LIVE – Coronavirus: France enters its 25th day of confinement

⇒ 11:00 a.m .:[GOODFRIDAY[VENDREDISAINT] Mgr Michel Aupetit will venerate the crown of thorns at Notre-Dame The Archbishop of Paris will venerate the Crown of Thorns at Notre Dame at 11:30 a.m. He will be accompanied by Mgr Patrick Chauvet, rector of the cathedral, and Mgr Denis Jachiet, auxiliary bishop. During this meditation, the actors Judith […]

Corona current: US federal supply of protective masks almost used up – DIE WELT

Corona current: US federal supply of protective masks almost used up DIE WELT Corona Virus News – Trump would like to open the USA again with a “big bang” Coronavirus: Current numbers and information on Covid-19 EXPRESS Corona virus live ticker: +++ 23:51 Berlin court confirms worship ban +++ n-tv NEWS Coronavirus News – […]

LIVE – Coronavirus: suspension of the clinical trial with the blood of the sea worm

⇒ 11.45 a.m .: [119] – “Hello childhood in danger”, 20% more calls Telephone line “Hello childhood in danger” has received 20% more calls since the start of containment. Calls to 119 considered urgent have even increased by 60%, according to data from a comparison between the first three weeks of confinement (from March 18 […]

Commentary on Corona Bonds: Pandora’s Box

DEU finance ministers can argue like troublemakers even in difficult times. After all, the future of Europe depends on the heads of state and government who, when in doubt, are looking for a compromise to cover their nights. After the failed meeting of finance ministers, especially Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron will […]

Entrepreneur Reinhold Würth fears for Europe

Reinhold Würth The entrepreneur is disappointed with the federal government’s European policy. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf, Stuttgart The entrepreneur Reinhold Würth is concerned about the future of Europe – and disappointed with the grand coalition. “What has happened in Berlin in the past few months and years with regard to Europe is a mega catastrophe,” said […]

All sorts of companies are now building ventilators

In the fresh air: CPAP masks help you breathe. Image: Intersurgical Seat rebuilds wipers, Peugeot retrofits a factory, even Formula 1 helps: All sorts of companies are now building ventilators. But healing oxygen into an inflamed lungs is complicated. Dhe American automaker Ford plans to manufacture 50,000 ventilators with General Electric in the next hundred […]

EU plans billions for rescue and reconstruction after corona crisis

These are loans and loan guarantees with a total volume of up to 540 billion euros, provided by the ESM Euro Rescue Fund, the EU Commission and the European Investment Bank. The decision comes just in time. The corona crisis has fueled smoldering conflicts between north and south, between financially healthy and highly indebted countries […]

Minister Le Maire is steering France through the corona crisis

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire Picture: AFP Bruno Le Maire is currently steering France’s economy with a small team from an almost empty Ministry of Finance. In the evening, he drives home in a small car. In conversation with the F.A.Z. he makes clear demands on Germany. VAlready a month ago, on March 2, […]

Alain Badiou believes in communism after Corona

NThe extraordinary “, the French philosopher Alain Badiou can see in the“ current situation ”. In an essay “Sur la situation épidémique”, which he wrote these days, he lists: “AIDS, bird flu, Ebola, Sars 1, various flu, but also measles and tuberculosis, against which antibiotics have become powerless. We know that the globalized market (…) […]

a crisis that places the EU against its divisions

Europe, said Jean Monnet, one of its founding fathers, is always advancing in crises. If that’s true, the Union should take a big leap forward … Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, on March 26: “We have said on the German side that this is not the conception of all the Member States”, about coronabonds. MARKUS SCHREIBER […]