Power supply restored after Norilsk fire in substation :: Society :: RBC

In Norilsk, electricity was restored to residents and to the observator after a fire at a substation. This is stated in the operational report of the Ministry of Energy.

“At 19:06, after drying and repairing the equipment, the 35 kV substation GPP-36 was included in the work. At 19:27, voltage was applied to all consumers, ”the department said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy reported that on the morning of June 28, the roof of the building ignited at the NTEK energy company, which is owned by Norilsk Nickel.

Some residents of Norilsk and the observatory were left without electricity

Calculations of the Ministry of Emergencies and the departmental fire department of Norilsk Nickel arrived at the scene. As a result of the fire, the substation equipment was flooded. As a result, the residents of the city and the observatory were left without power supply, where citizens arriving in Norilsk are placed in quarantine.


5 home appliances do not consume electricity if well used

Is made “the seventh day” everything you wanted to know about the home appliances that don’t consume electricity a lot and cause to raise the bill monthly consumption if the consumption of properly disarming the plug from the source of electricity after completion of their intake, and they are as follows:

1 – young LED And LCD .

2 – the receiver different types of think of a less hardware consuming electricity must be separated after completion of the use so as not to continue in the consumption of electricity.

3 – charger Mobile is advised of his dismissal after completion of charging, so no change in the consumption of electricity.

4 – laptop.

5-bulbs LED with high efficiency.

The following are the prices of segments of electricity last year. the new 2020/2021, which will be applied starting from the next July, as follows:

1 – the first tranche of zero to 50 kW ( 38 Pence instead of 30 pts )

2. the second tranche of 51 to 100 kW ( 48 shark instead 40 pts )

3 – the third tranche of zero up to 200 kW ( 65 piasters instead of 50 piastres )

4 – the fourth tranche of 201 to 350 kW ( 96 landed a shark instead of 82 shark)

5 – the fifth tranche of 351 to 650 kW ( 118 penny instead of 100 piastres)

6 – previous slide on to a Clio and ( 140 pts)

7 – previous slide from zero to less 1000 kW do not receive support (the).

8 – from zero to more than 1000 (145 pts)


How can you be sure of the health of the electricity bill before being reimbursed x 6 steps

Is made “the seventh day” the most important steps that you must follow to ensure the health of Bill electricity consumption before repayment, to avoid falling in the mistakes of the Bills, Here are some steps that describes the health of the consumption bill:

1. the review box is required to repay his existing down the bill for the consumer and match them to the value of the invoice before it if the close of which be the bill intact.

2 – if the note that the value of the invoice exaggerated and do not reflect actual consumption, read the number of kilowatt-hours located in the middle of the invoice in the left pane.

3 – you must check the box to read the current and previous at the top of the consumption bill of the right part, and compare it with the reading of the existing contracts.

4 – Calculate the consumption invoice before payment to ensure the validity of the existing value of the invoice.

5 – if the reading is made in the box “current” written billing more than reading the existing contracts don’t pay the bill, record the complaint on the hot line of the Ministry of electricity No. 121.

6. the direct purchase of electricity of registered complaint of non-conformity of Bill consumer reading the existing contracts to correct the error and repay the actual value of the consumption invoice.

The following are the prices of segments of electricity last year. the new 2020/2021, which will be applied starting from next July, as follows:

1 – the first tranche of zero to 50 kW ( 38 Pence instead of 30 pts )

2. the second tranche of 51 to 100 kW ( 48 shark instead 40 pts )

3 – the third tranche of zero up to 200 kW ( 65 piasters instead of 50 piastres )

4 – the fourth tranche of 201 to 350 kW ( 96 landed a shark instead of 82 shark)

5 – the fifth tranche of 351 to 650 kW ( 118 penny instead of 100 piastres)

6 – previous slide on to a Clio and ( 140 pts)

7 – previous slide right zero to less 1000 kW do not receive support (the).

8 – from zero to more than 1000 (145 pts)


The batteries of large capacities develop

Used to record, the operator of renewables, Neoen, just add one to its active. It was announced on Tuesday 9 June, the construction in Finland, the largest battery storage in the nordic countries, with a capacity of 30 megawatts. It will be used to compensate for the frequency variations of the network and to facilitate the integration of renewables.

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With the american Tesla, Neoen has already been installed in Australia, the largest unit of storage by lithium-ion batteries in the world (100 MW) to secure the electrical system. At Cestas (Gironde), he has developed in 2017, the largest solar farm in France (300 MW) and was inaugurated last year, in the Landes, the largest central storage of electricity (6 MW) is directly connected to the metropolitan network.

The value of Neoen has doubled in the Stock market in 18 months

Created in 2009 by the businessman Jacques Veyrat, Neoen is one of the most dynamic in the market. Investors are mistaken, not. The company, which presents itself as the first independent power producer of renewable energy in France, was introduced on the stock Exchange in October 2018 and the action has already doubled from 17 to 34 €.

It displays an installed capacity of 3 GW, in solar and in wind, and is on target to achieve 5 GW by the end of 2021.

Today, Neoen confirms its position on a market niche but promising : smooth out the intermittency of renewables with the rapid injection (in seconds) of electricity on the network, to ensure the balance between supply and demand and the maintenance of the frequency of 50 hertz. Last summer, Britain has been at the edge of the black-out, with the influx of a lot of power from offshore wind farms. Germany has also had a few alerts during the confinement.

A services activity and production

This market will grow as we develop green energy because the electrical systems are in need of stability “, said Xavier Barbaro, CEO of Neoen, recalling that interconnectors cannot solve the problems alone.
It is an activity of vital service, which may be remunerated by the manager of the network. It allows to avoid using of the thermal power plants, as in Australia.

The storage can also be used for trading activities (buying electricity when it is not expensive to sell when prices are high), or coupled to production activities such as going to do Neoen with its wind farm, currently under construction in el Salvador.

The price of batteries is now on the decline, due in particular to the development of electric vehicles. Yields are also improving, with performance guarantees of 15 years instead of 10 years, there are still a few years.

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The system developed by Neoen has also the advantage of being very modular. ” It assembles thousands of small rechargeable batteries in racks, which are themselves housed in containers. we can easily add more power according to needs, as in Australia “says Xavier Barbaro.

According to him, the battery storage will much develop. “ Some say the opposite, explaining that it must wait for a break in technology or lower prices. This is false. Have 5 to 10 % of storage capacity compared to what is produced from renewables already allows to smooth the intermittence “, “he says.

Neoen has the means of its ambitions. At the end of may, the company launched the first convertible bond issue in Europe green for an amount of € 170 million.


Electricity: 10% increase in e-collection after the Corona virus crisis

An official source at the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy revealed that there is a 10% increase in the rates of electronic collection of electricity bills during the months of March and April compared to previous months, including also the charging of prepaid meters instead of overcrowding the outlets of the 9 electricity distribution companies nationwide, confirming that there is a demand from Citizens pay online for consumption bills.

The source added in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the expansion of electronic payments during the coming period will be the result of many citizens accepting to pay consumption bills for the past months electronically to limit the spread of Corona virus and not mixing, pointing out that the new applications will be more easy and easier to Citizen.

Hamza added that the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company is in the process of launching new free applications on mobile phones so that the citizen can pay the monthly consumption bill electronically without having to wait for the monthly bill, to take advantage of the awareness that has spread among citizens about how to pay and record the readings of electricity meters electronically.

Dr. Ayman Hamzah, a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, confirmed that the official website of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company provides the ability to pay for electricity bills, pointing out that all the citizens need to pay the electricity bill is to enter the “electronic code” number above the electricity bill in the middle, which is a number A constant that does not change in every invoice.

Hamza revealed that an easy application is being expanded on (App Store – Play Store) Charging prepaid meters via the (NFC) (Recharge by mobile phone) by replacing the prepaid meters’ recharge cards with cards that support the feature NFC Through the relevant distribution company (after consulting the subscriber of its electricity company to know the integration of its meter with an easy application.


Avoid crowding and mixing .. Charge your meter and pay the electricity bill from your home

The electronic payment outlets for electricity bills and charging the prepaid electronic counter have become a matter that many citizens prefer to avoid mixing and overcrowding to limit the spread of the new Corona virus. “The seventh day” is intended for its readers to pay electronic methods for electricity bills and charging the prepaid meter balances, the following are the outlets for paying bills and charging the counter Prepaid:

Recharge prepaid meters electronically:

1- More than 1000 charging centers belonging to the electricity distribution companies.

2- 80 One thousand points of charging cards spread throughout the Republic belonging to the immediate.

3- 60 One thousand shipping points through the electronic collection companies outlets scattered all over the country, which are (Post offices – Masary) – Bee – Safety – temporary – payment – possible – guarantor – Agricultural Bank).

Pay electricity bills electronically:

1-The website of the Holding Company Egypt (www.eehc.gov.eg) For all distribution company bills (query – pay bills)).

2- Availability of more than 60 thousand billing centers through the electronic collection companies outlets distributed all over the country, namely (Post offices – Masary) – Bee – Safety – temporary – payment – possible – guarantor – Agricultural Bank)

3- 120 A point of collecting bills at the Republic level for an immediate company.

4-12 A bank portfolio accepting payment of bills (National Bank – Bank of Egypt – Bank of Alexandria – Bank CIB – Bank Blom – Bank Credit Agricol – Abu Dhabi Emirates Bank – Bank Audi – Housing and Development Bank – Bank QNB – Suez Canal Bank – Bank NBK) By downloading the mobile application of his bank through (App Store – Play Store)

5- Governor of mobile companies by downloading the mobile application for each company on (App Store -Play Store)

6-Implementation My Fawry On the mobile phone (App Store -Play Store).

7-10Thousands of ATMs ATM Distributed throughout the republic.

8-Also, Cairo residents within the scope of North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company can use the mobile application (smart electricity services) App Store -Play Store -www.eservices.ncdec.net) To provide services to all customers and it was published on play store Providing (3) services, namely: (reading notification – bill inquiry – bill payment).

9-Residents of the Port Said Governorate affiliated to the Electricity Distribution Company can also use the service application (www.digital.gov.eg) On the digital transformation portal (reading notification – bill inquiry – bill payment).


Strong wind left more than 130 thousand households without light in the USA :: Society :: RBC

About 130 thousand households in the US state of Tennessee were left without electricity due to strong winds. About it informs Nashville Electric’s energy press service on Twitter.

According to the company, after the storm, it was possible to restore power supply to 50 thousand consumers. Another 80 thousand customers are left without light. Emergency teams continue to work to eliminate interruptions.

In addition, Nashville Electric warned state residents that weather forecasters expect another storm, so it is possible that the damage from the weather can increase. If the weather worsens, the emergency crews will be forced to stop working and return to them when it is safe.

In the Omsk region 210 settlements were left without light due to wind

By according to Mayor of the state capital of Nashville John Cooper, this blackout was the largest in the history of the county. He said that emergency services continue to clear areas of garbage.


the electricity market in disarray

Electricity producers will long remember Easter Monday 2020. With the exception of the Iberian Peninsula and Italy, electricity prices were negative for most of the day on April 13 in several European countries, including in France. Clearly, producers have been forced to pay their customers to get rid of their electrons, much like what happened on the US oil market a few days ago.

This situation has occurred on several occasions since the end of March, mainly in Germany, but also throughout the Benelux, with amounts of ” negative pricevery important: up to –80 €, or even –115 € per megawatt / hour (MW / h). To give an order of magnitude, EDF sells nuclear electricity to its competitors at € 42 per MW / h.

German renewables fleet running at full speed

The exceptional circumstances largely explain the current situation. There is a large supply of electricity, with weather conditions that have allowed wind turbines and solar power plants to run at full speed. At the same time, demand fell by around 15-20% in Europe in a matter of days, with the shutdown of many industries. Never seen.

Normally, negative prices are usually explained because it is more expensive to shut down a plant than to let it continue to produce. But this time, it is especially the huge fields of renewable energy in Germany that are pointed out. ” Installations that were created before 2016 benefit from the old support mechanism. Whatever the market prices, they benefit from a purchase guarantee at a level fixed by the State and therefore have an interest in continuing to producee “, underlines Antoine Guillou, economist at the French Union of Electricity (UFE), who speaks of a” system design error

Since then, the mechanism has been reformed and new wind turbines or solar power plants can be disconnected from the grid if electricity prices get negative for too long.

Decreasing revenues, increasing charges

In France, the new support mechanism for renewable electricity production, in force since 2016, takes the form of additional remuneration, which varies according to the price of electricity on the wholesale market. As with the feed-in tariff system, it is funded by the trust account ” energy transitione ”, whose revenue comes from TICPE, the tax on petroleum products. Its amount is expected to reach 5.2 billion euros this year, half for wind and a quarter for solar, according to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE). But it is not sure that this is enough.

The additional remuneration paid to producers varies according to market prices. The lower these are, the greater the difference to be paid by the state. “ The bill is likely to be salty, because since the start of the crisis, electricity prices have been halved, falling to 20 € per megawatt / hour, against 40 € before the crisis “Explains Clément Le Roy, consultant at Wavestone.

An additional cost for the State

According to CRE, a variation of one euro up or down during a year on the wholesale markets, brings in or costs the State around 50 million euros. Potentially, the note could therefore be in the region of one billion euros, if the situation continues.

In addition, there is also the shortfall in TICPE, already estimated at 1.5 billion euros in 2020. “ Revenues for renewable energy will obviously be weakened “Explained the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, before the senators on April 6, explaining that he would have to think” the system to be put in place in the aftermath of the crisis

To avoid malfunctions, it will also be necessary to strengthen the interconnection lines, stresses France Strategy, in a note published on April 21. ” Without them, Germany would probably have experienced blackouts “Recalls the organization attached to Matignon.


News x 24 hours .. Health: The number of people recovering from the Corona virus increased to 1,381 cases – the seventh day

News x 24 hours .. Health: The number of people recovering from the Corona virus increased to 1381 cases on the seventh day.

Electricity: waste disposal incinerators, with structures that are not suitable for burning hospital waste

Dr. Ayman Hamza, a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, revealed that the radioactive waste incinerator in the Anshas Research Center of the Atomic Energy Authority is not suitable for burning waste of isolation hospitals for patients of the emerging corona virus.

Hamza said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the waste incinerator is designed to burn radioactive waste that is considered more dangerous to the lives of citizens than Corona virus waste, pointing out that radioactive waste needs a special way to burn it and bury it with a certain depth to not leak any radiation that harms the safety of And the souls of the citizens.

The Atomic Energy Authority announced that, within the framework of the authority’s keenness to provide sterile medical supplies with the best means of evaluation for the Egyptian citizen and to support Egyptian exports of medical supplies as well as foodstuffs such as spices and herbs, the authority sterilized approximately 1245 cubic meters of medical products and herbs from 18 3/2020 – 4/3/2020.

The authority provides its services from the production and supply of medical radioisotopes to more than 88 nuclear medicine centers and government or private oncology hospitals in 20 governorates at the level of the republic. In the past short period, the authority has provided 99 technium generator and 111 radioactive liquid iodine packages to these authorities in Egypt.

The authority continues to play its role in supporting the national economy and protecting the Egyptian environment and harnessing all its scientific and human capabilities that have accumulated for more than sixty years for the security and welfare of the citizen and the Egyptian state.