A fan gave a pipe to Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I got a reply

The redditor congratulated Arnold Schwarzenegger on his birthday with a smoking pipe in the form of a Terminator and received a pleasant reply. After such gratitude, the fans are sure: Arnie is a simple person. And they cannot take their eyes off the presentation itself.

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, known to millions of moviegoers for his role in the Terminator film series, turned 73 on July 30. Despite his age, the star continues to delight fans with videos on which demonstrates perfect stretch (well, almost), and shares favorite tracks (sometimes unexpected), which are great for working out in the gym.

For Arnie’s birthday, a fan registered on the entertainment site Reddit under the nickname RadonLab, sent the idol a smoking pipe. But he published the good news about this only on September 2.

The reason for the joy was the response in the form of a photo of the Terminator himself with a gift, which is made in the form of his own head. The pipe’s creator explained to the redditors that he was honored to receive a positive reaction from the celeba.

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Fast RadonLab in a few hours I collected more than 500 comments, in which the redditors appreciated the user’s work. Many people have commented that the pipe looks amazing and is almost perfect.

And the expression on Schwarzenegger’s face and the caption “For Radon. Thank you for the great pipe. Arnold Schwarzenegger “once again confirmed – the actor is sincerely pleased with the gift.

Many commentators thought that giving something to an idol was simply unrealistic. But the redditor not only became an exception, but also received a response from Arnie.

Now people are absolutely sure that the famous bodybuilder has an amazing character and an open mind. And neither popularity nor money could spoil Arnie.

In October 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared with fans photo with colleague Jackie Chan… The whole Instagram exploded from such content, but the absurdity really went off scale when Russian fans burst into the replies.

AND photograph of Terminator surrounded by pets seriously excited the followers. The actor often posts the furry ones on the social network, but people were seriously worried about the dog, the little horse and the llama from the picture.


The publisher of the Fortnite video game is worth $ 17.3 billion

NEW YORK.- Epic Games, the publisher of the popular Fortnite video game, announced Thursday that it raised 1,780 millions of Dollars among various investors, bringing the firm’s value to about $ 17.3 billion.

This amount includes 250 million dollars already announced in July by the Japanese giant Sony, as well as sums invested by the companies Baillie Gifford, Fidelity, Lightspeed Venture Partners, the Ontario teachers’ pension fund, the investor David Tepper and funds managed by BlackRock and T. Rowe Price.

In addition, investors already present in the capital of the video game publisher, KKR and Smash Ventures, increased their participation, details a statement.

Epic Games, created in 1991, is still controlled by its founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney.

SOURCE: With information from AFP


VEB has sued 751 million rubles from the editor-in-chief of Expert magazine – RBC

  1. VEB has sued 751 million rubles from the editor-in-chief of Expert magazine RBC
  2. VEB.RF sued 751 million rubles from the chief editor of Expert
  3. VEB.RF sues 751 million rubles from Vedomosti
  4. The expert called the benefits of disabling geolocation on a RBC smartphone
  5. HSE: restrictions on COVID-19 saved the lives of at least 80 thousand Russians Kommersant
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Windows 10: Notepad text editor available again in the Microsoft Store

The text editor Notepad has been the easiest way for Windows users to edit text files for decades. So far, the tool was linked to the operating system. Last year Microsoft announced that it would outsource the program and inStoreto offer.

in theAugustthe Redmond company made the application available in the Microsoft Store for the first time. Only a short time later, the Notepad app was removed. No reason was given for this.Early 2020then it became known that theWindows 10 editorcan be uninstalled in the future and downloaded from the store.Microsoft Notepad

The pre-installed app is not replaced

Now the application known here under the name “Editor” can actually be obtained from the store again. The Notepad app has been equipped with a new icon based on the Fluent design.

The pre-installed text editor is not replaced by the download. If you download the Notepad app from the store, you currently have twice the application on your own computer. As of Windows 10 version 20H1, the editor is no longer a supplied system component, so making it available in the store makes sense. It is also possible to remove the editor using the optional features.

In addition to the new icon, the Notepad app published in the store brings with it a number of small improvements. For example, the function for searching and replacing text snippets has been expanded to include an option for dealing with line breaks. In addition, the dialog window now remembers the entries made previously. It is now easier to change the zoom. If the line break is activated, it is shown in which row and column the user is currently. If you don’t need the feature, you can deactivate the ad.

Windows notepad Download from the Microsoft Store
Download Notepad ++ – Free editor for programmers

Windows, Microsoft Store, Notepad, Notepad, Text Editor

Windows, Microsoft Store, Notepad, Notepad, Text Editor


BD: “More visibility in bookstores, more promotions, more trade shows, nothing”

“It is clear that we are going to take a wall, but it is difficult to estimate the degree of gravity until we have taken it in the face.” The words are of Olivier Bron, founder of the 2024 editions and president of the Syndicate of the alternative publishers, which gathers the Association, Cornelius and nearly fifty houses. With the closing of bookshops since mid-March, the health emergency has added to the social, administrative and economic crisis that has ravaged the comic strip world for months, years. A few weeks earlier, the Racine report submitted to the Ministry of Culture provided key avenues for a way out of the crisis. Great hopes shattered by the half-measures that Franck Riester and the rue de Valois drew from it. “We couldn’t imagine in January that the emergency was so great, explains Benoît Peeters, from the League of Professional Authors. This new crisis shows us the correctness of the Racine report and the gravity of his funeral. The problem of the lack of status for artist-authors is tragically confirmed today. The plunge the industry is experiencing may not be as important as tourism, but it is just as violent. Cafetiers and restaurateurs are well identified and will benefit from safety nets; we stay in the blind spot. This is the whole problem of the absence of the box, of the administrative non-existence of the artists. There will be help, but the answer will be individual and not collective. It is always the cleverest or those who fit the criteria well who will benefit. ” The young people, who cannot justify three books, remain on the floor. And the authors see their aid conditioned on the income level of their spouses. In the genre, that arises there in terms of non-professional recognition.

Dressing wounds

“The system of the National Book Center will eventually be put in place, but we know that it will not be up to par, specifies Olivier Bron. According to initial estimates, the booksellers would need around 9 million euros. There are 5 for the whole sector… ” Already in a state of dramatic precariousness, the authors see the editorial landscape tense up like never before. The books taken out a few days before the confinement seem to have fallen into a hole. More visibility in bookstores, more promotions, more trade shows, nothing. A tiny part will be caught up when the spell of petrification is lifted, but the booksellers will have to begin to heal their wounds, deep, in small groups. Barrier measures require, customers should scroll by drip, while medium and large shops should idle, part of the staff remaining part-time.

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Authors, publishers, booksellers and distributors, “All the problems are related to each other, says Olivier Bron. The great anguish of the publishers is that the booksellers make “returns” of books en masse to free up cash. “ This device which authorizes booksellers to return unsold items could be terrible for publishers whose fragile cash could not absorb the return of tens of thousands of euros committed in bookstores. The strongest could apply for a loan. Others… “It’s complicated because the whole chain of the book has to get up and its actors do not operate in the same time frame, specifies Bron. “The booksellers and publishers have an interest in waiting a little before the new offices, the novelties, but the broadcasters would like the machine to be restarted as soon as possible.”

“Save your skin”

“Me, I’m focusing on September, there won’t be anything new before, explains Serge Ewenczyk, founder of Çà et là editions. The booksellers will have other cats to whip than absorb new products and I am very pessimistic about the immediate post-containment. To buy our books, people need to wander the shelves and get advice from bookstores. There, we risk being timed, there will be the fear of touching the books too much. And after, it’s summer, that’s the off season. Hence the idea of ​​pushing everything back to the start of the school year and in 2021. Of the thirteen titles we had to release this year, I will only do six or seven. The idea is not to jam everything on the second semester. We shouldn’t take out more books than normal. I only keep the titles that may exist in this re-entry which will be exceptionally dense, since all the publishers do the same thing. The books that I know I’m going to lose money on, I’m putting them over to next year, because after four months with no cash, it wouldn’t be manageable. Obviously, this all hangs on the acceptance of the state guaranteed loan. ” Indé of intermediate size, Çà et là has three employees, in partial unemployment. If payments to suppliers have been frozen, however, artists and translators whose projects have been postponed are paid. Small but vital advances.

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The war is looming to float at the start of the new school year and gain a little visibility in stores or in the media. “This crisis will strengthen the best-sellersaid Peeters. I bet that the big commercial machines will trump all the prices of the end of the year. Because there, finished laughing, we focus on safe values. The whole chain of the book is shaken and everyone is going to want to save their skin: the big publishers who are reworking their catalogs and not in favor of slightly daring and risky books; so are the booksellers, who will more than ever line up on the market. “ Everywhere the same bell. Postponements, the anxiety of the start of the school year, and the fear of dragging all the demanding books on 2021, at the risk of exposing oneself to a dark year.

Marius Chapuis


Cécile Coulon, hussar on the roof

Cécile Coulon is a blonde who pierces the eye as much as the screen. A blonde who shoots the strange. So white that it sometimes turns blue spectrum depending on the light and mood of the girl. If she hadn’t grown up a bit, we would see the kid in the credits of Village of the damned. This angel’s head is haunted, also landed on Earth to put its grain of salt. That explains the precocity that we know about him. Cécile Coulon wrote and published her first novel at the age of 16. Twelve years later, she signs a seventh novel, A beast in paradise, which reaches 70,000 copies in six months. Cécile Coulon has something to disturb. “Yes, I have more ghosts in me than experiences. But if I’m haunted, it’s in the positive sense. I am by the voices, the stories, the landscapes of those who preceded us. I’m leading a herd of ghosts, but they’re not leading me. ” It reassures. “The maturity that I am credited with is due to the fact that I can listen to these voices before and can be silent to write them.” She says that with a small smile, always in the corner. “I smile a lot when I speak, that’s why.” She has two dimples that add to it and carve out a playful face for her, which lights up while she shares her latest find to amuse the gallery of her 16,000 Facebook friends.

The “author” – as she presents herself – has an easy and friendly post as a confinement anti-journal. From his back and forth between his windows and his computer, we can read: “Stop walking your dog, I just saw one more muscular than me!” Or to relay: “I have no chest but right now there are people on the balcony.” She doesn’t have it either. She lives in an apartment on the top floor of a building in Clermont-Ferrand. Without balcony or adjoining garden, but with the possibility of climbing onto the roof. “It is a tiled roof, not at all made for that, but since I have a window that overlooks it, I take advantage of it and it is without risk.” It reassures. “Up there, I find something to breathe, to see somewhere else, I read, it’s nice.” The great outdoors, volcanoes, lakes, biking and running are what he misses most. “But it’s just a big whim when it comes to what cashiers, garbage collectors or hospital staff are going through. I’m so lucky to be here, alone, childless, I mean, without having to take care of anyone other than myself. ” Like her body. Its firm battle silhouette with cravings for “Good wines, good beers and good cheeses”. We learn that “The saint-nectaire freezes very well” in his cooking and containment tips. “I imagine these days people are going back to cooking.” All the more reason to strengthen your daily exercises. It nuances. “I am more worried about the duration of confinement than for my figure. If I do a lot of sport, it’s more to stay in shape and not get out of it completely exhausted and hysterical. ” She practices muscular strengthening exercises without apparatus or dumbbells. One carpet is enough “To prevent the muscles from melting”. She keeps running “Once a week, preferably at night and within a very limited area”.

All around, she knows by heart. This is his land. A full nature “who does not [l’]never scared. “ She never left it. “I never thought about it, even as a teenager!” His baccalaureate in cinema and the khâgne are made in Clermont. “I live in town to be near the train station, for work, but in half an hour I can be at the top of a volcano.” She reassures herself. She assumes this attachment “not fashionable”. She travels little and in France. She doesn’t have a car, favors the train, never the plane “except when [elle est] obligated for work ”. “I have no dreams of distant countries, I am like an animal, like the badger that stays close to its burrow.” Cécile Coulon is not involved anywhere, does not campaign. “Perhaps my commitment is to stay where I am. To feed on it for my fictions, to defend my region, to say how lucky we are to have farms around us, producers who work to sell what we need to take care of ourselves and at lower cost . I campaign by doing my part here to say that the enclave is not an injustice. “

She grew up in Saint-Saturnin, a village at the foot of volcanoes, 25 kilometers from Clermont-Ferrand. She remembers a childhood “heavenly” spent working “Figolu” under the nose of his two big brothers. Her mother, director of the Saint-Nectaire appellation, and her father, an agricultural researcher at INRA, still live in the village. His “job”, as she calls it, to tell stories. She has always read. Fed early on the voices of John Fante, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Bukowski. She discovers Yourcenar and her Flanders, Marie-Hélène Lafon and her Cantal. “Suddenly, I felt less alone. They allowed me to write with my land. “ Cécile Coulon also dares to write and publish poetry. “Not fashionable either, but it is changing. Poetry is particularly deployed on social networks, where it is read and in great demand. ” She has been living from her job since 2013. Since The king is not sleepy, a success “Dizzying” for which she received her first fine copyright check. She is then 23 years old. She buys movies, sneakers, books and a small apartment in Clermont-Ferrand. She goes “eat outside” and reassures: “Since I’m not from Auvergne for nothing, I put the rest aside.”

Cécile Coulon works. The smirk applied, she apologizes for using simple words to say it and gets restless: “Besides the books, nothing happens in my life.” Since it started in a small local publishing house “To the good franquette”, since his revelation with The king is not sleepy at Viviane Hamy’s, she works, infuses, does nothing else. Even on vacation. She takes her manuscript and friends whom she willingly brings to bear. “I spent a studious week with Cécile in her family home in Drôme”, reports Myriam Lépron, a friend who is a university professor. “A week of reading, proofreading, rewriting, walks and swimming.” The author never rejoices for long. “One book is fleeting, and the next one ever played.” His entire body bears the marks. “I often get images of each of my works tattooed to keep track of them.” Whether hoisted or not on her roof, Cécile Coulon contemplates these words which she adores Bernard de Chartres and which she would stick to our skin: “We are dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants.”

June 13, 1990 Birth.

2012 The king is not sleepy.

2017 Three Storm Seasons.

2018 Brambles.

2019 A beast in paradise.

Because of the confinement, the interviews and photos of the last page portrait can be carried out remotely.

Céline Walter Photo Pascal Aimar (Fuzzy trend)


At war with boredom: smoky trip-hop, spaghetti and souvenirs

With a Nazi architect

“Walking is forbidden, we still have the process, in particular that of the artists”, jokes Guillaume Monsaingeon, curator of “Steps, Steps”, in a video that serves as a substitute for the exhibition. Open on February 8, the cultural event closed its doors but is not treading water. Since it is no longer possible to run, climb or hike, we walk in thought alongside artists and we explore in imagination the sleeping rooms of the Frac thanks to the skillful online conferences of Guillaume Monsaingeon. So we follow Francis Alÿs in the footsteps of the Nazi architect Albert Speer. In the video Albert’s Way, the Belgian artist goes around in a closed room for seventy hours (ten hours a day for seven days). It traces the journey of the architect of Hitler who had revisited in his cell all the places through which he had passed in his life. For Francis Alÿs, these 118 surveyed kilometers also represent a small portion of the way to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Alÿs thus makes walking an exercise of the mind, both physical and spiritual.

With muddy breakbeats

There are two types of trip-hop records: monuments and mediocre ones. The second ones are countless and don’t deserve to be talked about. The first, anxiety-addicted soulful attempts or inventions for vinyl crackles and drum loops at DJ Premier, are few, all prototypes, and infinitely tripping. So Smokers Delight, classic among the classics, was composed by the leedsian b-boy George Evelyn while the world expected him a new pack of futuristic house, in line with his first hits bleep’n’bass. Nay: the Englishman, raised to the soul and the good seed of cannabis, wanted only muddy breakbeats to accompany his escapes on the sofa. In doing so, he invented a genre, his own, and gave birth to the masterpiece of smoky music. The album celebrates its quarter century and comes out in a slightly enlarged version, ready to add sound to your wildest breakaways under Pinot Noir and CBD.

Photo Federico Garolla

With Pasolini, in Rome

Since it is no longer possible to wander around Rome today in search of the best spaghetti cacio e pepe, this is a great opportunity to rediscover the site that the Cinémathèque française initiated on the occasion of the Pasolini Roma exhibition and retrospective in 2013. On a map, 50 emblematic addresses are geolocated which refer you to a set of texts, photos and videos displaying the biography and intellectual system of the writer and filmmaker, from his arrival in the city, Stazione Termini, with his mother on the 28 January 1950, at his terrible death on an Ostia beach on the night of 1er to November 2, 1975. From the filming sites to the places of dredgers, from the various apartments to the Campo dei Fiori, crowded with people for his funeral, “Friendship, literature, politics, love, sex, cinema” to cross again in a moving map.

Maurice Nadeau Ruth Zylberman“Maurice Nadeau”, Ruth Zylberman

With a huge editor

Documentary filmmaker Ruth Zylberman, author of the recent the Children of 209 rue Saint-Maur, has put his film for free on the great journalist and editor Maurice Nadeau. Huge editor who published and made discover in France Malcolm Lowry, Varlam Chalamov, Witold Gombrowicz, Walter Benjamin, Georges Perec, Michel Houellebecq… And founded New Letters, become the Literary Fortnight. “When they have been refused everywhere, they come to me. And often it’s worth it. ” Diving in his library, in his memories of writers, editorial meeting of the fortnight. A beautiful portrait of the publisher who died on June 16, 2013 at 102 years old.

Photo DR

With cool goths

In the midst of a surge of confining anxiety, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have completed two new albums by Nine Inch Nails, Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts – the first is intended to reflect an optimistic scenario of the pandemic crisis and the second, its pessimistic side. If this unexpected exit, its hanging up on the news and its presentation in cream pie dilogy are enough to arouse mistrust, doubts will be quickly dispelled: far from the collection of repackaged drawer bottoms, the two discs are also exciting that generous, basically – synthesis of all that Reznor and Ross have done best, creepy atmospheres of The Downward Spiral to the frozen anagogies of the soundtrack of The Social Network – as in form – 25 tracks over almost two and a half hours in total.

Didier Péron


Frédérique Roussel


Clementine Mercier


Olivier Lamm


Lelo Jimmy Batista


Nightmares on Wax Smokers Delight 25th Anniversary Edition (Warp).



Nine Inch Nails Ghosts V and VI available on https://www.nin.com/


“Michel” folds but does not round about

Michel, this is a trope. A rhetorical figure that has become consubstantial with comics, an artifice intended to make it alive, to inscribe it in the world. Michel is a journalist. Better still, he’s a little reporter. A little big reporter, to be precise. Michel is not Tintin. He is no smarter or more clever than another, he is a little bit stupid and does not travel the globe exposing terrible machinations. Either way, he probably couldn’t afford a plane ticket. Besides, that’s not the point.

Pierre Maurel’s series takes place in a provincial town surrounded by roundabouts. This ugly republic where posters of all-you-can-eat Asian buffets and home appliance stores in sheet metal sheds serve as the last national link. Too fat, too old, too useless, Michel and his people are negligible in “start-up nation”.

Comic book of proximity, almost imminent, Michel succeeds in caricaturing without reducing, in grabbing people without labeling them. In three albums, published between 2018 and today, telling the daily galleys of his antihero, Pierre Maurel captures a burlesque and terrifying air of time. Panorama of humiliations in cascades, of a flow of the legitimate exercise of violence. He’s a boss who takes revenge on an employee by changing her schedule without warning her; a news that broods over new releases from the ORTF years; or just the late discovery that we no longer manifest without physiological saline. Without taking himself for an editorial writer, without giving a lesson, Pierre Maurel tells of a country split in two, where authority merges with arbitrariness.

The supple line of Toulousain is common but fair. Both messy and clear. Able to say the ridiculous tumult of a guy who gets his arms tangled in his own bag like the stillness of a breath away from the city. Bright little book of resistance, the Great Schism never lets go of burlesque and rare human warmth. Without ever anaesthetizing the urge to fight.

Marius Chapuis

Michel and the great schism of Pierre Maurel ed. the Employee of the self, 80 pp., 14 €.