Confinement challenges French morale

The measures taken, far from being harmless over time, could have consequences on the behavior of some. By Soline Roy and Stéphane Durand-Souffland Unparalleled experience in history, containment puts a strain on our morale. © Julien Daniel / MYOP / © Julien Daniel / MYOP Loneliness, stress, anxiety, addictions, suicidal risks, violence … Confinement will […]

How to resist confinement, despite the uncertainty over its duration

PSYCHOLOGY – The measures put in place seem all the more difficult to bear, that it is hard to see the end. Through Aurore Aimelet Digital tools help keep in touch with loved ones. Rosa Chevassu / Le Figaro Containment is not a health journey, but rather a combatant’s journey. And the one we live […]

The three scenarios of Covid-19 infection

DECRYPTION – Although it is only based on five cases, the French study is particularly important. Two developments are positive, with or without aggravation at one time, the third leads to death. WANA NEWS AGENCY / via REUTERS It already seems far away, however, it was only on January 24th. Agnès Buzyn, still Minister of […]

what you need to know this Monday, March 30

Good evening, Today, on this 14th day of confinement, France has surpassed the 3000 death mark for hospitalized patients. A dozen serious cases of heart problems have been reported in patients who have taken chloroquine for self-medication. For his part, Emmanuel Macron struggles to calm the opposition despite his repeated calls for union. The situation […]

Soap, an anti-virus weapon

INFOGRAPHIC – Wash your hands, a simple and effective way to avoid contamination. But how does the soap destroy the Covid-19 in less than 40 seconds? By Charles Lescurier and Computer Graphics Service The foolproof weapon to attack the virus was invented 2,800 years BC by the Babylonians. Adobe Stock. Hands, crossing point Measuring 125 […]

the government specifies its strategy

“The first fortnight of April will be difficult”warned the Prime Minister on Saturday during a long press conference to explain the government’s strategy since the start of the crisis and detail the decisions to come. Produce more masks The shortage of protective masks, essential for caregivers and the frail, has been the subject of much […]

“Covid-19 is not much different from Hong Kong flu, but it is more deadly”

CROSS INTERVIEW – Hong Kong flu caused nearly 31,000 deaths in France between 1968 and 1969. Little publicized, it remains little known to the general public. Infectiologist Pierre Dellamonica and epidemiologist Antoine Flahault argue that the lessons of the coronavirus should be better learned than after this first pandemic of the “modern” era. At a […]

New protective measures welcomed by nursing home staff

They must nevertheless be reinforced, in particular by the distribution of additional masks. March 27, in an Ehpad in Marchiennes (North). The mobile phone is often the only link that confined residents still have with their families. Sebadelha Julie / ABACA / Sebadelha Julie / ABACA Four residents who died in the last five days […]

caregivers screened in priority in Occitania establishments

The protocol to prevent Covid-19 infection threatening the region’s approximately 60,000 nursing home residents provides for testing caregivers with symptoms once the disease is diagnosed in the first patient. By Guillaume Mollaret In Occitania, almost a third of the population over the age of 85 lives in a retirement home. 113621316 / ME – […]