A blue armband for autism: protection or stigma?

Direct. Coronavirus, last minute “We refuse to go out with our children with the stigma of the blue scarf. All those selfish and unhuman people who insult children with autism spectrum disorder are forever portrayed” (Alfanhui, Madrid). “Stigma? No. This is a social disability and must be made visible. All we want is for our […]

“My son has autism and needs the ride, but the police said: Home!”

Updated Friday,     twenty     March     2020     –22:45 last hour. Coronavirus News Graph. Map of the coronavirus in Spain: evolution of cases by communities Pablois many things. And in one of them there isautism. For years, every morning he goes to a day center inLas palmaswhere the shelter of the social and the sanitary have been helping […]

Better opportunities for people with disabilities

Berlin State Minister for Digital Affairs Dorothee Bär became clear when the Federal Government’s Disability Representative, Jürgen Dusel, handed over his recommendations for participation to the Federal Government at the end of last year. “We have to use digital change to open opportunities for people with disabilities to participate,” Bär said at the time. The […]

The antifibrinolytic agent could be a treatment for bloody stroke

A common bleeding-reducing drug could be a treatment for bloody stroke, particularly if administered quickly, according to advanced science presented today at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2020. The conference, February 19-21, is in Los Angeles, a worldwide meeting for researchers and clinicians dedicated to stroke science and brain health. The Spot Sign […]

Secondary analysis strengthens the safety of the blood thinner

Treatment with blood thinner apixaban has been associated with a lower risk of bleeding, death and hospitalization than warfarin, regardless of the history of stroke or previous blood clot, according to a secondary analysis presented today as a science at the cutting edge in the American Stroke Association International Stroke Association Conference 2020. The conference, […]