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In Moscow, on the last day of summer, there will be an abnormal heat, and then on Tuesday, September 1, there will be a sharp cold snap. About it TASS said the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand.

“The temperature will start to rise on Sunday, and on Monday it will already be 25-30 degrees. The temperature is very high, exceeding the norm by about six degrees, ”the meteorologist said.

Then, according to Vilfand, a noticeable cooling will begin, the temperature may drop to 20-25 degrees Celsius. “No significant precipitation is forecasted on this day. The temperature background and weather conditions will be approximately the same on Wednesday, ”he added.

Forecasters promised a cold snap in Moscow next week

Wilfand previously reported about an abnormally warm end of summer almost throughout Russia. According to him, practically throughout the entire territory of the country, the temperature background is predicted to be 2-8 degrees higher than normal.


“The declaration of the victim will be essential”

A psychological assessment will determine if the minor under 14 years of age, alleged victim of an abuse for which A man was shot yesterday in the Villa Rosas area, is in a position to declare.

“The victim’s statement is essential proof; we need it beyond the provision of other measures,” Olguín told The new one.

In the event that the specialist enables the girl to testify, that testimony will be taken through a Gesell camera, a device created for minors to testify in a less invasive and intimidating environment, such as the office of a prosecutor or a judge.

The complaint of the case was formulated last Wednesday, by the father of the minor.

Yesterday, a group of neighbors and relatives of the young woman, who became aware of the situation, searched the home of the alleged abuser, on Los Mayas street at 1800.

They wrote “violin” and “rapist” on the front and on his car, which also ended with damage. The police had to intervene to remove the accused from the scene, for security reasons.

“We are in full investigation. It would be more than a fact what is denounced, but in order to determine what happened we need the statement of the minor and we are waiting for other proceedings, different testimonial statements have been made to people in the environment, as well as informés doctors, “said Olguín.

In turn, as a precautionary measure, the 37-year-old man was prohibited from approaching the young woman, with whom he had so far a degree of relationship.


The eight cases, the mini ‘red zone’ in the Town – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – PALMS, 22 JUN – A mini “red zone” is in force from
today and up to 14 of the 26 June in the three districts and coastal
Palmi (Pietrenere, Tuna and Scinà). Placed the
governor of the Calabria Jole Santelli, after it was
identified an outbreak with 8 people-positive Covid-19
arising from 2 positive back in the Calabria from the other regions.

The ordinance provides for “the prohibition of removal, reducing
drastically any possibility of physical closeness and limiting
the most of every shift” and the “prohibition of access, made
prejudice to the possibility for health workers and
socio-health of the staff involved in controls and
in assistance and in the activities concerning the emergency and
the forces of order.” Allowed movements are considered
“essential” and suspended the activities of commercial and
production, except for “essential”.