Free driving license for job seekers

The Walloon government has given the green light for the first “passports drive”, free driver’s licenses for people looking for work, writes La Derniere Heure Friday. Eight million euros have just been released to allow 4,000 job seekers to obtain their driving license for free.

Last July, the Walloon executive released a financial envelope to support several economic stimulus measures. Among these, this pilot project, proposed by the Minister of Employment Christie Morreale (PS), to finance driving license training for people seeking employment.

In other words, the Walloon Region will subsidize driving license courses and exams and more particularly 30 hours of driving school and the passing of the theoretical and practical exam.

This measure will be offered to people looking for a job who follow or have completed training in 2020 at Forem or with one of its partners, as well as to those who are registered in a socio-professional integration process with ” a CPAS or a regional employment mission.

The first “drive passports” will be granted from September 28 via the various bodies involved in the project and will be usable in approved driving schools and project partners. If the project proves successful, it should be extended to all job seekers.

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In Moscow, another 1,045 people recovered from coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sofia Sandurskaya / AGN “Moscow”

Another 1,045 patients with coronavirus have recovered in Moscow, said Anastasia Rakova, deputy mayor of the capital for social development, her words leads operational headquarters for infection control.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the number of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 has reached 197,143.

In Moscow, during the epidemic, more than 251 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were detected, over 4.6 thousand died.

Sobyanin announced the start of influenza vaccination from September 1

August 11 President Vladimir Putin statedthat the first vaccine against COVID-19 was registered in Russia. He noted that this vaccine creates robust immunity to coronavirus and does not cause serious side effects. She was introduced by one of the daughters of the head of state.


Trump called NYT’s custom article on Russia and the Taliban :: Politics :: RBC

The president criticized The New York Times, calling it “fake.” The publication reported with reference to U.S. intelligence about the proposed Russian award for the killing of the US military in Afghanistan

Donald Trump

(Фото: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

An article by The New York Times (NYT), in which the publication cites US intelligence on the conspiracy of Russia and members of the Taliban (banned in Russia) against the US, is the result of someone else’s order, suggested U.S. President Donald Trump. The head of state wrote about this on Twitter.

“Perhaps this is just another custom article of lime [The New York] Times, as well as their failed duck about Russia (accused of conspiracy with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. – RBC) Who is their source? ” – the president wondered.

In a separate post, Trump said that no one had informed him, nor Vice President Mike Pence, nor the head of the White House’s staff, Mark Meadows, about possible attacks by the Russian military in Afghanistan organized by Russia. “Everyone denies it, and [в Афганистане] there were not many attacks on us, ”Trump said, recalling that this information comes from anonymous sources.

Earlier, the White House also reported that Trump was not informed of a possible conspiracy of Russia and the Taliban against the US in Afghanistan.


In Washington sell Mitsubishi Van for $ 5,000

“Japanese” 1988 release may be an option to “Loaf.”

Photo: Mitsubishi Van 1988, source: Motor1

On the eve of the American automobile portal Motor1 reported that Mitsubishi Van sell in Washington for $ 5,000. According to the seller, “minivan runs and drives good, it had lots of mechanical work recently”, and it is in excellent condition, which is not expected from 32-year-old car with mileage of 380,000 km.

Under the hood of the “Wagon” is naturally a 2.4-liter gasoline engine that equipped with new components. Under the replacement went the water pump, timing belt, thermostat, accessory belts, spark plugs, fuel filter and fuel injector connector. Block four-cylinder coupled with an automatic transmission four-speed, and the actuator is provided back.

Photo: Mitsubishi Van 1988, source: Motor1

Of the minuses Mitsubishi Van the owner has identified unsatisfactory insulation and rough engine operation at idle. From the pros spacious 8-seater cabin, capacity 1200 kg, maneuverability and low maintenance. For comparison, the capacity of Ulyanovsk “Loaf” is 875 — 1225 kg. in addition, inside “Mitso” you can furnish a house on wheels.

Recall that the value of the Japanese car is 5,000 dollars, which translated into Russian currency is 347 000. It is noteworthy that the UAZ the same year in good condition can be found on the secondary market for 250 000 — 370 000 rubles. Lovers of Japanese cars such exhibit may be to the taste, because it looks decent.

Photo: UAZ “Loaf”, source: Drom

Skoda will develop competitor Hyundai Creta

On the subject

Skoda will develop competitor Hyundai Creta

2020-06-21 08:33:30

Compact minivan Delica Mitsubishi made its debut in 1968. Under this name a car known in his homeland, as well as on the Australian and Taiwanese markets. In Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates model known as the L300, but in America — the Mitsubishi Van or Wagon. The conveyor 52 for years, the minivan was replaced by the 4th generation and has undergone 6 restyling, while domestic UAZ “Loaf” for the conveyor 55 years, has had only 3 upgrades.


Presented cross-coupe UAZ “Russian Prado”

The evil appearance and youth body format will distinguish the car from the crowd.

A year ago it became known that the Ulyanovsk machine builders took up the development of the Patriot receiver, and announced that Russia would have an analogue of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Initially, we took it as an April Fools’ joke, but the Ulyanovsk people were not joking – UAZ “Russian Prado” is really being developed.

This is indicated by constantly appearing technical details of the SUV, and the regularly declassified patent visualizations that show how the exterior and interior elements of the car look do not let us forget about the Russian Prado, and recently information has appeared about four-wheel drive.

Judging by the new patent images of the keyboard unit with a four-wheel drive mode selector, there is an icon on the selector to indicate the center differential lock. This suggests that the UAZ “Russian Prado” can get a permanent four-wheel drive. It’s also no secret that the successor to the Patriot will receive an aspirated 2.5 and a Ford Transit diesel turbo engine, and they will build a car on a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado class platform.

It is noteworthy that Russian motorists and journalists doubt the competitiveness of the new Ulyanovsk SUV, as its appearance looks outdated against other players in the SUV market. And such models as Renault Arkana and other cars, atypical for the Russian Federation, set a new bar of requirements for the appearance of cars, and UAZ never shone with bright cars. But is everything so bad?

On the eve of the portal was presented cross-coupe UAZ “Russian Prado”. The virtual prototype demonstrates how you can beat the declassified headlights and grille of the future SUV in a more youthful and modern format. The authors also made the rear of the roof taller, so the passengers in the back row will not rest their heads on the ceiling, which is the eternal problem of coupe-shaped crossovers. The concept looks brutal and confident, and if the Ulyanovsk people work on the quality of the car, then Land Cruiser will move, and Renault Arkana will bend on the Russian market.


She teaches Saudi women to drive a car

Ms. Gruber, you are training driving instructors in Saudi Arabia. How did that happen?

Andreas Mihm

I work for Test and Training International (TTI). The company plans driving training facilities and racetracks all over the world. We already had several racetrack projects in Saudi Arabia. After women were allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia in 2018, we developed a concept for the training of driving instructors for our partners there, the consultants. We did that together with the Austrian driving school chain Easy Drivers, where I myself am a driving school teacher.

You shouldn’t go to Saudi Arabia at first.

That’s right, originally women from Saudi Arabia were supposed to come to Austria to be trained as driving instructors. But that didn’t work because they weren’t allowed to travel alone. They should have brought their families with them.

So you flew to Saudi Arabia for the first time at the end of 2018?

The apprenticeship should start quickly, so that was the only way.

How many times have you been there?

Eight times if I counted correctly. Most recently almost all of January and February.

It is not easy to imagine working there: the language barrier, cultural differences, especially for women.

The requirements are actually high, even if the clothing regulations have now relaxed. First of all, we have to work properly. Then the English has to be good. That is the language of instruction; it is then translated into Arabic because a majority of the women only speak Arabic. But when it wobbles in English, nothing arrives in Arabic. Our teams must also be prepared to work and live with each other in a very familiar manner for several weeks. You’re already squatting closely together. If someone can’t do it, then it won’t work.

How many driving instructors have you trained so far?

That will be around 250. But the need is huge and the interest of the state is great. As part of the “Vision 2030”, they want to create many new jobs for the young population. This year alone, the training of at least 5000 driving instructors is being promoted.

The Austrian Claudia Gruber, 47, trains women in Saudi Arabia as driving instructors.

What distinguishes driving school education in Saudi Arabia from that in Europe?

Perhaps the biggest difference is that the training does not take place on the street, but on a practice area that we also design. The complete practical training is completed there: driving, accelerating, braking, threading, overtaking, turning, reverse parking and so on.

How does the training work?

Clearly structured and strictly regulated. It starts with eight hours of theory, one double hour each for four days in a row. Then the theoretical test on the computer follows. This is followed by two hours on the driving simulator and ten double hours in the car on ten consecutive days including the final exam. In a little more than two weeks, the women will have their driving license.

Do you emphasize “the women”?

It is different with Saudi men. Men also have to go to a driving school, but the training period is determined individually and is usually much shorter than for women. Even if I as a woman cannot get a precise insight into the men’s driving school, you can say that men get a driver’s license much easier than women. But that should change.

In what way?

The men’s driving schools should be based on the same curriculum as that of the women. However, implementation has been postponed because most driving schools for men have not yet been able to understand this. However, we expect that we will soon be able to start training coaches for men.

Do you also train for trucks, buses and motorbikes?

At the moment it’s only about cars, with women anyway. But we have already developed a curriculum for buses and trucks for the traffic authorities. A motorcycle is also being planned. Let’s see when it happens. There is currently no provision for women to drive trucks. It is different with buses. There is already a demand for drivers, especially for school buses, with which girls are transported.

What does the driving license mean for women in Saudi Arabia?

This is something very special. They are enthusiastic and grateful for the increase in autonomy.

Are you allowed to drive alone?


Are these wealthy women who come to you?

I have the impression that it is often well-off women who have had a good education, sometimes abroad, as a doctor or microbiologist. Some already have a foreign driver’s license. A driver’s license is also a prerequisite for being included in a trainer course with us. It would be quite difficult to train a driving instructor who doesn’t have a driving license.

Is there a special Saudi Arabian driving style?

The roads are often very extensive, with several lanes in each direction. In general, driving is very fast. 80 kilometers per hour are allowed in urban areas. The traffic is heavy, there is a lot of traffic. A minimum and safety distance, as we know it from us, is usually not maintained. Not to the side either. There is always sheet metal damage and worse. Driving there is very different from what you are used to in Central Europe.

Will all this change because you are now exporting the Austrian driving style to Saudi Arabia?

It will take some time before that changes. But our goal is, of course, to develop an awareness of safety and anticipatory driving with safety distances, as it has been in the Saudi Arabian road traffic regulations since 2018.

When are you going back there?

It depends on the development of the corona pandemic. First of all, everything is canceled.


Virologist of the RAS listed the consequences caused by coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Russian scientists have come to the conclusion that a person who has a coronavirus infection with COVID-19 may face serious brain damage. About it reported The publication “Evening Moscow”, a virologist scientist of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Felix Ershov.

As scientists have established, COVID-19, like influenza and herpes viruses, can lead to the death of entire sections of this organ. According to Ershov, coronavirus greatly weakens the protection of the human body.

In particular, the virus suppresses the immune system, so an additional so-called somatic pathology can be superimposed on the disease. As with ordinary flu, the patient’s body is weakened, and his immunity is suppressed. Against this background, secondary immunodeficiencies develop in the body.

Often, elderly people are at risk for such a pathology. Because of their immunity, children and youth are much less prone to complications, Yershov noted. According to him, strokes and heart attacks, as well as concomitant diseases: bronchitis, meningitis and others, can also occur as pathologies in the elderly.

As a virologist noted, the main cause of death from coronavirus, as a rule, is not COVID-19 itself, but pathology. In this regard, after the first week of the disease, if it has not receded, antibiotics are actively used in treatment.

Ershov said that traditional antibacterial agents do not act on viruses. According to him, the only antiviral antibiotic today is interferon, which has a direct effect on the stages of intracellular reproduction of viruses.


Wife Leshchenko reported the details of the artist’s health status :: Society :: RBC

The wife of the People’s Artist of the RSFSR Lev Leschenko, Irina, told the details of the state of health of the artist, who was diagnosed with pneumonia and coronavirus infection COVID-19. About it informs “Moskovsky Komsomolets” with reference to the SMS message of the singer’s wife, which she sent to composer Igor Krutoy.

“Leo was returned to my ward, we were discharged from intensive care, we are together,” the publication quotes the words of the artist’s wife.

March 24 Lev Leshchenko with his wife Irina were hospitalized to the hospital of the Moscow village of Kommunarka. The next day, the concert director of the singer Oleg Dmitriev reportedthat Leschenko was diagnosed with pneumonia, he was transferred to intensive care unit and connected to a ventilator.

The head of the Ministry of Health reported on the state of Lev Leshchenko

The chief physician of the hospital in Kommunark Denis Protsenko confirmedthat Leshchenko became infected with the coronavirus. According to him, on the first day after admission, the artist developed shortness of breath and decreased blood oxygenation. However, as of March 27, his condition stabilized.

Leshchenko and his wife returned to Russia from a trip to America in mid-March. After that, the artist participated in the filming, concert, and was also present at the birthday of Igor Krutoy’s sister Alla.


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Interior extends the validity of driving licenses that expire in the state of alarm for up to 60 days




The Interior Ministry has decided extend driving licenses and other administrative authorizations to drive that expire during the alarm state up to 60 days after the end of this period.

This measure is included in the publication of the State official newsletter (BOE) this Saturday.

“Driving permits and licenses, as well as other administrative authorizations to drive, whose period of validity expires during the state of alarm and its subsequent extensions, will be automatically extended for the duration of the alarm and until sixty days after its completion,” dictates the published text.

This extension is in addition to the one the Ministry of the Interior also agreed for the National Identity Document (DNI). Due to the restriction of movements caused by the state of alarm, the General Directorate of the Police reported on March 14 that the issuance of documents and prior appointment had been suspended except for duly justified reasons of urgency.