“We tell ourselves that we will never see our little dog again …”

Tsuki is a little ball of love, barely three months old, that the Ramon family decided to adopt to fill the void left by their Labrador who died a year ago. This young Australian Shepherd, with light blue eyes and a tricolor coat, has been considered a full member since his arrival on August 15th.

“It was the long-awaited dog at home after the death of our Labrador”, explains Amandine Ramon, a Dottignienne. “Tsuki had to come and fill this void left by our dog that we loved so much. We had saved up so we could buy it from a breeder and give it all our love. “

►► She tells what happened: “Footprints have been observed …”

If you have information on how to find Tsuki, contact the police on 056 / 863.000 or the owners on 0471.79.71.41.


Newborn baby was mutilated by a Chow Chow dog

The case of a newborn baby, who was mutilated to death by a dog, has caused commotion in UK, where the mother of the child is accused of negligence.

Abigail Ellis is the name of the mother, whom A Teddy breed dog, a Chow Chow cross, took the life of her 12-day-old son.

“I will never forgive myself,” said the devastated mother in the moments after the attack, which, in addition to causing the death of her baby, She is now in legal trouble with her fiancé, Stephen Joynes.

According to the newspaper The Mirror, both parents were arrested on suspicion of gross negligent homicideHowever, they were released on bail while the Police investigated the tragedy.

Elon – the baby’s name – is believed to was killed by the family dog, the Sunday after he escaped from a corral in the garden where they kept it.


Neighbors have rallied around the grieving mother, who said his world has “collapsed” after the third tragedy who has harassed his family in recent years.

Abigail’s depression is also due to the fact that 28-year-old Joel, the father of three of her children, died last year due to heart problems. Likewise, her father, Richard, died in 2013.


Painted tiger dog roaming the street sparks outrage on social media – World

The images shared by an association of a dog roaming the streets of a Malaysian city are generating revolt on social networks. The animal in question is painted with orange paint and black stripes, in order to look like a tiger.

The photographs were shared on the social network Facebook by the association Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia, which now wants to find out where the animal is and if it has an owner. The organization even offers a reward in exchange for information.

The publication already has more than three thousand shares and comments from Internet users shocked by the abuse committed against the animal.


YouTube: Man teaches simple method to prevent a dog from pulling on the leash when walking | Video | Social networks | Trick | Lifehack | Mexico | Social networks

A recent video viral shared in YouTube and others social networks has impressed thousands of users. These images reveal the unusual method that a Dog trainer to correct a dog that pulls on his leash every time he is taken for a walk.

A problem that many people who have a dog like pet It is when they go out for a walk and he always wants to go ahead, causing his owner to follow him. For this reason, an expert in these animals decided to provide a simple solution to this.

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Kennel Osorio is a trainer known for his videos where he teaches the best ways to educate a can. In this case, one of your clients brought you a dog who pulls on his leash all the time. As he explains, this usually happens when he focuses all his attention on the environment and not on his owner.

One of the most effective solutions to correct this is to change direction, that is, turn to the opposite side to where the person is walking. dog and repeat the same every time you get ahead. Little by little the dog will realize that if he pulls too much on the leash, the orientation will change.

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The day after teaching this to the can, no longer came forward and simply stayed behind the coach following his pace.


Facebook viral: young man teaches his dog to ask for help in case a stranger takes him | Animals | Mexico | Mx | Social Networks | Video | Social networks

A Little dog starred in a video viral that was shared in Facebook, which impressed thousands of users. its owner he captured the precise moment in which he trains him so that he knows how to ask for help if in case an unknown person approaches him and takes him away from home.

“Archie, what should you do if you get robbed?” woman, who held his cell phone with his hand to record the video viral. In addition, he requested the collaboration of a relative To pretend I was a stranger

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On that occasion, the protagonist of Facebook listened attentively to the indications of his caretaker and obeyed her instantly. It was then that he began to bark loudly to make noise, while being carried in his arms by the boy by different places for simulation.

“You have to teach him to ask for help,” reads the description of the images that were released on a page dedicated to canes in Facebook. In addition, they achieved more than 5,000 views that made it trend.


Dogs come to Sea of ​​Thieves | News

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Pets, puppy: shock over the death of an abused dog in Arica, Chile | Animal abuse – Latin America – International

In the hours of Tuesday afternoon, news was known that shocked Chile and, in addition, it caused outrage in several people who followed the case closely.

Weichafe, a dog of only six months rescued last Saturday, August 22, died as a result of the harassment he suffered: sexual abuse and mistreatment.

The discovery of an abandoned puppy

Last Saturday a person found in the Azapa valley, in Arica, (Chile), an abandoned puppy that, apparently, had notorious physical difficulties.

According to the medium ‘T13‘From the moment he was found, Weichafe was treated by veterinary specialists, who gave him analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and other pain medications. After three days of treatment, Weichafe was unsuccessful.

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As a result of the dissemination of the finding, the case of the 6-month-old dog was closely followed. It was then that it was known the suffering that the little canine suffered before being found.

Claudia Concha, a veterinarian who treated Weichafe at the Limarí Veterinary Hospital, told ‘La Estrella de Arica’ that “this little animal had quite a few lacerations at the rectal level with wounds also at the base of the tail and with secretions that were analyzed and actually, in the imprint, sperm came out. “

“X-rays were taken showing an increase in the rectal part, which corroborates the signology of rape,” he said.

The unfortunate death notice

On Tuesday, August 25, at 09:41 pm, a user of Facebook spread the news: Weichafe had died.

“Weichafe, the baby warrior, has passed away. His little body did not resist anymore. One more little angel that crosses the rainbow. Today you are with God, beautiful baby, ”wrote Angie Lemo Chang on her profile on the social network.

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We can only thank the entire community for their prayers, collaboration and their good positive energies so that Weichafe would stay alive, we feel a lot of sadness“Said Lemo, who also asked for justice for the memory of the 6-month-old puppy.

(If you visit us from the app see the publication here).

“We invite you at 4 pm outside the Limarí veterinary hospital with white balloons and in a caravan we will go to the Sacred Heart Church to receive your response (…) Thank you my dear people and a thousand blessings for all of you. We are waiting for you, ”Angie concluded, also pointing out that the Weichafe case was “emblematic” for the city of Arica.

Weichafe, the baby warrior, has passed away. His little body did not resist anymore. One more angel who crosses the rainbow: Angie Lemo on the death of 6-month-old puppy

Javier Zamorano, veterinarian and deputy commissioner, spoke with ‘T13’ and assured that they are on the trail of the puppy’s abuser. “The abuse is against people, but against the animal, it could be zoophilia, and falls within the Penal Code as the crime of abuse”, He emphasized.

“The crime of animal abuse has been in the Penal Code since 89. What the Tenure Law did was increase the penalties by one degree if the animal dies. The old article, the one from the year 89, sanctioned animal abuse as the person who mistreated or made the animal suffer, but in the Tenure Law, the ‘Cholito Law’ that people know, it also included abandonment “, explained Zamorano.

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Several friends of Angie Lemo Chang – who even changed her profile photo to one in commemoration of Weichafe – expressed their sadness and outrage in the publication that announced the sad death of the animal.



Woman is found dead in her home in the municipality of Oeiras

Woman is found dead in her home in the municipality of Oeiras

The body of a 54-year-old woman was found inside her home, where a dog’s corpse was also found.

The corpse of a woman was found, this Monday, inside her home, in Linda-a-Velha, municipality of Oeiras. According to the newspaper Correio da Manhã, the victim, aged 54, was found by her father, who was surprised that he had not heard from his daughter “for some time”.

The woman’s body was found in an advanced state of decomposition on the floor of one of the rooms and inside the apartment was also the corpse of a dog, who, according to the same newspaper, died of hunger and thirst after the woman’s death.

The causes of death are still unknown. The warning to the authorities was given around 11:40 am.


United States: Police shot dog to death in Detroit, US yard | Video – USA and Canada – International

An incident that has been classified as an act of animal abuse caused an acute controversy in U.S in the last week.

On August 3, a Detroit Police officer was looking for the weapon of a suspect who had fled the authorities. It was a routine procedure.

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According to the hypothesis of the police, the device had been thrown in the gardens of houses in a residential area. The uniformed man was walking and inspecting the place with a K-9 officer, which is a kind of dog police accompanying some officers.

A video from a surveillance camera recorded the moment in which the two meet a robust white dog, which was inside the courtyard of one of the houses and began to bark at them.

His owner tried to tie him up while agents were in the area, but the canine escaped. Of nothing, He pounced on the K-9 officer’s snout, who got caught in his bite.

When he saw this, the police officer pulled out his crew weapon and shot the attacking dog in the head, which instantly collapsed onto the grass.

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Although the incident occurred in early August, the clip that captured it went viral in the last week. Many citizens condemned the actions of the uniformed man who killed the animal and criticized the decision to shoot him for being excessive.

For their part, the Detroit Police backed the man. According to the American media ‘Chicago Tribune’Darin Szilagyi, the city’s police commander, openly supported his officer.

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“His partner was under attack and we demand that our agents protect not only themselves but their partners and citizens. At this point, it was a clear and present danger; his dog was being brutally attackedSzilagyi said. And he added that, in any case, it is a regrettable case and that the authorities do not “like to see an injured animal either.”

If you read us from the app, you can see the video of the policeman here.

The commander also pointed out that he was not responsible for the owners of the pet having it loose, even more so because it was an aggressive animal. According to him, this was putting “at risk to the public”.

Meanwhile, citizens on social media and activists fighting for animal rights have asked local Detroit authorities to reprimand the officer. However, The Police Department continues to maintain that the man complied with all the protocols established for these cases and took no action against him.

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Kim Jong Un ordered the confiscated pet dogs to be handed over to the restaurant

ILLUSTRATION. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. KCNA via REUTERS

Source: Kompas.com | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie

KONTAN.CO.ID – PYONGYANG. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s actions are back in the spotlight. This time, Kim ordered that the pet dog be confiscated and handed over to a restaurant for cooking. Kim’s move is believed to be aimed at reducing public discontent amid a collapsing economic situation, including food shortages.

Pet dogs are reportedly only owned by the rich and influential North Korean officials in the capital Pyongyang. The animal is called a “symbol of decline brought by the Western world”, where other residents only raise pigs or other livestock.

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In July, Kim Jong Un issued a ban on pet ownership, calling it a “trend away from bourgeois ideology”.

Source to South Korean daily Chosun Ilbo revealed, North Korean officials forced residents caught having dogs to hand them over. Or if they refuse, the security forces will confiscate some of it which is sold to the state-owned zoo.

Others have reportedly been handed over to restaurants specializing in dog meat so that the canines can be processed, it was reported Sky News Monday (17/8/2020). Dog meat dishes tend to be popular in China and the Korean Peninsula, although consumption is now banned in South Korea.

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The source explained that the owners clearly could only curse Kim Jong Un from behind, without being able to do anything. “People used to raise pigs on their porches. But rich people raise dogs, which is clearly fueling resentment,” said the source.

The practice of raising animals such as dogs began to soften when North Korea hosted the World Youth and Student Festival in 1989. After the Chosun Ilbo report, influential people in Pyongyang began to promote the trend as a symbol of their status.

The move by Kim Jong Un was lauded by the government as an attempt to protect the country from “degenerating Western values.”

This article has been published on Kompas.com with the title “Kim Jong Un Orders Pet Dogs Confiscated and Handed Over to Restaurants
Author: Ardi Priyatno Utomo
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