Study indicates lifestyle changes can reduce stroke risk by 25% for women

April 9 (UPI) – Middle-aged women can still reduce their risk of having a stroke by eating well, exercising and not smoking, according to a new study published Thursday in the journal Stroke.

Simply by being healthier, the researchers say the risk of stroke in women decreases by 25 percent, based on data analysis of 60,000 women in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Diet changes were found to reduce the risk of strokes by as much as 23 percent, the researchers added.

“We found that changing to a healthy lifestyle, even at age 50, still has the potential to prevent strokes,” study co-author Goodarz Danaei, an associate professor of cardiovascular health at Harvard T.H., said in a news release. Chan School of Public Health in Boston. “Women who made lifestyle changes in midlife reduced their long-term risk of total stroke by almost a quarter and ischemic stroke, the most common type of stroke, by more than a third.” .

Overall, women are more likely than men to have a stroke, die from a stroke, and have poorer health and physical function after a stroke, according to the American Stroke Association. On average, women have their first stroke at age 75.

Based on that, Danaei and her team theorized that making lifestyle changes in midlife could help reduce the risk of stroke among women. They analyzed the Nurses’ Health Study, which includes information on the health of nearly 60,000 women who enrolled, on average, at 52 years of age, and were followed for an average of 26 years.

The researchers focused on the impact of quitting smoking, exercising for 30 minutes or more daily and gradual weight loss in overweight women. They also studied the impact of making recommended dietary modifications that emphasize eating more fish, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, as well as less red meat, no processed meat, and less alcohol.

They found that 4.7 percent of women who did not perform lifestyle interventions, dietary changes, suffered a stroke of some kind, with 2.4 percent having an ischemic stroke and 0.7 percent having a stroke. hemorrhagic brain. However, following the non-dietary guidelines (quitting smoking, exercising daily, and losing weight) reduces the risk of overall stroke by 25 percent and ischemic stroke by 36 percent.

Additionally, sustained changes in diet reduced the risk of total stroke by 23 percent.

The researchers also found that increasing consumption of fish and nuts and reducing consumption of raw red meat appeared to have a positive impact in reducing the risk of stroke. However, the degree of impact of these dietary changes was not as great as that achieved through increased physical activity, smoking cessation, and maintaining a healthy weight.

“We also estimate that exercising 30 minutes or more a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent,” said Danaei.


Pilates may lower blood pressure and body fat in obese women, study finds

April 1 (UPI) – A new study has determined that Pilates can significantly improve blood pressure in young, obese women.

Women who perform 90 minutes of Mat Pilates weekly observed a drop in blood pressure of up to six points and experienced a decrease in their percentage of body fat, according to the results of the study published Wednesday in the American Journal of Hypertension.

Mat Pilates is a popular fitness regimen, with around 9 million participants in 2018, that emphasizes core strength, flexibility, body posture, and controlled breathing.

“Our findings provide evidence that Mat Pilates benefits cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, blood stiffness, and fat in obese young women with elevated blood pressure,” the authors said in a press release.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40 percent of American adults are considered obese. The prevalence of severe obesity is more than 9 percent among women, according to agency estimates.

Meanwhile, the prevalence of obesity in young adults has become a major public health problem. Although it is well documented that exercise is a key factor in preventing and controlling cardiovascular health problems, obese women tend not to stick to traditional training routines, research has shown.

For the current study, the researchers looked at young obese women ages 19-29 who had high blood pressure, but were otherwise healthy and nonsmoking, and with a body mass index of 30 to 40 kilograms per meter. square. The body mass index is a commonly used measure for obesity that measures a person’s weight against their height, in meters.

All study participants reported exercising less than 90 minutes per week before the start of the project.

In total, 14 of the 28 study participants participated in 12 weeks of Mat Pilates. There were three one-hour training sessions per week, which were divided into the following stages: initial warm-up and stretching for 10 minutes; Mat Pilates exercises for 40 minutes; and a 10 minute cool down period. Training increased over the 12 weeks, with the repetition of each exercise steadily increasing, with a certified Pilates instructor who supervised all sessions.

Compared to those who did not participate, people who did Mat Pilates experienced reductions in brachial systolic blood pressure, by five points, and aortic systolic blood pressure, by six points. Their body fat percentages also decreased an average of 2 percent over the 12-week period.

“Because traditional exercise practice, both aerobic and endurance, is low in obese people, Mat Pilates training could be an effective exercise alternative for the prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular events in obese young adults,” they wrote. the authors.


Italian actor Luca Franzese was quarantined with his sister’s corpse in the middle of the block COVID-19, Entertainment News

Italian actor Luca Franzese recently shared a harrowing video asking for help!

coronavirus: The blockade of the Italian government will affect 16 million in the north

The actor went to Facebook to share the video, in which he shows his dead sister Teresa lying on the bed. In the video he can be heard that he doesn’t know what to do with his body.

In the pictures: Filming of films to reward the show, events that have been affected due to the coronavirus

The video has been viewed about 9.5 million times.

” My sister died in bed. I do not know what to do. I can’t give her the funeral because the institutions have abandoned me, “said Luca Franzese in the video.

Luca was quarantined in his home in Naples with his sister.

Clock: Gloria Gaynor fights the coronavirus with the music video “I Will Survive”

Teresa Franzese, 47, started showing symptoms of the virus last week and with her health deteriorating rapidly, she died on Saturday before the disease was known.

Eventually, after 36 hours, the local funeral home accepted and arrived on Monday with protective clothing that brought the body directly to a local cemetery.

Later, the actor shared a video in which he said his sister was rated positive and thanked everyone for supporting him.

Italy has been blocked due to coronavirus, as the mortality rate has increased to 827 with over 12,000 confirmed infected cases.


Isha Ambani’s Holi Bash: Priyanka-Nick Jonas, Katrina Kaif, Sonali Bendre have fun

  • Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra arrived at Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal’s Holi bash at their home in Worli, Mumbai, looking fresh as a daisy. (All pictures / Bipin Kokate, Yogen Shah)


  • Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas

    Priyanka was accompanied by her singer husband Nick Jonas. This was Nick’s first-ever time celebrating Holi, and he looked quite excited about it from the Instagram pictures and videos he shared later on.


  • Isha Ambani

    The hostess, Isha Ambani Piramal, looked lovely in her tie-dye dress that she opted for her Holi party.


  • Jacqueline Fernandez

    Jacqueline Fernandez also attended Isha Ambani’s Holi bash in Worli, Mumbai. The actress looked drop-dead gorgeous in a floral lehenga choli.


  • Jacqueline Fernandez

    Wow, Jackie seems to have had a lot of fun at the Holi bash! Look at her all covered in color!


  • Katrina Kaif

    Katrina Kaif made heads turn in her pristine white lehenga choli and silver jhumkis.


  • Vicky Kaushal

    Also clicked at the Ambani Holi bash was Vicky Kaushal, who turned up in a pair of jeans and a white shirt. We wonder if Kat and Vicky arrived together for the bash?


  • Sonali Bendre

    The lovely Sonali Bendre was like a ray of sunshine in her yellow ensemble. While she looks all fresh in this photo, swipe left to see her after-party picture!


  • Sonali Bendre

    Doesn’t she look adorable? It’s nice to see Sonali Bendre looking happy, healthy and having fun.


  • Rajkummar Rao, Patralekhaa

    Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa posed for the shutterbugs when they arrived at Isha Ambani’s Holi bash in Worli, Mumbai.


  • Madhu Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra’s mother, Madhu was also seen at the Holi party. Mushtaq Shiekh posed with her at Isha Ambani’s Holi bash in Worli, Mumbai.


  • Siddharth Chopra, Neelam Upadhyaya

    Priyanka’s brother, Siddharth also made an appearance at the Holi party along with rumored lady love Neelam Upadhyaya.


  • Diana Penty

    Diana Penty was a vision in white as she breezed into Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal’s Holi party. The actress brought sexy back in a lovely white sari.


  • Armaan Jain, Anissa Malhotra

    Newly-married couple Armaan Jain and Anissa Malhotra looked fabulous as they posed together for the paps.


  • Anusha Dandekar

    Anusha Dandekar, too, attended Isha Ambani’s Holi bash at Worli, Mumbai.


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Isha Ambani’s Holi bash in Worli, Mumbai, was attended by a host of Bollywood celebrities including Priyanka Chopra Jonas and husband Nick Jonas, Katrina Kaif, Vicky Kaushal, Sonali Bendre, Diana Penty, Jacqueline Fernandez, Rajkummar Rao-Patralekhaa, Madhu Chopra, Siddharth Chopra, Anusha Dandekar and many others. See pictures


Christian Bale will play the villain in Thor 4, Nick Jonas celebrates his first Holi and more from the entity

1. Christian Bale joins Marvel, playing the villain in Chris Hemsworth’s “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Christian Bale joins Marvel, will play the villain in Chris Hemsworth

The grapevine was confirmed by Thor co-star Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, while talking to Entertainment Tonight. “Christian Bale will play our villain, which will be fantastic,” he said.

2. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrate their first Holi together, the noisy couple Katrina-Vicky joins them

Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif in Isha Ambani

The couple was seen celebrating Holi together at a party organized by Isha Ambani Piramal, daughter of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani.

3. Ranveer Singh replies the iconic lifting moment of Kapil Dev’s World Cup and our hearts sing “India … India”

Ranveer Singh replica Kapil Dev

By recreating the same moment for his next film 83, Ranveer Singh made us all nostalgic. He replicated the iconic moment so perfectly that we are still trying to spot the difference. Indeed, Ranveer Singh is raising the bar with each of his films.

4. Robert Downey Jr is reportedly planning to return as “Iron Man”, but he has some conditions!

Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly planning to return as Iron Man but has some conditions!

According to a report on We Got This Covered, Robert Downey Jr’s two conditions for shooting Iron Man are: a strong pay and the return of Gwyneth Paltrow as Tony Stark’s wife, Pepper Potts. Downey Jr believes that his character is important for his story.

5. Malayalam actor Shane Nigam’s haircut causes him to pay 32 Lakh as compensation for shooting interruption


The controversy started last year when Shane Nigam came to his social media claiming he had received death threats from Joby George, the producer of Veyil. The producer on the other hand said he didn’t cooperate with the team, he went against their deal and changed the hairstyle for his other film Qurbani.

Not to be missed


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    Live News Live Update – Alia Bhatt’s sun-kissed image is truly holiday goals

    After years of waiting and waiting, Kareena Kapoor Khan has finally made her Instagram debut. Kareena announced her Instagram debut by posting a photo of her in black and golden activewear combined with the caption “The cat is out of the bag. #HelloInstagram ‘. On March 6, Kareena Kapoor Khan had a total of 850,000 followers on Instagram. In one night, the actor crossed a great milestone, hitting a million points in no time.

    Kareena Kapoor Khan meets 1 million followers in one day while making her Instagram debut


    The Federal Credit Union of Tennessee Valley opens a new branch in Dayton, Tennessee

    The Federal Credit Union of Tennessee Valley will open a new and larger branch in Dayton, Tennessee on Wednesday.

    Officials with the largest credit union in the region have stated that the new office at 3475 Rhea County Highway is an independent branch built by Dillard Construction Co. and has a modern design with driveways. It replaces the current Dayton branch of TVFCU on South Market Street, which the credit union has occupied since 1986.

    Dayton’s new office will offer extended driving hours from 7:00 am. at 19:00 Monday through Friday, and the new office will be open on Saturday in Dayton for the first time, company spokeswoman Jessica McCosh said.

    TVFCU operates 18 offices in its 13 county area in southeastern Tennessee and northwest Georgia and serves over 145,000 members.

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    Sports on the air: what’s on TV and radio

    Local lists for sports on television and radio for Sunday 23 February 2020. Check with your cable service provider for channel guides.


    Racing car

    NHRA: Qualifications for Arizona citizens, FS1, 15:00

    NHRA: Arizona Nationals finals, FS1, 9pm

    NASCAR Cup Series: Pennzoil 400, Las Vegas, FOX, 15:30

    NASCAR Xfinity Series: Boyd Gaming 300 (continued), Las Vegas, FS2, 7.30pm


    MLB: ST, Detroit vs Atlanta, FoxSSE, 13:00

    MLB: ST, N.Y. Yankees vs Tampa Bay, MLB Net, 13:00


    NCAA women: Vanderbilt near Tennessee, ESPN2, noon

    NCAA women: Syracuse to Notre Dame, ACC Net, noon

    NCAA women: North Carolina in Wake Forest, FoxSS, noon

    NCAA women: South Carolina in Kentucky, ESPN2, 2.00 pm

    NCAA women: Alabama in the state of Mississippi, SEC Net, 2.00 pm

    NCAA women: Virginia at Virginia Tech, ACC Net, 2.00 pm

    NCAA women: Florida State at Georgia Tech, ACC Net, 4pm

    NCAA women: Miami at Boston College, FoxSS, 4pm

    NCAA women: Auburn at Texas A&M, ESPN2, 4pm

    NCAA women: Arkansas in Florida, SEC Net, 4pm

    NCAA women: Tulane in Cincinnati, ESPNU, 4pm

    NCAA women: Michigan in the state of Michigan, Big Ten Net, 17:00

    NCAA women: Mississippi in Missouri, SEC Net, 18:00

    NCAA men: Penn State in Indiana, FS1, noon

    NCAA men: Temple at East Carolina, ESPNU, noon

    NCAA men: Americans at Boston University, CBSSN, noon

    NCAA men: Wichita State in Cincinnati, ESPN, 13:00

    NCAA men: Rutgers in Wisconsin, Big Ten Net, 13:00

    NCAA men: St. John’s in Seton Hall, CBS (WDEF), 2:00 pm

    NCAA men: South Florida in Connecticut, CBSSN, 2.00 pm

    NCAA men: Southern Illinois in Northern Iowa, ESPNU, 2.00 pm

    NCAA men: Minnesota to Northwestern, Big Ten Net, 3pm

    NCAA men: Maryland to Ohio State, CBS (WDEF), 4:00 pm

    NCAA men: butler in Creighton, FS1, 4pm

    NCAA men: New Mexico in Boise State, CBSSN, 4pm

    NCAA men: Miami to Notre Dame, ACC Net, 18:00

    NCAA men: Southern California, Utah, ESPNU, 6:00 PM

    NCAA men: Stanford in Washington State, ESPNU, 8:00 PM

    NBA: Boston to Los Angeles Lakers, ABC (WTVC), 3:30 pm

    NBA: Minnesota to Denver, NBA Net, 6pm

    NBA: New Orleans to Golden State, NBA Net, 20:30

    Bob / skeleton

    IBSF worlds: two men in bobsleighs, NBCSN, Monday 2:00


    PBA: US Open in Lincoln, Nebraska, FOX, 1pm


    XFL: New York in St. Louis, ESPN, 3pm

    XFL: D.C. in Los Angeles, FS1, 18:00


    Tour PGA / World Golf Championship: Mexico Championship, GOLF, 13:00

    Tour PGA / World Golf Championship: Mexico Championship, NBC (WRCB), 2.30pm

    PGA Tour: Puerto Rico, GOLF, 2.30pm


    NCAA W: Utah at UCLA, ESPN2, 18:00


    NHL: Pittsburgh to Washington, NBC (WRCB), noon

    NHL: St. Louis, Minnesota, NBCSN, 7.30pm

    NHL: Vegas in Anaheim, NBCSN, 10pm

    AHL: Rockford in Chicago, NHL Net, 4pm


    PBR: US Patrol Invitational, CBS (WDEF), 12:30 p.m.

    PBR: US Patrol Border Patrol Invitational, CBSSN, 20:00


    Six nations: final, England v Ireland, NBCSN, 12:30

    Premiership: Northampton to Exeter, NBCSN, 4.30pm

    MLR: New England in San Diego, FS2, 19:00


    Alpine WC FIS: women’s combined, NBCSN, Monday at noon


    Italian Serie A: Lazio in Genoa, ESPN2, 6:25

    Premier: Watford to Manchester United, NBCSN, 9 a.m.

    Premier: Norwich in Wolverhampton, CNBC, 9:00 am

    Premier: Everton at Arsenal, NBCSN, 11:25

    Bundesliga: Augusta to Bayer Leverkusen, FS1, 9:30 am

    Bundesliga: FSV Mainz at VfL Wolfsburg, FS2, 11:50 am


    ATP / WTA: Delray, finals in Marseille and Doha, TEN, 6 am

    ATP: Delray Beach and Rio de Janeiro final, TEN, 15:00

    ATP / WTA: Dubai, Santiago and Doha, TEN, Monday at 5:00 am


    NCAA: Oklahoma State in Iowa, Big Ten Net, 8pm



    NCAA women: Vanderbilt in Tennessee, 102.3 FM, noon


    Today in history: Tuesday 11 February

    Photo gallery

    Today in history: Tuesday 11 February

    Today’s highlight in history: On February 11, 1979, followers of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (hoh-MAY’-nee) seized power in Iran.

    In this date:

    In 1531, the Church of England reluctantly accepted King Henry VIII as supreme head.

    In 1861, President-elect Abraham Lincoln said goodbye to his adopted hometown of Springfield, Illinois as he headed to Washington for his inauguration.

    In 1937, A six-week strike against General Motors ended, with the company agreeing to recognize the United Automobile Workers Union.

    In 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet leader Josef Stalin signed the Yalta agreement, in which Stalin agreed to declare war on imperial Japan following the capitulation of Nazi Germany.

    In 1968, The fourth and current Madison Square Garden in New York City, located on the West Side of Manhattan on the site of what was once the Pennsylvania Station building, was opened with a “Health to Use” hosted by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. (The same evening, the New York Rangers played their last game in third Garden, tying the Detroit Red Wings 3-3.)

    In 1975, Margaret Thatcher was elected leader of the British opposition conservative party.

    In 1990, South African black activist Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in captivity.

    In 2008, the Pentagon accused Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (HAH’s shayk moh-HAH’-med) and five other inmates in Guantanamo Bay of murders and war crimes in connection with the 9/11 attacks.

    In 2011, Egypt exploded with joy after democratic demonstrators brought down President Hosni Mubarak, whose resignation ended three decades of authoritarian rule.

    In 2012, pop singer Whitney Houston, 48, was found dead in the tub of a hotel room in Beverly Hills, California.

    In 2013, with a few words in Latin, Pope Benedict XVI did what no pope had done in more than half a millennium: he announced his resignation. The bomb arrived during a routine morning meeting of the Vatican cardinals. (The 85-year-old pontiff was replaced by Pope Francis.)

    In 2009, All-Star short film Miguel Tejada pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about steroids in baseball. (He was sentenced to one year on probation.) Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., Who first went to Congress in 1955, became the longest serving member of the United States House of Representatives.

    Ten years ago: Former President Bill Clinton had inserted two stents into one of his heart arteries after being hospitalized in New York with chest pain. Iranian security forces unleashed an overwhelming blow against opposition protesters while President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (ah-muh-DEE’-neh-zhahd) used the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution to challenge the West. British designer Alexander McQueen, 40, was found dead in his London home.

    Five years ago: Swearing that Islamic State forces “were about to lose”, President Barack Obama urged Congress to authorize military action, excluding large-scale US combat operations reminiscent of Iraq and Afghanistan. Little League International deprived Jackie Robinson West of the national title after an investigation revealed that it had falsified the boundaries to field unsuitable players; Mountain Ridge Little League was awarded the title. Longtime CBS News correspondent Bob Simon, 73, was killed in a car accident in New York. Hall of Fame basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, 84, died in Las Vegas.

    A year ago: Congress negotiators have reached an agreement to prevent the arrest of the government and to finance the construction of new obstacles along the border between the United States and Mexico. Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota apologized for tweets suggesting that members of Congress support Israel because they get paid to do so; the tweets had brought bipartisan criticism. Robert Bowers, accused of killing 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, has pleaded not guilty to hating crimes and dozens of other counts. The Denver teachers began to strike for the first time in 25 years following failed negotiations with the school district on basic pay; schools remained open with administrators and substitute teachers in the classrooms. As baseball’s Oakland Athletics began spring training, the choice of the first round Kyler Murray announced that he would pursue a career in the NFL rather than in baseball; Murray had won the college football Heisman Trophy in Oklahoma.

    Today’s birthdays: Actor Conrad Janis is 92 years old. Gospel singer Jimmy Carter is 88 years old. Stylist Mary Quant is 86 years old. Actress Tina Louise is 82 years old. Band leader Sergio Mendes is 79 years old. Philip Anglim is 68 years old. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is 67 years old. Actress Catherine Hickland is 64 years old. Rock musician David Uosikkinen (aw-SIK’-Ken-ihn) (The Hooters) is 64 years old. Actress Carey Lowell is 59 years old. Singer Sheryl Crow is 58 years old. The former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is 56 years old. Actress Jennifer Aniston is 51 years old Actor Damian Lewis is 49 years old. The actress Marisa Petroro is 48 years old. The singer D’Angelo is 46 years old. Actor Brice Beckham is 44 years old. Mike Shinoda (singer Linkin Park) is 43 years old. Singer-actress Brandy is 41 years old. Country musician Jon Jones. (The Eli Young Band) is 40 years old. Actor Matthew Lawrence is 40 years old. Rhythmic and blues singer Kelly Rowland is 39 years old. Actress Natalie Dormer is 38 years old. Aubrey O’Day is 36. Actress Q’orianka (kohr-ee-AHN ‘-kuh) Kilcher is 30 years old. Actor Taylor Lautner is 28 years old.

    Designed for today: “We’d better live as we think, otherwise we’ll end up thinking how we lived.” – Paul Bourget, French author (1852-1935).


    Oscars 2018: This year’s stars in the In Memoriam segment did not include

    Oscars 2018: This year’s stars in the In Memoriam segment did not include |

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