In Brazil, a drama awakens social tensions amid racism

Despite the masks on the faces, anger is visible before the court in Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco (North-East). “I just wanted to find my mom”, take turns claiming 600 demonstrators, when others brandish a raised fist, a sign “Justice for Miguel”. All denounce a drama due, according to them, to racism, an ultra-sensitive subject at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is severely affecting the black and poor population of the country.

Poverty and pandemic drama

The facts date back to June 2. Without school due to the pandemic, Miguel Otavio, 5, accompanied his mother, a domestic worker, to the home of the wife of an elected official from the region where she worked. Time to walk the dog, the mother, Mirtes de Souza, entrusts Miguel to his boss, who lets the boy enter the building elevator alone, then presses the button on the top floor without accompanying him. Moments later, Miguel, left unattended, will fall to death in the building.

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The owner, Sari Corte Real, will be tried for manslaughter. Until then, for a deposit of 20,000 reals (around € 3,000), she was released by the investigators, much to the dismay of the little boy’s mother. “If I, a black woman, had caused the death of a white child, I would be in prison, judged by public opinion”, was sorry Mirtes de Souza.

Black Lives Matter, version brésilienne

L’“Miguel case” has all the more ignited the Brazilian social networks for three weeks that it echoes the death of George Floyd, a few days earlier, in the United States. The Black Lives Matter movement first appeared in Brazil under the name #vidasnegrasimportam (black lives matter).

Because this drama highlights the social and racial tensions in the country, which are not new, but have been exacerbated under the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro, since January 2019. It highlights the differences in wealth between Brazilians: Mirtes de Souza wins 1,500 reals per month (260 €), barely the amount of the rental charges of his boss. For Luciana da Cruz Brito, professor at the Federal University of Bahia and specialist in the history of slavery, we can see a manifestation of the “Enslavement delirium of Brazilian society”.

Brazilian inequalities in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

Miguel’s death also highlights the vulnerability of the poorest at the time of the health crisis, which is still uncontrolled in certain parts of the country. In Brazil, the second most affected country in the world after the United States, there were officially recorded 57,070 deaths from Covid-19 on Sunday June 28, four months after the first death from the disease.

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In her distress, Mirtes de Souza also said that she had been infected with the coronavirus while going to work. Like her, the poorest Brazilians expose themselves more than others while working. “The favelas are not confined, confirms the black activist Débora Dias, who lives in a favela in Sao Paulo. When a single mother earns a minimum wage, if she is called to come and do a cleaning day, she goes there! “

More destitute, therefore more affected by diabetes, hypertension and obesity, blacks also die more from Covid-19 than whites, one death in three people hospitalized in the first against one in 4.4 in the second, according to a study published in late May by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.


Netflix will present a mini-series about illegal migrants with cate Blanchett

The premiere will take place July 8, 2020.

“Without citizenship”. Photo: a stop-motion trailer of the series.

In the Network appeared the trailer for the mini-series “Without citizenship” (Stateless) from Netflix. The creators of the show, among them the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress cate Blanchett, I assure that this picture should cause public outcry, as dedicated to topical subjects of the interethnic relations and illegal migrants.

Plot 6-a serial film is set in the middle of the Australian desert. The main characters are a strange set of characters encountered in the detention center for foreign citizens. Is a stewardess, which pursues its sectarian past, a brave refugee, a desperate father and a clerk, which you need to resolve a national scandal. The Blanchett also played in the series.

The trailer shows what viewers are in for a lot of dramatic plot twists. The premiere will take place on the streaming service Netflix on 8 July.


“Why is the Ministry of culture poisons the cultural figures?”

24 Jun actress Leah Akhedzhakova joined the marathon of live figures of Russian culture “Antiprocess” in support of the defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio” hosted by actress Oksana Mysina.

Liya Akhedzhakova was also released in a live broadcast on his page in Facebook. We provide its text completely:

What’s happening to us?.. What is happening to our country?.. What has become of our judicial system?!

I was born when he shot Peter and the camps were the greatest scientist of Queens and hundreds of thousands of innocent scientists, filmmakers, writers, artists. In the course of my life appeared Solzhenitsyn is finally released. During my life I have hunted, put on the shelf the works of our best filmmakers. What’s happening to us?! Why we came to the conclusion that the Ministry of culture, which should protect people culture, became a werewolf and the poison of cultural figures?!

Three years being bullied by Kirill Serebrennikov! Sonia Apfelbaum! Yura Itina! Lesha Malopolska! Decent people with clean hands! Talented people! Cyril has created performances and projects! He trained and raised a wonderful voice actors! We know what it’s for theater “Gogol-Center”, which is young, and always a full house and great performances!

While poisoned Cyril, his mother died. I don’t know what happens with Semyon Mikhailovich, father, because he is at the limit!

We are all three years suffer and prove that the play “a Midsummer night’s Dream” was! Although the court claims that it was not! I was on the court – I had a feeling that neither the judge nor the investigators nor the Prosecutor never in my life been in a theater. And absolutely do not know what the theatrical business, which they judge – how is it done and what grows.

You know, our future is not in the hands of good marching soldiers, not in the hands of those who make rockets that fly and kill people. Not in the hands of the powerful military industries and security services that provide fear and terror because the person can throw the drugs that a person can catch on the street, accused of dissent and would be put in jail.

Still, the future is ours, and your, and your children – what will we have culture. For centuries our culture has surprised and shocked the world.

Fear God!

Video message to Leah Akhedzhakova is available here.

Recall that the Marathon, which was organized by actress Oksana Mysina began on June 21. On the first day of their circulation in the network recorded the theatrical critic Olga Vaysbeyn, theater teacher-Director and the actress Elena Starodvorskie, actor Kamil Tukaev, Director Gleb Cherepanov, journalist and Director of the project “Russia sitting” Olga Romanova, actress Yelena Koreneva, student Kirill Serebrennikov Maria appellants, actress Olga Volkova, the artist Pavel Kaplevich, the actor Andrei Kuzichev, actor Anatoly Bely, actress Julia Aug, satirist Viktor Shenderovich, directed by Ruzanna Movsesyan, theatrical artist Emil kapelush, Director Mikhail Bychkov, a journalist Zoya Svetova, Director Vladimir Mirzoyev.

June 24 is the second day of the marathon, which was attended by leading Russian cultural figures, including the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin, theater historian, doctor of arts Vladimir Kolyazin, actress Leah Akhedzhakova, the actor Veniamin Smekhov, playwright Alexander Gelman, the journalist Oleg Baranov, actress Chulpan Khamatova, writer Dmitry Bykov, actor Alexander Filippenko, Director Yury Muravitsky.

We will remind that on June 22, was held the 51st meeting in the case of Studio seven, which the Prosecutor Reznichenko asked the defendants to terms of imprisonment in a General regime with penalty: Kirill Serebrennikov – 6 years (the penalty – 800 thousand), Alexei Malopolska – 5 years (a fine of 300 thousand), Sophia Apfelbaum and Yuri Itino – 4 years (a fine of 200 thousand). While the Ministry of culture confirmed the amount of damages at 128, 9 million, allegedly caused to him by the project “Platform”.

The court’s decision will be announced June 26 at 11:00.

June 20 edition of the THEATRE magazine. gathered together the most outrageous episodes, evidence of fraud, forgery and the custom-made nature of the case, “the Seventh Studio”. Documentary testimony collapsed in court “theatre business”, read the link.


What do we know about the violent clashes that took place in Dijon ?

Question asked by Dzamil the 15/06/2020


Your question is about the events that took place this weekend on 13 and 14 June in Dijon and around, in the Burgundy region. On social networks, flocking of multiple videos showing violent clashes.

Several pictures show some of the bands who wander in the city centre and take it to a shisha bar, the Black Pearl, located in the boulevard de la Trémouille, not far from the Republic square.

On some videos, posted online Sunday, including several dozen men are visible. They compete, sometimes with bare hands, sometimes by means of iron bars.

Other, filmed by witnesses from different angles, show a car seeming to rush right on a mob before the aircraft struck an earth-full and from in barrels, at very high speed.

On videos more graphics (that CheckNews has chosen not to relay), we can see the car stopped, just after the accident. The driver, dead, is, in part, défenestré. His hands are in blood.

On Twitter, in the comments, reference is made repeatedly to clashes “between the Chechens and dealers“.

All these scenes fit effectively in a global context of clashes that went on for several days. The prefecture of Côte-d’or, contacted by CheckNewsconfirms that these events are likely related to settlements of accounts : “The weekend that has just ended has been marked by violence committed in the agglomeration of dijon, france, it seems, in the context of a settlement of accounts between members of the chechen community in France and the residents of the district of Grésilles and other districts of the metropolis-dijon”, she says.


The prefect “condemns these behaviors […] with the greatest firmness” and indicates that a judicial investigation is now open.

Eric Mathais, the chief prosecutor of Dijon, has not responded to the demands of CheckNews. But as of this weekend, in the local press, the vice-prosecutor was state ten wounded, “some seriously”, during the descent to the shisha bar on the Friday night. The prosecution also confirms that injured by bullets, Saturday night, always in Dijon.

This Monday, he responded to our confreres from France Blue. About the driver involved in an accident, it confirms that the latter is currently in hospital in a serious condition. The scene took place in the district of Grésilles, in the north-east of Dijon on Sunday night. The prosecutor explains : “We were live at the command center of the police, we saw on the cameras these 140 people from the chechen community gathered on the market square to Grésilles. And there was a vehicle that came close, which, indeed, at a given moment sketched a movement to rush in the crowd, then there was this accident.”

In this interview, the attorney also confirms the opening of an investigation entrusted to the directorate for interregional judicial police and urban security, Dijon, france. But, he said, no arrest has yet taken place at the present time. The priority, according to him, is to secure the situation in order to avoid the worst.

About facts, it evokes a “drift community on racism. These are apparently members of the chechen community who have called on social networks from Friday to avenge the violence committed on a young by people from the community in the maghreb. Three nights in a row, it was therefore up to 140 people who come to Dijon in this context”.

Violence in Nice

According to France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur, this violence is are now exported up to Nice, where shots were recorded in the district of Chestnuts, in the night of Sunday to Monday. Again, a video shows the shot. Nice Morning indicates that three men of chechen origin had been injured and that six people are currently in police custody.

For the time being, to Dijon, the authorities are trying to avoid escalation. The prefecture said that on Monday evening still, “a squadron of gendarmes mobiles will be deployed on the ground.” The day before, a half-section of SRC and reinforcements of the TRAY were on the ground.

Listen to the weekly podcast of the behind the scenes of CheckNews. This week :

Listen to the new episode of the podcast Checknews. If nothing appears, click on this link.

A Brussels of 19 years, accusing the forces of the order of the have “typed” and “insulting” on the sidelines of an event in tribute to George Floyd in the belgian capital on June 7, 2020. While the video, where the young man appears to be the wounded face goes viral, journalists Anais Condomines and Vincent Coquaz are trying to trace the source of the story.

Anais Condomines


Jude law played the father in the drama “the Nest”: the trailer

Already posted the teaser for this emotional pattern.

Jude law starred in the emotionally heavy film. Photo:

On 16 June, the network appeared the teaser of the drama movie “the Nest” with Jude law in the title role. It is reported that the movie will be released in cinemas on 18 September 2020 and, judging by the roller, it will be a tough film about the relationship between husband and wife.

Lowe played an ambitious businessman who brought his family from America to his homeland in the UK. However, in English society he is a strange man, and a new business does not work out. The entrepreneur will be hard to survive a change of pace, and it will certainly affect his dealings with his wife and children. The action takes place in the 1980-ies. Partner stars were actress Carrie Coon (“Secret dossier”, “Widow”, “the Avengers: infinity War”).

The painting was marked on kinofestivale “Sundance” in 2020 and received positive reviews from critics.

Recall that Jude law is at the peak of his acting career. The man lit up in kynoselen Marvel in the franchise “Fantastic beasts”, plays Dr. Watson in “Sherlock Holmes” with Robert Downey Jr. and the Pope in the very popular series.


Do Catholics have to start the Mulhouse drama again?

I found the title pitiful on “The incomprehension of Catholics” ((The cross April 30). Do Catholics have to start the Mulhouse drama again? Bishops have short memories. Our Muslim brothers who are starting Ramadan and who accept without hesitation to deprive themselves of mosques every day give us the example of national cohesion. Our small rural communities live this confinement very well and we are fortunate to be able, in our family church cells, to follow very many offices, whether it be “Le jour du Seigneur”, France Culture, KTO, or very many broadcasts received on the Internet. It is of course different, but due to the circumstances it fills us. You have to think of the communities of Africa or South America which have only a few celebrations a year and no television! Let’s not be spoiled children but responsible citizens, the pandemic is not over and nobody knows how it will evolve.

Jean Michel Desjonquères


Frozen – Release


For the past six weeks that we have been confined, our close environment as our only horizon, we have had the urge to hit the road and, as in the past when the sun highway did not exist, to take the National 7 to cross this deserted France but not deserted that we would discover for the first time. Photographer Mathias Depardon satisfied this desire for us so that at least one trace of this incredible parenthesis remains. His photo report takes us from Porte d’Italie in Paris to Menton, a confined crossing of France, petrol stations stopped, closed restaurant bars, sleepy villages, lonely walkers, exuberant nature, bitumen in majesty, passers-by discreet and masked. An advertising slogan once made it the “Road to happiness”, the National 7 would rather be today the road of stupor, life frozen by fear and the expectation of “better days”.

At the same time, we launched a call for witnesses to try to understand the impact of this epidemic on everyone’s morale and daily life. “What made you aware of this crisis?” Was the exact question. And your answers, by their number and their wealth, show that this health tragedy and soon economic may have emptied the geographic space but certainly not the mental space. Many learn from it, and not all are negative. Behind the walls and the windows, there was a clutter on all the floors and it is a safe bet that there will be something left.

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Alexandra Schwartzbrod photo Mathias Depardon


The drama of modest football in Europe

Rivers of ink, speculation and conflicts of competence between LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) when addressing the situation of professional football, but the problems of the great ocean liners like Real Madrid and Barcelona are anecdotes compared to the economic drama among the modest. The halt of the competitions and the possibility of a season canceled as it could not be concluded threaten to cause enormous damage in the lower divisions in Europe, where the clubs especially depend on the money generated at the box office on game day and from various local sponsors, not so much from television rights.

This Friday, the FEF chaired by Luis Rubiales reported that he has already paid the quota payments to Social Security for all the footballers of the Second Division B and the First Iberdrola for women. These amounts are included in the resolution of the Superior Council of Sports (CSD) of aid for soccer players of the bronze division and Third. According to the FEF, these fertilizers, already distributed, amount to more than 1.8 million euros.

The absence of promotions in Spain would sink the hopes and accounts of several clubs that are in poor financial health. In Second, for example, it is the case of Saragossa, a football historian who left the elite in 2013 and is currently second in the silver category, with a five-point advantage over the third to eleven days until the end, so the promotion seemed possible this year.

Without openly speaking for the possibility of legal actions, its president, Christian Lapetra, assured that he will defend “the interests of the club” if the season is annulled and Zaragoza does not ascend “We are talking about close to € 1 billion that could be lost if the competition does not resume And that would put many of the clubs in great difficulty and Zaragoza is no stranger to that situation, “he declared in a recent press videoconference. “If the final situation is that the League cannot be resumed and Zaragoza continues in the Second Division, the economy will tighten us much more,” said Lapetra, adding that at the club tomorrow they would have to take “extraordinary measures.” “Promotion is the best way to finance ourselves,” he concluded.

The situation extends to other key countries in the soccer industry. In Italy, Frosinone president Maurizio Stirpe has already spoken of “legal action” if his club did not go up to Serie A this season. His team was third in Serie B (2nd division) at the time of the interruption of the matches due to the coronavirus pandemic and was therefore out of the two automatic promotion positions. In the event that the final classification is considered to be that of the moment of the break, your club would not rise. In the transapino country, from the third to the eighth of the Serie B they play a few playoffs that give the elite the last ticket, but it could be impossible to play those heats.

Even in England, land of the powerful and rich Premier League, the situation is precarious in the lower divisions. Last month, League One and League Two clubs (the third and fourth category) declared that they would suffer losses of around £ 50m (€ 57m) if the season is not resumed.

Judicial actions

Phil Wallace, president of the Stevenage, bottom of League Two, explained to the AFP agency this “disaster”. “I expect damage this year,” predicts this club owner for two decades. “We have an average influx of 3,000 people, so we lose between 45,000 and 50,000 pounds (between 51,000 and 57,000 euros) per game as locals,” he says.

“We have received a cash advance from the EFL (English Football League), an amount that we should normally collect in August. But when July arrives we will have to ask ourselves what we can do, “he says. Resuming matches behind closed doors would deprive the club of ticket sales revenue, but also other matchday revenue: bars, restaurants and sponsors. “All that will be lost,” he fears.

All over Europe, in short, clubs are adopting measures to guarantee income to their non-soccer staff, either through temporary employment regulation files or donations from billionaire players, but this system does not normally reach workers from subcontracted companies.

The German television network Deutsche Welle published this week that almost two thirds of the 56,000 jobs in the German first and second divisions, in security and catering for example, depended on third companies and not on clubs. Lawyer Verena Speckin, a specialist in Labor Law, explained that soccer clubs have only a legal responsibility with which they are directly employees of their entity. The vast majority of clubs in Germany had not envisaged any plans to assist subcontractors.


In Belgium, a police check that turns into drama and two days of riots

► What happened?

Friday, April 10 in the evening, in Anderlecht, Adil, 19, died on his scooter by hitting head-on a police vehicle trying to block his way. The youngster was trying to escape control of a first car which had asked him to stop.

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This deadly chase quickly resulted in violent urban riots, Saturday and Sunday, with projectile throwing and Molotov cocktails. Vehicles were burned, the windows of the police station smashed. Seven demonstrators and two police officers were injured. Police are concerned about the disappearance of a service weapon stolen during the attack on a police van. A riot control system has been put in place in the neighborhood, with reinforcement platoons. In all, a hundred people (65 on Saturday and 30 on Sunday) were arrested. At the same time, an investigation is underway to establish the exact circumstances of the accident.

► Is the social climate likely to deteriorate in the context of confinement?

The mayor of Anderlecht, Fabrice Cumps, does not consider the drama and the riots that followed as a direct consequence of the deprivation of liberty due to the epidemic. “But it is clear that with the nervousness linked to the heavy nature of confinement, and the good weather which encourages people to go out, it did not help”, he admitted on RTL Belgium on Sunday.

In the middle of a pandemic, Adil’s parents also called on young people to stay at home in a video broadcast on RTBF. “We are against violence, we love our son and we want to mourn in peace”, said the father. The hour for the transition to normal life has not come in Belgium, a country of 11.5 million people who passed the threshold of 4,000 dead at Easter. The level of social acceptance of containment measures has slowed since their implementation on March 17, from 81% to 76%.

► Should France fear this kind of urban phenomenon?

The scenario of the attempted arrest which ends in tragedy has been repeated many times in France. In the fall of 2005 in Clichy-Sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), the deaths of two teenagers who took refuge in an EDF transformer to escape the police had led to weeks of urban riots across the country.

Today, the climate is not serene in many popular districts. “The day before yesterday, we intervened in Grigny (Editor’s note, Essonne) because young people targeted a civil security helicopter with fireworks”, a police officer from the Anti-Crime Brigade testifies.

Since the start of containment on March 15, ambushes have been stretched to the police with pyrotechnic equipment in cities as diverse as Grenoble (Isère), Louviers (Eure), Villiers-sur -Marne (Val-de-Marne). So many provocations that can quickly degenerate.


Arantxa Tapia: «That any sector of activity in Euskadi stops completely can be a drama»

Arantxa Tapia, outside the Basque Government building in Vitoria./Irekia
Arantxa Tapia, outside the Basque Government building in Vitoria. / Irekia

The counselor, with the health of workers as a priority, urges to maintain a minimum of activity that allows the Basque Country to return strong after the coronavirus crisis