over 204,000 small businesses have applied for 1,500 euros

Bercy estimates that in the long term around 600,000 companies could benefit from this aid. By Le Figaro with AFP “At 12 noon today, they were already 204,257 to have completed the form” on the Internet, said Wednesday the Minister of Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin on Twitter. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Success for one of […]

To be able to sign agreements, Pénicaud authorizes social dialogue 2.0

The Minister of Labor legalizes the means of distance communication to be able to negotiate. By Anne-Hélène Pommier In a period of confinement, it is necessary to successfully discuss, and conclude, agreements while the premises are empty, all or part of the negotiators having been placed on partial unemployment or teleworking. DEEPOL by plainpicture / […]

Europeans activate Instex for the first time to deliver medical supplies to Iran

It’s a first. On Tuesday, Paris and Berlin announced that the European Union had activated the Instex barter mechanism for the first time to deliver medical equipment to Iran, hit hard by the Covid-19, without exposing itself to American sanctions . “France, Germany and the United Kingdom confirm that Instex successfully completed its first transaction, […]

Berlin “ready for European solidarity” but without “corona bonds”

Germany is “ready” at “bring European solidarity to play“, But still refuses any pooling of debts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in the eurozone, said German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz on Tuesday. “We are ready for solidarity, but well thought out solidarity“, Commented the minister, also vice-chancellor, resulting from the rows of the SPD […]

the Macron premium may be increased to 2,000 euros in certain companies

France is once again strengthening its system to support the economy, both within its borders and internationally. During a press briefing on Tuesday, the Minister of the Economy announced several modifications aimed at supporting businesses and employees. To support those who go to their place of work, tax-free and de-socialized premiums can be paid each […]

The impossible preparation, at this stage, of the draft budget for 2021

Confinement and idle activity make it impossible to draft the finance bill. Bercy estimates that due to higher spending and lower tax revenues, the 2020 state budget is affected by a first deterioration in the balance of around 15 billion euros. Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro Even if the impact of the crisis promises to […]

“This crisis is much stronger than that of 2008”

INTERVIEW – The Minister of Action and Public Accounts makes a vibrant appeal to the national mobilization, of citizens and businesses, to help those who suffer the most. Through Marc Landré and Manon Malhère “We are in response to the emergency, not yet in reconstruction,” said Gérald Darmanin (here on February 28, in the corridors […]

A month of confinement would put a 2.6 percentage point burden on GDP, the OFCE estimates

A few days after INSEE, another institute examines the effects of confinement on activity. For the OFCE, a month’s confinement should cut French gross domestic product (GDP) by 2.6 points over one year. “It’s a completely incredible situation“And”incommensurate with the shocks that we have knownIn 2008 or 1929, estimated Xavier Ragot, president of the French […]