NET TV Schedule Today 25 September 2020 Watch National Team U19 vs Bosnia Herzegovina Match at 22: 00WIB

DIY NEWS – On today Friday 25 September 2020, one of the national television stations namely NET TV have prepared a variety program interesting that will be broadcast.

One of program interesting that you can see on NET TV today is a live broadcast of the International U19 Friendly Match between U-19 national team vs Bosnia Herzegovina.

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Test match U-19 national team vs Bosnia Herzegovina will take place at NK Polet Igraliste Stadium, Sveti Martin na Mauri, Friday 25 September 2020. This match can be witnessed live delay of NET TV 22.00 WIB.

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Here’s the full schedule NET TV today Friday 25 September 2020.

04:30 Muslim Travelers

05:00 Husbands Are Afraid Of Wives

06:00 True And The Rainbow Kingdom

06:30 Victory Cup


WWE NXT results for September 23, 2020

Photo credit: WWE

WWE NXT recap for September 23

WWE NXT Orlando, ThunderDome

Commentators are Wade Barrett, Tom Phillips and Beth Phoenix.

– Tonight is WWE NXT, the yellow show kicks off with an image in memory of Road Warrior Animal who passed away today. The wrestlers are in the ring for the battle royale and Candice LeRae is seen to attack Tegan Nox just before the game backstage and injure her knee.

NXT Women’s Contender – Battle Royal

Participantes : Xia Li, Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter, Raquel Gonzalez, Aliyah, Indi Hartwell, Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox, Carolina, Gia, Marina Shafir, Emily, Ellie, Rita, Raven, Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai et Rhea Ripley

At the end of the fight, Kai, Blackheart and LeRae are left in the ring. LeRae and Kai team up to take out Catanzaro right before. They also want to take Blackheart out, but she dodges a kick from Kai and throws him down the ring. Blackheart does a Slingblade and wants to take LeRae out, but LeRae pushes her away. LeRae then dodges a charge and necks it to throw it up the third rope, but Blackheart grabs a rope. She hits LeRae and gets on the corner, but LeRae gets up and the two clash on the corner, LeRae falls on the steel step and pushes Blackheart back to the ground with the help of his legs!

Winner: Candice LeRae

– Behind the scenes, Damian Priest is asked for his comments for TakeOver about his match against Johnny Gargano. Priest says it’s big, it’s Johnny TakeOver. He did NXT. Although he is good, his reign is not coming to an end. As long as he is champion, the title will continue to slip through Gargano’s fingers. Sarah asks him for his comments on Theory. Priest says he believes Theory is good, but he’s going to keep losing.

– Back after the break, we present a video shot earlier today as Fandango investigates with the team division. Fandango says they’re going to take a wrestler from each team, they’re going to compete as a team, the winners are going to go against each other and the winners are going to face Breezango. It’s simple. William Regal says he doesn’t understand a thing.

Singles Match

Tommaso Ciampa vs Jake Atlas

At the end of the fight, Ciampa does his DDT from the second rope to Atlas and refuses to pin him. Ciampa continues with his Fairy Tail Ending on behalf of three.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

– We show a video on Rich Holland that says the NXT Universe is going to find out what it’s made of.

– Back, we present a promo video on the Gauntlet Eliminator Match which will take place tonight.

Tag Team Match

The winning teams will compete against each other to be contenders for the tag team titles.

Fabian Aichner et Raul Mandoza vs Roderick Strong et Danny Burch

At the end of the fight, Mendoza climbs on the corner, but Strong hits him with a knee. Burch takes the tag to make a Cutter in local Mendoza and covers it for the win, while Strong rings Aichner at the same time with a Clothesline.

Gagnants : Roderick Strong et Danny Burch

– Behind the scenes, Sarah asks Austin Theory for his response to Damian Priest’s comments. Johnny Gargano arrives and asks why she is talking to this child. Theory has all the skills to be a great player, he has to play smart. Priest is tall, he has to bring him back to the ground.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Singles Match – North American title undefended

Austin Theory vs Damian Priest

At the end of the fight, Priest does a Crucifix Powerbomb on the apron at Theory. He then does his Reckoning for the count of three.

Gagnant : Damian Priest

– After the fight, Johnny Gargano surprises Priest with a Superkick during his celebration!

– We present a mysterious video of someone announcing his return for October 4 and announcing that he wants to regain his title.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Singles Match

Rich Holland vs Antonio de Luca

At the end of the fight, Holland ends the domination with his Northern Grit for the count of three.

Winner: Rich Holland

– Behind the scenes, Sarah asks Io Shirai for his comments on the battle royale. Shirai says she doesn’t like Candice or the other. Candice LeRae arrives with Johnny Gargano and she asks if she is scared. Damian Priest arrives and hits Gargano! The officials arrive to separate everyone.

– Back, we announced that Blackheart will face Kai next week.

Aspiring NXT – Gauntlet Eliminator Match

Participants : Kushida, Cameron Grimes, Kyle O’Reilly, Timothy Thatcher et Bronson Reed.

Opening: Kyle O’Reilly vs Kushida

Still no elimination after four minutes, Bronson Reed is added to the game. Next, Kushida and Reed clash on the corner, but Velveteen Dream arrives as the ref is distracted by O’Reilly and does his Death Valley Driver on Kushida. Reed goes on with his Splash for the count of three to eliminate him. Timothy Thatcher joins the game.

No elimination after four minutes, Cameron Grimes arrives.

At the end of the fight, O’Reilly takes advantage of Reed who is stunned to Knee Drop him and cover him for the count of three. Then O’Reilly flips a quick Back Slide count on Thatcher for the count of three! Grimes wants to take advantage of it with a Cave In on O’Reilly and covers him, but he steps on a rope to stop the pinfall. The two men follow the blows, O’Reilly keeps him on the ground and applies a Leg Lock to him to hit him.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly via submission

– The show ends with a celebration of Kyle O’Reilly with the Undisputed Era, but Finn Balor arrives and the two exchange glances.


Today’s RCTI TV Program Schedule, September 24 2020: Princess For Prince, Trustee, World Upside Down

DIY NEWS – Schedule event TV RCTI today, Thursday 24 September 2020 very diverse. This private television station will broadcast special programs, including soap operas mainstay, Pro Warrior S2, and Chasing Olga’s Love Again.

Soap operas-soap operas mainstay RCTI such as Si Doel Anak Sekolahan S2, Preman Pensiun S4, I’m not a Ustadz, and Tukang Ojek Pengkolan will air from noon to evening today.

Meanwhile, the night will be there soap operas Women of Choice, Princess For Prince, Amanah Wali S4, and Inverted World.

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Following schedule complete event tv RCTI today, Thursday 24 September 2020:

1:30 am My boyfriend is Bodyguard

01:45 MNC Shop

2:00 am My boyfriend is Bodyguard


Governor of Altai Territory infected with COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

Viktor Tomenko switched to a remote work format and is being treated on an outpatient basis. In June, the governor already went into self-isolation due to the coronavirus detected in the employees of his administration

Victor Tomenko

(Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS)

Governor of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko fell ill with coronavirus infection, transfers press service of the regional government.

Tomenko’s COVID-19 test showed a positive result, in connection with which he switched to a remote mode of operation. Now the head of the region is at home, where he undergoes outpatient treatment.

“Governor Viktor Tomenko is constantly in touch with members of the government and heads of all regional authorities. Events with his personal participation have been canceled for the next 10-14 days, ”the message says.

Governor of Altai Territory left for self-isolation due to COVID-19 from colleagues

Victor Tomenko

The head of the region appealed to residents with an appeal to comply with sanitary safety measures and the prevention of coronavirus. Earlier, in June, Tomenko already self-isolated for a week, after several employees of the regional administration were diagnosed with COVID-19.


Aircraft Passengers Spread Covid-19 To 15 Other People in the Cabin

Monday, September 21, 2020 | 13:06 WIB

Illustration of an airplane cabin.[Pexels/Sourav Mishra] – So far, there is an assumption that the risk of spreading the corona virus in the aircraft cabin is very small. However, a new study reports that a sick passenger on the plane had spread the coronavirus to 15 other passengers.

The incident took place on a flight from London to Vietnam.

According to the New York Post, the passenger, identified as a 27-year-old businesswoman from Vietnam, developed a sore throat and cough before boarding the March 1 flight.

He tested positive for the coronavirus four days later, said the study in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.
Illustration of Corona Virus (Unsplash / CDC)
Illustration of Corona Virus (Unsplash / CDC)

On March 10, through contact tracing, health officials determined the woman infected 14 other passengers and one crew member on the plane, according to the study, recently published by the Center for Disease Control.

“The risk of transmitting SARS-CoV-2 on board during long-haul flights is real and has the potential to cause large COVID-19 cohorts, even in settings such as business class with large seating arrangements beyond the prescribed distance used. to determine close contact on the plane, ”the study found.

At the time of Vietnam Airlines flights, which have a total of 217 passengers, face masks are not required on planes or at airports, the study said.

But passengers arriving in Hanoi from areas infected with the coronavirus, including Britain, are being checked at the airport using thermal imaging to check the rising temperatures.

It is unclear whether the woman was initially tagged at the airport. But on March 5, with worsening symptoms, he sought treatment at a local hospital, where he tested positive. Apart from the plane passengers, the three female roommates and a friend in London whom she visited also contracted the virus, the study said.



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WWE SmackDown results for September 18, 2020

Photo credit: WWE

WWE SmackDown September 18 Recap

WWE SmackDown Orlando, ThunderDome

Commentators are Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

– Tonight it’s WWE SmackDown, the blue show kicks off with the commentators welcoming us. The Miz and John Morrison are in the ring for their Dirt Sheet, then make their presentation. The Miz introduces tonight’s program and then says he wants to start with Mandy Rose leaving. We review the Miz’s announcement at Talking Smack announcing Rose’s transfer to RAW.

The Miz says people accused him of getting revenge and having a problem with Otis. People think they’re trying to separate Otis and Mandy Rose. The Miz doesn’t play mind games with Otis or use his power and influence for revenge. He knows what the pressure is to have the Money in the Bank briefcase. You need to take every opportunity. Otis must focus on his briefcase and his cash-in. He took away the one thing that was keeping him from being on top. Otis may be heartbroken, but he can get over it. Mandy Rose is already on RAW.

Otis arrives in the ring and attacks Miz and John Morrison. Tucker comes to help his partner and Otis does his Captelliar on the Miz, followed by a Splash of the second string. Otis was about to leave but returns to the ring to undress the Miz.

Singles Match

Cesaro (accompanied by Shinsuke Nakamura) vs Gran Metalik (accompanied by Lince Dorado and Kalisto)

During the match, Lince Dorado and Kalisto get kicked backstage.

At the end of the match, Cesaro made a European Uppercut on Gran Metalik followed by a Neutralizer for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Cesaro

– Behind the scenes, Kayla Braxton is with Jey Uso asking if Roman Reigns’ actions last week are going to make a difference tonight. Uso replies that Paul Heyman told him it was a communication problem, so tonight will not be when in the good old days. One of them will be Universal champion after Clash of Champions.

– Behind the scenes Matt Riddle says people ask him why he says so “bro”. This is because it can convey several emotions. Matt Riddle has fun saying “bro” with different emotions.

– Alexa Bliss welcomes us for her “A Moment of Bliss” and brings her best friend: Nikki Cross. As a friend, Bliss congratulates her and she is very happy for her. But she has a question. Cross has already challenged Bayley and she has already lost … what’s her plan for the game? Cross replies that it’s different because there won’t be Sasha Banks. She’s going to be able to focus on Bayley. She saw what Bayley did to her best friend. Cross will become the SmackDown champion in Clash of Champions.

Nikki Cross has a question for Alexa Bliss. What is going on between them? Last week, Bliss made her a Sister Abigail. Bliss says she doesn’t know how to explain it, she doesn’t understand. There has been a change that she doesn’t control and she doesn’t know how to go about it. Lacey Evans comes onto the scene and laughs at them. Cross should thank Bliss for leaving, that’s the only reason she won last week. Cross isn’t ready for Bayley, she’s too nice. She will never beat Bayley. Nikki Cross takes Lacey Evans’ handkerchief then blows her nose in it, before giving it back. The two wrestlers fight on the ramp.

– Alexa Bliss is commenting on the next game.

Singles Match

Lacey Evans vs Nikki Cross

At the end of the match, Nikki Cross Neckbreaker on Lacey Evans and pinches her for the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

– After the game, Lacey Evans walks up to Alexa Bliss … who is staring at a specific spot. Bliss makes a Sister Abigail on Evans and leaves, all her eyes fixed on a spot.

– Sasha Banks is at the Performance Center to talk about the Bayley attack. The Boss says she’s still here, she’s nothing to Bayley anymore. She’s just useless to her. She heard every word Bayley said last week, she couldn’t help but be filled with emotions in this place where they trained every day and talked about their dreams and goals. They used to walk these halls talking about what they did. They told the world that they were going to take control of this company together. When she walks and sees women now, it’s because they did this together. All these parts. All these photos and posters. They did it together.

Bayley is an idiot and naive because she is nothing without her. Since Banks is useless to her, she’s going to take away the one thing she loves … the female title of SmackDown. Bayley attacks Sasha Banks from behind with a chair! People arrive to separate them.

Singles Match

AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn

At the end of the match, Sami Zayn tries a roll up on AJ Styles but the referee stops the pin because Zayn was cheating. Styles rolls up on Zayn to win.

Winner: AJ Styles

– After the match, Sami Zayn attacks AJ Styles and complains to the referee. Jeff Hardy arrives and attacks Styles and Zayn. He pulls out a ladder and places it in the ring. Hardy says he’s sick of it. It’s going to end in Clash of Champions. He will face the two … in a Ladder Match!

– Behind the scenes, a person comes to see Otis and Tucker and tells Otis that he is expected. Tucker says the Miz and Morrison are suing them. They consider the Dirt Sheet to be a real show. The Miz and Morrison demand that Otis ditch the briefcase next week.

– Behind the scenes, Sheamus and King Corbin are talking. Someone arrives and tells Sheamus that his car is going to be towed. Sheamus walks up to his car and tells someone not to touch his car. That person turns around and it’s Big E. Sheamus leaves and Big E goes after a security person.

– A video about the mysterious woman from SmackDown is released.

– Roman Reigns arrives in the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman was going to speak but Reigns says he got there first so everyone would know it’s his garden, his ring, his WWE, his island.

Samoan Street Fight

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso vs Sheamus and King Corbin

At the end of the match, Jey Uso hits King Corbin with the belt. Roman Reigns then speared Corbin, then Uso followed up with a Frog Splash for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

– After the match, Jey Uso is happy. Roman Reigns ends up hugging him … The show ends like this.


Apple arrives at its end-of-year event … without an iPhone

New iPad and iPad Air, Check; New Apple Watch series 6 and SE, check; the new service Apple One, check; And the iPhone? What happened? Did we run out of phone this year? Do we blame the pandemic? Could 2020 be worse? We will know that in the next few days.

According to the AP agency, Big analysts take it for granted that Apple will launch a phone this year. “The crucial part for Apple is maintaining the iPhone user base and selling them a ton of accessories like AirPods and getting services,” said Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy. However, waiting for that debut next month due to the interruption in production caused by the coronavirus pandemic can be a long wait for the most fans, in the meantime we can take a look at what Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, next to all his team from Apple Park in California, presented during the most important annual event of the firm.

The iPad 8 and iPad Air

The most used tablet on the market now in its eighth edition maintains the same design as the previous one, but with an A12 Bionic chip that gives it much more power and performance to perform daily tasks; it is basic and very easy to use. In addition, it is compatible with various accessories of the brand such as the Apple Pencil 1 and makes it a good option if it is used for entertainment.

Definitely, the one that steals the show is the iPad Air. Cupertino bets strongly on this new tablet and did not skimp on adding several interesting elements; in fact, if you look closely, it may make you wonder if you are going to buy an iPad Pro. Its square-edged design evokes those with which iPhone 4, which Steve Jobs himself introduced in 2010, enchanted the world and returned to the fore with the Pro models. Air now comes with 5 new colors that make it extremely attractive, many would say very sexy.


The new apple watch comes with more useful options.


This new example can record in 4K and perform multiple functions in a much easier way, all this thanks to its A14 Bionic chip … Curiously, this iPad is very close to the qualities of the first generation 11-inch Pro that Apple no longer uses. commercializes, but that can be purchased in other specialized stores. The difference is that it comes with the A12Z Bionic Chip, and the 4 speakers with much more memory … which can work against the Air.

The storage capacity of the new version starts at 64GB and 250GB. It has a single 12-megapixel rear camera and a 7-megapixel front camera for video calls. Another function is that it integrates the touch ID system in one of the upper buttons, thus saving space on the front screen and it is compatible with the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2, which makes it practically a desktop computer .

A watch that does everything

Each new version of the Apple Watch that has been released brings with it a myriad of functions that will leave anyone speechless. This time the changes come in the hardware, although the device maintains the shapes of the Series 5, its sensors and internal mechanism are what make it faster and smarter. Its main function, which is added to that of recording the heartbeat and heart rate, is to measure the levels of oxygen in the blood. This property can be very useful for those who suffer from some type of respiratory condition, it can even be a good ally if the user is convalescing from COVID-19 and has some type of sequel.


The new apple watch comes with more useful options.

The new apple watch comes with more useful options.


Apple also unveiled the SE (cheaper) version of this device that includes all the functions of the regular watch except the ECG (electrocardiogram) that comes in series 5 and 6. Both models, including series 4 and 5 contain the new Family Support system, which allows all members of the family to be connected under the same service plan. This function is useful because it can make it easier, for example, for the main user to know where the children are during their day or if an elderly adult needs help or to be attended in an emergency, since all these notifications will appear on their phone.

Fitness and other services

Since last year, Apple has announced several monthly subscription services that can be via streaming Apple + or the Arcade video game platform. Added to this proposal is now “Fitness”, where the subscriber will receive weekly trainings that can be viewed from their Apple devices. The experience improves when these exercises are monitored from the Apple Watch. The disciplines include yoga, cycling, jogging, and others.


Fitness will allow you to receive weekly workouts that can be viewed from your Apple devices.

Fitness will allow you to receive weekly workouts that can be viewed from your Apple devices.


All in one

However, Cupertino hinted at one of the new functions available at the end of the year in iOS 14 and that have been in testing for months. It is Apple One, where the subscriber will have access to all these Apple service platforms that comprise Music, Apple +, Arcade, iCloud, News and the new Fitness.

The Basic, Family and Premier plans come with several access configurations that integrate and range from $ 15 to $ 30 per package, not bad if you take into account how much the subscription cost is, if you have one or more of these services active.

For now, loyal consumers of Apple products are still waiting for the new iPhone


Visco, very heavy crisis, uncertain consequences – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 16 – “The consequences of this global crisis are very serious and depend on the spread of the coronavirus, they are difficult to assess. The extent of the unprecedented event evident in the costs of human lives in the world”. This was stated by the governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, speaking to the bankers of the ABI Executive, specifying that “the prospects are uncertain and this negatively affects household and business spending” (ANSA).