Citizen’s Climate Convention, what to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s speech

The meeting had been planned for a long time, but it was very timely, in the aftermath of the environmental tidal wave in the municipal elections. Monday, June 29, Emmanuel Macron received the members of the Citizen’s Climate Convention at the Élysée Palace, to provide answers to their 149 proposals. This group of citizens drawn by lot, has thought about ways to lower” at least 40% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 “ in “A spirit of social justice”.

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The Head of State retained all proposals except three. He promised to transmit them to the government and to Parliament, or to submit them to a referendum. Some will be decided at the end of July, others integrated into the recovery plan but most will be the subject of a “Specific bill” multi-measures in September.

♦ Emmanuel Macron also announced the release of 15 billion euros additional for ecological transformation over two years. He undertook to set up a “Ecological transformation fund for our economy in the recovery plan” for especially “Invest in clean transport, renovate our buildings” and “Invent the industries of tomorrow”.

♦ It also approved the principle ofa moratorium on new commercial areas on the outskirts of cities as well as aid measures for the renovation of buildings. “To stop concreteisation is a project to make our country more human, basically more beautiful” and to find downtown businesses and end housing sprawl, he insisted. “It is a model from which our fellow citizens want to get out”.

♦ Emmanuel Macron said to himself ” ready “ to submit to referendums from 2021 certain proposals, on the one hand to modify the constitution, on the other hand for specific measures. “The rewriting of article 1 of our Constitution (…) to introduce the notions of biodiversity, environment, fight against global warming (…), I am in favor of this proposal”, he said, saying he was also open to a referendum “On one or more pieces of law”, incorporating other proposals from the Convention. “Symbols count: the Social Republic, the Republic of the territories are now enshrined in our Constitution. It is legitimate to think about registering ecology in turn ”.

Therefore, he is in favor of initiating a debate in the National Assembly and the Senate with a view to a constitutional reform which he wishes “See it happen by 2021”. “I am ready to resort to the referendum if it was then constitutionally possible after the vote of the Chambers”, he insisted.

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♦ On the other hand, the head of state said disagree with a 4% dividend tax. He does not want to tax all investments because companies need to attract capital to change models, he argued, rather favoring a more incentive tax towards what must be greener. He also intends to reflect on a profound transformation of the tax system for a fair carbon tax but by reforming the other taxes: a project for the next few years. In the meantime, he proposes to chart a path for a European carbon tax in the coming months and to support households with financial aid.

♦ He also decided to “Postpone the debate” on the limitation to 110 km / h on motorways, proposed by the Citizen’s Climate Convention. “The ecological transition must not be to the detriment of the municipalities, the most isolated regions”, pleaded the Head of State, also explaining wanting to prevent the work of the convention from “Get involved in a controversy”. “Believe me, I am making this proposal as a specialist”, he launched with a smile, alluding to the very controversial measure of the limitation to 80 km / h on secondary roads. “I presented a lot of very ambitious big plans, with a lot of great things that were sometimes summed up in a bar or a little sentence. And it would be deeply unfair if all your work came down to this proposition ”.

♦ Emmanuel Macron also did not take up the Convention’s proposal to rewrite the preamble to the Constitution placing the environment above other fundamental values ​​of the Republic. “As proposed, the drafting threatens to place environmental protection above public freedoms, even above our democratic rules”, he commented.

♦ Regarding the moratorium on the EU-Canada trade agreement (Ceta), he stated : “I answer you, let’s continue to assess”.

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♦ Before concluding, the president undertook to set up citizen conventions sure “Other subjects” that the climate, and announced the next transformation of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese) into “Chamber of citizen conventions”. “You have shown that it is possible on a difficult subject, even a flammable one, to create consensus” he said, adding that a reform of Cese, an assembly made up of social representatives, “Will be presented to the next Council of Ministers, which will make it the Chamber of Citizen Conventions”.


Prince William and Kate Middleton called Prince Harry a puppet Meghan Markle

When at the end of March, Prince Harry heard his father’s alarmed voice in the telephone, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

The 35-year-old Duke of Sussex, who escaped with his wife Meghan Markle from Britain first in To Canadaand then in USAheard the terrible news. Prince Charles, 71, said his coronavirus test was positive.

“Harry at that moment realized that Charles and the Queen would not be around forever. Harry’s biggest fear is not to be in Of England the moment his grandmother Elizabeth II dies. ”

On the last day of June, another book dedicated to the British royal family – War in the Royal Family: the story of the shocking breakup between Harry and Megan with the Windsor House – is being published. This time, her heroes were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton. Authors Andy Tillett and Dylan Howard are trying to get to the bottom of the truth – which caused the Dukes of Sussex to refuse the rank of members of the British royal family.

Once in the USA and sitting in a luxury mansion in LosAngelesPrince Harry sank into depression. He is trying to find his salvation in yoga classes. But being eight thousand kilometers from the royal family, Harry feels guilty before his family for his flight to the States, especially now, when the threat of the coronavirus epidemic still hangs over the world.

“Megan assures Harry that when everything settles down, he will like their new life in Los Angeles. She plans a joint trip, tells him about the local polo club and how Harry will love surfing, ”the authors write, referring to a source surrounded by the Dukes of Sussex.

The refusal of Harry and Megan from the title of members of the royal family, which became known in January, not only upset Queen Elizabeth II, but also aggravated the already difficult relationship between the families of the two brothers. Prince William and Kate Middleton were indignant at learning about the decision of Harry and Megan, because of this they had doubled the “social burden” – attending official events.

“They consider it unfair that Harry and Megan can enjoy being part of the royal family without any effort,” the book says. – Kate is in a panic, not understanding how she will combine the additional burden with family chores.

At the same time, William and Kate immediately understood who Harry had contacted: 38-year-old Meghan Markle will skillfully manipulate her husband, who is known as far from the smartest man.

“They are sure that Megan treats Harry like a puppet,” says another person close to the royal family. “They accepted that Harry was lost for their family soon.”

Close friends Meghan Markle said that the American actress never planned to stay in Buckingham Palace. At her originally there was a plan – to return to the USA.

“Megan has always dreamed of her own brand – to be recognizable. But I don’t think that she married Harry only because of his surname and image, although this, of course, was a decisive factor, ”say close actresses.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled in the mansion of the Hollywood movie mogul

The house is estimated at $ 18 million (details)


With the déconfinement, Paris’s choking again

Air paris has not been breathing well for a long time. After a strong decrease in air pollution during the containment, Paris sees its rate of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gas, to go up in arrow. The rebound is the most important among the major european cities, according to a study by the Centre for energy research and the quality of the air (CREA).

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The independent charity, based in Helsinki, Finland, noted an increase of 118 % of emissions of NO2 in the capital compared to the lowest level identified during the containment. A bond which is far superior to those observed in other big European cities, like Brussels (88 %) or Milan (73 %).

Metro desert and diesels on the roads

One of the explanations lies in the recovery of the traffic and the use of the individual car. “The ile-de-france are fleeing transport. There was a decrease of two-thirds of the traffic compared to usual “, note Christophe Najdovski, deputy mayor of Paris, to transportation, roads, travel and public space.

Users are guided in part, on the motor vehicle, who possess for many a diesel engine. “France has the fleet, the more diésélisé Europe, with 70 % of the vehicles. However, the diesel emits a lot of nitrogen dioxide “, pointe Olivier Blond, president of the association Breathes.

There is no explosion of traffic on the road as much. “The traffic has returned to its level prior to containment “says Christophe Najdovski. Two million motor vehicles circulate every day in Paris. Some users in the île de france in contrast, have postponed their mobility to the bike. “Between march and June, we note an increase in traffic on the bike trails transients of the order of 50% to 70% “enthuses Christophe Najdovski.

Strong reduction of road traffic during the containment

Olivier Blond wants to also tint the figures of the study. “The importance of the rebound is tied to the importance of the decline during the containment, which has been exceptional “, he comments. The organization of finland states that Paris has experienced the second largest reduction in the concentration of nitrogen dioxide, thanks to the containment measures, with a reduction of 60 %.

“The reduction of road traffic has been stronger than in other european cities, note also Christophe Najdovski. This demonstrates that there is a strong correlation between the level of nitrogen dioxide and the volume of traffic. “” There’s nothing new under the sun “, advance Olivier Blond, which reminds us that these debates on the traffic in Paris often come back on the carpet.

The two men rely in any case on a development of soft mobility, revealed with the containment. “The bike paths, and telework are all the major revolutions and a real challenge for the coming years “analysis Olivier Blond. And Christophe Najdovski to thrive : “We must continue to telework, expanding the use of the bicycle at a regional scale and to restore the confidence of the users in the public transport. Otherwise, Paris will be asphyxiated. “


A quarter of all Russians found patients with coronavirus friends :: Society :: RBC

According to the survey, the behavior of those who have the sick among relatives and friends, different from those who do not believe in the epidemic and has no ill among the entourage. Respondents who have familiar cases, carefully observe measures of prevention and believe that it is too early to get out of isolation.

Faced with coronavirus illness friends are sure (43,4%), which restrictions during his isolation had to be more among the skeptics, this statement was supported by only 15%. Wear a protective mask outside the house of 70.1% from the first group, and only one-third (33.1%) from the second.

Attitude to the regime of isolation is changing as more and more people in their environment are confronted with cases of infection, said one of the study’s authors, Deputy head of the Directorate for expert analytical work, HSE Ruslan Artamonov. “There is a reassessment of risks and priorities, the safety of life and health comes to the fore. These people already understand the need for isolation, for what purpose it was introduced, and often seeing how often these measures are not met, even I agree that measures of self-isolation had to be more,” — said Artamonov.

The second wave, and the reluctance to be vaccinated

In the event of a second wave of the coronavirus more than half of respondents (54.4 per cent) will comply with the regime of self-isolation in the same way as the first time, and 4.5% of Russians are going to do it even stricter. Don’t be in such a situation, to follow a policy of isolation on their own is 14.2%, with another 8.4% are going to comply with only those rules, violation of which will fine. Tenth (9.8 per cent) of Russians will not be able to observe a mode in the second wave for a variety of reasons, primarily because of the need to go to work. According to the study half of the respondents (51,3%) for all time of existence of the regime of self-isolation continued to go to work.

To the question about whether the Respondent to be vaccinated against coronavirus in the case of in the near future the Russian vaccine, only 15.8% said that they would do such a vaccine immediately. Wait for foreign vaccine intend to 4.4% of respondents, and 10.6% and will make a decision about vaccination next year. A third of respondents (37,7%) is not going to be vaccinated against coronavirus never before.

The data about the Russians, who do not intend to be vaccinated against coronavirus, the HSE coincide with the data of the opinion poll, which was conducted in may. Thus, according to the poll, 35% of Russians would not get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

According to Artamonov, the vast majority of those who will not vaccinate, are Russians who do not believe in the epidemic, as well as principled opponents of any vaccinations. In addition, the solution-thirds of Russians to refuse to vaccinate against coronavirus has a relatively mild form of the flow with a smaller number of severe and fatal outcomes than in Europe and the United States.

“Russia decided to mass vaccinate only of the most deadly diseases — tuberculosis, measles, etc., and mostly in childhood. Children in the case of coronavirus not included in the risk group. Vaccination against milder disease with a small mortality are usually made by individual decision and not carry mass character”, — concluded the expert.


“The geographers want more be heard in environmental matters “

The Cross : Why geographers publish a synthesis on the anthropocene ?

Philippe Pelletier : In 2016, a small informal group of geographers, in the name of “Rose” – a wild rose, the fruit of which bear hairs to scrape – was formed to carry high and strong the voice of geographers. For some time, in fact, we feel a certain dissatisfaction about major environmental issues, the planning of the territory to climate change through agroecology, deforestation or urbanization.

Result was a reflection that we have it open to a few historians, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, and ecologists. It has resulted in the publication of this dictionary of more than 900 pages organized around 330 themes, and written by nearly 200 authors (1).

It is a critical dictionary, engaged, and not just from a catalog. Each and every one of the authors and the authors ‘reflection on the different meaning of the concept it presents, as” capitalocène “, ” écoféminisme “, ” environmental justice “, the ” world ended “, ” ZAD “, “climate change” or even “environment” is now a word-suitcase.

What are your grievances against the environmental approach today ?

P. P. : The current approach is dominated both by the sciences, say the hard (physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, statistics, computer modelling) and by philosophers or lawyers, for example, by Dominique Bourg and Alain Papaux, authors of a Dictionary of ecological thinking (2014). In addition, there are very few geographers in the IPCC.

Geographers have been forgotten. Or have not quite manifested. It is something made today with this dictionary to be critical. By definition, geography is the science that studies the “drawings of the Earth “. In other words, which describes and analyses the phenomena of the physical, biological and human occurring at the surface of the Earth, and, therefore, modifying our environment and our way of life.

It is an interface between the physical world, as conceived by Alexander von Humboldt, and the human world, more developed by Elisée Reclus and Paul Vidal de la Blache. This gives it an epistemological character particular. Moreover, as the story is centered on the time, the geography is focused on the space. For us, there is not a climate, its biodiversity, that one ecosystem. These words and concepts must be clarified, regionalized, drawn to scale, and studied in the same field.

What recommendations would you make to better understand the anthropocene ?

P. P. : The anthropocene, or era of the human, it is the geological period present, begun at the end of the XVIIIe with the industrial revolution, and that has been very much shaped by human activities, according to the creators of the concept, the chemistry of the atmosphere, Paul Crutzen and biologist Eugene Stoermer at the end of the 1990s. That we approve of it or not the term, it has the merit to relaunch the reflection on the relationship between nature and society, between observation science and political action, through an approach based on spatial and territorial.

A complex debate and, as has been said, not very balanced. With the power of their instruments of measurement and modelling, the hard sciences tend to impose, to the detriment of the land and the human. But it is known that the excesses scholarly can quickly lead to vague policies. For a better understanding of what is the anthropocene, it is necessary to hold the two ends of the chain, from the physical world to that of the human. It is also necessary to review the dichotomy between nature and culture, is increasingly called into question, and think about a new relationship between the two.


All the proposals of the ‘Convention’ for the climate

The 150 citizens of the Convention for the climate must submit their proposals – are subject to a final vote, for formal adoption at the concluding session of the 19, 20 and 21 June at the economic Council, social and environmental.

The calendar of the convention, which was initially expected to be completed by the end of January, has been affected by the long conflict about pension reform, then the months of containment to address the epidemic of coronavirus.

→ DECRYPTION. ‘Convention’: the proposed shock to the climate

The objective of all its actions : drop d’“at least 40 % of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 “ in “a spirit of social justice “. All proposals will be documented in a report submitted to the executive, which is committed to ensuring that they are submitted “without a filter” either to a referendum or to the vote of parliament, either to a regulatory enforcement direct.


The battle of a whistleblower against illegal dumping

Graying hair, thin, glasses, speech posed. Robert Durand could run a peaceful retreat in the direction of Saint-Mandrier (Var). But this environmental engineer has rather the profile of the whistleblower. For 25 years, this passionate of geology fights within the association that he created, the Confederation Environment in the Mediterranean (CEM), compared to deposits of wild waste.

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The origin of the engagement ? Avoid the harbor of Toulon does not become unsafe. “At the time, in 1996, the arsenal and a large part of the city were discharging wastewater directly into the sea. We have contributed to the creation of the first contract of bay “, said Robert Durand.

The battle of a whistleblower against illegal dumping

The start of a fight, which leaves no respite, the sea, as on land. “It’s been a good ten years that one has identified the problem of deposits wild companies of BTP. Throughout the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur, it is a real problem : it is serious for the environment, and this is based on springs mafia “according to the activist.

200 gendarmes mobilized

Tuesday, June 9, during the operation “Burned Land” controlled by the public prosecutor of Draguignan, 200 gendarmes are deployed to the seats of six companies of CONSTRUCTION industry of the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes and on the two projects. A sweep of the scale : eleven people were remanded in custody, the seizure of trucks and gear.

A “very nice transaction. “, salutes Robert Durand, who, however, says : “This is not the first of its kind. Four years ago, it was pretty much the same thing. In general, it’s quiet releases for six months, hardly more. “

Robert Durand knows all the deposits wild of his department. ” Our association is known, we receive calls, e-mails, of people who, through fear, remain anonymous and orient us to sites “, he explains. Roquebrune-sur-Argens, in the plain of the Moors, or Signs, in the same place where in August 2019, the mayor, Jean-Mathieu Michel was killed by wanting to prevent the release of debris into the nature…

To impose a waste tracking companies

Robert Durand described always the same desolation. In the woods, on roadsides, in vineyards : heaps of land that can be polluted, scrap metal, concrete, sand, pebbles… of residues of The projects thrown out by unscrupulous businessmen, land owners sometimes complicit, sometimes victims. “It happens that they are under pressure and have no other choice but to accept “laments it.

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Robert Durand sees the illegal discharges multiply and reflecting on the solutions to implement. “Enter front-end loaders, it is good… but this is not enough ! It is necessary to impose the appropriate waste tracking to all companies. Especially, it is necessary to type on the outsourcers that they be private or public ! Because in these deposits we find the polluted land of a former gas factory of la Loubière in Toulon, such as those extracted from the work of the tram of Nice ! “

It is perceived as ” creeps “

At the head of its association, who lives without grant, Robert Durand would like to do more : “We’re about to start an appeal for donations because, in the procedure which has just been launched, and in those that follow, we wish now we bring civil systematically. “Territorial communities as companies do not always see a good eye the involvement of the Confederation of Environment Mediterranean.

He sighs :” I do not hide it, it is perceived as creeps. However, it could take concrete actions in partnership with the Region : training courses on the valuation from the companies, the operations of pedagogy to the mayors to help them to create landfills that are missing. But the policies do not measure the work that we slaughter. “


To be green, does it change what you do ?

Leave his colleagues, his company and give up his situation for a job more eco friendly and more useful… An aspiration shared by more employees in favor of a containment that is conducive to the quest for meaning and the awareness of climate issues.

“The crisis of the Covid accelerates the reflection of the people who asked questions are already. They were able to get out for a few weeks of their habits, of their professional to take a step back “confirms and Fanny Viry, the association lyonnaise Anciela, which accompanies the initiatives of the citizens for a greener company.

To put it into practice concretely to their beliefs ecological, should we move up to a different line of work, boycott certain sectors of activity ? Or can we change its enterprise from the inside ? What are good questions to ask before converting ?

The volunteer, a breathing

The ecological transition applies to all dimensions of our daily lives : the power, the mobility, the energy consumption in its habitat, the recreation… in Short, there are a thousand and one ways to be green every day, without any tackle to get started in permaculture !

→ TO READ. Do I need to consume made in France ?

“Workers who feel well in their professional activity and want to commit to the ecology can do volunteer work “, for example, offers Fanny Viry. But it happens that these small gestures-huggers are not enough to be in agreement with his beliefs. “The volunteer commitment may make you want to go even further in the process “, she adds.

Consistency of life and cognitive dissonance

The coordinator of the collective student For an alarm clock green, Anthony Trouche, tip, him, of the inconsistencies in our life choices : “Eat organic and go to work by bicycle, it makes no sense, if my job is to build coal-fired power plants, cars, SUV, or aircraft for example. “

Hides then an inner tension, a “cognitive dissonance “as the analysis of the sociologist and political scientist Stéphane Branch. “Sometimes there are a strong contradiction between the ethics of a person and his behavior. Most of the individuals in cognitive dissonance to ignore the problem, say that they can’t change things alone. Little change their practices and they sometimes live badly. “

The need for retraining arises with acuity. According to the information agency specialized in human resources, French equatorial africa, 70 % of the people who convert do it to get a job more in line with their values and passions (study 2017).

Ask the right questions before the hire

The association lyonnaise Anciela receives as well “people who no longer want to work forty hours per week for a job that has no meaning for them, for employees in the trade or marketing, who realize that they would never buy ever the products they sell “lists Fanny Viry.

The collective student For an alarm clock green offers, on its website (heading : “a commitment to through his employment “) a reading grid titled ” Choosing his job, asking the right questions “, which allows to go far enough in the analysis of the company before getting hired : this applies to both the purpose of the products, the organization of the logistics chain and the production, the marketing strategy that the impact (greenhouse gas emissions, impact on biodiversity, exploitation of non-renewable resources…) and the investment in human capital (training employees on environmental issues). With, as a bonus, the documents where all these information are accessible.

Work otherwise, rather than elsewhere

“More and more students are posed the question of the relevance of their profession right out of school and are not ready to accept any job beyond salary and skills “notes the sociologist Stéphane Branch.

A word to the wise : young professionals or employees for years, not everyone can afford such a move, for financial reasons among others. “We address to those who have the choice, those who come out of great schools or universities “recognizes Anthony Trouche.

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“The idea is not necessarily to change their profession, but how to exercise it otherwise “adds Fanny Viry. An architect may favor materials that are more environmentally friendly and insulation, a conservator cooking of local products… The employees also have a role to play in transforming their businesses from within by educating their employers or by proposing concrete initiatives.

It is possible to operate everywhere, at his level

In fact, the ecological transition is not limited to the business of sustainable development and social and environmental responsibility. It concerns numerous sectors of activity. “The time we have to reduce our footprint on the environment is limited, it is necessary to act effectively excluding activities to environmental impacts disproportionate to their social utility “advises and Anthony Trouche.

To be more eco-friendly, several pathways are possible : getting involved in his daily life, through an association, their profession differently, raise awareness of its employer, and even change their profession. This last assumption requires a deep reflection, a personal investment, and possibly financial. To ripen long before you take the plunge.


A bear shot in the Ariège, a debate which revived in the Pyrenees

Who shot the bear was found dead Tuesday, June 9, in the Ariège ? An investigation is underway for a leader of the “anti-bear” look for a deliberate act. The case of recovery in any case the conflict between environmentalists and ranchers in the Pyrenees.

→ IN 2018. The bear sow discord in the Pyrenees

The species is protected and the young male of 150 to 200 kg shot and killed near the ski resort of Guzet is the second bear of the year to be found dead in the pyrenees. Another male, Catechu, accused of many prédations, had succumbed to Spanish side, fifty kilometers from there, in April, without the causes of death have not been disclosed.

After the macabre discovery Tuesday, environmentalists have vented their anger by denouncing the “poaching by balls of a bear “. “This new step has been taken in violence is part of a context of impunity of the opponents to the bear radical and violent that our associations are denouncing for years “say bear Country, Fans and other associations in a joint statement.

New release ?

These same associations are calling on the State to fulfill its commitment to “to quickly replace any dead bear human caused “. The last release to bear the slovenians dates back to 2018, the government has since frozen the reintroductions in the face of opposition.

For the time being, the gendarmes of the brigade of research of Saint-Girons conducting the investigation. The autopsy was to be performed Wednesday, June 10, at the veterinary school of Toulouse. “All means are implemented to identify the author or authors. It is an act of great seriousness “said the prosecutor of Foix Laurent Dumaine, during a press conference. The survey was open for “unauthorized destruction of a protected species “an offence punishable by three years imprisonment and 150 000 euros fine.

The plantigrade was lying in an area of steep near the circus of Gérac, to 1 800 meters of altitude, in the department of Ariège. It has been discovered by experts of the French Office for the biodiversity, conducting observations of predation after farmers had reported sheep killed, Sunday, 7 June, not far away.

→ EXHIBITION. The bear, an animal attaching itself to the uncertain future

It is the minister of the ecological transition, Elizabeth Bollard, who announced Tuesday, June 9, the death of the animal, denouncing an act “illegal and profoundly wrong “and stating that the State was going to file a complaint. The organizations, “pro-bear” are also going to file a complaint.

Breeders infuriated

The authorities count now fifty specimens in the Pyrenees, a number that however, does not guarantee the survival of the species. Last summer, spirits were still heated with the bond of the losses attributed to the bear, after several dérochages massive. For the single Ariège, a stronghold of the species, 565 claims had been introduced, accounting for 1 155 sheep died or were injured.

In the field of higher prédations, the experts put into question the delays to farmers to equip themselves with the means of protection of existing (shepherds, protection dogs, parks, electrified) subsidized to the tune of 80 %. The government had announced last week an additional € 500 000 to the funds allocated for the coexistence between pastoralism and the bear.

Constrained by european legislation on the protection of biodiversity, the French government launched in the 1990s a program of reintroduction of the brown bear in the Pyrenees, where the species had almost disappeared. This was the starting point of a conflict that has been ongoing since ranchers and environmentalists, punctuated by demonstrations, sometimes violent.


Spokesman for US Vice President infected with coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Spokeswoman for US Vice President Mike Pence, Katie Miller, became infected with a coronavirus. This was announced by President Donald Trump, reports CNN.

“She’s a wonderful young woman, Katie. She passed the tests very well for a long period of time, and then suddenly today the test result gave a positive result, ”he said.

On Thursday, the test result of the spokeswoman was negative, and on Friday turned out to be positive. Trump noted that Miller did not contact him, but was in contact with Pence.

US Navy from Trump’s entourage gets infected with coronavirus

The president said he is not worried about the spread of coronavirus in the White House, the Associated Press reports. The head of state noted that the concept of testing is not ideal, as between the tests “something can happen”.

Pence spokeswoman Katie Miller is married to Trump adviser Stephen Miller, AP and CNN write. She was due to fly with Iowa’s vice president on Friday night. According to a senior White House official, shortly before departure, she was taken off the flight along with six people with whom she was in contact.

Earlier in May, it became known that Trump’s personal valet, a member of the U.S. Navy, became infected with the coronavirus. White House deputy spokeswoman Hogan Gidley said the president’s and vice president’s infection tests showed a negative result.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, almost 1.3 million cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the United States, more than 77 thousand people died.

The distribution of coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

World Data i