Artists on the front line to save the art market

OUR ADVICE – Faced with the pandemic, gallery owners from Europe and America are increasing digital initiatives to avert the closure of their spaces and the collapse of their world. Urs Fischer, the New York-based artist from Zurich, is the claimed heir to the Dada spirit. Here, a portrait of Urs Fischer by Chad Moore […]

Jean-Laurent Cochet: The master of greats

DISAPPEARANCE – The actor and director died on Tuesday of the Covid-19 sequel at the age of 85. This lover of classical texts had trained, in his course, the most famous French actors. Jean-Laurent Cochet in 2007. Marc Be / ALAMO The curtain has just fallen on a piece of French theater. It would be […]

Visit the Raphaël de Chantilly exhibition in pictures

In the fantastic collection of the Duke of Aumale, bequeathed in 1886 to the Institut de France with the Chantilly estate, Raphaël has always held first place. Like many amateurs in the XIXe century, Henri of Orleans placed the “Lovely Sanzio” at the top, going to salute his works on each of his trips to […]

Éric Rochant goes out by the big door

THE SERIES OF THE DAY – The creator of the successful Canal + series bows out with this fifth season of high fashion. From Saudi Arabia to Moscow, DGSE agents show a more human face. By Florence Vierron and Léna Lutaud Beyond these strong characters, a theme, so current and touched on in the previous […]

From Giverny to “Water Lilies”: sublimated nature

Only the gardeners of the Monet Foundation will attend the spring blossoms in the garden of the impressionist painter in Giverny. The opening of the domain, the visits and the activities are postponed until the end of the confinement. .

Under Nuts, the prison web series to escape from confinement

What relativize in time of confinement. Saturday at 7 p.m., release the first episode of the second part of the web-series Under Nuts . In 2019 during the launch on YouTube, we discovered the characters of Sami and Nada, respectively interpreted by Ichem Boogy and Arriles Amrani. From their cell, the two crazy inmates with […]

A collection of photos to tell about confinement around the world

On one, two greyhounds stand in the English mist. On the other, a family hurries, all smiling, at the window of their house in Texas. These two pictures have one thing in common, that of depicting daily life in these times of confinement. The result of an initiative launched a week ago by the New […]

Three reasons to read Les Essais de Montaigne

In this work written in the XVIe century, the French writer addresses themes as eternal and familiar as friendship, identity, loneliness and the education of children. The writer Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (1533-1592). Granger NYC / Rue des Archives His century and ours It’s a book he wanted to make himself. A confined book, written […]

“La Belle Jardinière” by Raphaël restored at the Louvre

You will have to wait a bit to admire it up close: the Louvre has just restored La Belle Jardinière, one of the eleven paintings by Raphael that he keeps. Entering the French royal collections at least since Louis XIV, this painting on wood offers a pyramidal composition typical of the Madonnas of Raphael. The […]