Nearly 400 Russians flew out of New York with an export flight :: Society :: RBC

394 people return to Russia from New York, stuck abroad due to the cancellation of flights in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, the press service of the diplomatic mission on Facebook reports.

The plane took off from John F. Kennedy Airport on the evening of June 28. Among its passengers 17 babies. According to Antonov, on board are residents of different regions of Russia.

The ambassador noted that a significant part of the passengers on the export flight were on the so-called “humanitarian list”. “On board the plane that we escorted today are 72 passengers who needed to be repatriated for urgent reasons,” Antonov explained. Among them are 24 elderly people, patients who underwent treatment and rehabilitation in the United States or have a disability.

The Ministry of Communications has published a schedule of export flights until July 1

In addition, there are three students on the plane who have been in the United States through educational exchange programs, as well as five students who have completed their studies and dormitories.

The ambassador said that since the start of export flights from the United States, nearly 3.5 thousand Russians have returned to their homeland. The next flight from New York is scheduled for July 5th.

Earlier, the Ministry of Communications announced that from June 20 to July 1, 32 export flights are planned for the return of compatriots stuck in other countries.

The distribution of coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

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The prosecutor’s office will check the “sausage king” of Tönnis due to the outbreak of COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

About 1.5 thousand people were infected with coronavirus in a meat processing plant owned by Tonnis. After that, the plant was closed. Bloomberg calls it Germany’s largest local COVID-19 outbreak

Klemens Tennis

(1: Maja Hitij / Bongarts / Getty Images)

German politicians and the prosecutor’s office began testing against Clemens Tönnis after 1.5 thousand people became infected with coronavirus at his meat processing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (federal state North Westafalia in Germany), reports Bloomberg. The publication WirtschaftsWoche back in 2015 due to the type of activity of Tönnis gave him the nickname “sausage king”.

The agency notes that the majority of cases of COVID-19 are workers from Eastern Europe. After information was received about infected people, the authorities decided to close the plant. Bloomberg calls the situation at the Tonnis facility the largest local outbreak of coronavirus infection in Germany.

The publication also reported that after the outbreak of infection at the plant in German political circles, they discussed the possibility of accelerating legislative changes that improve working conditions and the level of hygiene in enterprises. Some politicians are also considering asking Tennis to take on some of the costs that the country incurs due to the pandemic.

WHO warned of a new wave of coronavirus incidence in Europe

Photo: Yara Nardi / Reuters

Der Spiegel talked to one of the factory workers named George. According to him, in the past few weeks, a device for measuring temperature has been installed at the entrance to the enterprise. However, measures to identify cases were taken too late, the man said. In addition, George said that there was no person at the entrance who would service the device, so the workers “just ran past.”


The Ministry of communications has issued a schedule of the export flight prior to July 1,:: Society :: RBC

The Ministry has published the schedule of export of flights from 20 June to 1 July. It is housed in the Ministry of Telegram channel for the removal of the Russians from abroad in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

The date of the 32 planned flight. On 20 June the Russians evacuated from Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) and Tashkent. The next day scheduled flight to Moscow from Bishkek, Chisinau and Belgrade and from Tashkent to Ekaterinburg.

June 22 will be five flights on route Phuket — Novosibirsk — Moscow — Saint-Petersburg, Bangkok — Novosibirsk — Moscow — Petersburg, Larnaca, Moscow, Dushanbe — Novosibirsk — Ekaterinburg and tel Aviv — Moscow.

The Russian Embassy reported cases of foreigners for export from USA

On June 23, scheduled flights from Tehran to Moscow from Tashkent to St. Petersburg with transfer in Moscow, and also two flights from Yerevan to Kaluga and Voronezh. On June 24 scheduled flights Hong Kong — Vladivostok and Yerevan — Rostov-on-don.


“Eating less is the last thing people will do”

The General Director of “Cherkizovo” Sergei Mikhailov – why not spring the company raised prices, the difficulties of export and the growing demand for Turkey

The General Director Of “Cherkizovo” Sergei Mikhailov Andrey Gordeev / Vedomosti

In the spring of producers felt unprecedented excitement, when consumers are in a panic to stockpile before the introduction of the regime of self-isolation. The cost of production for farmers due to the weakening of the ruble began to grow, and the demand from restaurants had fallen to virtually zero. Cherkizovo, the biggest poultry producer and one of the leaders in pork production. Such companies find it hard to instantly adapt to new realities and to change production plans – it is planned for the months ahead, says the General Director of group Sergey Mikhailov. Yet, according to him, the disaster in agriculture has not happened. The crisis will reduce consumption, therefore, the main agricultural support from the state should be primarily in direct cash assistance to consumers.

“Excessive demand exceeded supply”

In March the demand for your products greatly increased?

– You know, high demand, and it exceeded supply. To satisfy him, we could not increase production, since our company already worked for a maximum load. But we were able to reorient the deliveries to the HoReCa channel, sales of which fell nearly to zero, retail. In the spring we decided not to raise prices, as he felt that it would be wrong to speculate in this situation, although demand exceeded supply – from 10-20% to several times depending on the categories. As far as I know, retail follows the same pricing policy.

– That is you yet the prices are generally not increased for retail or still increased, but not on all products?

We usually once a year prices adjusted for inflation. The increase in the price of branded products was scheduled for March – April, but we moved in the summer, given the complexity of the whole situation, which was in the spring.

– It’s interesting, because producers of cereals, for example, almost immediately began to increase wholesale prices.

– Our products have high social value and we don’t want to dramatically raise prices. We also understand that rising prices will lead to a drop in demand, so it should be done carefully and in stages. Still a lot of uncertainty: it is unclear where stabiliziruemost the ruble, it is unclear how changes in grain prices.

But if you don’t raise prices, it will shrink margins because of rising costs?

– We managed to reach almost 100% self-sufficiency in major types of meat – chicken and pork. Moreover, despite the fact that in 2014, the dollar rose from 35 to 70 rbl., the cost of meat has grown over all this time is that 5%. You can even talk about the fact that meat prices have kept inflation. Pork prices in Russia are now among the lowest in the world. Consumption, we are supported by a very efficient production. However, if prices continue to fall, vendors will work with negative profitability, and then the issue will have to be reduced.

The chicken in the manufacture of which Cherkizovo is the leader, should be the beneficiary of savings on products, expect additional demand?


Phuket export flight rescheduled from May 15 to May 18

The export flight from Phuket was postponed from May 15 to May 18. The board will fly not only to Vladivostok and Novosibirsk, but also to Moscow, the Ministry of Communications said. In addition, Bangkok was included in the route.

“The flight Phuket — Novosibirsk — Vladivostok on May 15 will be postponed to May 18, 2020. The plane will fly along the route Phuket — Bangkok — Vladivostok — Novosibirsk — Moscow, ”the agency said in a Phuket-Russian Telegram channel. All passengers from a flight scheduled for May 15 are automatically registered for a new flight.

Recall, according to the plans of the Ministry of Communications, May 15 flights should be held Mauritius — Johannesburg — Tanzania — Moscow, Antalya — St. Petersburg — Moscow, and Goa — Krasnoyarsk — Yekaterinburg — Moscow.

March 27, because of the coronavirus, Russia stopped air communication with other countries. It was decided to make an exception for the export of Russians from abroad.

About how Russians live abroad, who did not have time to return to their homeland, in Kommersant’s material “Unavailable”.