After breaking up with Muceniece, Priluchny met with a man

Pasha and a friend cook dinner and breakfast for each other and live heart to heart, not like Agatha.

More recently, actress Agatha Muceniece in a touching poem of her own composition apologized to Pavel Priluchny. The star, even despite her earlier statements about alcoholism and tyranny by her husband, now confesses his love to him, hoping for reconciliation. At the same time, Priluchny himself behaves with dignity in this situation – he publishes videos and photos that show that without his wife he does not suffer and does not suffer. After breaking up with Muceniece, Priluchny met with a man, and with his close friend they cook dinner and breakfast for each other and live in perfect harmony, not like Agatha.

Paul seems absolutely happy now that he can live separately from his wife. He plays sports, sings guitar songs in the evenings and has a great time with his son. One gets the impression that it was Muceniece who prevented him from being happy, it was because of her that he began to drink too much and show aggression. How exactly Agatha could bring an adult male to white heat, however, is not known. However, now, seeing the Priluchny’s idyll in the company of a friend, at least two variants of the development of events are asking. First: the actor’s family and marriage are tired of him, he wants to be free and for a long time he will not bind himself to any serious relationship until the memory of life with Agatha is erased.

Second: Paul will eat with his friend. Who knows, perhaps a failed marriage made Priluchny completely disappointed in women and switch to men. With a friend, he is very sincere and fun, so much so that one can suspect two comrades in a romantic relationship. However, this is only an assumption; the real development of the situation is still unknown to anyone. Fans of Agatha and Paul still believe in their imminent reunion, and the couple can still make peace – at least for the sake of their children.


The network showed station wagons from Chevrolet – not competitors Volkswagen Caddy?

The only plus is the price.

After the Chevrolet station wagons were shown on the net, motorists were perplexed. Many of them said that this is a cheap parody of LADA Largus, and not competitors of Volkswagen Caddy, as the representative of the company says.

The production of new products started in March 2020 and is aimed at the automotive market of Kazakhstan. Moreover, Chevrolet intends to compete not only with the German light commercial vehicle for 1,631,300-2776,100 rubles, but also with the LADA Largus localized in the republic, whose value does not even reach a million – 622900-933900 rubles.

However, the brand’s developers took into account the nuances by making the 8-seater Damas passenger minibus and Labo mini truck as cheap as possible due to Uzbek car kits. Therefore, it is not surprising that new items will cost customers 582 and 600 thousand rubles.

Given the length of LADA Largus, which is 4470 millimeters, the news from Chevrolet do not differ in particular capacity, namely it is valued in micro-vans and mini-trucks. The total length of the new products does not exceed 3.5 meters, and the heart of the rear-wheel drive cars is a 0.8 liter gasoline engine, which is paired with a manual gearbox.

It’s hard for motorists to imagine how much power is under the hood, so they are still confident that Chevrolet Damas and Labo are not a competitor to LADA Largus, and even less so Volkswagen Caddy.


The network compared LADA Vesta SW Cross and KIA Soul

The opinions of users are divided.

Domestic motorists on the network compared the station wagons LADA Vesta SW Cross and KIA Soul. It all started with the fact that one user wrote on the forum how he tested both cars on a test drive and expressed his opinion about them. For starters, he compared the specifications of the models and the price.

For LADA Vesta SW Cross with a 122-horsepower engine and a manual gearbox, dealers are asking for 800 thousand rubles. The cost of KIA Soul with an “automatic” with a 123-horsepower engine is one million rubles. Both wagons liked the motorist, but he was outraged by the high price.

Among the advantages of the LADA Vesta SW Cross there is an increased wheelbase, a large trunk and a higher clearance than the KIA Soul. The “Korean” advantages include a large interior, a more powerful engine and an extended warranty period (5 years or 150,000 km, Vesta has 3 years and 100,000 km).

The downside of KIA Soul, according to the user, is its “dubious appearance.” The author asked commentators to express their opinion on the models. It is noteworthy that most preferred a foreign car and believe that it is better to choose the “Korean” between KIA Soul and LADA Vesta SW Cross.

So, one of the users complained about the warranty service of LADA: “You will be tormented with a dealer butting proving that this is a warranty case.”

Another motorist wrote that he would choose KIA Soul, because it will then be easier to sell. Another user wrote that “VAZ is a lifelong vaccination against stupidity” – you just need to buy it by contacting AvtoVAZ, and a quiet life will come to an end.


Conscience died after Joan? Shepelev will play a wedding on the property of the singer seized from the parents of Friske

The sudden triumph of Dmitry and his appeal to the court with a suit for the inheritance of the property of the performer led to such an idea.

A couple of days ago it became known that Dmitry Shepelev again “took up the old.” The presenter filed a lawsuit against Jeanne’s parents, according to media reports, the lawsuit is related to the inheritance of property.

It is worth noting that for several years between Dmitry and Friske’s parents there was a “lull” in the relationship, but after a “well-wisher” paid off the family’s debt to Rusfond, Shepelev suddenly remembered that Platon had not yet got all of Zhanna’s property, for example, the singer’s apartment, which the native performers keep in memory of her.

It is likely that such a decision by Dmitry is not at all connected with a thirst for justice. And this despite the fact that the media for a long time literally “shouted” that Shepelev had long lost his place on Channel One, which already suggests that Dmitry is walking off the wedding with Tulupova with the money of the deceased Friske.

Apparently, Shepelev decided to marry Tulupova on the property of the singer seized by Friske’s parents. The network has repeatedly said that the TV presenter took money from her personal accounts.

And this is a completely justified statement, because the main heir to Jeanne is precisely Plato, whose official guardian is Dmitry Shepelev.

This means that until the son of the performer is 18 years old, it’s Dmitry who will dispose of Jeanne’s inheritance, at least it will be completely legal, although unscrupulous, according to many.

It is likely that the money that, according to rumors, Shepelev managed to hide from the law and Zhanna’s parents ran out, and he decided to sue the singer’s relatives again, especially since they no longer have any debts and nothing will stop the TV presenter from getting Zhanna’s last property because Platosha has every right to do so. They say about such that their conscience died, in this case, after Friske.