European consumers become discouraged as coronavirus blocks spread

LONDON – At the beginning of March, Europeans became much more somber about their economic prospects when governments across the continent announced increasingly stringent restrictions on movements and social interaction, suffering the greatest loss of confidence in one month. The European Commission – the executive arm of the European Union – said Monday that its […]

The European tax antidote to the coronavirus crisis risks deepening economic gaps

European governments have pledged hundreds of billions of euros to help coronavirus-affected economies, businesses and workers by applying tools developed during the euro crisis and putting severe bans aside on state subsidies. Stimulus moves, in addition to the increase in public spending triggered automatically during a recession, could help fiscally healthy countries, including Germany and […]

Coronavirus arrests punch the Chinese economic gut

SHANGHAI – Commercial activity in China became largely negative for the first time when home sales, construction activity, retail sales and industrial production plunged, pushing unemployment to a record high, signs of the expensive economic damage associated with trying to control the spread of coronavirus. Taken together, the data, which dates back to the first […]

The European family | The article

Europe faces an existential demographic challenge just as pressing as climate change. The United Nations predicts that EU member states will experience population decline by 2050. The impact is already evident in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, where, according to Eurostat, 10 EU member states experienced an absolute population decline in 2018. The equivalent of small […]