candidates in Paris and by district

After a campaign punctuated by twists and turns and suspended abruptly because of the outbreak of coronavirus, three candidates are in the fray in the second round of the municipal elections in Paris, Anne Hidalgo – mayor, socialist outbound that aims for a second term of office – the mayor of the 7th arrondissement Rachida Dati, and the former minister Agnès Buzyn.

→ FIND the 28th of June the results of the second round of the municipal elections 2020 in Paris

At the beginning of the month of June, after “between the two towers, the longest in the history “according to the applicant The Republic in market (LREM) in the 6th arrondissement Gaspard Gantzer, the restart of the campaign had to incorporate the effects of the health crisis that was going through Paris, severely affected by the epidemic. One of its consequences may well reside in the rate of abstention. During the first round, he had reached 56 % in the capital.

In the first round, the mayor outgoing socialist Anne Hidalgo came top with 29% of the vote, ahead of clearly the candidate of the right granted by The Republicans (LR) Rachida Dati, who obtained 22 % of the vote. In the third position, Agnès Buzyncandidate for LREM, and the latest arrival in the battle of the municipal elections, garnered 17 % of the vote.

Courted by Anne Hidalgo and Agnès Buzyn in view of possible alliances for the second ballot, the candidate LREM dissident Cédric Villani (8 % in the first round) has finally decided to go it alone without presenting a list and in the 14e district. Same strategy for Danielle Simonnet (5 % in the first round), at the head of the list Decide Paris supported by France Insubordinate (BIA) and is a candidate in the 20e arrondissement of Paris.

The scale of the whole city, so it is well between Anne Hidalgo, Rachida Dati and Agnès Buzyn that the election will play out.

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► Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and ecology in Paris (PS-EELV-Various left)

Elected to the Paris city hall in 2014 after having been one of the first deputy of the former mayor PS Bertrand Delanoë, Anne Hidalgo is a candidate for re-election to the Town hall and also in second position in the list, that it presents in the 11e district. His nomination is for the PS a hope of preserving the capital.

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Anne Hidalgo is supported by the PCF and the movement of Public Space. She has campaigned around the ecology and mobility. The candidate of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) David Belliard, which is ranked in fourth position with 11% of the votes in the first round, has merged its lists with it for the second ballot.

► Rachida Dati, Committed to change Paris (LR – Various right)

Mayor of 7e district, in which she was re-elected in the first round, Rachida Dati has been invested by LR to lead to Paris the campaign of the right in paris. With its main axes, the safety and the cleanliness, the candidate is able to deliver the unit within their political family despite the nominations of the dissenting Jean-Pierre Lecoq in the 6e borough and Catherine Lecuyer in the 8e district.

► Agnès Buzyn, Together to Paris (LREM)

Part of his post as minister of health at the dawn of the crisis of the Covid-19 to replace the foot lifted Benjamin Griveaux, having had to abandon the campaign because of a sex scandal, Agnès Buzyn has never been the easy task. More consensual than its predecessor, it has climbed to third place in the first round. While Rachida Dati’s outstretched hand for a possible alliance in the second, the lists LR and LREM were ultimately merged that into the 5e borough with a list led by Florence Berthout.

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► The heads of lists by districts

Particularity of the election paris this year : the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th arrondissements of Paris have been grouped into a single district (or first sector) of 100 000 inhabitants. The four borough mayors current will, therefore, leave their armchair to a single municipal official at the end of the second round. Finally, the 7e district will have no second election as its mayor outbound Rachida Dati has been re-elected in the first round, with 51% of the votes.

• 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th arrondissements (1st sector)

– Pacôme Rupin (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– Aurélien Véron (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Ariel Weil (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

5th arrondissement

Marie-Christine Lemardeley (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Florence Berthout (List of the union of the right and of the center for the 5th)

• 6th district

Celine Hervieu (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Gaspard Gantzer (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– Jean-Pierre Lecoq (The union for the 6th)

• 8th arrondissement

– Jeanne d ‘ Hauteserre (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Catherine Lecuyer (A new energy to the 8th with Catherine Lecuyer, list gathering of the right and centre)

– Athénaïs Michel (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Sophie james version (Set for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

9th district

– Peter Maurin (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Delphine Bürkli (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– Arnaud Ngatcha (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

10th district

– Bertil Strong (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Alexandra Cordebard (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Karim Amellal (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

11th district

– Nelly Garnier (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– François Vauglin (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Guillaume Poitoux (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

• District 12

– Emmanuel Gregory (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Sandrine Mazetier (Together for the 12th arrondissement of Paris)

– Valérie Montandon (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

• 13th district

– Chang Hua Peng (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– Jérôme Coumet (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Jean-Baptiste Olivier (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

• 14th district

– Cédric Villani (The new Paris 14)

– Marie-Claire Carrere-Gee (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Eric Azière (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– Carinne Small (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

• 15th arrondissement

– Catherine Ibled (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

Agnes Evren (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Anouch Toranian (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

• 16th arrondissement

– Francis Szpiner (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Hanna Sebbah (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

17th district

– Agnès Buzyn (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– Geoffroy Boulard (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Karen Taïeb (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

• 18th arrondissement

– Eric Lejoindre (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Pierre-Yves Bournazel (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– Rudolph Granier (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

• 19th district

– Olivier Rouxel (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

– François Dagnaud (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– Mary Toubiana (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

• 20th district

– Eric Pliez (Anne Hidalgo, Paris transit and the ecology for Paris)

– François-Marie Didier (Committed to change Paris with Rachida Dati)

– Danielle Simonnet (Decide Paris 20)

– Frédérique Calandra (All for Paris with Agnès Buzyn)

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What do we know about the violent clashes that took place in Dijon ?

Question asked by Dzamil the 15/06/2020


Your question is about the events that took place this weekend on 13 and 14 June in Dijon and around, in the Burgundy region. On social networks, flocking of multiple videos showing violent clashes.

Several pictures show some of the bands who wander in the city centre and take it to a shisha bar, the Black Pearl, located in the boulevard de la Trémouille, not far from the Republic square.

On some videos, posted online Sunday, including several dozen men are visible. They compete, sometimes with bare hands, sometimes by means of iron bars.

Other, filmed by witnesses from different angles, show a car seeming to rush right on a mob before the aircraft struck an earth-full and from in barrels, at very high speed.

On videos more graphics (that CheckNews has chosen not to relay), we can see the car stopped, just after the accident. The driver, dead, is, in part, défenestré. His hands are in blood.

On Twitter, in the comments, reference is made repeatedly to clashes “between the Chechens and dealers“.

All these scenes fit effectively in a global context of clashes that went on for several days. The prefecture of Côte-d’or, contacted by CheckNewsconfirms that these events are likely related to settlements of accounts : “The weekend that has just ended has been marked by violence committed in the agglomeration of dijon, france, it seems, in the context of a settlement of accounts between members of the chechen community in France and the residents of the district of Grésilles and other districts of the metropolis-dijon”, she says.


The prefect “condemns these behaviors […] with the greatest firmness” and indicates that a judicial investigation is now open.

Eric Mathais, the chief prosecutor of Dijon, has not responded to the demands of CheckNews. But as of this weekend, in the local press, the vice-prosecutor was state ten wounded, “some seriously”, during the descent to the shisha bar on the Friday night. The prosecution also confirms that injured by bullets, Saturday night, always in Dijon.

This Monday, he responded to our confreres from France Blue. About the driver involved in an accident, it confirms that the latter is currently in hospital in a serious condition. The scene took place in the district of Grésilles, in the north-east of Dijon on Sunday night. The prosecutor explains : “We were live at the command center of the police, we saw on the cameras these 140 people from the chechen community gathered on the market square to Grésilles. And there was a vehicle that came close, which, indeed, at a given moment sketched a movement to rush in the crowd, then there was this accident.”

In this interview, the attorney also confirms the opening of an investigation entrusted to the directorate for interregional judicial police and urban security, Dijon, france. But, he said, no arrest has yet taken place at the present time. The priority, according to him, is to secure the situation in order to avoid the worst.

About facts, it evokes a “drift community on racism. These are apparently members of the chechen community who have called on social networks from Friday to avenge the violence committed on a young by people from the community in the maghreb. Three nights in a row, it was therefore up to 140 people who come to Dijon in this context”.

Violence in Nice

According to France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur, this violence is are now exported up to Nice, where shots were recorded in the district of Chestnuts, in the night of Sunday to Monday. Again, a video shows the shot. Nice Morning indicates that three men of chechen origin had been injured and that six people are currently in police custody.

For the time being, to Dijon, the authorities are trying to avoid escalation. The prefecture said that on Monday evening still, “a squadron of gendarmes mobiles will be deployed on the ground.” The day before, a half-section of SRC and reinforcements of the TRAY were on the ground.

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A Brussels of 19 years, accusing the forces of the order of the have “typed” and “insulting” on the sidelines of an event in tribute to George Floyd in the belgian capital on June 7, 2020. While the video, where the young man appears to be the wounded face goes viral, journalists Anais Condomines and Vincent Coquaz are trying to trace the source of the story.

Anais Condomines


Priority neighbourhood : what is the future for youth after school ?

The area of residence of high school graduates has there been an impact on their studies and their professional integration ? Clearly yes, according to a recent study by the Center for studies and research on qualifications.

The analysts have dissected the trajectories of the 19 500 young people leaving school in 2013, who lived in a priority neighbourhood of the city (social difficulties). Their conclusion ? There are strong disparities with the neighbouring districts, even in the blurring effects related to the social membership (origin, occupations of parents).

“These young people are more oriented towards the professional way : 38 % have a bac pro) and 38% bac general, compared to 23 % and 54 % for those of the other districts “, says Mélanie Vignale, coauthor of the study. The bac pro in the pocket, they are more likely to continue their studies, “no doubt to compensate for the fact of not having obtained the desired orientation “.

45 % leave the university without a degree

The only problem is that at the university, 45 % leave without a degree (compared to 29 % in other areas). “They apply to equality in BTS and license, but only a third is accepted in BTS. However, graduates of pro are less prepared at the university. “

This explains why 37 % of them are unemployed three years after training (compared to 22 % for those in the surrounding areas). Only 53 % become managers or intermediate professions (against 63 %).

“To an equivalent degree, the effect of district play at least, timer Melanie Vignale. It must therefore support these young people to make them aware of the training courses. For example, among high school graduates general, they are only 14 % to request a class, prep, against 22 % for the other districts. “


New violence in the district of Grésilles in Dijon

Dijon was once again prey to tensions Monday, June 15, in the evening. The police had to disperse a crowd of men wearing balaclavas and armed wanting to defend their neighbourhood after three punitive expeditions carried out by members of the chechen community in the course of the weekend.

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For the fourth night in a row, in a town little accustomed to this kind of disorder, dozens of people armed with iron bars and handguns, which no one knows if they are fake or not, gathered on Monday in the district Grésilles.

These men, wearing balaclavas for the most part, have fired into the air, destroyed surveillance cameras, and set fire to garbage cans and vehicles.

A team of journalists assaulted

A team of journalists from France 3 “has been taking part in and his vehicle caillassé “ and a driver has been “assaulted and his vehicle was thrown against a barricade of burning “according to the prefecture.

60 gendarmes mobiles, a quarantine of CRS and reinforcements of the brigade, tasked with fighting crime (BAC), as well as of the RAID, have intervened in order to put an end to the violence. “A hundred opponents “ were then confronted by the forces of order, said the prefect of Côte d’or Bernard Schmeltz.

The intervention ended in the evening, leaving a few charred carcasses of garbage bins and vehicles in the area once again became calm. Four people have been arrested, according to the prefecture.

The ongoing investigations

According to the prefect Schmeltz, the alleged harasser did not belong to the chechen community, unlike these last three days where several tens or even hundreds of them had gathered in the city centre of Dijon and then to Grésilles to carry out targeted attacks in an apparent settling of accounts.

“We have not identified any presence outside, what are people from Dijon “assured Bernard Schmeltz regarding people gathered on Monday evening. Sources in police have specified that these new attacks were the result of people wanting to defend their “territory “ against the repeated incursions of the Chechens.

The prefect has defended its policy of non-intervention. “Frame and circle to avoid the abuses : it was the only strategy to be practicable “, he said. “The population does not have in any case been discontinued “was it insured “the offences shall be sanctioned from surveys “.

The ministry of the interior promises a response ” farm “

In the evening, the ministry of the interior ruled “ineligible “ the “violent public disorder and acts of intimidation “ in recent days, promising “a firm response “. The secretary of State for the interior, Laurent Nunez, arrived on the ground Tuesday, according to the local daily newspaper The Public Good.

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The prosecutor of Dijon, Eric Mathais, had reported earlier Monday that “six wounded,” had been registered “in total, in three successive episodes (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening) “ for no one was arrested. An investigation has been opened, “in particular, for attempted murder organised, damage, incitement to violence “in cosaisine between the judicial police and the public safety.


In the United States has appointed the first in 17 years, the death penalty at the Federal level :: Society :: RBC

Will be executed four people convicted in the rape and murder of children. The execution will take place in July and August

US Federal authorities plan to resume executions for the first time since 2003. Four convicts will be executed in July and August, according to the U.S. Department of justice.

All four were convicted of the murders of children, two of them also were convicted in the rapes of their victims.

Three criminals will be executed in the period from 13 to 17 July and another on 28 August.

According to U.S. attorney General William Barr, convicted was conducted a full and fair trial in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the United States. “We owe the victims of these terrible crimes and their families to enforce the sentence imposed by our court system,” said Barr.

Trump demanded the death penalty for mass murder hate


Coronavirus, some districts of Beijing in lockdown – Asia

New cases of coronavirus have been triggered today with the lockdown in different districts of Beijing. Eleven housing complexes in the south of the capital of China were isolated because of an outbreak of Covid-19 connected to the meat market of Xinfadi, according to reports from local officials. Nine of the schools and kindergartens in the vicinity were closed.

Exceeded quota 425mila (425.330) the number of deaths linked to the coronavirus in the worldaccording to data from the american university and Johns Hopkins. The total cases of infection are almost 7 million and 630mila. The most affected country in the world remains the United States, with approximately 115 people dead, more than 2 million cases.

The deaths from coronavirus in the United States in the last 24 hours have been 839. And’ what emerges from the data of the Johns Hopkins University, who speaks of 2.04 million of cases overall and 114.643 total deaths.

It does not show sagging pandemic coronavirus in Latin Americagiven that in the last 24 hours, the infections have increased by another 49.019 cases reaching 1.556.169, while the total general of the dead arrived to 75.661 (+2.115). And’ what emerges today from a statistical processing implemented by the LOOP on the basis of the data of 34 countries and territories in Latin america. The eyes of the analysts continue to be focused on the Brazil, the country widely most affected in the region. Its outbreaks are now 828.810 (+25.982) and the dead 41.828 (+909), with which you place as the second in the world overall, behind the United States. Follow Peru (220.749 and 6.308), Chile (160.846 and 2.870), Mexico (133.974 and 15.944), Ecuador (45.778 and 3.828), Colombia (46.858 and 1.545) and Argentina (27.373 and 772).

Are 6.472 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Pakistan in the last 24 hours, a figure that brings the total of cases to 132.405. This was announced by the ministry of Health. The death toll in the country has increased to 88 (19 in less than yesterday) at an altitude of 2.551. It is the second day in a row where there are over 6,000 new infections. The east Punjab and the Sindh south are the provinces most affected with 50.087 and 49.256 cases, respectively, the 75% of the total cases in the country. The number of people healed by the coronavirus has risen to 50.056 (37,8%), with 9.809 people who have recovered from illness in the last 24 hours. Pakistan announced Friday a budget of 7294,9 billion rupees for the next fiscal year. 20 billion rupees have been allocated to improve the capacity of health facilities and the production of medical equipment.