Work: Melons, numbers certify idiocy navigator – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 29 – “New episode of the waste of public money branded M5S. Not only billions thrown away to give the citizenship income to fake people in need, but also hundreds of millions of euros thrown away for the useless” navigators “invented by Di Maio. 3000 people without specific skills hired at 27,000 euros a year with a fixed-term contract that should find permanent employment for the income earners of citizenship. We had said immediately that it was an idiocy, now the numbers certify the failure”. This was stated by the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni.

“The app (paid millions) does not yet exist; almost zero the jobs obtained thanks to the navigators, who today are actually paid for doing nothing (like the recipients of RdC, their colleagues), but some have also had the Don’t hesitate to ask (and get) the € 600 coronavirus bonus. How long should this scandal last? Is it possible that nobody will doubt that all this could constitute a tax damage for the state? “, he concludes. (HANDLE).