Reaching for the biscuit is a symptom

Our author has been participating in a weight loss program in a clinic for six months. She is currently fighting against her previous habits. In doing so, she realizes that she doesn’t just have to change her diet. ,

Nadezhda Babkina told how she lost 22 kilograms

She emphasized that you need to take care of yourself and eat right. “She sees that I limit myself in everything, and tells me: 8 and 16, nothing else works,” Babkina explained. This system, as the actress explained, is that for eight hours you eat what you want and how much you want, and then […]

Fasting, but right

The time of abstinence begins. It is high time to purge the regulations from nonsensical rules. A doctor explains what to watch out for if you limit your diet while fasting. ,

“Fasting could also have potentially harmful effects”

NNot everyone can integrate interval fasting into their everyday life. What other forms are there? What do they bring? And what traps are lurking? Nutritionist Andreas Pfeiffer explains this in an interview. WORLD ON SUNDAY: Mr. Pfeiffer, which is the best fasting method? Andreas Pfeiffer: It is a matter of taste. 16: 8 interval fasting […]