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Dear Charles Barkley*;

With the official start of Zion Williamson’s career in the NBA, it was clear that they would give you a lot of money. But, except for obvious reasons of the impact of the first image (you will always be the gold standard of the fat of basketball), I don’t see technical or tactical similarities with you at Zion, at least for now.

What continues to attract the attention of you, the chosen ones raised in the North American system (college, university and NBA), is that unbeatable domain of the scene. And it makes sense. Between the ages of 16 and 18 you are the absolute referents of your school environment. You spend the days acclaimed by kids of your age that force you to rehearse, almost every week and with the sign of no tickets, the performance of your sporting success.

The big projects landed from Europe probably do it now with many more hours of technical and tactical work (the dream of coaches like Gregg Popovich), but with a lower definition of their character, which they must build there on the fly.

These first weeks of Williamson have been an apotheosis of the above, do not deny me. His 17 points in a row from the first game, more than basketball was an energy drink announcement for New Orleans fans. Listen to this: “The 22 points (…), in just 18 minutes on the court, are the best records of a debutante in the league, since the 1954-55 season, and provided that debutante has not acted more than 20 minutes in his first game. ” But the impact is not there: “Williamson’s debut achieved almost 2.8 million viewers (…) the best audience of any NBA game this year, except for those played on Christmas Day.”

How do you keep that, Charles? You don’t know, but your ex-rival rival Michael Jordan, now a franchise owner, and the image of the brand you saw throughout the NBA, seemed excited: “Zion is a reinforcement of our image. And that is important for him showbusiness. “

And how’s Zion doing basketball? Read. “Zion has scored 20 points in eight of his first 10 games in the NBA. The last one who did it was … indeed, Jordan. ”

Zion has great potential, that’s for sure, but can you really do that extrapolation? His instinct is fantastic. His hands, too. Your intuition in the rebound is indisputable. However, his shot is very improvable, the defense is good to block and steal, but positionally it will happen fatally. And, above all, its physical endurance remains to be seen. It gives me the feeling that that knee is still not full. It seems to run with a certain limp yet.

Let’s see if you finally agree with me. If Williamson and Doncic have a global professional basketball test today, Zion would lack half of the mandatory credits Luka already has before facing the exams.

Therefore, my final reflection is that the fans of the Lakers of Lebron, the Bucks of Anteto, or the Mavericks of Doncic, already expect the profitability of their subscription in the form of victories. Pelicans fans, meanwhile, are delighted with life with good flashes of their main tenor, regardless of the final outcome of the crash. The success of your NBA is that you call all that the best basketball in the world, without nuances. And I will not end this letter pissing off my favorite fat, Zion through.

* Charles Barkley, nicknamed Fat, is considered one of the 50 best players in the NBA, although he never achieved a ring.

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