Queen Elizabeth opens lowogan jobs, looks for household members to take care of the royal palace, direct salary of Rp. 367 million and guaranteed to get a pension, here are the conditions – all pages

Gridhot.ID – Government English indeed become one of the most luxurious places in the world.

All members, even the furniture in the palace, must be guarded and cared for with special methods government.

Now the Leader Government English, Queen Elizabeth II opens vacancies profession related to government.

Vacancies is intended for level II apprentices assistant household (ART).

Later workers will be stationed at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace and elsewhere.

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The period of work is from three months to a year with a salary offer of up to 19,140 pounds, or the equivalent of Rp 367 million.

Launching from The Royal Household, this job is a full-time job, 5 days a week.

In addition, many workers who meet the criteria will receive offers of accommodation.

One of them is a place to live until the salary adjustment, as well as all food will be provided and travel expenses borne by the kingdom.

Another offer that is included in the workers’ facility is a comprehensive benefit package including a 33 day holiday (also includes Bank Holidays).

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There is also an employer pension contribution scheme, and various catering facilities, including recreation.

However, prospective job applicants must have specific criteria if they want to fill a ART position.

Because workers will join the royal housekeeping professional team.

“It is supported to acquire new skills. And it provides exceptional service in an extraordinary environment. This is what makes apprenticeship with the Royal Household so different,” the page wrote.

It was also written that an internship in the kingdom would help lead to a successful career in the hospitality sector.

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Selected people will acquire specific skills that will form the foundation of future careers.

Not only that, workers will also gain experience which is quite useful for a fairly extensive hospitality profession.

The internship will also involve off-the-job training supported by a separate learning provider.

“The variety of jobs will inspire and challenge you, but we will be with you every step of the way,” he wrote.

The job site will also provide mentors who support apprentices while they work for the British Empire.

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In this case the workers will follow a structured program for more than 13 months.

At the end of the internship, participants will join a permanent royal team that delivers extraordinary standards every day.

To be able to join, the British Empire provides several conditions for prospective job applicants such as the ability to speak English and have abilities in the field of Mathematics.

“If you are successful but do not yet have these qualifications to the required level, we will support you to get them as part of your internship,” reads the page.

In addition, it was also written that for those who are starting a new career or want to acquire skills that will open new opportunities, the most important thing is that applicants have a genuine interest in developing a career in the home and hospitality industry.

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Experience is not required in this position, as training will be provided by the royal party.

“You may have relevant experience, but this is not important because we will provide you with all the training you need. We are more interested in your commitment to learning new skills, a proactive approach, and a willingness to tackle new challenges,” the page wrote.

This job vacancy is open until October 28, 2020 at 23.55 local time.

Work interviews will be held starting November 2, 2020.

All registration processes can be done virtually via the The Royal Household page.

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On that page, read the terms and click ‘Apply’. After that you will be directed to the form page.

Fill in your personal data such as first name, last name, e-mail, and password.

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Queen Elizabeth opens ART vacancies, initial salary of IDR 367 million

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Ratu Elizabeth II currently opening a job for a domestic assistant (ART) with a starting salary of £ 19,140.09 equivalent to IDR 367 million. The job vacancies have been published on the official website of the United Kingdom, The Royal Household.

Described on the website, the household members who will be accepted are interns. Three months in a year will move places. For his own working hours, five working days and two days off a week.

The Royal Household then promises that this job opportunity will “help guide you towards a successful career in the hotel sector.”

“You will join our team of Home professionals; learn by doing as you work with them to maintain, clean and care for interiors and goods, making sure everything is presented at its best,” the caption was quoted as saying. CNNIndonesia.com, Friday (23/10).

The ART apprenticeship program will also involve off-the-job training, supported by a separate learning provider.

After participating in a structured program for 13 months, applicants are promised to acquire specific technical skills that will form the basis of a household career.

For the qualification itself, applicants are required to have English and Mathematical skills. However, it is stated that if applicants do not have these qualifications, they will be awarded during the internship program.

The Royal Household states that if the applicant has been accepted for work, he will be able to live at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace. All meals will be provided and travel expenses are included.

Benefits received also include a 33 day vacation (including Bank Holidays), employer pension contribution schemes, as well as various catering and recreational facilities.

They further explained that even if the applicant does not have relevant work experience it is not important because there will be all the training needed.

On the site it states that applicants are more interested in the applicant’s commitment to learning new skills, a proactive approach, and a willingness to tackle new challenges.

As well as those who are practical-minded, have great attention to detail, are proud of the work they are doing, and are always highly dedicated.

Those who are interested can visit the website on the The Royal Household page. Vacancies will be closed on 28 October 2020, while for interviews from 2 November 2020.


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Rapid Wina vs Arsenal, Mikel Arteta’s Assessment about Thomas Partey’s Debut Page all

KOMPAS.comMikel Arteta give an assessment of appearance Thomas Partey who just made their full debut (90 minutes) together Arsenal.

Thomas Partey’s full debut with Arsenal was etched on matchday first Europa League versus Rapid Wina (Austria).

As for the fight Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal which was held at Weststadion, Thursday (22/10/2020) night WIB ended with a score of 2-1.

Arsenal as the visitors fell behind first after Greek striker, Taxiarxhis Fountas, opened Rapid Vienna’s lead in the 51st minute.

The Gunners, nicknamed Arsenal, then got up and scored two goals against Rapid Vienna.

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The pair of goals that led Arsenal to victory were scored by David Luiz (70 ‘) and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (74’).

This victory also complements the sweet debut of Thomas Partey, who only officially joined Arsenal in early October 2020.

He made a series of impressive records against Rapid Vienna, the club that owns 32 Austrian League trophies.

Based on data WhoScored, Partey recorded five tackles and won four air duel.

Partey’s record is the highest of all Arsenal players.

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As a midfielder, Partey’s brilliant record was wrapped in passing accuracy that reached 90 percent.

Seeing Partey’s performance, Mikel Arteta as Arsenal head coach admitted he was amazed.

According to him, Partey was very solid when guarding Arsenal’s midfield.

“To be honest he looks very solid, very comfortable,” said Arteta after the match against Rapid Vienna, quoted from Evening Standard.

“I think he took over the midfield in the second half, also when we were a little bit more open. We had more chances to attack certain spaces.”

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Furthermore, the Spanish tactician even called Partey’s appearance very fantastic.

Arteta believes that Partey can make a bigger contribution to Arsenal.

“I think he’s been fantastic tonight and obviously there’s a lot more we can achieve from him,” said Arteta.

On the other hand, Arteta thinks that Partey still needs the role of his teammate.

“Of course he needs other players around him. It’s not just about him.”

“It’s about the structure we have as a team, about the flow, unity and cohesion of the team. He is one part of that. Hopefully he is a big part,” said Arteta.


SARS-CoV-2 “Silent” Mutations, Maybe the Cause of the Corona Virus is Hard to Stop

KOMPAS.com- A team of researchers at Duke University have identified a number of ‘silent’ mutations in about 30,000 letters of the genetic code corona virus the cause of Covid-19.

The mutation turned out to help SARS-CoV-2 develop after jumping from animals, the viral reservoir from bats, to humans.

Quoted from Science Daily, Monday (19/10/2020), researchers suspect, it is likely that this is what makes the new corona virus a global pandemic which is quite difficult to stop.

In studies that have been published in the journal PeerJ, Last October 16, the subtle changes that took place involved how the virus can multiply RNA molecules in human cells.

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The researchers used statistical methods developed to identify adaptive changes that appear in the genome SARS-CoV-2 virus in humans.

However, researchers did not find any close links to the corona virus found in bats and pangolins, two animals known as reservoirs of the virus.

“We’re trying to figure out what makes this virus so unique,” said lead author Alejandro Berrio, a postdoctoral fellow in the biologist Greg Wray’s laboratory at Duke.

In previous research, it detected a positive fingerprint in the gene encoding the spike protein, a part of the embedding on the surface of the corona virus that plays an important role in infecting new cells.

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Other recent studies have also marked mutations that change the spike protein, suggesting that the viral strains that carry this mutation are more likely to develop.

However, with the approach taken by Berrio and Wray, as well as other researchers, Valerie Gartner has also identified additional causes that failed to be detected in previous studies.

They reported that the silent mutation of the corona virus identified in another region of the SARS-CoV-2 genome dubbed Nsp4 and Nsp16.

The mutation appears to have given these viruses a biological advantage over the previous strains without altering the proteins they encode.

SHUTTERSTOCK/Polina Tomtosova Illustration of the new corona virus mutation. The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19.

Rather than affecting protein, Berrio said, the changes have likely influenced how the viral genetic material, which is made up of RNA, multiplies into 3D form and function in human cells.

Help prevent potential future pandemics

Berrio explained this change in the structure of the RNA may be what distinguishes the virus that causes Covid-19 in humans from other coronaviruses that are still unknown.

However, these mutations have contributed to the virus’s ability to spread even before people know they have been infected.

These conditions make up the situation pandemic Covid-19 now it is becoming more difficult to control, compared to the SARS coronavirus outbreak in 2003.

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Berrio added that with this research, in the future it can lead to new molecular targets that can be applied as treatment and preventive measures against Covid-19.

“Nsp4 and Nsp16 were among the first RNA molecules produced when a virus infects new people,” said Berrio.

In general, by pointing to more precise genetic changes allowing the new coronavirus to develop in a human host, scientists hope to better predict future outbreaks of zoonotic disease, before they occur.

“The virus continues to mutate and develop. So maybe there is a new type of corona virus that is capable of infecting other animals which also has the potential to spread to humans, as did the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We must be able to recognize it and try to contain it early,” he said. Berrio.


Break Fantastic Records, Kevin / Marcus Rivals: We’re Tired!

Breaking a fantastic record at the Denmark Open 2020, Kevin Sanjaya / Marcus Gideon’s British rivals Marcus Ellis / Chris Langridge made a surprising statement.

INDOSPORT.COM – After breaking a fantastic record at the Denmark Open 2020, rivals Kevin Sanjaya/Marcus Gideon British origin namely Marcus Ellis / Chris Langridge made a surprising statement.

Couple Marcus Ellis/Chris Langridge It is known that they won the title at the Denmark Open 2020 after defeating the Russian pair, namely Vladimir Ivanoz / Ivan Sozonov in a rubber game match with a final score of 20-22 21-17 21-18, Sunday (18/10/20) at Odense Sports Park, Denmark.

The success of the British couple earned the title in Denmark Open 2020 saw them break an astonishing record by becoming the first British couple to win in 45 years.

Not only that, the Denmark Open 2020 is also the first title for the pair who are Kevin / Marcus’s rivals. After setting a fantastic record they made a surprising statement.

“(The comments) released the devil in me, leveled me up. We were 7-2 down, but didn’t respond well, before I could finally feel the adrenaline inside me leaking out of my skin,” he said.

“Then after that my level rose tenfold. On the one hand, it helped me. We are very happy. I know we did not see it because we were tired, but we are very happy,” said Chris Langridge quoted from the official BWF website.

Added by the pair who have lost 5 times to Kevin / Marcus that the Danish Open 2020 title is a very extraordinary title for them and of course they are very happy to win.

“This is a big tournament, and winning the Super 750 is one of our biggest tournament wins. It will be one of the best we’ve ever had,” added Ellis.

“It’s been an extraordinary week, we are very happy to be back. That’s the main thing, obviously we are very happy because we won, but only to come back to compete, that’s the best feeling in the world,” he concluded.

Unfortunately the Badminton World Federation (BWF) still decided to freeze the world ranking, so the points won at the Denmark Open 2020 will not have any impact on the Ellis / Langridge pair.


England vs Denmark, Maguire’s red card colors the defeat of the Three Lions

KOMPAS.com – Red card for defender Harry Maguire coloring the defeat of the national team English from Denmark in all four of Group 2 UEFA Nations League 2020-2021 kategori Liga A.

Laga England vs Denmark took place at Wembley Stadium on Thursday (15/10/2020) in the morning WIB.

England vs Denmark match ended with a score of 0-1 to win for the visitors, Denmark.

Denmark’s only goal against England was scored by Christian Eriksen at the 35th minute.

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In this match, The Three Lions, nicknamed the England national team, have to play with 10 people since the 31st minute.

It happened after Harry Maguire, who was the captain Manchester United, get a second yellow card that ends in a red card.

The first yellow card he got was when he committed a foul against Yussuf Poulsen.

As for the next yellow card he received for his offense against Dolberg.

Since the 32nd minute, England also played with 10 people.

Three minutes later, the England goal guarded by Jordan Pickford was conceded.

Denmark received a penalty after a foul involving England defender Kyle Walker, goalkeeper Pickford and Thomas Delaney.

Eriksen managed to execute the penalty well, giving Denmark a 0-1 lead and lasted until the first half ended.

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In the second half, England’s efforts to equalize were unsuccessful.

Harry Kane, Mason Mount, et al several times tried to break through, but with no success.

In the 66th minute for example. Mason Mount made a header that almost broke into the Danish goal.

However, goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel’s action thwarted Mount’s effort.

Until the end of the match, the score did not change. England also had to admit defeat from Denmark with a score of 0-1.

Due to this result, England also slipped in the standings of Group 2 League Category A.

Gareth Southgate’s troops are now ranked third with seven points from four competed times.

England are two points behind Belgium who occupy the top position.

Meanwhile, Denmark is now in second place, which has the same points as England, only on goal difference.


Premier League Clubs Agree to Reject “Project Big Picture” Page all

KOMPAS.com – Participating clubs Premier League finally agreed to reject the proposal Project Big Picture which aims to fundamentally change the structure Premier League.

Launch from Sky Sports, 20 Premier League clubs through a virtual meeting on Wednesday (14/10/2020) local time rejected the Big Picture Project.

“All 20 Premier League clubs today agree that the Premier League or the FA (English Football Association) will not support the Big Picture Project,” read an official statement from the Premier League authorities.

However, they agreed to emergency financial packages for League One (third caste) and League Two (fourth caste) clubs worth £ 50 million.

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“At today’s meeting it was also agreed to provide a rescue package aimed at ensuring that League One and League Two clubs will not go out of business due to the financial impact of Covid-19 and can finish the 2020-2021 season.”

The Premier League also said that they would discuss with the English Football League (EFL) about the needs of the Championship Division clubs or the second caste of the English League.

“League One and League Two clubs rely more on match income and have less resources than the Championship or the Premier League.”

“Therefore, they are at greater risk, especially when the fans are not able to attend matches.”

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Project Big Picture is claimed as an attempt to change the order of the Premier League competition.

Manchester United and Liverpool, along with former Premier League boss now Chairman of the Football League, Rick Parry, are reportedly the masterminds behind this sensational maneuver.

One of the main points of Project Big Picture was the grant of £ 250 million in aid to Football League teams (Championship Division, League One and League Two).

However, in Project Big Picture there are also controversial ideas regarding the format of the Premier League competition.

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The idea is, from the 2022-2023 season, the participants in the Premier League or the top Premier League competition will be reduced to only 18 clubs.

Two Premier League clubs will be relegated directly, while the 16th ranked team will do a duel playoff with the third, fourth and fifth position clubs in the Championship Division.

In addition, the League Cup and Community Shield will also be eliminated.


Today in History: Gas Explosion Destroys Coal Mine in England, 439 Killed

KOMPAS.com – a gas explosion destroy coal mines belonging to Universal Colliery, in the city of Senghenydd, England on October 14 1913, or 107 years ago.

Reported BBC, Friday (14/10/2011), a big explosion occurred at 08.00 am on Tuesday, October 14, 1913.

This incident is said to be the worst mining disaster in British history. Because the factory has the largest workers in the area.

The BBC reported on Sunday (18/9/2011), the disaster killed 439 men and boys who worked in the town of Senghenydd which is located north of Caerphilly.

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That morning nearly 950 people were working underground and many of them were killed or injured before they even knew what was going on.

The explosion that caused the disaster is thought to have been caused by electric sparks from objects such as electrical signal equipment igniting methane gas. This came to be known as the fireamp.

Not only that, the fireamp explosion caused the coal dust lying on the mine floor to rise and it also caught fire and then exploded in a fierce roar.

The shock wave immediately causes more coal dust to rise into the air and this too then ignites. The result was a series of explosions with their own fuel.

The fires spread through much of the underground work, quickly followed by humidity after. It is a gas formed by an explosion, a wave of carbon monoxide.

This resulted in the miners who escaped the explosion suffocating from lack of oxygen unless they were able to quickly rise to the surface.

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Evacuate victims

Rescuers came from places like Crumlin and Aberdare. Attempts to get the men out were blocked by falling debris. One of the rescuers was trapped on one of the collapsed roofs.

Rescuers managed to find the man and boy who were still alive in the rubble. However, over time, there were fewer and fewer survivors.

The rescue effort lasted three weeks although by then, the chances of finding someone alive had been running out.

Some of the corpses were in such a pathetic condition that they could only be identified by the specific clothes they were wearing.

One of them was a man who was recognized by the shoes he wore for the first time that day.

There was also a boy who was recognized by the patches his mother had sewn onto his jacket a few days earlier.

Investigations into the explosion found many wrongdoings by owners and managers. However, the compensation provided was not much, the total was only 24 pounds (around Rp 456,022) at the time.

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Back to operation

The Universal Colliery returned to use in late November 1913 and full production was again achieved in 1916.

The mine didn’t last much longer. Workers and staff were given notice of closure in March 1928.

The Senghenydd tragedy actually didn’t just happen in 1913. It proves that the old adage “lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place” is a blunder.

Twelve years earlier, on Friday 24 May 1901, this same mining ship had suffered its first disaster.

At 5 am that day an explosion destroyed the mine and killed 81 people. There was only one survivor who was pulled from the mine shaft.


UEFA Nations League Results – Great Britain, The Netherlands and Italy Defend Page all

KOMPAS.com – English managed to achieve victory in continuation UEFA Nations League which took place Sunday (11/10/2020).

On the other hand, four other elite teams, namely Netherlands, Portugal, France, and Italy can only get one point.

England won at home Belgium at Wembley Stadium in UEFA Nations League Group A2.

England won 2-1 thanks to Marcus Rashford’s penalty goals in the 39th minute and Mason Mount (65 ‘).

The only Belgian goal was scored by Romelu Lukaku, also with a penalty in the 16th minute.

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This victory made England successfully avenged the 2018 World Cup.

England at that time was humiliated twice by Belgium when they met in the group phase and fought for third place in the 2018 World Cup.

This victory makes England now top of Group A2 with a collection of seven points from three matches.

On the other hand, Belgium must go down to second place by one point from England.

In other matches, four elite teams, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and France had to settle for one point.

France failed to avenge the 2016 European Cup final after a goalless draw against Portugal at the Stade de France.

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The Netherlands, who was escorted by their new coach, Frank De Boer, also got the same result.

The Netherlands failed to beat Bosnia & Herzegovina in the third Group A1 match at the Bilino Polje Stadium.

On the other hand, Italy managed to sharpen its unbeaten streak in the official arena to 15 consecutive matches.

However, Italy’s record was sharpened not by winning, but by a draw against Poland.

Following are the complete results of the UEFA Nations League, Sunday (11/10/2020) until Monday morning WIB:

Group A1:
– Result:
Bosnia & Herzegovina 0-0 Netherlands
Poland 0-0 Italy


  1. Italy (5)
  2. Dutch (4)
  3. Polish (4)
  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina (2)

Group A2:
– Result:
England 2-1 Belgium
Iceland 0-3 Denmark

– Standings:

  1. English (7)
  2. Belgium (6)
  3. Denmark (4)
  4. Iceland (0)

Grup A3:
– Result:
Croatia 2-1 Sweden
France 0-0 Portugal

– Standings:

  1. Portugal (7)
  2. French (7)
  3. Croatia (3)
  4. Sweden (4)


Scientists praise the most praised results of the initial Novavax Covid-19 vaccine test

TEMPO.CO, JakartaNovavax, an unpopular biotech company from Maryland, USA, announced the results of an early-phase clinical trial for a candidate for the Covid-19 vaccine it is developing, Tuesday, September 22, 2020. Surprisingly, a number of virologists rated the company’s reported results as the most promising among vaccine candidates. Another Covid-19 that has begun to be tested on humans.

“This is the first time I see it and say, ‘Yeah, I’m going to use it,'” said virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, John Moore.

Moore – not including the team at Novavax – admits that the clinical trial data of every Covid-19 vaccine candidate in the world cannot be compared at this time. But he said the initial results of the Novavax vaccine were most impressive.

Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, agrees. Nor was he involved in the Novavax study. “The initial results are promising,” he said.

However, Rasmussen emphasized that clinical trials must go to phase 3 to ensure the vaccine is really safe and effective. The phase 3 trial will involve thousands of people and compare those who received the vaccine with those who only had a placebo.

Both refer to a previous Novavax study that tested its vaccine candidate to 56 volunteer. As a result, all were found to produce high levels of antibodies against the Covid-19 corona virus infection with no harmful side effects.

In another study, the researchers also found their vaccine candidate strongly protected guinea pigs from infection with the same virus. In fact, there is no residual virus infection in the lungs or nose as an indication that the antibodies generated by the vaccine are able to specifically block the virus.

“This is incredible,” said Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University. According to his notes, the vaccine developed by Novavax provides the strongest protection for experimental monkeys compared to other Covid-19 vaccine candidates.

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China Leads the ‘Race’ for Covid-19 Vaccines in the World

Gregory Glenn, President of Research and Development at Novavax, said the company was ready to produce 100 million doses, or enough for 50 million people as much as two doses each, starting in early 2021. The company has received a $ 1.6 billion grant from the country’s Covid-19 vaccine research acceleration program and may get additional if the vaccine proves to be safe and effective, specifically for expanding production scales.