La Plata is completed and Bordils and Sarri ensure their permanence

Girona handball will continue with two teams next season in the Silver Honor Division after yesterday the board of directors of the Spanish federation (RFBM) decided to end the season in all its categories and also decided not to there would be no descent. Therefore, Bordils will play for the eighth year in the second highest division of state handball and Sarrià, which has already renewed the coach Salva Puig, manages to stay in the season of its debut in Plata. Although the league has ended, there will be promotions for the Silver Honor Division in Asobal, but the federation did not announce yesterday how they would be decided.


Sries to get scared – Diari de Girona

When it premiered The Curse of Hill House, magnificent adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel, there was a certain quorum to say that it was one of the best series of its year, and also showed that the horror genre is living a splendid moment of form. Maybe not on TV as much as in the movies, where it has reached a level of acceptance never seen before, but it is still giving away a good list of titles that manage to stay in your subconscious and complicate your home traffic a bit. . The case of the Mike Flanagan series for Netflix is ​​particularly commendable, because it takes a very classic mold (that of haunted houses) and knows how to turn it around, and this is one of the main reasons why there are so many expectations with the second season. But above all it is fundamental because it will most likely mark the way forward for future productions of the genre.

In any case, many things have happened before, during and after the visit to Hill House. If we go back a little, we find productions with big names but that were unjustly punctured, like The River, ABC series that brought together the talents of Oren Peli and Steven Spielberg but failed in its attempt to export the found footage on television; o Hemlock Grove (Netflix), a war between vampires and werewolves that, despite good visual effects and the presence of Famke Janssen, never finished curdling among its natural audience.

One of the television customs of the genre is to adapt great films to the serial narrative, and so far has given rise to two great titles: one is, without a doubt, The exorcist (HBO), which never made large audiences but is a splendid revision of the classic, and the other is Scream, the last production of Wes Craven before his death and which has the success of reproducing the style of the four film installments without incurring cloning. Its first two seasons are on Netflix and the third must be just a few days from its premiere.

Over the past few years, horror series have proliferated on different channels and platforms, to the point that over the past five years they have been an almost ubiquitous genre on annual release lists. We have found failed series but with interesting elements like Outcast (right now it’s not on any platform), laudable attempt to refound the demonic tales; Slasher (Netflix), a unique Canadian production that wants to be an update of the style that gives it its title, and while it fails to bring great news, at least it is honest and entertaining, or the French production of Netflix Marianne, which is very erratic but introduces a character who wants to scare and actually does. The television boom of the genre has been especially productive in the format of anthologies, and this is thanks to the contribution of what is one of the fundamental series of modernity: American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy’s production, available on Netflix, has been dedicated throughout its seasons to exploring different styles and subgenres of horror with a truly admirable cause consciousness.

Maybe not all have the same quality, but there are some (like the second, set in a sanatorium, or the last, a tribute to the psychopaths of the 70s and 80s) that are unmissable. In their wake they have appeared Channel Zero (HBO), The Terror (Amazon) or the most sufficiently claimed Castle Rock (Movistar), a series dedicated to reinventing the universe of Stephen King based on some of his most popular scenarios and characters. Nor can we forget Into the dark, a laudable Hulu experiment (distributed here by HBO) that proposes a series of 90-minute episodes that premiere coinciding with some iconic holiday, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

As for the zombies, if it’s about being scared (to laugh we already have The Walking Dead) the best thing you can do is pull off Kingdom, Korean Netflix series about a plague that turns a feudal society into a nest of chaos and destruction. She’s worried because, no matter how fantastic, her hyperrealism makes her goosebumps.


La vigncia dels clssics – Diari de Girona

Much of today’s television production would not exist without the example of big names who knew how to explore our domestic terrors like no other. So if it’s all about being really scared the best thing to do is recover Stories for not sleeping, where Chicho Ibáñez Serrador proved to be one of the great creators who has given the genre here and also internationally, or The unknown dimension, in which Rod Serling defined forever the model of the television anthology. By the way, the latter has been the subject of a recent one remake endorsed by Jordan Peele and what you’ve probably heard little or nothing about. The reason? Which is a noisy disappointment that only works when it mimics the original, and that says very little about the capabilities of its screenwriters.

Other classics worth claiming are Night Gallery, The Outer Limits (and also his remake), or even Freddy’s nightmares, the anthology of nightmares presented by the protagonist of Nightmare on Elm Street and that she is always despised in horror series collections.

On the other hand, to be afraid you don’t have to be attached to gender: look Twin Peaks it is surely the best way to lose sleep for a few nights. Especially in his third season, the most current, David Lynch knows how to create a very distressing atmosphere that mirrors us to the worst of our intimate terrors: the passage of time.


“The ascent continues to be the goal” – Diari de Girona

Four personal brushstrokes. Because the live matches on the official Instagram of Girona FC are also used for this. We know that Pep Lluís Martí, a man of few words in the press rooms and a lover of clichés in the face of the press, loves fideuà, devours motivational and self-help books while focusing on his work and is a in love with the walks on the banks of the river Onyar at sunset. That, on the one hand. On the other hand, it has become clear that he is proud of his career as a footballer, that he would love to dress short again, that he would like to win a league title – and if it can be this year, perfect – and that both he and his players are dying to play again to catch the target. The rise, of course. The white-and-red coach talked about all this and more yesterday afternoon, in a rather pleasant and entertaining talk on social media.

cheers in the locker room

“The spirits are good. Everyone wants to play again and do their best. We are in daily contact with the players, they pass on all the data to us: When they weigh, if they have discomfort, how they are … We do group workouts twice a week. We are with them for everything they need.

message to players

“I try to convey a lot of peace of mind to them and know their needs. The first thing I did was call everyone, know their feelings, know how they lived it. We have been in group contact and with the technical body. Our task is this. More psychology and mental, support. We have great professionals who are setting an example for us because they take care of themselves and are doing all the work ”.

will the league return?

“The problem we have is that we don’t know when we will start or how many days we will have to prepare. This gives us some doubt and uncertainty. At the same time we have players who are very attentive, with quality to be able to face any task and situation. This makes it easier for us. A kind of preseason awaits us, with the difference that we only have eleven games. The preparation will be shorter with more rest.

have you played without an audience?

“It’s happened to me more than once. The first, in a match with Sevilla, a derby in the Copa del Rey with Betis. They threw a bottle of water at the head of Juande Ramos, the coach. The match was suspended just after 0-1. He resumed behind closed doors in a neutral field in Getafe. We played them there for 29 minutes. The atmosphere was very strange. It also happened to me in Granada. A lineman (Xavi Aguilar from Girona) dropped an umbrella when I was about to throw a corner. Then he played with Mallorca. It was suspended and we also completed what was missing behind closed doors. It’s a very strange feeling, the players themselves are not used to feeling what is there when there is no atmosphere in the stands. Football without an audience is not the same.

will it cost to adapt?

“Players will have a bad time. The mood of the audience helps you. Even when you play outside, it makes you take out the extra motivation. We are ready to take on this challenge to add the possible points that allow us to achieve the goal.

promotion to first

“We have nothing else on our minds other than being promoted to the First Division. We want to achieve this step by step. Now it’s time to train at home? So we train at home. We have the goal very clear in our head »

the landing in girona

“I found a team discouraged. It usually happens when a dismissal occurs. The players are people and they had the feeling that things were not going well. We did some tactical work to unite the group on defense and help each other, and then to bring out the talent. As for the motivational aspect, we bet on giving the player a lot of freedom so that his genius and imagination shine »

the hobby

“I send a message of encouragement to our fans. We will miss them in the stands, but not on the street. Whoever has a scarf, t-shirt or flag, hang it on the balconies. Not now, when the league returns. We may not have the warmth of the public in the field, but with that we will have it in a different way. It will give us strength to get to where we all want to be: the ascent »

professional career

“I feel very fulfilled. What makes me most proud is to have been able to play until I was 40, to have made a lot of friends and to have been able to play around 700 games. I enjoyed it inside the playing field. Now I would trade for any of my players. It may not be, but I would love to. I am a coach, I want to evolve, I like it more and more and I am more passionate. It is a profession that gives you many things »

a desire

“I would like to win a league title. Why not this year? We have to dream about it. I was close with Sevilla, we stayed to play once. It’s a title I’d love to get. “


Condom, new sports director of KAS Eupen

Palamos resident Jordi Condom becomes the new sporting director of KAS Eupen, a position he will take up from July. Condom knows the club perfectly, as he led his first team between 2012 and 2017, at a stage in which he achieved promotion to the top category. At the age of 50, he left Palamós and his club a few years ago, where he played all the roles of auca: captain, coach, technical secretary and in charge of the sports management of grassroots football.


Sanjosex releases his new album “Dos somnis”

Sanjosex has released this Friday in digital format his new album ‘Dos somnis‘, which includes six unreleased songs recorded and produced by the Empordà band shortly before the confinement. In fact, the album includes the musician’s first original songs in six years.

The album goes on sale this Friday exclusively in direct digital download format. Through a statement, the music label Bankrobber He explained that this is a “short and concise record that Carles Sanjosé has put together with his feet on the ground and with the spirit of kilometer zero” and that to do so he has his usual musicians, Miquel Sospedra on bass, Pep Mula in the drums, Xarim Aresté on guitars, and the collaborations of Bikimel and Carles Belda.

One of the new songs on the Sanjosex album ‘The Revolution’ can now be heard openly on Spotify and Youtube from this Thursday. “The revolution has arrived and I’m on the couch at home,” the song notes.


“I wanted to pass on to my people everything that taekwondo has taught me”

Alassana Diarria (Mauritania, 1993) has been living in Banyoles since she was 13, when she came to her father’s arms. Banyolí is currently an eminence of taekwondo, achieving last year one of the most important milestones of his life: hanging the silver medal at the Spanish Championships in this martial arts discipline. Together with his brothers and his father, who passed on his passion for the sport, they started the project of building a taekwondo school in his hometown in 2016.

“The crisis came and my father, who was about 40, lost his job. The three brothers met and we thought of telling him something to move his future forward, ”recalls Alassana, who proposed the creation of a taekwondo school due to his father’s more than thirty years of relationship with him. sport. If you want to accomplish some purpose in life, for sure, you will go through moments of shock sooner or later. Alassana knows this. “The beginnings were not easy because we decided we didn’t want to make money with our initiative. In fact, we had a lot of problems because the construction is private and we didn’t have the means at our disposal in Europe “, he comments. Far from lamenting, the Spanish runner-up in taekwondo explains that they have been moving forward thanks to “the help of the people. There they have the thought that they must fend for themselves. If they don’t have light then they look for a generator ».

Values ​​and education

Far from wanting to make money, Alassana explains that the main objectives of the project are two: “To transmit the values ​​I have learned from this discipline to all athletes who want to enroll in school” and “to educate and educate all young people because in my village, when you reach the age of 16, you already consider yourself an adult and you have to look for your life and many people are forced to leave ”. These two purposes can be acquired by anyone of the 8,000l who live in the hometown of Alassana. “We don’t understand ages. Anyone with money or not can sign up, ”he explains, adding that we have a paid registration. We don’t want to fool people. But we must also say that if there is someone who does not have the resources to do it, absolutely nothing happens. I believe that we have the necessary means to carry out this project. “

Alassana believes that the above two goals are being met to perfection. For this reason, the one in the Pla de l’Estany region wants to expand borders. “I want all my students to have a license to be able to take the exam and thus have a federation card to be able to compete officially.” His students have not yet held any competition in this area, but “last year we hosted an event that brought together all our students with more people from Mauritania and Mali as our town is bordered by several countries ”. However, Banyolí’s ambition goes further: “For next year we would like to be able to hold an official competition and gather as many fighters as possible. And who knows? I would also like to be able to take all my students to compete all over Mauritania and break the borders to go to Mali and Senegal and thus see new countries “, he concludes, without ever leaving a smile from ear to ear.


Catalan football puts the brakes on

The Catalan Football Federation (FCF) has ruled. Now yes, officially and after holding a board meeting. An online meeting, taking into account the current circumstances, but of major and unprecedented significance. The body ended all the competitions of the 19/20 season in its field yesterday. In football, indoor soccer and also beach soccer. Seniors and also basic, both male and female. All finished. First step done, but that doesn’t end there. The outcome of all leagues must be resolved. And this is where the clubs will have a lot to say. The FCF is preparing two questions that will be sent in early May to all entities for decide how all competitions will close. The most voted option will be the final one. Of course, it must first go through the approval of the board.

“We will not make the best decision, but it will certainly be the best of the bad ones,” said Jordi Bonet, vice-president of the FCF. The two alternatives have yet to be polished because “we are taking it easy and calm because many things can still happen that do not depend on us and also because we want two very clear and concise questions, that everyone understands” .

A first possibility is declare the season null. This means that the competition plan ends without ascents or descents. However, this option does not rule out one hundred percent that some teams may change category. For example, Plaça del Reus in the Third Division will have to be filled yes or yes next year, so someone will have to go up from Primera Catalana even if this path is decided. Or some club may decide to retire, for whatever reason, so its place will have to be occupied by another of a lower category. The other option that will be placed on the table is the to apply a system of ascents and descents. Surely, considering how all the competitions were at the same time of the break and not taking as a reference the results of the first round, as requested by many clubs. The intention of the FCF is to take advantage of these next few days to finish deciding exactly one question and another. They will be sent to the clubs in early May and will be left at most a week apart for them to decide.

Aid to clubs

The meeting had another very important point. On the one hand, it was decided that the campaigns Proud i We Are All A Team they will maintain the conditions until the end of the current course and they will also be renewed for the next season. To all this, the economic services of the organism are studying the best way to subsidize the entities of faces to the next course, the 20/21. It has not been detailed exactly what they want to do, but the FCF will lend a hand to the clubs with various measures. Aid aimed at contributions, mutual society … This package of compensatory measures will be presented at the general assembly to be held soon, as long as circumstances allow. Otherwise, the date will be delayed but will be fixed before the competitions start again.


A thousand roses delivered to your home from Banyoles

Yesterday, the 9 Jard de Banyoles Gardening Center delivered more than a thousand Sant Jordi roses to your home. Different brigades of distributors visited the different districts of the city, all the villages of the Pla de l’Estany region and also gave the service punctually to towns like Besal, Olot, Mieres, Sarri de Ter, Sant Juli de Ramis and Deer. This volume of sales has accounted for 10 percent of what would be done in a normal St. George.


Sant Jordi: Calm on the street, bustle on the net

Empty streets in an unusual Sant Jordi, with a calm and silence that contrasts with the usual frenzy of the day. Not a trace of books and roses, beyond those distributed these days by the establishments that serve at home, and even less than the agglomerations of rambling badocs in areas that are traditionally the epicenter of activity every April 23rd.

In one of those days when grays rise and that would have made florists and booksellers suffer, Girona woke up with a silence that has already become the norm since the beginning of confinement. Neither in Plaça Catalunya nor in Rambla de Girona, the nerve center of the party, it was noticeable that yesterday was Sant Jordi, because it lacked the usual stopwatch mounting and the traffic of book boxes and flower buckets to have everything ready for the more early-morning shoppers.

While the shutters of shops, bars and restaurants continued to be lowered, the most representative elements of the legend occupied balconies and windows – except in Ripoll, where the dragon went out in a carriage to walk to cheer the town – and the effervescent activity of the day moved to the net to be lived, like all these days, from home.

This is the case of the traditional continuous reading of the work of Josep Pla, which has been organized in Palafrugell for more than a decade. The last winner of the award named after the writer, Laia Aguilar, was in charge of starting the virtual chain of readers, which was closed by the Minister of Culture, Mariàngela Vilallonga, and the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, who had 200 participants who sent videos of his speech.

One of the municipalities with the most activity on the net yesterday was in La Bisbal d’Empordà. In addition to the concerts of Miquel Abras and Mazoni and a virtual guided tour, also yesterday awarded the third Empordà Novel Prize, to which some thirty originals have been presented and which has fallen to the journalist Josep Maria Hernández Ripoll for The death of King Gaspart.

The events scheduled throughout the demarcation also involved children, such as the proposal of the Girona Art Museum to look for and paint the dragons represented in its collection; a reading of stories organized by the libraries of Girona or Salt, which suggested that children take photos giving roses to their favorite fictional characters. In Tossa de Mar the city council enabled a Facebook page to share actions, such as a dance from the balconies in collaboration with the Local Police; while in Caldes de Malavella, they proposed to the neighbors a menu with dishes prepared during El Gust de la Paraula, the festival that combines literature and gastronomy.

In Roses they organized the Sant Jordi Confinat festival, with about twenty artists who recorded their creations to spread them on the net; while twenty readers of the Provincial Council libraries enjoyed an individual virtual meeting with the writer Jordi Lara, who improvised a handwritten portrait of each one.

Telematic meetings with authors was another of the unpublished prints of the day; and also the Dalí Foundation joined the virtual celebration of the day, vindicating the literary facet of the Empordà painter or sending love postcards to symbolically skip the quarantine in the most surreal St. George’s Day of all.