch Robert Meijer, who has interpreted the very american custom motor Harley-Davidson and the frame chopperizzato to step extra long. Remember Alfa Romeo, the design of the wheel rims and the color red…


IPhone 12, features confirmed by the first models

Apple seems to have finalized the design of the next iPhone 12while still not everything would be decided as far as the hardware that will be integrated in the smartphones that the house of Cupertino will present at the end of the summer or beginning of autumn.

At least it would seem so looking at the latest “dummy“ the models three-dimensional that are mainly used by manufacturers of covers and accessories to take measurements and prepare in advance their products. The models most recently have been revealed by the sites of leak SonnyDickinson.com a few hours ago, and are modeled fairly closely to some previous dummyless detailed, both of the images already circulating in the past few days. The sum of the sources, then, would be to think that the the shape and dimensions of the iPhone 12 will now be the ones we are seeing for some time.

iPhone 12: as will be

The range iPhone 2020 it will be composed by four models: iPhone 12 (5.4 inches), iPhone 12 Max (6.1-inch), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch) and iPhone Pro Max (6.7 inches). Will look something like a cross between the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 4: from the first will inherit the aspect ratio and the roundness of the corners, while from the second the flat edges in aluminum. The models three-dimensional reporting to the bumper with the photographic section of the rear, however, should never be taken into consideration because it is not covered by the cover: in practice, it is just to show the size and shape of the pane.

iPhone 12: the components of some (and those not)

Far more complex, however, is the question what will be put inside of the four iPhone 12. Starting from the display, which according to the rumors there might be two, if not three, suppliers. Those sure seem to Samsung, for the models iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Maxand LG for the iPhone model 12 Max. For this model it would seem that Apple has evaluated, and discarded, even the chinese manufacturer BOE, Beijing Oriental Electronic, the name of which is blown out at the end of April, together with that of GIS in relation to the supply of the fingerprint sensor.

All models will be equipped with SoC The Apple A14 Bionic and will be compatible with the 5G (but only 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will manage the millimeter waves). The first two models will have 4 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of ROM, while the top two models of the range will have 6 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of ROM. With regard to the camerasthe rumors speak of two sensors on the iPhone 12 and 12 Max, the first of which that comes to 64 MP, and three sensors, a LiDAR for the depth on the other two models.

iPhone 12: how much will it cost

With regard to prices, finally, the uncertainty is even larger, but there is talk of a the range of 649-1.$ 399. The iPhone 12 should cost 649-749 dollars (128-256 GB). The iPhone 12 Max should cost 749-849 dollars (128-256 GB). The iPhone 12 Pro is expected to cost 999-1.$ 299 (128-512 GB). The iPhone 12 Pro Max should cost a 1,099-1.399 dollars (129-512 GB).


The IPhone 12 will be a return to the past: the design similar to the iPhone 4

The rumours according to which the iPhone 12 looks like a lot of the iPhone 4 are confirmed in a leak, whose reliability is however to be verified, coming from the Twitter account JinStore. This is the account of a user that is defined as “dealer premium Apple“, “supplier device Dev-Fused” (the devices Dev-Fused are the prototypes and pre-production), “Apple Security Researcher” and much more.

JinStore has posted some photos of printed models of iPhone 12 and of the rendering made with a CAD software. Would seem, at a closer look, the models that are distributed to the companies that produce cover to make the molds which will then be made of the enclosures. In the past, other models of this type, also of other manufacturers, they are finished at the centre of numerous leaks, which sometimes proved to be spot-on. In this case, however, the source is not certain of the most authoritative. But, if we want to get to the good, then it is true that the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro will be very similar in design to the iPhone 4, many thought the iPhone with a design better than ever.

iPhone 12: how it was done

Looking at the photos posted by JinStore, that relate to the iPhone 12 5.4 inches (which should be the iPhone 12 base), 6.1 inches (which should be the iPhone 12 Pro), and 6.7 inches (which should be the iPhone 12 Pro Max), the similarity with the iPhone 4 is glaring. The edges are strongly rounded frame and a thick body side metal typical of the iPhone 4, Apple would have added a great notch of the traditional type. In the lower part of the body you can see the holes in the microphone and the door to Lightning, in that the side buttons for power and volume, well protruding. Just as hanging is the bumper that houses the rear cameras, which are four.

Had reason Ming-Chi Kuo?

Ming-Chi Kuo is a famous name among those who love to follow the leak on the smartphone outputand is considered to be one of the most reliable in the world of Apple, since it is a financial analyst with excellent hooks in the supply chain of the chinese suppliers of the company from Cupertino. If you all believe that the iPhone 12 will be similar to the iPhone 4 that is precisely why Ming-Chi Kuo, already in September 2019 (when people still commented on the newly released iPhone 11), revealed that the iPhone 2020 would have a design completely different from the previous one and very similar to that of the iPhone 4. Always Kuo, later, had, however, stated that that type of design had the antenna 5G.


Nokia 150 official, low cost mobile phone and infinite battery

Good news for mobile phone lovers: Nokia has just launched the new ones Nokia 125 and Nokia 150. These are two old-style phones with physical keyboard, 2.4-inch screen, compact size and battery that lasts more than a week. For several years now, the Finnish company, together with HMD Global, has returned forcefully to the world of telephony, launching both smartphones with Android operating system and mobile phones with a physical keyboard.

Above all, mobile phones are discovering a second youth: they remain the preferred device for those who do not like smartphones and in developing countries, where many do not have enough budget for a technologically advanced device. The Nokia 150 it is not a brand new mobile phone, but it is the new version of a model on the market for a couple of years now. Both models have rather limiting technical characteristics in comparison to the most modern smartphones, but they have their own a very advantageous price: they cost less than 30 euros.

The features of the Nokia 150

It doesn’t take long to describe the Nokia 150. The design is the classic one of mobile phones: 2.4-inch screen and physical keyboard to interact with different applications and to send messages. On board we find 4MB of RAM and 4MB of internal memory, expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card (where to put your favorite music). In the back there is also a VGA camera that takes pictures of dubious quality. Among the available apps there is the MP3 player and Snake, unforgettable game for many. The battery is 1020 mAh and ensures an autonomy of about a week, an eternity compared to smartphones.

Nokia 125: how it’s made

Even the Nokia 125 it’s a featured phone, term used to identify mobile phones with physical keyboard. Apart from a few differences from the design point of view, the features of the mobile phone are very similar to those of the Nokia 150. Here too we find a 2.4-inch screen, with 4MB of RAM and 4MB of internal memory. In the back there is the VGA camera. The most interesting feature is certainly the 1020mAh battery which ensures an autonomy of seven days.

Price and release date Nokia 150 and Nokia 125

Nokia 150 and Nokia 125 are lowcos phonest and the launch price proves it: $ 29 the first, $ 24 the second. For the moment there is no news on a possible launch in Italy, but it cannot be excluded that it will take place in the coming months. And the price will certainly be far below fifty euros.


How much will iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cost in Italy

It had never happened in the past to have all this information in April on the new Apple smartphones coming out in September. Usually the Cupertino company manages to always hide its cards very well and to leak the bare minimum. But not this year: about four months after the new ones come out iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro we know (almost) everything: the number of models launched, the characteristics, the design and even the price. The only information that is still missing is the exit date, which at the moment still remains in doubt because of the coronavirus that could postpone the launch of the new smartphones.

To reveal the latest information oniPhone 12 is once again Jon Prosser, who in recent weeks is becoming a real web star with all the advances revealed on the new Apple devices coming out in the coming months, including the AirPods Studio, the new wireless headphones. In his latest information, Jon Prosser has done nothing but confirm what was already known: the models launched will be four (two iPhone 12 and two iPhone 12 Pro), the price will be slightly lower than last year, the design will change radically, there will be the debut of the LiDAR camera for augmented reality and 5G support.

iPhone 12, how many models will be launched

Let’s start with one of the most important information: in total there will be four models launched by Apple. Two iPhone 12 and two iPhone 12 Pro. The names of the versions will be respectively: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. A change of strategy compared to the past: Apple had never launched four models simultaneously.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: the design

Apple has decided to refresh the design of its top-of-the-range smartphone, after three practically identical versions (iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone 11). THE new iPhones 12 they will have many features in common with the iPad Pro launched a few months ago: all-metal side frame, design similar to that of the iPhone 5, no curves on the sides and a much smaller notch, thanks to the new sensors of the FaceID.

A decisive change, but no upheaval. Apple has decided to continue on the path traced in the past, trying to make the new iPhone 12 more modern.

Photo source: Haysan Kaymak

Click on the image to find out all the news of the new iPhone 12

The features of the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 represents the lowcost model in the top range range. A strategy inaugurated with the iPhone Xr and that has brought good results. For 2020, the Cupertino-based company has decided to double: double economic smartphone.

The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Max they will be identical: the only difference is the size of the screen. The iPhone 12 will have a 5.4-inch display and is a candidate to be one of the best compact smartphones of the year, while the Max version will have a 6.1-inch screen. In both cases it is an OLED display. On board there will be the A14 Bionic chipset with support for 4GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of internal memory. In the rear there will be two 12 Megapixel cameras, a solution already adopted last year. Certain the presence of the 5G modem.

iPhone 12 Pro, the technical sheet

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will in all respects be Premium smartphones. As in the previous case, the only differences between the two models will be the size of the screen: 6.1 inches in the first case, 6.7 inches in the second. The screen will be a Super Retina with support for Pro Motion technology that allows you to adapt the refresh rate up to 120Hz according to the app used. Under the shell there will be the A14 Bionic chipset with 6GB of RAM and 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of internal memory.

One of the premium features of the iPhone 12 Pro will be the presence of four cameras. In addition to the main sensor, there will be a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens and a LiDAR camera dedicated exclusively to augmented reality and 3D objects. This is the same sensor also present on the iPad Pro 2020. The three sensors will all be 12 Megapixel.

Price iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

One of the most interesting news is certainly the price of new iPhones 12, which is expected to be slightly lower than last year. here are the alleged launch prices of the four smartphones:

  • iPhone 12 – $ 649 and $ 749
  • iPhone 12 Max – $ 749 and $ 849
  • iPhone 12 Pro – $ 999. 1099 dollars and 1299 dollars
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – 1099 dollars, 1199 dollars and 1399 dollars.

For the price in Italy you must add at least 100 euros due to taxes and exchange rates.

When iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro come out

The biggest doubt remains the possible iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro release date. Apple has leaked that there will be no delays caused by the Coronavirus and the presentation will take place in September. With the market launch set for early October.


Facebook, the new interface and the dark mode arrive: what changes

Announced last year during the F8 event and already previewed in January, now it has finally arrived: Facebook is releasing in these hours the new interface for the desktop version. An important change that introduces many small innovations and makes it easier to use the social network, which has now become a 360-degree platform capable of integrating many different features, from video calls, to events to live streaming of presentations.

In 16 years of history, Facebook has changed its face, has become a platform used mainly by mobile and in recent years the desktop version had been left to die a little. With the new update, Facebook desktop back to the center of the projects again, with a more modern, more functional look and above all with the arrival of a much awaited function: the dark mode. Now also on the desktop it will be possible to activate it Black background which allows you to rest your eyes and minimize screen reflection. Here are all the news of the new Facebook interface.

Facebook, how the social network changes face

With a statement published on the official blog, Facebook has announced the arrival of the new interface for the desktop version that brings many Announcements. The developers themselves list them:

  • Greater simplicity in finding posts, images, videos, news and greater speed in loading pages.
  • Cleaner look with larger texts.
  • Photos and videos can be viewed in full screen.
  • The management of pages, groups and events has been simplified.
  • Dark mode that allows less eye strain.

For Facebook it is a real change of look, which makes it more modern and in step with the times.

How to activate the new interface and dark mode

Facebook has communicated that the new interface is coming in these days and before it gets to everyone it will be necessary to wait some time. The activation of the new interface will be automatic, but to speed up the practice you can do it manually: when you access Facebook from desktopat the top there is a message asking the user if he wants to activate the new interface. By pressing the Yes button, Facebook changes its look and shows all the news. In addition, a message on the screen also asks if you prefer the Light Theme or the Dark Theme.

At any time you can go back to the “old Facebook” or deactivate or activate the dark mode via the Settings.


The Ministry of Emergencies gave advice to parents during self-isolation :: Society :: RBC

Educational and entertaining Internet resources will help to occupy a child during the period of universal self-isolation due to coronavirus. This is stated in the memo of the Ministry of Emergencies to parents.

The ministry advised parents to find out what their children are interested in and choose the appropriate online portal according to age.

For animal lovers, portals of different zoos of the world are recommended for visiting, which now allow you to watch animals online. Fans of theatrical performances are offered performances in the recording or live.

In the Ministry of Emergency Situations called allowing to break a mode of self-isolation of a situation

“Bring the child to art and visit with him the famous museums of our country and the world: the Hermitage, the Polytechnic Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery,” reads the memo of the Ministry of Emergencies.