Why big data is in a dilemma

Frankfurt At a conference for actuaries, Deloitte consultants said they could use consumers’ shopping histories to assess their health status as well as a traditional medical exam. Using this example, the British computer scientists and statisticians Bryce Goodman and Seth Flaxman illustrate in a technical essay which dilemma lies in the attractive commercial possibilities of […]

Gay Travel Index: Homosexuals face death penalty in 15 countries

I.n 15 of 202 countries and regions worldwide are currently facing the death penalty. In at least 45 countries, people were murdered last year for homosexual or transsexuality. This emerges from the recently published Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2020, which has now appeared for the eighth time since 2012. The Russian sub-republic of Chechnya is […]

Scientists call: Overweight in the crosshairs

MMore than a hundred medical organizations and also publication platforms such as the “Nature” group have joined a call by 36 obesity experts and called for “an end to the stigmatization of obese people”. The starting point for the initiative was the observation that fat people were generally and erroneously publicly misrepresented as lazy, sluggish […]

Internal documents: the Chancellery warned early about the car toll

Dhe project harbors the “considerable danger” of a violation of European law. The hope of the Ministry of Transport to get the car toll at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has to be “judged skeptically”. Such objections have often been raised against the CSU project. But the reservations quoted here do not come from […]

A UdG researcher reports sexist discrimination by her superiors

One researcher from a research group at the University of Girona (UdG) have reported that the group director and a co-worker have been “isolated, despised and discriminated against” sexist for years. The woman has stated that during the day the two men did not speak to her, denied access to resources and information. He assured […]

Fan coordinator fears “spiral of violence” | TIME ONLINE

After hostilities against Hoffenheim patron Dietmar Hopp at matches in the Bundesliga, Michael Gabriel, head of the Fan Projects Coordination Office, fears “a spiral of escalation” in German football. “I believe that everyone involved has to see that this spiral is stopped,” said Gabriel. You have to look for ways to talk to each other. […]

Atomic Veterans of America – NBC Connecticut

The enemy Hank Bolden faced did not come from a distant front line. It came from the skies. It’s a battle that’s still going on 65 years later. Bolden, who is now 82 years old, is an atomic veteran – one of hundreds of thousands of American service members used in human testing by the […]

Hollywood, not a boulevard for women

When it comes to equality between men and women, we may well think what we want from the taste of Hollywood and its democratic gotha ​​for preach-preach activism. At its best, the documentary produced by Geena Davis (forever the gunsling tough Thelma and Louise, but also the founder of a statistical institute on gender disparities […]

Why Özil’s resignation and DFB criticism split Germany

Dusseldorf Mesut Özil. That was once a brilliant footballer. One who recognized the gaps like no other and who with precise passports punished every positional error that the opposing defense. One who became world champion, who celebrated the German, Spanish and English cup wins with his clubs – and who had been among the best […]